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  1. I want to do an rp with themes not unlike those seen in Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and the Lord of the Rings. There would be battles, magic, races other than human, betrayals, and many other things.

    I would love for it to be an rp where everyone is a part of a different race, that would make me extremely happy. Building upon that, perhaps the plot could be where an enormous war has broken out between the races of the realm, with each one returning to their homelands to fight. Each race would have their own reasons for fighting/wanting to be their own kingdom, but one thing is for certain: no one is left unscathed.

    The characters may be members of the warring armies, they may simply be innocents caught in the crossfire. I just really wanna do this.


    Basic History:

    Post below with a sheet if you wish to be in this!
  2. I'll be making an Undead character for this. :)
  3. Name: Vardaineil Raina Malithiel
    Race: Elf (Elvhen)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Basic History: Vardaineil is the daughter of Vanya, a elven servant girl for a noble Starkhaven family. The servant girl fell for a rather shady elven merchant; the pair soon began a relationship. Things turned for the worse when Vanya discover she was with-child. The noble family the servant worked for were outraged and reasonably so. The actions that had taken place within their home without their knowledge or consent was enough reason to have the pair hung.
    Vanya was young and afraid of what actions the nobles would take. Fearing for her own sake, said should would do anything. The nobles decided not to have the father hung and not to be rid of their servant; the price was the child’s to pay.
    Vardaineil as born and her mother was forced give her child away. The option was presented that the father take the child; Vardaineil’s father wanted nothing to do with her. So, the child was sent to an orphanage with little more then a scribbled note with her name, and five sovereigns. Once Vardaineil was old enough to take care of herself and be of a use, she was put to work. It was all just small jobs, but she had to earn her keep.
    Vardaineil was twelve when she was taken away from the little orphanage in Starkhaven. Her, and a large group of other elves, were taken from their homes. Apparently, they were to be sold as slaves to the highest bidder. Vardaineil’s adoption was nothing more then a cheap way obtain good elf flesh to make into a slave.
    She was bought by a middle age magister in the Tevinter Inperium hoping to add another slave to his collection.
    Vardaineil had tasted freedom and resented being a slave. She did everything in her power to prove that she would not bend to the will of another. It didn’t take long before she found herself submitting to the frightful power of a Tevinter magister. Her spirit proved rather useful to the man, Vardaineil had proven that she new a great deal on the subject of battle. The magister hoped to hone her abilities to make a fully controllable killing machine. It was at parties, that the magister got the greatest pleasure in showing off his slave’s skills. However, being an incredibly talented killer didn’t stop to noblemen from having their ways with her.
    She soon tired of her situation, being nothing more that a man’s trophy and show of power. She sought a somewhat peaceful means to gain her freedom. It was then that her master offered her a chance; she was to take part in a tournament. The magister promised her freedom if she won. Vardaineil was all to happy to accept this chance, no matter that it was nothing more then a clever lie.
    She never made it farther then the fourth round before she was bested, no where near qualifying for the finals. It seemed that her hopes of freedom were dashed. Her master was outraged at how poorly she had preformed. The man berated and raped her, only before shaming her in front of the other slaves. The magister’s parting words had been that she would never amount to anything.
    The first chance at presented itself Vardaineil was taken to market to be sold. However, no one seemed interested in the broken slave. It was an older man by the name of Thomas that took interest. Thomas was looking for someone that showed great promise and skill at battle. He had been quite taken by her performance at the tournament. Vardaineil was bought for 12 sovereigns, and she was quite skeptical about her new master and situation.
    Thomas had made it quite clear why he had bought her and what she was to do. He had been looking for a promising young recruit to teach his trade. He had no sons or daughters to teach, but found it imperative that someone knew about his line of work. Vardaineil was going to train to be an assassin. Initially, Vardaineil wasn’t to sure. Yes, she did have advance training in fighting, but nothing like this. Thomas proved to be a great man an wonderful mentor; Vardaineil waited for the day she did something wrong.
    Some time passed before Vardaineil became an efficient assassin and paid off all of her debts to Thomas. She still lived with, and provided for, Thomas. It was one night when she had returned from a job well done that she noticed something was amiss. Thomas had taken to drink and would often become violent, but he was never as bad as he was then.
    It was when Vardaineil tried to talk reason into Thomas, that things took a turn for the worse. He had tried to rush at her and shove her to the ground, all the while yelling profanities. She didn’t want to hurt her former mentor; something in her snapped when Thomas tried to get atop of her. Outraged and scared for her life, she bashed him over the head with the bottle of ale.
    Filled with grief over what she had done, Vardaineil fled to Ferelden and swore she would avoid telling anyone her story. She continued her craft as an assassin for some time.
  4. Name: Kayle Shadowsigh

