The Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast: Winter Edition!

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    Welcome to the winter holidays at the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast! The host and owner of the B&B is none other than Noah Thorne, former playboy and millionaire.

    Not that you care about things like that of course. You've been here before, haven't you? Or maybe this is your first time? Somehow though you managed to get a very special reservation here at the Green Thorne in the Winter which is usually not the season for this sort of things. The holidays are fast approaching and the tree is up in the foyer and the lights are hanging around the massive front porch. Cutesy decorations and blinking Santa and Snowmen are everywhere.

    Noah likes the winter holidays, Yule, the Equinox, Christmas, and New Years. He wouldn't mind celebrating the one's he doesn't know about either, a new tradition is always nice!

    Even the weather is in the spirit, the grounds of the Bed and Breakfast is covered with a light frosting of picture perfect snow and just a few icicles hang from the roof's edges.

    There's a bright red greeting mat on the floor of the porch outside the door and it says 'Welcome and be Merry!'.

    So welcome, old friends and new, let's be merry.


    So now that the flavor text has done it's work, I can start. For those who don't know what the Bed and Breakfast is about, well it's about a modern day Bed and Breakfast owned by the reclusive Noah Thorne. The cook is Joshua (played by the amazingly talented Dawn) and together they deal with the various strange and supernatural occurrences at the place.

    At the moment I am allowing multiple characters if you talk to me about them first! This is a sign-up game and I will approve your character before you can start posting.

    Unlike the last game, the emphasis on 'wagh monsters outside!' will be mostly gone. Mostly, anyway. This is going to be a social interaction game with probably more than a touch of drama, a bit of snowy cabin fever, and a great deal of cuteness and some sex appeal. Expect R rated hijinks but if you want more than that take it somewhere else! We aren't in the mature area after all!

    Types of characters I'm currently allowing are human and nonhuman with a mostly human appearance. I don't want massively overpowered characters. If you cause trouble at the B&B that isn't within limits, you will be out.

    Be sensible or I'll kick you.

    I hope everyone has lots of fun at the Winter edition of the B&B!

    If you have any questions just ask!

    The IC thread is set to open on December 1st!


    Basic Character Sheet


  2. I wanna join Tribsy! :D
  3. Reserving spots for the Gregor sisters.
  4. Name: Lawrence Nara

    Age: 34


    Lawrence is a strong person with a strong will. When he gives an order it is taken, because he is such a respectable man. All the people he knows look up to him and ask for guidance from him. Otherwise he is a light-hearted person who enjoys a nice meal, and a good joke. Sadly, if you look into his eyes you can tell he has seen many bad things in his life.
  5. Name: Renard Morelock

    Age: 30

    (or Shemar Moore :) Go look!!!)

    Personality: A reserved homicide investigator who has been forced to take a vacation. He is a workaholic and will do nothing but slave away at the office all day and all night if it wasn't for the law requiring him to go home.

    But now his superior officer has ordered him away. To this B&B and if he doesn't show up? Heads will roll.

    Renard is a quiet man, smart and observant. He loves cute things and keeps Anime figures and plush toys at his desk to remind himself that there is still happiness in the world.

    Renard is hoping that this small vacation will help break him of his workaholic nature, and perhaps open his eyes to a more...mystical side of life...
  6. Name: Joshua
    Race: South Korean
    Supernatural: No one really knows who or what he is.
    Age: Unknown
    History: Showed up on the porch of the B&B a little more than a year ago, drenched to the bone from a thunderstorm. Claims to have no memory of how he arrived at the B&B. He's been working for Noah as the cook as well as doing odd jobs around the house.
    Personality: He's quiet and very kind. He dislikes conflict and talking about his past. Although he is shy around new people, it only takes a few hours before he warms up to them. When Noah is around, it's sometimes noticeable that he's a little flustered.
    Warning: Topless dude. (open)

