The Guardians of Lux

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  1. The city of Lux never sleeps. That was the first thing Akiko learned about her home when she was a child. There were always people who enjoyed the night life, people who lit the streets with powerful lamps, people who were afraid of being shrouded in darkness. Thus, it was no surprise to her that Lux had the biggest light pollution rates in the world, as the maze of the city literally obscured the stars, making stargazing impossible within the city. It was no better in the agricultural sectors, nor the small pieces of coast that have been left undeveloped either: Akiko could barely see the stars despite the fact that she was at least a kilometre away from the closest source of light.

    What a fitting metaphor for the situation of Lux. It was not dark, but it was lit with artificial lights, not by a magnificent sun. If one were to carry the metaphor further, there was a solar eclipse approaching, along with a hint of a complete blackout at an unexpected time, covering the whole room in pitch black darkness, which had no doors that would lead into the outside world. To use yet another metaphor, Lux was now a prison, under which lied a ton of nuclear ordinance, ready to explode at the slightest touch, and now there were prisoners digging escape tunnels towards this cache of weapons. But why has no one defused the weapons?

    Because the weapons were just discovered. Ten years ago, when Lux has decided to seclude itself, and not engage in any forms of politics, the other countries of the world allowed this decision to be made because they thought the isolation would not last long. When a few months passed, the world leaders still supported the decision of the city so it could deal with its own internal issues, along with the group that called itself The Guardians of Lux. However, as the months stretched into years, problems begun to appear. Countries could no longer maintain their rate of progress because of the lack of experts from Lux. Within a few years, many of the major countries’ economies began to stagnate, and soon, the whole world’s progress grinded to a halt. Then, two years ago, the sabotages began.

    The European Experimental Fusion Reactor, which has been operating for over fifty years, shut down without any prior warning, leaving the European Union in an energy crisis. Careful investigation of the facility revealed that the reactor has been sabotaged, and the damaged parts could not be repaired without significant assistance from Lux-based facilities, not to mention the experts from the city. But no matter how much the EU pleaded the government, Lux would stick to its principles as if it wanted the whole world to burn. Eventually, through the cooperation of several countries, the reactor was brought online again, however, this was only the beginning.

    The sabotages begun to increase in frequency, but slowly, natural errors and problems also begun to rear their ugly heads, and it became apparent that the world could not function without the aid of Lux. However, the leadership of the city would not budge in its position, saying that its technology will not be used for violent purposes. They claimed that if they were to open their borders once again, the tragedy that happened ten years ago would happen again. They also refused to even consider approaching the Guardians of Lux, or even the creators of the IMS technology for help in maintaining their independence, claiming that the device was unethical.

    What nobody seemed to realise, though, is that the world was getting impatient with Lux. Even now, as the waves crashed against the shoreline of the island, Akiko could feel the approaching conflict. The city of Lux would cooperate with the rest of the world, or it would be forced to cooperate, after all, its army was pathetic when compared to the ones of other countries. The only reason it was able to gain independence, were the Guardians of Lux, who selflessly fought for their home. But will they stand up for Lux once again, even though they were being chased?

    Akiko did not know the answer, even though she was a Guardian herself, or at least, she had identified herself as such. She did have an IMS, but she had no combat training, nor experience like her father had. She did not even know what was locked inside that bracelet on her arm, so while the term could be technically applied to her, she was no Guardian. She was only a simple civilian, caught up in the crazy schemes of her father, the university of Selene, and perhaps Lux itself.

    Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by her cell phone ringing. Akiko immediately snapped out of her trance, then took the cell phone out of her pocket, checking the display. Sighing, she put the cordless headphones into her ears, then pressed the receive button.

    “Hey, dad. What is it?”
    “It has begun.”
    “Turn on the news right away. You have to see this,” said her father, then disconnected. Curious, Akiko connected to the Lux News Network with her phone, and started listening.

    “… The captain of the aircraft carrier also stated that in exchange for repairs, he and his men are willing to swear allegiance to Lux. The Lux government has yet to release an official response to the statement issued by the captain, but the ship is clearly in a grave state. A large chunk of the carrier’s hull is missing, it is seemingly incapable of movement, and our equipment has detected a large amount of radiation emanating from where the nuclear reactor should be. Even though there are no sign of the pursuers the captain mentioned earlier, the aircraft carrier is still in need of need of assistance. This was Amanda Smith, reporting live from the scene.”

