The Gummy-Devil cometh.


Saint Gummy

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Whooooa! No way, man. Look at all the crazy stuff you can do with the font! //amazed This place is legit!
//coughs Anyways, it's nice to meet you all! I'm Chieri, the Gummy-Devil, but you can call me Gummy if you'd rather. Sixteen at the end of next month, and quite scatterbrained. I'm not very experienced in RP-ing (is that how you say it? XD) but I love writing stories and working on them with other people, so I'd like to try this! Sci-fi, comedy and romance (in that order) are more my thing, but I'll try anything once~

Hmm. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, what else should I say?~ Oho!
  • I'm You'll see.
  • I love maid uniforms with a passion.
  • I like blondes. Strong ones. In bartender outfits.~

//coughs again But I should stop. If you have any questions or you just wanted to say hi, then by all means do so!~ I'll be off trying to post more stuff. Bye!


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Hey there, Gummy! Welcome to Iwaku :D
If you need help getting started we have a Roleplaying Academy where you can sign up for a mentor; you can do that here .
A mentor can just give you advice or can actually do a game with you.
This place is awesome, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :D
I'm Celest. If you need anything feel free to send me a message.


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Welcome aboard! I know I joined about...two...weeks ago now? And I love this place! I'm immersed in one RP right now called What Lurks Beneath the Sky and the people I'm in it with are quite good with how they play. I call this place home and it opens when I open my browser on both my iPhone and laptop.

I hope you like your stay here and find it just as homely as I did, Gummy! Hit me up if you ever want to form an RP! I'm always open for ideas! :)

~Vinyl Scratch.


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Hallo madam! >:3 It's pretty easy to get involved and do stuff and play! You'll like it. Welcome to the site!

Boris Airay

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...-cough- Cap'n 69? I'd say it's a pleasure to meetcha' but that would be inappropriate, lmao.
Na', enough of my humor.

Welcome Gummy!
I for one adore gummies <'3
Gummie worms, gummy fish, gummy food, gummy bears. 'Tis all be delicious!

It's great to have ya' & I hope you enjoy your stay! :D


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Hi there and welcome to Iwaku.
I'm glad to find another lover of the funny font tweaks! I'm happy to see you found the bullet point code too. I like using it. :D
Anyway, I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you.

It looks like you've done a good job finding your way around so far, but if you need any help, please feel free to ask~


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*steals the Gummy*

Tis my favorite candy, just like the Princess. Even though, at first I read it as Gumby. o - o

Welcome to Iwaku! :D

Tetsuri Tokai

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Ili-chan! for the last time stop abducting the newbiesD:

keep that up and they can't bake me cookies!


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Hey there Gummy! You'll get the hang of RPing soon enough I'm sure. Just jump in feet first and see where land. Have lots of fun and welcome to Iwaku!


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O_O i know you... >:3 Welcome! I shall stal- Er.. friend you..