    Name: Maya
    Race: Japanese
    Supernatural: Bakeneko
    Age: Born in Feudal Japan.
    History: Content in his youth to remain in the form of a lucky cat statue on a shelf of a sake house, it wasn't until a certain dark haired, dark eyed man visited the establishment that Maya had the urge to travel. He'd never been the malicious kind of demon, but definitely overly curious and full of spunk, so he changed his form back to his original black cat and followed the quiet traveler like some kind of lost puppy. Eventually events occurred where Maya found himself in human form and he continued to travel with this dark haired man whom he lovingly called "-sama". But then about two hundred years ago, there was an incident between the pair. Now Maya is on his own, or at least he was until he was taken in as a stray cat by a big-hearted cook.
    Personality: Happy, hyper, and full of smiles. He's still young by demon standards, so he can be pretty childish at times. He's also very affectionate toward people he likes, especially in cat form.
    Human (open)

    Cat (open)
  7. I have to reserve a spot? I thought Patrick was expected.


    Age 22​

    Appearance: Medium height, dark hair, green eyes, olive skin, slowly losing his toned muscles from years of track in school. Permanent five o'clock shadow due to lack of mirrors to shave with. Sloppy clothes.

    Personality: Patrick is a floater, no direction in life, looking for the next cool thing and thinking he's all that. He tries to cover it with machismo and confidence, but he spooks pretty easily. His run-in with the B&B over the summer was completely unplanned, but the constant fear and flirting with Lotte changed him. He's still a young man completely obsessed with how he appears to others, and still very intrigued by Ms. Charlotte Gregor… so when he got a notice that the Green Thorne was re-opening for the winter, he figured it was a good a place as any to spend the winter.
  8. I'm gonna reserve a spot, if that's okay.
  9. Patrick IS Expected! He doesn't have a choice, none. At all. Ever. :D
    (Unless you wanted to play someone else because I'm all kinds of awesome like that. ^~)
  10. I already talked to about joining! Once my cousin has her Skyrim fix, I shall peruse my character and get a sheet up!
  12. Name: Yuuki
    Age: Much older than he appears.

    Truly a man of few words. On the surface he appears to be someone with their head constantly in the clouds, but he is actually very aware of his surrounding, even while staring blankly at nature, which he does often. Always calm, always collected, it's a rare occurrence to see Yuuki flustered or upset.

    Born in Feudal Japan, Yuuki was a swordsman who'd earned a curse of immortality. He made a living slaying dangerous demons for villages, and traveled alone until he gained a bakeneko follower. However, certain circumstances forced him to leave the cat behind, something he never expected to be forgiven for. Yuuki now makes a living doing whatever trade that interest him, and right now, it's as an English teacher and kendo instructor. He's visiting the B&B on a vacation to once again get in touch with nature.

    Appearance: (open)

  13. Name: Kyle Yates
    Age: 27
    Race: Believed to be human
    Personality: Kyle is a very bright and chirpy character. Kyle is very friendly, and loves trying to cheer people up. Kyle's bouncy and bubbly personality can get a bit annoying though. While Kyle is very honest, Kyle is also often too blunt, plus very gullible. Kyle is rather ditsy, and not very clever, but Kyle's optimism and hard working perseverance makes up for it. Kyle is weak and clumsy, so Kyle has to rely on others for help with a lot of jobs. Kyle likes sewing, cosplaying, and singing. Kyle doesn't like silence, bugs, or bullies.[/SIZE][/CENTER]

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  14. Kyle and Maya will be besties :D
  15. Name: Noah Thorne
    Age: 35
    Role: Noah is the owner of the B&B.
    Manly! Noah is slightly above the average height and owns a head of rich chestnut hair and a dark, dense beard. His nearly perfect abs and the rest of him speak of a man who really likes to work out. Noah is incredibly healthy and is a bit of a health freak. His skin tans readily and he turns rather dark in the summer months. Noah is never too pale.
    Noah is in general a friendly and nice person, he's patient with those who he deems worthy and while he strives not to be mean to anyone, he is definitely not always the nicest man. Things happen for Noah, for better or for worse, Noah is a force of change.