    Akiko could not believe her ears. An aircraft carrier near the territorial waters of Lux seemed impossible enough, but for the captain to actually offer the whole ship in exchange for simple repairs was just ridiculous. This had to be some sort of a trap, and a very obvious one at that.
  2. Talos was sitting in a tavern when he heard the news on the TV. Everyone was in complete dismay. Some said "it's an outrage" and "we're isolated" others said "we should help them" and a woman said "what if they're children aboard?"

    Talos didn't care much. He only cared for the protection of the city. Without thinking, he began messing with his pendant. It was a nervous habit. To him, it was a sign of safety.

    Leaving the bartender a big tip he left. He needed to go out to the shooting range and practice his marksmanship. I need to blow off steam anyway. Today hasn't been the greatest. Maybe I should contact one of the guardians using the IMS text feature. When he got to the shooting range, he told the IMS to send a message to Yami. "Hey, what did you see the news? What do you think? Something seems wrong. It feels like a trap. Respond when you can. Yours truly, Hellfire." Feeling confident, he began firing the rifle he rented from the owner. He was getting better, 3 out of 4 shots landed the bulls eye. Out of a clip of 20. Good. he thought to himself, satisfied. Another clip then.

  3. Dayton couldn't believe his eyes! His luck even. His eyes were glued to the screen, jaw dropped, and the bowl of oatmeal in his hands totally forgotten. He reached up to the golden leaf pendent around his neck that was his only REAL memento of his father. "I have chance to really see what this can do!" he thought to himself. After all his martial and combat training from his father and the basic system over view from Jordan, the rest could now be put to the test. He set the bowl down on the coffee table and jumped up running to his room. He needed to get dressed if he was going to do this. God forbid the system malfunction and he be left out there in his PJ's.

    He practically ran to his room running into nearly every wall and obstacle in his small apartment. It didn't matter, he could fix it later or get new stuff. This self appointed mission was more important. It wasn't so much the carrier he was concerned about, they only wanted repairs. "What could do that much damage to a dense craft like that?" that's what he wanted to know. Dayton scrambled with his blue shirt and green hoodie and was running to the door with his shoes in one hand and his pants at his knees. He opened the door and ran head first into Jordan's chest. He stumbled back and landed right on his rear. "Dayton, what are you doing?" Jordan asked with an intense glare that Dayton only ever got when he was REALLY in trouble.

    "A friend called and she needs a ride to the hospital, its pretty serious I nee..."
    "DON'T LIE TO ME," Jordan roared, cutting Dayton off before he could say anymore. His expression softened "I saw the news too, you can't go out there."
    Dayton was immediately regretting staying in the same apartment complex as Jordan at this point. "Alright fine, I'm not going to help a friend. But how do we know that whatever hit that carrier isn't right outside the city!?" Dayton basically shouted.
    Jordan walked into the apartment and shut the door and looked back at Dayton, reached out his hand and helped him up. Looked him up and down and almost laughed. "Dayton, I know what your thinking, and no this is not the time. If you go out there now you risk your life not only physically but your way of life here in this city, at the university. NOT TO MENTION, if they were attacked and they are incapable of moving, why didn't the attackers just finish them off. Think about it Dayton, it sounds like they're trying to draw you out.

    Dayton rolled his eyes, and pulled his pants up all the way. He walked back to the couch and slumped into his seat. Jordan followed and sat down next to him. "So what do I do?" Dayton asked.
    "We can't reveal your existence as a Guardian until their is something to actually guard." Jordan answered.
  4. Lusio was currently engaged in some academic activity, of which the details were not of enough merit to mention. Sighing, he leaned back in his chair, spinning to face the floor-to-ceiling windows behind him. The vista stretched out before him, something that not many people in their life would be able to appreciate - a sprawling jungle of metal and glass, terminating abruptly on the golden shored beaches that met the sea. The weather was fair, but dark clouds gathered on the horizon. As he removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose, a small green square blinked on and off in the corner of the lenses.


    Replacing the glasses, the information flared up on the relevant corner. The news report flashed by, and he swung his eyes back towards the window, trying in vain to get a visual of the carrier somewhere out in the waters. Lusio was well aware of the history and the relationship of this city with the world. The politics of the Earth had not been lost on him, and he considered it a hobby of his to be up to date on the latest political intrigue and power shuffling occurring in state rooms world wide.