    Race: Wild Elf

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Kayle (goes by Shadowsigh) has black hair with white streaks that all El'Set tribeleaders have. He has many piercings on his ears, each one meaning a different thing to him and his people. He is taller than many elves, with more-green-than-brown hazel eyes. He has a straight face, his features sharp and thin like most elves of his kind.

    Basic History: Born as the eldest son to a noble elven family, Kayle grew up learning how to be a lord. By the time he was of age, he found that he didn't like the world of lords and ladies. He was to be married to a young elven girl, but it was obvious that she didn't like him. It was good that way, because Kayle wished to marry who he wanted.

    So, he ran away, leaving his younger twin brother to take the place of lord once their father passed on. Ordinarily, that wouldn't be too uncommon, but Kayle ran away to be adopted by an El'Set tribeleader, which dishonored his family. The Wild Elf had no sons, and found that in Kayle, who took on the name Shadowsigh after the tribeleader, Leafsigh.

    In the years that passed, Shadowsigh went through all the rituals and ceremonies that would make him a man of the El'Set, rather than a boy of the city elves, as he once had been. After passing the manhood ritual with the other eighteen-year-old El'Set boys, Leafsigh began teaching Shadowsigh how to be an El'Set tribeleader.

    On the day of Leafsigh's death, after a bout of a bad strain of the Green Fever, Shadowsigh was named tribeleader, and was given the red ribbon piercing to mark him as such.

    Many years passed, and one day, Shadowsigh came to hear word that his brother, who was now lord of the city they were born in, was locked in bitter combat with many of the Wild Elf tribes to the north, and was begging for help from the El'Set. Caught between a rock and a hard place, as the El'Set were sworn never to aid the city elves.

    When he decided to aid them, he also decided to be exiled as a Wild Elf. After witnessing his nephew's, nieces, and sister's deaths at the hands of the Wild Elves who invaded, Shadowsigh liberated his brother's city, freeing him, and letting himself be exiled.

    Now, he resides in the capitol city, as a mercenary who will work for whoever doesn't have qualms about working with a former El'Set tribeleader.
  5. ((I ended up changing my character concept a lot! Hope this works!))

    Name: Pack-Lord Jorah Genveer
    Race: Werewolf-Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Jorah is a tall man, with a strapping physique. He has dark chestnut hair that hangs in curls around his face, and reaches to his shoulders. His brows are thick, but dynamically follow his expressions, raised upwards slightly on his brow. Jorah has a diamond-shaped face with high cheekbones and a long, knobby nose. His lips curl upwards and readily into a wide smile that shines through his thick, well-trimmed beard. His eyes are golden-brown at the iris, but his pupils are always heavily dilated and the white's of his eyes are instead a rich scarlet.
    Jorah wears heavy bronzed full-plate decorated with iron symbols of a long sword on the gauntlets, shoulder guards, and epaulets. His armor is heavily spiked around the gauntlets and shoulder-guards. Sometimes, Jorah will affix, with wax, written prayers to parts of his armor, written in Common. A heavy red cloak is fastened around a similarly patterned gorget and usually trails along the ground. His great-sword hangs in a heavy leather sheathe that is strung alongside his back, a huge red-tempered steel sword called Ovinrbaane - better known as the Enemy of All Enemies. At the taste of blood, the sword glows red-hot, turning a bright golden in colour.
    Basic History:
    Show Spoiler