    Name: Abaijah Oak
    Age: 31
    Role: Guest at the B&B and long time friend of Noah.
    rance:Abaijah is barely below the average height for an American male, putting him about eye level with most people. He doesn’t seem to notice he’s shorter than everyone else. With occasional waist length strawberry blond hair, pale peach skin covered in freckles, Abai might be called handsome. Abaijah is a little bit stocky and he’s not big into exercise because he manages to stay fit by lifting heavy things and running away from monsters on his own time. Abaijah doesn’t like health food and thinks a breakfast should be nearly all carbs. Regardless, his job keeps him busy enough and his friends are trying to change his eating habits for the better.
    Cheerful and stubborn and willingly blind when he wants to be. Crafty, creative, and curious. With a side of deadpan stare and a glare.

    Name: Marcus
    Age: 106, looks to be in his mid-twenties.

    Role: Guest at the B&B and long time friend of Noah.
    Average height with short reddish orange hair and incredibly pale skin. If Marcus had freckles at one point they are lost under the many layers of sunblock he wears to protect himself from ‘moonburn’. He’s lanky and slouchy, slender without looking like he’s fit. His face is square and angular and his eyes vary between yellow and blood red depending on his mood and diet. His lips are thin and his fangs are just a few centimeters longer than a pair of natural canines.
    Loud and and angry and stuff and grouchy and surprisingly shy. Marcus is hard to nail down personality-wise.

  16. Name: Haven Thomas

    Age: 21


    Her! (open)


    Having been the perfect student through out high school, Haven is now practicing her right to party as a fresh 21 year old. Even though she likes a rowdy group, feeds of it even, she is actually a pretty quiet person. Human interaction doesn't bother her, but after awhile she needs to run-off and coddle her introverted side. Get alcohol in her? Prepare for a whole new side.
  17. Just a warning, if your character isn't in by the first when I've put up the IC thread, you're ouuuuuuutta here!

    Also, this is a moderately 'realistic' setting. Think Buffy or Supernatural or whatever new fangled paranormal/supernatural show is going on. Vampires, werewolves, Sidhe, human, and such.

    The house is moderately haunted already by Noah's dearest Grandmother! So ghosts are currently a no-go. Living dead is fine, ghosts not so much. Any questions, just ask me!

    I'm going to stop accepting new guests tomorrow (November 26) but if you've got a 'reservation' already or you've talked to me, you're good to go. :D
  18. Yay! Maya looks really cool!
  19. <div style="float:right;margin-left:8pt;width:25%;height:25%;"><img src=></div>Name: Nathaniel Galanis
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Race: Incubus(a "good" one though)

    Born and raised in the icy darkness of Hell as a third-generation demon, Nathaniel never really felt like he fit in. For many an eon he worked to free himself of that dank prison and when he finally did, he ended up somewhere in Greece, as an infant.

    He grew up and when he reached the human age of eighteen, memories of hell began to return to him, as well as the familiar hungers of his kind of demon. Before long he was terrorizing(well, not really, the men really liked him) bars all around his neighborhood.

    It took some time before he was able to reign himself in and it has been five years since then. He has now come elsewhere in the world and has stumbled upon the B&B. He doesn't know if he's going to stay for one night or try and get a more permanent position there.

    On a side note, he doesn't have many demonic powers at all. The blood has thinned through the generations. Although... anyone who can figure out his true name can make him act like a lapdog.


    Outspoken, brash, and outrageously flirty, owing to his demonic heritage. However, most of the time he keeps it under wraps and acts pretty timidly for fear of waking his urgings. He acts almost predatory when "deprived."
  20. [​IMG]

    Richard Brian Kennedy
    A bit of a goof, you can't help but to love.