    For now, he would leave his conclusions behind until he had more facts. He blinked his eyes a few times and broadcast a simple text message across to all who would be able to receive it:

    " ...

    Time stamp / [xx:xx] Minerva: Your thoughts"?
  5. "Just another walk through the city hun." Isaac answered his wife as he shut the door to their apartment. Taking in the smell of the gardens, he headed to the elevator and pressed the little white "1" which has faded a little from so much use. During the 42 floors of descent he just stares out of the glass windows backing the elevator at the ocean as he always does. There’s a difference from what he is used to seeing, an aircraft carrier in the water and it looks damaged, badly damaged at that. “How could it get so close to the island?” he says aloud to himself. “Not only that, apparently the captain is going to ‘swear allegiance to Lux’ if we repair it.” says the man that just got on at the 37th floor. “So basically we fix it we get it, seems sketchy don’t it?” he continues. “What do you mean ‘we’? I’ll leave the repairing to the industrial sectors.” Isaac responds without looking away from the wreckage.

    Isaac calls his wife from the elevator telling her to check the TV for any news of the situation to which she immediately responds “The world is desperate for our help, this is just another attempt to get it. Don’t you think?” Isaac mulls it over, “Well, if they need our help, how is this to help the whole world, after all it’s just one ship hun? But then again, if we help one, we may as well help all that come to our shores with a lame excuse for their appearance.” Walking out of the lobby Isaac takes his walk towards the ship with updates from his wife on how Lux reacts to this event.
  6. Akiko went over several possibilities in her mind, however, not one of them seemed to explain as to why an aircraft carrier would be here of all places, as by approaching the waters of Lux, it would be destroyed one way or another. Either the Lux military would disarm it and claim it as its own, or the countries of the world would send their fleets in response. She bet that the USA has already launched one of their submarines or an aircraft carrier of their own. The EU would respond similarly, and the other countries would support them: after all, Lux would either share its knowledge with the rest of the world or no one at all.

    Suddenly, her IMS sent a barely noticable jolt into her arm, which would have been ignored otherwise, but Akiko was so lost in her thoughts that she jumped. After she finally managed to calm herself down, she pressed a concealed button on the bracelet, and a small, holographic interface came up, displaying two messages. One of them was a specific message from someone called Hellfire, the other one was a general message from another person who chose Minerva as their codename.

    "So not only I get a message from the goddess of wisdom, but also from some firepower-obsessed nut," muttered Akiko as she read the messages, wondering who may be behind those codenames. Shaking the thought from her head, she replied to Hellfire first.

    "This whole thing oozes from the smell of a trap. Let's just hope that nobody is stupid enough to take the bait,"
    she wrote, then as she was about to reply to Minerva, she noticed something in the corner of her eye. Turning towards one of the four harbors of Lux, she saw a tiny flash, so she brought the holographic interface of the IMS to level, and commanded it to enhance the brightness of the picture. After a thousand or so brightness magnifications, she picked the outlines of what seemed to be small ships, at least a century old based on their design.

    "Scratch that," wrote Akiko to Hellfire. "I see something in the water that shouldn't be there," she finished, then accessed the more public channel used by the Minerva.

    "This is definitely a trap. I saw what might be ships moving out from the harbor, and they seemed shady. I am going to investigate. If anybody is near the North Harbor, I would appreciate some help." wrote Akiko, then closed the holographic interface of her IMS with the push of a button, and moved her hands towards her belt. She then took out two strange-looking contact lenses, and carefully put them in her eye. The user-interface of the IMS activated right away, displaying the options available to her. With a silent whisper, she activated the jamming measures of her device, ramped up the light sensitivity of the optical sensors placed in the lenses, then started making her way towards the harbor.
  7. Talos' head had, to him, vibrate. His IMS went off receiving two messages. He touched the Ruby of his pendant, telling his IMS to read off the message. Sending signals to his brain, it read off the messages, so only he could hear. He thought about his options. Then sent a message to all saying "I'm on my way to rendezvous with Yami." After the message was sent, he went up to the rooftop, setting his IMS off, wrapping his body in armor. Using his thrusters, he jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

    {I imagine Jarvis from iron man when it reads off the messages.}
  8. "..."