    A rumor holds the key to Jorah's history - a children's story, really. It has been said that there was a young paladin from far away, who came to the Northlands in order to pursue a holy path. He traveled with four companions; a thief from the slums, an executioner from the orc tribes in the mountains, a botanist experimenter from the main cities, and a sorceress from a dragon's lair. With this band of adventurers, they were set forth on a simple task; to stop an evil cult from resurrecting their dead god. However, the young paladin was diverted and corrupted, losing his soul to something in the darkness that tempted him - a powerful evil placed him in the position where he was forced to choose between watching his friends die or sacrificing his soul. He chose the latter. He remained loyal to his friends and to his task, but his interests began to change.
    Why save the world from this dead god, when one could become this dead god? All he had to do was drink the potion to resurrect this fallen god, and then, he would hold that power. Perhaps, with this power, the paladin would be able to impact this world for the better.
    Using his group's resources, the paladin made allies throughout the Northlands, unifying first with the common people in the cities, before achieving a position as a pack-leader amongst the werewolf-clans in the scattered forests. He found powerful allies along the coastline and made peace with the vampires in the capitals. Those in his party disagreed with him from time to time, saying that this was not their true purpose, and that they had been diverted - saying that this was wrong. The paladin was able to calm them by promising them that their goals would be met, but the party he traveled with, remained suspicious of the paladin's "good" intentions.Then, the paladin and his group journeyed to Gravewastes, where the dead-god was to be resurrected. They masqueraded as members of the cult that they had originally set out to destroy, speaking only in whispers as they persuaded their former enemies into believing that they were the saviours that they had sought. The paladin and his company moved forward.
    They mounted the four-hundred foot tower, hands and fingers bleeding as they scraped across the iron and bone spikes. Souls clutched at them, emanating from the Great Seal where the dead god had been buried in the first place. They journeyed upwards, with the young paladin disguised as the unholy vessel for the dead god - and unbelievably, it worked. The young paladin was given all the power of the Dead God -- and the Undying Tyrant was to walk the earth once more.
    But something happened, and the fairytale ends with confusion.
    In truth, Jorah Genveer was the young paladin, and the moment that he accepted the potion he lost control of himself. The dark presence that he sold his soul to chose this moment to take control of Jorah's body; and all his newfound power. Jorah was exiled to a prison dimension, scattered with his compatriots. Jorah promised his services to the darker powers that existed in that world in order to survive and retain his strength as a paladin. His friends, however, built u a healthy resentment towards him, for he had been the one who had landed them in this situation.
    After ten years, they were rescued by a foolish King of men, who traveled to that dark place because he too had heard the story of the paladin who lost his soul and wanted to know the truth of the matter. He found his truth, and freed Jorah and his friends from that dark and terrible place. When the returned to the mortal world, the King thought that he could persuade the adventuring party to aid him in securing his country; but Jorah's group were heavily worn from traveling and had little interest in adventuring further. They agreed to journey with the King to his homeland, where they would then diverge and travel again to the Northlands; where some of their children and family would be waiting for them. However, Jorah immediately betrayed the King, stealing the sword that was the source of the King's strength and offering it up to the fey-creatures that sought to regain control of the King's lands that had been stolen from them. The Shining Lady - a queen of the Fey, had come to him in his sleep and promised him a kingdom, and power, all for the sword that the King wielded.
    In return for the sword, he was given another; Ovinrbaane, the Enemy of All Enemies. The sword was the symbol of his deity, the God of Conquest, and with it, he was able to conquer part of the Fey-realm that had been given to him by the Shining Lady. He tore open a portal from his realm in the Feywild back to the Northlands, and reconvened with his pack -- who had replaced him with another, the anti-paladin that had ruled them prior to Jorah's arrival. Jorah cut his head off, and took control of his pack once again. He altered his realm such that the moon was always full, and when werewolves crossed from his realm into the mortal kingdoms, they were at full strength from the full moon that had shone on them within Jorah's realm. With his army of werewolves at full capacity, other packs soon joined him, in the fey realm. He took his armies to the Northlands, and began to conquer it, bit by bit, as the cult from his past warred with the paladins that he had once been meant to join. He was celebrated by werewolves as the Pack-Lord of Pack-Lords, the King of the Werewolves, and his people believed him to be their hero.
    Jorah rarely leaves his realm, and sends emissaries to do his work, but sometimes, he takes on a personal hand. He is cautious, as his former-friends seek to cut off his head as a punishment for his many betrayals.
  6. You two look good. I think that if the others were going to post character sheets, they would have done so by now, so tomorrow I'll post the IC ^^
  7. Sorry this took me a while! Was working on what I should do for my character and scavanging up my notes on the race and such ;P

