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    In the later months of 2018 and early months of 2019, the tension between nations grew more tense as conflicts in the Middle East escalated. World powers such as Russia and America were at a cross roads, and a threat of another cold war was a real possibility. Eventually in the Spring of 2019, the first missile was launched. Either side blamed each other, the Russians saying the United States fired first, while the U.S claimed Russia was to blame.
    Regardless humanity was doom from the very start. At first it wasn't chemical weapons, nor nuclear. A few air to surface missiles striking US compounds in the Middle East, a Russian convoy being destroyed by American airstikes, et cetera.

    As the war was mainly fought in the Middle Eastern countries, neither side dared attack the others main land, and kept the conflict in third world countries. Finally disaster stuck as the first of the "Green Haze" bombs exploded in Egypt. Those in the immediate area were killed, but those on the far reaches of the bomb changed. Not due to radiation, but the altering effect of the chemicals on the human brain. Cells died off, the common human thought process was missing entirely on those infected by the Green Haze. The survivors of this bomb were called
    The Hazed. They fit the zombie stereotype of blood thirsty, brainless killers.
    The following days were bloody and most people world wide were in awe that such a weapon would be used, and as the war went on, both America and Russia bombed each others nations, thousands died due to these attacks; but the Green Haze wasn't seen again.

    In Egypt where the original bomb went off, the area was still effected. The country was shut down, the people were locked in and no one without a hazmat suit was allowed in. A storm formed and blew from Egypt across the Mediterranean to Greece, where the second outbreak of the "Hazed" broke out. The chemicals that effected the water in Egypt stayed with the partials that evaporated into the rain clouds, and as the rain poured down onto the people of Greece, they too became sick and effected by the Green Haze bomb.

    Fast forward several months and no society had a way of curing the Hazed, nor a solution to the Green Haze itself. The war escalated between America and Russia, before either side had to turn their attention on the Hazed that soon infected their country. By then it was too late, and the majority of the world has gone into chaos. Now nearly every storm carries the Green Haze virus, and the only survivors are those who are smart enough to boil the water, cook their food, and keep a gas mask on them if they are forced to be outside in the elements.

    Due to a chemical weapon, nicknamed The Green Haze, in WW3, mindless zombies called "The Hazed" are world wide. Storm clouds are the primary way of the infection infecting people. Clouds effected by the Green Haze are tinted green, and as the rain falls a brief green fog appears. Water must be boiled before drunk, and food must be cooked as well or you run the risk of being infected.
    Gas Masks are almost essential to survival during stormy weather. The zombies themselves cannot infect you by the traditional biting/scratching method, but will not hesitate to kill you.

    In this our characters will struggle to survive the weather, other survivors, and The Hazed as they try and survive the harshness of the world.


    If you're interested, feel free to make a character and post it here
    I won't be accepting everyone, so make your character a good one!
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  2. If this gathers the interest you need then I'll definitely be joining in! Been out of roleplaying for a couple years so looking to ease back into it...this sounds like it could be perfect to get the creative juices going again! :bsmile:
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  3. Very into this!
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  4. This sounds really cool! I would love to be part of it! :)
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  5. Glad to generate some interest! I can work on a short little OOC and have it sometime tomorrow, if y'all are still interested!

    Still accepting more so if anyone else is interested, don't be afraid to comment!

    Wen't ahead and worked on it some tonight, no doubt I'll edit it tomorrow but for now here is an info dump and character sign ups!

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  6. I'm also planning to get back into RPing again and I'm intrigued with this idea so I want in!
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  7. i'm interested as well! Should I start a character sheet in the character index?
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  8. Glad to have y'alls interest! Go ahead and start on a character whenever!
  9. I will be posting my character later. I have been out of state but am coming home today.
  10. Just a small thing, but I'm not sure if you're aware, @TheQueensGuard ,but the links at the top of the info dump/character index dont work. Just letting you know
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  11. Super interested! I’ll check out your links and try to come up with a character
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  12. Also interested.
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  13. Intreseted
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  14. Oh man this is gonna be quite a group. Is there a cutoff for people/characters? Just to make sure it doesn't get too big/chaotic? @TheQueensGuard
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  15. I think now would be an appropriate time to stop taking new people. xD
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  16. @Ravenbelle
    I'll message you privately about your character her in a bit, she looks good but a few things I gotta run by you before officially accepted.
    And I know about the links, the other two threads aren't quite up yet xD Those are basically place holders.

    @Hannah is Fire. She is Death. @BookDragon @Vio @Apeking4
    Looking forward to seeing/reading up on y'alls characters. If I have any problems or concerns, I'll message you privately about them and run them by you.

    This is a good place to cut off people so the ground doesn't get too big. I look away for a moment and all these people come from the shadows xD
    Of course I may take on more later on if people drop out or if peoples characters aren't up to par, but for now I won't be accepting everyones character if it isn't up to standards.

    I'll have the OOC up tonight or tomorrow, depends how I feel after dinner. I'm also going to be putting more info up in the Lore Page for the infected, and some more information I've been thinking on.
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  17. Man we have a lot of women survivors. Fingers crossed we can even it out a little before we get started, but i guess we'll find out! I'm excited to find out how everyone will interact
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  18. I'm making a dude as well! I purposefully doubled so it wouldn't just be women.
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