    Lusio blinked, shutting off the discussion as it rolled down his lenses. The 'trap', if it could be called that, seemed a little too obvious. His intuition told him that whatever the reason behind the latest developments, there was a lot more to it than just a broken carrier with an ulterior motive. He gathered up his belongings - keys, cellphone, wallet, and threw a light windbreaker over his clothes - a partially undone dress shirt with an unbuttoned suit jacket.

    Time stamp xx:xx [Minerva]: I'll be there.

    He moved to the entrance of his office, which opened directly into a high speed elevator. Soon, he was walking through the streets of Lux. He still had not activated his IMS, and walked with his hands in the pockets of his trenchcoat-like windbreaker. A few drops drizzled onto his hair. As he walked to the tram station, the next incoming train blinked 'Out of service' repeatedly. Ignoring its warning, he stepped into the first car, and allowed this train to take him directly to the harbor. At his destination, he ascended a series of service elevators, and the nearby public-service cameras swiveled their attention to the surrounding area.

    Standing atop a windy rooftop, he activated the IMS. The silvery, mercurial mask flickered into an oval on his face. A volume of space around him shimmered to life, and a quiet, deep hum thrummed.
  9. Going on foot to the North Harbor seemed like a really bad idea in retrospect, seeing as Akiko was still far away from the huge structure, even though she has been following the line of the coast for about ten minutes now. Despite the fact that she was wearing her jacket, she was starting to get cold, after all, she has been standing on the coast since god-knows-when, and only recently started moving. She pulled her clothes closer to her body, hoping that they would offer her some warmth, but she found that the piercing breeze coming from the sea cut through them easily, thus she turned towards the city to see if there were any roads nearby. Fortunately, there seemed to be one that lead into the city, so she gladly took it, hoping that Lux's buildings would offer her much-needed protection from the wind.

    As she approached the city, two messages arrived, from Minerva and Hellfire respectively, telling her that those two were on their way. She felt no need to reply to them, so she just continued on her way, until her IMS displayed a message, and her eyes shot wide. Appearently, it picked up the IFF of a nearby military craft, but it disappeared as soon as it appeared. Still, that made Akiko wary, thus she put her IMS on stand-by mode, took the contact lenses out of her eye, and continued her way without aid from the machine. She took out her cellphone once more, connecting to the internet as her cordless earphones buzzed to life again. She quickly accessed a map of the city, and found that she was still about twenty minutes away from the North Harbor on foot, and all public transports were shut down, seeing as she was near a Residential Sector.

    Resigned to her fate, Akiko accessed her playlist and put on some music, hoping that she could chase the boredom away, but as she got closer to the harbor, her earphones started to play brief, barely noticable bursts of static. Curious, she took them out of her ear, but found no physical, nor was the light on them blinking, meaning that the batteries were still full. She made an inconspicious glance at her bracelet, but the IMS was still on standby, so she continued her way regardless, until she looked up. Her jaw nearly dropped at seeing the sight, as nearly an entire city block without power was very rare in Lux, not to mention if that city block connected directly to the North Harbor. Looking around herself, she ducked into an empty, small alleyway and activated her IMS.

    "This is Yami. The North Harbor has no power. The military is definitely going to be there. Any suggestions?"
    she typed into the holographic interface, sending it as a general message to all IMS users, then shut everything off. She then slid her hand into her pocket, and grabbed the shocker there, gaining some courage from the plastic against her hand.
  10. Lusio had already sat down, both because his legs were tired, and he wanted to keep a lower profile. Luckily it was not raining - the shimmering of the drops against the force shield was a tell tale give away.

    [Minerva xx:xx] We can't do anything. If I restore the power in any way they will know that someone is here who isn't supposed to be. Although that begs the question in the first place: is this power outage intentional?