    ((Art belongs to me. Please do not use or steal for anywhere else, anyone(who is not necessarily even a part of this thread), ty =^.^= ))
    Name: Unknown. When asked, he usually points to the black bird-faced mask/helmet and simply tells others to call him Blackbird. Other times he just doesn't answer.
    Race: Avaris

    The Avaris are a people shrouded in mystery. More commonly referred to as the BirdMasters, they can speak to, seemingly understand birds, and are most known and trademarked as being able to tame and giant wild birds that others cannot. They make their homes in scattered oceanic mountain islands that lie off the main coasts, hidden away where none can find them. It is unknown if this is caused by magic or wholly natural, but the waters around these mountainous islands are treacherous, the current too swift for even the most adapted sea creatures to bipass, so that ships do not stand a chance of getting at all close. The only way to access these places is by air, atop the backs of these giant birds which they ride. Outsiders have never been known to be allowed on their island homes. The Avaris are always seen shrouded in cloaks and masks that completely hide their appearance, often with one-way glass goggles inlayed into the fabric or hard masks with goggles over their heads/faces, so no one knows what they look like other than being shaped like humanoids, though many speculate and there are all sorts of rumors and guesses - some thinking that they must be gorgeous beings of only the holiest kind, others speculating that hiding beneath their robes are ugly beasts that would blind a man to gaze upon, and everything else in between. Often times the BirdMasters will take work like common mercenaries for hire, helping to fight battles or transport goods and information. They do not seem to have any loyalties or alliances with any particular groups, and it's unknown if they have any ambitions into the affairs of other ruling forces. So far they've stayed nuetral and uninvolved as a Race, even before fighting broke out amongst the kingdoms.
    Though not widely known, the birds that they ride have a different type of "rein" than that of other ground beasts and horses. Often they have series of straps and harnesses following their neck, as the style of rein on those of horses pulled too sharply can damage their necks which are much lighter-boned. These ropes or wires that are connected by these varous straps and harnesses connect to a single piece on the saddle just above/ahead of the rider, and alternatively they often have some that connect to the wings or tails as well. Bird Mounts are guided and given wordless direction through a complex system of line-pull combinations and changes in body positioning by the rider.

    Gender: Male, or at least presumed to be, often based on the sound of his voice when he speaks.
    Age: Unknown. Presumed young, teenager perhaps.
    Appearance: Like all Avaris, he's cloaked in robes and such that hide his physical appearance from all, all the way down to boots and gloves. Covering his head and attached the the fabric is a black bird-shaped mask with inlayed goggles of dark colored glass that make it seem impossible for one to see out of, but he appears to fair just fine. Coming off the crest/back of the helm are ornate black, red, and gold feathers, and stands at about 5'6".
    Basic History: Unknown

    Bird Partner/Mount:
    When standing up straight/tall, towers a hefty 11-12 feet or so high, the bird's breast being at about head-level with most people. The layered feathers all down it's neck can lay relatively flat or puff up to make it look more menacing. Thick and powerful beak and legs, it can run on land with great speed and fly even faster in the air. The wings angle to form a triangular shape when fully spread from wingtip-to-tailbase-to-wingtip, feathers partway down the length of the tail which is long and narrow, fanning out into almost dangly, hair-like featheres at the end.
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  8. I'd like to play this. I have an idea for a character in mind. I'm thinking I'll play a wizard or sorcerer, someone who uses magic... I could probably get a character sheet up tonight or tomorrow. Here's the thing, though: I'll be unavailable for posting all of this weekend and all of next week because of family stuff. ><; (I expect to be able to post again June 3rd-ish.) If that's okay, I'll cook up a character. I can always show up later in the roleplay so that I'm not slowing y'all down!

    Let me know if you're okay with this, almighty GM.
  9. I can extend this if necessary.

