The Great Fantasy

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  1. Name: Riley
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Orphaned at a young age, Riley grew up on the streets. She began hanging out with a group of thieves, who gave her the name Riley.

    Riley uses her powers as a mage, which she found out about when she was 16, to steal things. Casting spells to confuse people or make them fall asleep are her favorites.
  2. Name: Faroh
    Age: 200 / Appearance: 21
    Gender: Male


    Bio: Faroh's family kicked him into the streets when they first saw development of his fangs, the said he was a freak, and needed to be cured, since then he has been wondering aimlessly, they died a long time ago, that's why he never got close to people, as he hardly aged, at two centuries old he only looked about two decades old, some would consider him cold hearted, but that was only due to the fact he was often shunned wherever he stayed.
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    Riley peeked out from behind a stone wall. Ahead of her, she saw the town square where people chatted in groups and went into shops.

    Then she spotted her quarry. She could see a man showing it to one of the shop-owners. Riley knew what it was, the mayor of the town had ordered it for his wife. She had overheard gossipy housewives talking about it, that's how she knew where it would be on that day.

    It was a small statue, made from jade, imported from Egypt. It was worth a ton of money. Riley needed to form a distraction, take it, then sell it to some traders she knew.
  4. Faroh was sitting in the bell-tower of the Church he had been staying in for the last couple of days, trying to ignore his hunger, feeding on the rats and mice that infected this town, but this was not enough, perhaps tonight, he would pick one unlucky homeless, but if he got caught..... He wouldn't... No negative thinking.

    He watched all the humans below in the market, like ants, scurrying around, hew wondered how many knew he existed, that those like him existed, most probably didn't, too busy living their insignificant lives, he was thankful he had his cloak enchanted, so the sunlight only stung him, instead of burning him to a crisp.

    Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a few large men, most probably helping to import some kind of shipment from another country, and thought to himself how tasty they would be.
  5. Riley grinned devilishly as she saw her opportunity. Two drunk men had come out of a tavern.

    A fight could quite possibly be a good enough distraction. Riley cast a quick confusion spell on the two men, turning them both against each other. They began yelling about money and their wives, a few moments later, one threw the first punch.

    Riley pulled her hood over her head, as well as pulling up a handkerchief to cover her face. Sure enough, the men who brought in the shipment turned to the fight. Riley dashed out of her hiding place, grabbed the small box that held the statue, and took off running. The men shouted and came after her. Thankfully, one of the guards who was in town was distracted by the fight.
  6. Faroh stood silently, due to his perceptive nature he noticed the fight start out between the two me coming out of the tavern, and his acute hearing caught something to do with one of their wives, however it also caught something else, a guard, one of the ones he had been licking his lips at before, considering how tasty they would be, shouting, "Hey! Come back here with that!"

    He followed the sound with his eyes, and saw one of the guards chasing after a cloaked figure, who he assumed had stolen something from the shipment, the other was too busy watching the fight, which would probably last a few more minutes.
    It was about midday, quietly, he climbed down the church spire into the market as to not draw any attention to himself, drew his hood and started to pursue the guard, who in turn was chasing the thief, now's my chance for a real meal, he thought to himself.
  7. She ran into an alley, which ended up being a dead end. Riley turned to the man who had chased her this far.

    "Give that back you little thief," he growled, coming closer. Riley smiled under the handkerchief and glanced at him, her grey eyes glowing mischeviously.

    She shook her head, "Time for a nap don't you think?" The guard looked confused for a moment before he was hit by a strong force, slamming him into the wall. He hit his head hard and fall to the ground, groaning in pain.
  8. Faroh was racing down the alley, he knew to be a dead end, the guard and the thief turned into it, turning the corner he was expecting to see a dead thief and a tasty meal, instead to his surprise he found a helpless guard on the floor, and the thief, a woman! Faroh wasn't a sexist person but he didn't expect a woman to be able to out muscle a guard of this stature, even he would have trouble doing it.

    Faroh walked over to the guard and lent over, "Sorry" he sad, though he wasn't, and twisted the guard's neck and it gave a disgusting "Click", he lifted the limp body up onto his left shoulder, not wanting to feast on it here, and reveal his true nature, he knew how this woman would take it? He never took his eye off of her, he knew there was more to her than meets the eye, she was rather slim and curvy, with long flowing white hair, perhaps others would call her attractive.
    She hadn't said anything through this hole ordeal, perhaps he should break the silence?
    "So, what did you take from them?" He asked, curiously.

    He could hear the sounds of the other guard searching for his missing friend, down the alley.
  9. She watched the man curiously as he came and broke the guard's neck. They stared at eachother in silence for a moment before the man asked her a question.

    "Um... A jade statue," she replied, motioning to the box in her hand. "Why did you kill that guard?" Riley asked.