    He shivered as well and zipped the jacket up to his chin. It was getting cold, especially on the windy rooftop. With the elevators down, he would not be able to get down save for using the stairs. And even worse, most of the cameras at his disposal no longer worked - although a few were still transmitting on emergency power. Being civilian cameras, they had no infrared imaging capabilities and he only saw faint grey outlines without the street lamps.
  11. "Dayton, hello!" Jordan said as Dayton zoned out on the television thinking about things he could be doing right now. "DAYTON!"
    Dayton jumped and looked over, "What? I didn't do anything."
    "Besides not listening. Your IMS has been signaling you have a message." Jordan said in a tired voice.
    Dayton looked down at the pendant around his neck. It was still gold but it was also shimmering green, almost like it was reflecting a light. Dayton looked back up and Jordan, "I've never seen it do that before."
    "Of course you wouldn't have, apparently one of the other IMS users has something to say about this little incident as well." Jordan explained.
    "Other users?" Dayton looked back down at his IMS. "Well thats good and all but how do I check the messages, I didn't know this thing had voice mail."
    Jordan laughed, "Its not an audio message, its a text only interface. I set yours up so all you have to do is set it down and tell it to display. You can also tell it to display when your suited up and it will appear on your face mask. If you want to send a message back just say so and start talking, It will create and send the message for you."
    Dayton looked irritated, "Why didn't you tell me this before? I could have reached out and met other users before."
    "Its not a good idea, if you think about it you'll understand why, now are you gonna check the message or not?"

    Dayton removed the pendant and set it on the table in front of him. "IMS, display message." What appeared to be a holographic screen was now floating above the table with several messages on it. As Dayton read through them, he began to get excited. "Obviously, my help is needed! Wait, are these their real names?"
    "No," Jordan answered, "they are codenames. You can use you're own or you can use your father's up to you."
    "Well what was my father's?" he asked.
    "IMS change codename to.... Skyline," Dayton looked at the device but didn't see any change in appearance or any indication that it worked. He looked up at Jordan.
    "Don't worry it worked, its not a big system change it wouldn't have to do very much for that to happen," Jordan explained.
    "Great, IMS record and send message to all users."
    Skyline <-> I'll be there as soon as I can, sorry about the late response. Tell me everything you know.

    "What did I tell you not 20 minutes ago?" Jordan exclaimed.
    "If these guys are gonna risk it then I am too," Dayton said as he snatched up the device and headed to the door. "Besides, when I put the suit on its not like you can stop me, and if the power is out I stand a better chance of not being seen."
    Dayton slammed the door and made his way to the stairs. He decided if he really wanted to avoid detection he would have to take the tram, that is until he arrived he saw and out of order posting. "Oh yeah, no power." He stepped back out on to the street and looked around. It was still dark and no one was out. "This is really odd, are they enforcing some kind of curfew?" Dayton wondered. "Maybe they're all just excited about the news." He activated his IMS and took off towards the North Harbor using the calf boosters to propel him faster.
  12. Jarvis read off the new incoming messages. Talos was glad he wasn't the only one. When he finally reached the harbor, he set up a nice spot on high ground. It was excellent for sniping. Instead of wasting energy, he remained visible. He was at such a high point, no one could see him. And he waited. He was support for the other guardians, preferring long range than close combat.
  13. Isaac couldn’t believe it had taken him so long to get to the harbor, it was getting dark, and his wife still hadn’t called him about any updates. All the sudden the power went out, not gradually, all at once, which never ever happens in Lux. But, a lot things that never happen here seem to be happening, “Better tell her about this. How ironic that she is supposed to be the one keeping me updated.” he thinks as he hides in a dark alleyway. Putting his earpiece in he calls his wife but hears static but she over powers it with the volume of her voice. “Have you seen your IMS messages? To check them simply think ‘open messages’ and the IMS will do the rest, goodbye.” then hung up on him. “Well that was rude.” he thought.

    Looking at his ring he opens the messages, they appear on the palm of his hand with options by the base of his fingers: New message, Inbox, Sent, and Settings. There are eight messages in total, one of which are from his wife, the rest are from a bunch of people he may never know. Reading them all, his wife seems suspicious of this “Yami” which makes sense, they asked more Guardians to show up for a “trap”. However if it is a trap by a traitor Guardian, it seems to have worked, three others are coming here or here already for all Isaac knows.