    Show Spoiler
    Name: Zajha N'drast

    Race: Alk'izra Human

    The Alk'izra tribe are humans with special abilities and unique features. They are renowned for sorcerers, enchanters, and spellswords. It is not uncommon for an Alk'izra to sell their services to whatever kingdom pays them. They hail from the northern tundras and the western deserts, one extreme or the other, connected to eachother by a sacred path through the land.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 19

    Appearance: A lithe, pale girl with dark red tresses coming to her shoulder. Her left eye is missing, the socket is covered by a traditional eyepatch. Her eye is a deep, piercing violet, with a Alk'izra tribal tattoo on her face, crossing her right eye. Her sleak body has a fair amount of muscle where it counts, from swinging her sword with her right hand, and thrusting her spear in her left, while having swift, defined legs, and light abs.

    Along her neck and riddled across her left arm are an amalgamy of tribal tattoos, each one holding a special meaning in her culture. The entirety of the tattoos on her arm are etched around the traditional design for an Alk'izra Spearmaiden

    She wears two sets of armor - her first is her mercenary or traveller attire. It is comprised of a open-faced, hornless helmet of nordic origins. She wears a scalemail byrnie over a black tunic, with scaleplate pauldrons over her lower shoulder/upper arm area, with silver-fingered steel plate gauntlets to cover her hands and forearms, and on her lower, she wears a black shawl-skirt for mobility, and silver-toed steel boots to cover feet and calves. Her preferred armament in this armor is a wickedly serrated makhaira called "Arachnea", and a fauchard spear called "Malebolge"

    Her second set of armor is one she kept from her slave fighter days as a retiaria. She wore a leather breastcover over her chest, a manica on her right arm, with a round shield fashioned onto the forearm, and a spaulder on her left shoulder. On her lower, she wears a scalemail shortskirt and loincloth, covering her feet with a gladiator's sandals. In this garb, she prefers a cinquedea and a trident.

    Basic History: Zajha is a Alk'izra traveller from the northern village of Ju'inrai in the northern tundras. Her father was a trader, and her mother was a retired bodyguard. Her mother taught her the way of the sword, and her father taught her the trade of the spear. At age 12, she would have to perform her coming-of-age ceremony. She would have an eye gouged out and a tattoo over her remaining eye, unlocking her Alk'izra magic, allowing her to channel spells. After this, she gained the right to sell her sword and spear for coin, but due to her age, she would only be employed by the tribe. She earned money protecting her father's caravans with a high success rate, with only one in every seventeen caravans she guards ever being taken down. At age 14, her parents had decided to arrange a marriage for her, but she refused the prospect and ran off to travel as a mercenary. When word of the war reached her ears, she lowered her spear to the kingdoms, not wanting to be hurried into the fray. At age 15, she was captured by slavers, who forced her into an antiquated slave fighting ring. Her proficiency with sword and spear made her a retiaria. She became renowned in the underground as Carpophora. She was released in the traditionally antiquated fashion for her numerous victories, and kept her equipment. Now age 19, she travels the realm selling her sword to civilians, barring kingdoms, and plans to join a group of adventurers for the experience.
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  10. VerbalAbuse, your character looks good, and Fluffy you can post when you can ^^ The IC should come up this weekend (I know I said last weekend earlier, but I really couldn't pull that off last weekend due to exams).
  11. Name:

    Human Shaman



    Appearance: (open)

    Beneath the raggedy clothes and the skull helmet he wears, Inalu is tan skinned with green stripe patterns all over his body. His eye color is green, however the left one barely stays open due to blindness. Inalu's hair is a dark brown and stops at his shoulders; it's also greasy from many days without bathing. There are many piercings on his face when he isn't wearing the mask. When he shows his teeth, his canines appear to be dangerously sharp. All of his nails are pointy as well so they can be used like claws in close combat.

    Inalu's spirit animal is the Gazelle and his magical element is Earth. (So, his spells are mostly going to involve rocks, dirt, minerals...) When casting a spell, it often times will take on the form of his animal. For example: when summoning an elemental to fight for him, it will be a stone figure in the shape of a gazelle. When Inalu or his allies need encouragement, he'll call upon the gazelle spirit to give them strength, confidence, and agility. Additionally, he can transform into his spirit animal. This is mostly used as a last resort because it takes so much energy to cast this spell.