    She could tell that this man was different. The way he moved and spoke, he almost seemed... Not human. What could he be though? She didn't think he was another mage, but it was a possibility.
  10. "Why did you kill that guard?" the woman asked, he had to think of a lie, or tell the truth, quickly he replied
    "Erm, we didn't want any witnesses did we? Speaking of witnesses", the second guard was near them, sneaking, little did he know Faroh could hear things very far away, like a Dog. He quickly put his finger up to his lips indicating for her to be silent, then crouched down near the where the alley turned into the dead end.

    As he spotted the guards foot he grabbed it into his hand, pulling it around the corner whilst the rest of the guard's body crunched into the floor, he proceeded to pull a dagger from inside his cloak, all in one fluent motion, whilst the guard slowly got up, wincing from the pain, Faroh kicked him directly in the guts, sending him flying into a brick wall, then launched the dagger from his hand, landing right in the guard's throat, he quickly walked over and took back the dagger, letting the guard drop to the floor in the process.
  11. "Oh wow," Riley gasped. "That was pretty cool."

    She looked around at the two dead bodies. "Ehm... What will you with them sir?" she asked, looking at the man. "I could... Make them disappear." Riley smiled slightly at the word 'disappear', but continued looking at the man.
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    "Erm, thanks, I think I'll take this one with me, though do what you want with that one, I need this one for... An experiment..... Oh, and I never got your name."

    He looked expectantly at her, waiting for a reply, not quite sure why he'd asked though, there was something charming about this woman standing before him so confidently, he knew to most people he looked intimidating, with his deathly pale white skin and contrasting black hair.
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    She tilted her head to the side slightly, wondering if the man was a scientist or doctor of some sort. Riley smiled though. "People call me Riley," she replied. "What's your name?"

    This man was interesting and Riley wanted to stop and have a conversation with him. It had been a long time since she met anyone that sparked her curiousity so much. It almost seemed to pull her in, making her want to follow him. She didn't want to intrude on his life though, so perhaps she would wait until she saw him again.
  14. "Riley, well, nice to meet you I guess... My name is Faroh, I have to ask, how did you manage to get the other guard to the floor?"

    He replied, rather slowly, as it was not often he conversed with people, however she seemed nice enough, despite the fact he had met her in such circumstances, he just hoped she wasn't completely freaked by his appearance, as he wished to perhaps learn more about her.
  15. Riley laughed nervously, wondering if she should tell him or not. Then again, he had killed the two guards, so she could trust him. After a moments hesitation, she turned to him.

    "Well sir... You won't believe me, but I am a mage and I used a force push on him," she replied carefully.
  16. Faroh watched Riley laugh, yes, he did consider he attractive. "Hmm, I'm not sure what I believe these days," due to the fact he was technically undead, this gave him an open mind about things. "Well, I have no reason to not believe you, do I? I assume that, err, Jade statue is worth a lot? Surely whoever is expecting it will send more people looking for it when it doesn't arrive on their doorstep, what'll you do now?" He stated, assertively.
  17. "Well, Mr. Faroh, I have that all planned out. No one besides these two and you saw my face, so they can't hunt me down. No one will find it on me either, since I too have to deliver it somewhere." Riley smiled a little. "I've been in this business for quite some time."

    "And you?" she asked, "I'm sure people will notice you if you walk around with a dead man on your shoulder."
  18. Faroh looked straight into her eyes, he knew she wasn't lying "Hmm, good point, people don't tend to talk to me any, I'm not the most approachable person am I?" He asked this question, well, rhetorical question, as he knew the answer, he looked around the alley, once she was gone he could probably scale the walls with the body under his arms. "On the other hand, having a dead body with me will probably draw the guard's attention, well, I'll figure out something, good luck wiht your delivery." This was the first time he'd spoken to someone for a while, and the thing is, she was nice. With the exchange over, he turned to leave.
  19. "Perhaps I'll see you again sometime," she said, waving a little. Riley smiled and, unable to hold back the words, she said, "And might I say, sir, you have quite a beautiful complexion. I've never seen another man with such a clear face."

    Riley laughed gently. "That sounded odd, so I'll be off." With a wave of her hand, one of the bodies combusted, leaving behind only small pieces that would be picked up by animals. "Sorry, for the impulsive compliement," she told him, putting her hood up and leaving the alley.
  20. Hmm, he'd never been complimented before, it gave him a strange feeling, what was it? He didn't know, he watched her leave, making sure she was gone until he walked back to where they held their conversation, looked up the wall, about 8 ft tall, he thought to himself, and with an almighty leap jumped, landing right on top of it with his in-human strength, clear face? He thought to himself, he doubted any else's face held such a dark history as this one did.

    He manoeuvred over the rooftops of the town, hiding in the shadows whenever he though someone might have heard him, until he reached the Church spire, he sat down next to the large bell inside of it, which was rarely used, he looked over the events that had happened, then down at the guard, realizing how cold hearted he was sometimes, killing this man, not caring for the loved ones this man had, and how they would be affected, just thinking about his hunger.

    And with that, he sunk his fangs into the neck of the man, sucking all of the blood out of him, when he was finished his face was covered with dripping blood, but he felt good at least, he would wait until dark, and dump the body, hoping Riley wouldn't see it, and recognise what he was.