    Responding to his wife, Isaac explained that he was already at the harbor and might as well test the trap, and if it is indeed a trap for the Guardians, she can save him since she knows more about the IMSs. Then sent a message to all the users that said they were going to the harbor, instead of a message to every IMS user. “Ghost 42: Already here, how can I help?” then stood up in the shadows and turned on his IMS. “I’m ready”
  14. Just as Dayton was approaching the Harbor another message notification appeared in the top right corner of his face mask. He stopped at the edge of the major power outage and looked out. Without all the lights the streets were certainly a lot darker. He wondered if he could get the IMS to produce night vision. He thought about it for a couple seconds and the screen flashed green and then suddenly he could see. "Awesome!" he thought to himself. He then had the IMS display the message, "Wow, another user." That's a lot responding considering the danger we are all putting ourselves in. On the other hand, if we didn't respond this could turn out worse for everyone in Lux.

    Even though he could now see, Dayton didn't trust the ground level any more. This is definitely something Jordan would have acknowledged, its dark for no apparent reason, anything could be hiding in there. Considering for a moment, he decides that it would be best to take a higher route. He jumps and used his boosters to propel himself the rest of the way and lands on top of the highest building close to him. "Cool, now I have high ground advantage." He looks down at the darkened streets but see's nothing. He looks out to the Harbor and can see that he is still out of range for his strongest weapons. Not that he would prefer that, but he definitely doesn't want to be caught off guard by something that can fire farther than him. He moves across the building and checks the streets for any activity. Nothing, so he jumps across.
    "IMS Send general message"
    Skyline <-> I guess I'm here too now, I don't see anyone though.
  15. Sergeant Steven Ayers felt that he was one of the most unlucky men on the planet. He served in the Military Sector closest to the North Harbor, and as such, he was forced to assemble his squad and wait at the base in full combat readiness. Moreover, when the power suddenly cut out in the North Harbor, the platoon that he and his squad served in was the one that was ordered to investigate the strange incident. They were transported there in three APCs, which had their heavy weapon mounts removed and replaced with reflectors for search operations at night. That in itself would not have irritated Steven, however, his squad was the one ordered to search the docks while the other squads secured the perimiter. And if there was one thing that Steven hated, it was search operations in the darkness.

    The night vision goggles and the advanced software of Lux made the search much easier than it was during any time in history, but the goggles limited his field of vision, making him uncomfortable. Naturally, his anxiety spread to his soldiers, so he had to be extra careful in directing them. Fortunately, their search was nearing completition, but when Steven thought that he would be finally able to go home, his communication suite came to life.

    "Sir, we have found a door that is not on the map," said the soldier, which made Steven pause for a second.
    "Care to repeat that, soldier?" asked Steven, hoping that his ears were decieving him.
    "I repeat, sir, we have found a door that is not on the map of the docks. Requesting backup, sir."
    "We will be on our way. Hold position and do not engage under any circumstances," said Steven, checking the position of the transmitting soldiers. Nodding, he ordered all soldiers to regroup at the position, and made his way there himself.

    When he arrived there, he had to spend a moment to admire the work of whoever hid the door. It was hidden behind a literal maze of containers, concealed by a small, compact container that looked important enough not to move with all the signs and insignias on it. Even the date on it matched that of the other containers: according to it, it was ten years old and it has been sitting there for a decade, just as the other containers since Lux cut all ties with the world. A superficial inspection would have not revealed anything, and if Steven had to take a guess, his soldiers discovered it by sheer, dumb luck. Naturally, his first order was to check for other entrances, but his soldiers found none. Examining the door closely, he noted that the door was barely standing on its hinges, so he signalled everybody to take cover in positions where they would have a good view of what is inside. Taking cover himself, he nodded a silent command to one of his soldiers, who literally kicked the door in, then flung himself to the side.

    However, when nothing happened, he sent four soldiers ahead to check out the inside. After a while, they reported that it was clear, so Steven visibly relaxed his shoulders, and went into the building, his soldiers in tow. Inside the door was an old dock, opening directly into the sea. It looked like the primitive constructs that were built when Lux was established, but it was far too small to be one of them. Moreover, much of the equipment was missing, and all he saw were some fuel tanks. Further investigation revealed some crude modifications to the dock, but it looked abandoned. There were no booby traps either, yet the whole place made the soldier suspicious, so he contacted his commander.

    "Sir, we have found an old, abandoned dock hidden behind the containers. Awaiting your orders, sir," reported Steven.
    "Understood. Secure the position and await further orders," said the commanding officer, and broke the contact. Steven sighed, and looked at the abandoned dock once again, spotting a large, strange device in the corner of the room. He waved one of his soldiers to investigate it, who spent a few minutes examining it for booby traps, but then shook his head. Still curious, Steven moved closer to the device himself, noting that it was in suspiciously good condition, so he examined the wires coming out of it, ordered everyone to take their night vision goggles off, and pressed the on switch. The generator came to life with an unbearable noise, powering the small lights scattered throughout the abandoned dock, revealing it in its entirety.