    Inalu's connection to the gazelle spirit gives him improved stamina, survival instincts, and awareness of danger.

    Basic History:
    Inalu hails from a tribe of savages who were all muscle and no brains. He separated himself from his clan in search of greater purpose because he is gifted with a higher intelligence than his brethren. He was very unappreciated, as well as abused into using his spiritual gifts for the wrong reasons. Inalu left with hope of finding at least one being who could make better use of his abilities. Unfortunately, he has a mysterious disorder of some kind that hides the fact that he's smart. In his mind, he speaks and perceives things intelligently but the words that come from his mouth are, to be blunt, stupid. Most people he runs into believe him to be insane.

    Despite all the misunderstandings, Inalu makes an effort to help all he encounters find their way. Anyone who's lost can go to him and ask for spiritual guidance. He's meant to be supportive in combat, and to help lost souls find their way.
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  12. Wasn't sure if my character was approved...?

    Also, I updated it with an image of my character(s) now =^.^=
  13. Yeah, you were approved ^^
  14. Made some minor edits to Zajha's cosmetic description, simply noted some tattoos criss-crossing her arm.
  15. Okay. I know I've been procrastinating on the IC, but I promise that it'll be up next week, hopefully!
  16. Name: She has many name depending on who she is talking to, but, for those of two legs who speak common she is known as Giedra.

    Race: Berserker
    Show Spoiler

    Giedra is of true Berserker blood. A warrior race that has acted as mercenaries as far back as anyone can remember. They are originally from the shores of the west, but, they are highly nomadic so there have been reports of clans all over. While they have very close knit family groups, along with a painfully complex hierarchy, it is their battling style that there are most known for. Over the years they have become quite good at their job, fighting, using an array of tactics that tries to maximize the damage done to the enemy. And due to their religious beliefs most do not fear death, it is merely a log in the road until they are reincarnated, so they often will just charge into battle slashing this way and that until either they win or are killed. When they wish to or are agitated enough, berserkers will go, well, Berserk. Now this does not mean they will completely loose themselves, as they are four distinctive states of mind with only the last one being a complete surrender to their animalistic side. The first is just how a regular human would feel if in an adrenalized state, still pretty clear headed and able to make at least mostly rational decisions, this is also the state that they can sustain the longest, the longest recorded time in this state being around an hour. The second state is where things become a little more dangerous, the ability to make clear decisions starts to become compromised, they will follow orders but, it is usually required for commanders to yell, they can sustain this second stage for about 45 minutes. Then there is the third stage, this is the stage most commonly spoken of in reference to Berserkers and it is the one most often entered on the battle field, here only the very highest commanding officers are able to give orders and have them followed. Rational thought is not utilized, only instincts dirrect their actions and the only thing that can shake them free from this state is a big metal shock or trigger of some kind, otherwise there is no stopping them until they themselves decide the fighting is over. Then there is the final stage, there are only a rare few that have ever gotten to this stage and there is good reason for that. Firstly to enter this stage the Berserker must completely surrender his mind over becoming in essence an animal of war, at this point they are impossible to control and all that stand before the person become a target whether friend or foe. The longest time that this stage can be sustained is twenty minutes, and afterward the person will just drop dead. Going berserk puts a lot of strain on the body, the exact amount varies with stage and how long it was sustained, and at the final level the stress burns up the body and the person ends up dying of heart failure.

    Gender: female

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Giedra stands just shy of 5’5, although she spends much of her time crouching or hunching over so it can be a little tricky to estimate her height. Her hair is a dark brown that looks black in poor light but, which has a distinct reddish tone to it when in full light. Her eyes are a similar brown, like the earth after heavy rain; they are on the larger side and are very good at conveying her emotions, whether widening in curiosity or turning to slits with displeasure. She is pretty tan at this point, having sent her life out under the sun and her skin is crossed with many scars which she has gained just from living out in the wilderness each having a different story. She is very thin and wiry having had to constantly hunt for food, often just getting by during the harsh winters. She is built for running fast, and really long distances. She is fairly pretty in her own way but, there is a distinct wildness about her that makes most people avoid her.

    Basic History:
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    Giedra was abandoned as a child in the woods, the reasons as to why have been lost with the years and she has never really cared enough to try and figure it out. Only a small two year old she walked aimlessly around the woods for nearly two days, tired, hungry, and cold. Against all odds she survived and was adopted into a new family just not a human one, or one that walks on two legs for that matter. She was adopted by wolves.
    As wonderful this might sound it was difficult, she was not as fast as the rest of her litter mates, she couldn’t tolerate the cold as well, her growth was infuriatingly slow, and in the beginning she had a lot of problems stomaching the raw meat. But, she grew, stronger, faster, hardier, and she did have at least two advantages over the rest of her family. Firstly was her opposable thumbs, which allowed her to use tools and the like, and the other was an insatiable curiosity. Having spent her first few years in the outside world she had to relearn many things, everything from social interactions to how to eat. For nine years that was her life. A constant struggle to survive, shaping her into someone who thought more like a wolf than a sapient creature. Had things gone on like that there is little doubt that she would have grown up thinking that she was just an oddly tall wolf.
    However, one day in early summer she was wandering off near the border of the woods when she saw a boy, wading in a stream trying to catch fish with his bare hands. Giedra was fascinated, and just sat under the shelter of the trees and watched him. The boy at some point spotted her and had her a cheery wave and made a gesture for her to join him. Giedra was curious, but not that curious and she kept her distance, and after a while the boy went back to try to catch fish. For about three months Giedra watched him, each day sneaking a little closer until she was perched upon the edge of the river bank. There had been many times when she had sensed she was different from the rest of her family, but, here was someone who looked like her, walked like her, and seemed to be unconcerned with her presence. As soon as she was within talking distance the big had kept up a steady stream of commentary, he seemed to just like to hear himself talk, not that Giedra was adding anything to the conversation.
    The boys name was Peter and over the months he slowly taught Giedra the common tongue. The became fast friends, Giedra teaching Peter the ways of the forest how to hunt and trap, what was safe to eat and what was best avoided, and after a little persistence she talk him soon animal tongue. And in term Peter taught her how to speak common, how to make fire, and would tell her stories and other random things that he learned.
    When Giedra was fifteen Peter was sent away be his family to live in the Capitol, he was granted an apprenticeship, something that Giedra could not understand, either way she was sad to see her friend go. Before he went she gave him a necklace with a baby tooth from one of her brothers, something for him to take with him. She never saw him again and still has no idea of what happened to him.
    A year passed by and Giedra felt a wander lust creep into her system. Many of her litter mates had already left and at least by wolf standards she was more than old enough to go off on her own. The deciding factor came when her wolf-mother died. For three days the whole pack mourned and afterward she set out on her own taking only her small travel pack, a flint knife, and water proofed cloak. This was her wandering period and during she became a little more in tune those animals she had considered only prey items. Living away from her pack meant that she no longer smelled strongly of wolf and she was able to form bonds with creatures like the elk, squirrel, and crow.
    But something has since A restlessness in the world outside the woods. Although she did leave, she still has a strong attachment to her old stomping grounds and she worries what will happened to the forest if there is not someone who knows something about the woods and the civilized world is there. So she returned, not everything was as she had left it. Her old pack was gone and their territory deserted, surrounding towns were bigger, and the people bolder. This has got Giedra very nervous, and she waits to see what moves are made before she makes her own decisions.
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  17. I'm back from my family visit. Aiming to get that character done this weekend. :) Just thought I'd update y'all. I have posts, homework and other stuff to catch up on, plus a demanding 2 month old. So, forgive me if it seems like I'm taking a while!

    Edit: Hope my character checks out okay.
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  18. remember when

    I still want to do this, and I feel like we have a good band of companions, both the people involved and the characters we created.
  19. Yeah, where's our GM? Should we just start something up until he comes back? :/ I'd hate for our characters to go to waste...
  20. I checked his status. He says he should be back tomorrow. Give him until Monday to respond, and next Friday (my birthday woo) to start up the RP.
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