    "Well," muttered Steven, looking around. "It looks like we hit the jackpot."

    * * *​

    Finding strength in the grip of the shocker, Akiko took a deep breath, switched her IMS to deep sleep mode to prevent it from bringing anything up if she should encounter soldiers, then darted from the alley. Her steps were fast, much faster than they used to be as she closed the distance to the North Harbor, and entered the dark, lightless streets, gripping her shocker, until she came to a halt. There were three APCs adorned in front of the North Harbor's entrance, a group of soldiers standing around them with their weapons armed. Luckily, the darkness prevented them from seeing her until she ducked into a side alley, and brought her IMS online to broadcast a wide-range message, ignoring everything she recieved so far.

    "This is Yami. Whatever is happening, the military is involved, and they are guarding the harbor. Should I investigate?"

  16. Dayton just crossed to another building reaching about center of the darkened area when Yami's message popped up on his display. His first instinct was yes, we need to learn everything we can about the situation at hand. He was just about to start the message when he looked down and saw a squad of soldiers traveling very quietly heading towards the older more abandoned looking building. IF he hadn't looked down when he did he would never have known they were there. He wasn't ready to fight a full force of trained soldiers just yet. Then it hit him. 'We need to find out whats happening but we can't just charge in there. These people are the ones we are trying to protect.' All of Jordan's worries just made sense. 'If we are seen we will be attacked for no other reason than simply being a guardian and all I really want is to prove we're the good guys here. Okay that aside, we still need to find out whats going on over there.'
    "IMS Send message to Yami"
    Skyline <-> If you can get in and out without being seen then I'm all for it. Otherwise, I can't help you; I'm not designed for stealth. I think I would actually make things worse.

    Dayton now felt like an idiot for ever putting his suit on and traipsing around the Harbor like he owned the place. 'I need to play this more low key' He hopped down on the other side of the building opposite where the soldiers past and removed his suit leaving just the helmet. He didn't want to get caught and found out at the same time. Dayton decided to send the previous message to everyone active and then sent a second message as well.
    Skyline <-> On second thought, if Yami agrees, I'm coming to Yami. You might need back up if things get hairy but I'm gonna stand back until there is a problem. There is a group of soldiers heading your way I'll tail them. Be careful.
  17. Isaac was moving as swiftly as he could and as undetectable as he could, he activated his "mirror mirror" and "sound bubble" programs. Reading the latest updates on the situation here at the harbor he figured he should help Yami investigate since his suit was designed for espionage.

    Isaac sent a message to everyone Ghost 42: I think Yami should investigate more, this is all happening too fast and we need all the information we can get. Yami, if you can give me a location for these soldiers I can sneak around and find out more with you. Skyline, keep an eye on those soldiers too, if we can find out where all these squads are we might be able to find the pattern they walk and sneak in our less stealthy.

    Without a location, Isaac was forced to roam the harbor for any clues about what's going on. Hopefully there wouldn't be any problems.
  18. Talos heard the messages go off. To everyone he sent information. "Hellfire : eyes in the sky here. I have been noticing many soldiers coming in. But there is a break in their formation. Along the southeast entrance, there are less soldiers in the vicinity and only one or two squads of three make their rounds every five minutes. Hellfire will be support for any incoming guardians." Satisfied with the message, Talos sent it. It was great to be out on the field again. The adrenaline rushing through his veins, the sensation of possibly losing everything. It gave him shivers down his spine.
  19. Nodding at the incoming messages, Akiko put her IMS into silent mode, and once again, carefully placed the contact lenses into her eyes while she switched her bracelet to silent mode. She then brought up a map of the city, highlighted the North harbour and looked for the South-East entrance. It was a bit far, but any place where she did not have to take three APCs head-on was a vast improvement from the main entrance, not to mention a place where there were soldiers closing on her. Without a second thought, she circled around into one of the streets, where she still had a good view of the main entrance, but she was also closer to the South-East gate. She did not know that she was in the range of the patrols, though, so she decided to send a message to the other Guardians.

    "Yami here. I will definitely check out the South-East entrance, but I am going to transmit the position data of the APCs and the stationary guards to you, Ghost 42. I doubt that I can get a clear view of the patrols from here,"
    wrote Akiko, then sent the message. However, as soon as she was about to make her way to the South-East part of the harbor, three soldiers appeared in front of her, with night-vision goggles on their faces. Naturally, her first reaction was to freeze up, but then, who would not freeze up when they saw six, strange-coloured circles staring at them instead of eyes.

    "The North Harbor is currently a restricted area, citizen," said one of the soldiers. "I am going to have one of my soldiers escort you out of the area," said the soldier, to which Akiko could only nod slowly, with a frightened expression. Fear gripped her heart at the thought of being outed as a Guardian, cold, merciless fingers dug into her soul, paralysing her with pure terror. She was not even able to nod, she could only instinctively hide her bracelet behind herself, her expression a mixture of surprise and horror.

    "Citizen? Are you all right?" asked the other soldier, and reality finally returned to Akiko.

    "Y-yes," she stuttered, fear seeping into her voice as she quickly switched off all functions of the IMS. "You just surprised me..." said Akiko, trying to act natural. "I'm assuming you will need my I.D. first, though?"

    "That is not necessary," said the soldier, then waved to his team-mate. "Escort her out of here and then report back."

    "Yes sir," said the other soldier, then stepped beside Akiko, who nodded stiffly, and turned around, her heart pounding in her neck. Each and every step made her more and more nervous, not to mention that her steps were growing more and more unnatural. As she and the soldier made their way through the streets, she prayed to whatever force was watching over her to rescue her from this situation.
  20. Serena was in the living room with her parents when suddenly the power went off. All three of them opened their mouth in surprise. What has just happened? There was no light but that was impossible. Power never came out in Lux, not like this. Her father was muttering something that Serena couldn't understand and she didn't even have time to think about it as her arm was captured by her mother's hand. "Listen to me Serena. This is not normal. I can't go out but you can." It was a great hint from her mother and Serena understood what she was meant to do. Nodding her head, even though it was barely visible, Serena excused herself and went in the direction of her room. Though, once her mother began talking to her father, she knew that it was enough distraction to sneak out of the apartment. Putting on her shoes and light black jacket, Serena left unnoticed. She did not know what was happening in her sector because the power went off just before News. And hell it was pitch black outside. None of the programs she had would help her with this so she had to wait till her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She knew that nothing would be sharp clear but any shadows she saw helped her to orientate around. After all, she knew the Industrial sector as the palm of her hand.

    Not long after she has set out to investigate what has happened, her watch vibrated. She recieved a message that was meant for everyone. 'So something did happen,' she thought and heard a noise to her left. Not knowing what it was, whether another citizen or a foe, Serena quickly shut down the IMS and leaped into the darkest place she could see, dropping down to a squatt and hoping that she wouldn't be discovered. What she saw startled her. It was a pair of soldier with night vision goggles and because they were advancing her from left and Serena was hidden behind a corner, they passed by without noticing her only to her advantage. Just their appearance assured her that something was out of normals scale of happenings. Once she was sure that there was no more surprises coming up, she switched on IMS again and read the few messages that she has received. Something has happened in the North Harbor. What it was remained unclear to Serena but apparently when other Guardians were on their way here, it wasn't something normal. Knowing in what direction the Harbor was, Serena headed there being more cautious than before. As she cruised the streets, she suddenly heard some rattling and voices.

    As she carefully neared the source, Serena heard: "...out of here and then report back." Peaking out from behind the corner, she saw some shadows walking away from her. Two or three of them were obviously soldiers, the other one didn't quite look like it. If she thought about the matter more, then probably the military forces didn't want any civilians on the streets. It was time that she would let the other ones know of her position and what she found.

    Light: I am fwe kilometeres from the South-east gate. At the moment, soldiers are escorting civilians from streets. Apparently they want this place to be deserted. Sorry that I didn't report sooner but the power went off here quite suddenly so I don't even know what this all is about. What's happening in the North Harbor?

    After the quick message, Serena set off for some secure place where she could come up with what to do and maybe some Guardian would give her enough information so that she could organize herself and be of some help. Like this it was only a search in the dark without any clues, literally.