The great escape

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  1. "Ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred." Andrew jumped up after finishing one hundred push ups, he shook himself a little as he walked over to the side of the gym and picked up his water bottle and towel. After mopping off his wet furry forehead and face, he took a few big gulps of water. He took a few deep breaths, put both items down and began to climb the rock wall in the room. This was part of his daily routine. Go to the gym, exercise, keep his animal strengths sharp, back to his room, shower, go to the cafeteria, get some food, go back to his room eat, pace his room, take his tray back, go to the rec room, sit in a corner by himself probably working on a Sudoku puzzle or some other brain teaser, head back after a few hours to the cafeteria, more food, back to his room, take his tray back, then back to the gym and then back to his room.

    After he finished his work out, he headed back to his room, as he stripped down to nothing he picked up a picture off his nightstand. "Mother, I've missed you so, I'm leaving soon. I've been keeping fit, just as you had kept me. I love you Mother." He set the picture down and went to the shower. After he was clean he instead of going to get food walked towards the rec room. At this time a security guard would be getting off work and heading for the break room. Andrew bumped into him as he did. "Sorry." He mumbled. "Watch it freak." The guard said and pushed past him. Andrew then turned and jogged back to his room. After removing a brick from the wall he quickly shoved the keys he had just stolen from the guard in his "Accidental bump" and shoved the brick back in. This had always been his secret spot when he was younger. The only one who knew about it was his mother. Satisfied with himself he turned to go and get some food. After tonight he wouldn't be here. He would be gone. He would find a place that wasn't like this hell hole he was in. A place that treated his kind with dignity as his mother had.

    He was late to the cafeteria, the other residents were already there, he grumbled to himself and stepped into the line. Had he been there a few moments before he would be first and on his way back to his room already. As the person in front of him stepped forward inside he stepped forward too. At that moment he was shoved forward and had to catch himself, he turned ready to snarl but took a double take, it was Rusty. One of the few he didn't get angry with here. Instead he simply ignored him. Turning back around in the line he continued to fill his tray with an assortment of raw meats.
  2. Rusty looked down as he usually did, being depressed since he had been at this place. He rubbed his furred arm as he pinned his ears back against his head looking up at the obviously taller male infront of him. " S-sorry. " He said in a timmid voice and then looked back down minding his own buissness. Each time andrew moved forward he did so too, but a guard was feeling mean tonight and decided to pick on the small fox. The guard took out his electricl prod and zapped rusty with it. Rusty yellped and cowerd a bit still with his ears pinned to his head . " P-please leave me alone. " He said as the guard luaghed and socked rusty in the gut makeing rusty dubble over in pain. " ..... " Rusty stayed silent as he layed there on the floor as the guard luaghed at him then spoke. " You pathetic little experimant. You'r not good for anything are you, over here mopeing around allday like something close to you has died. " The guard spit on the side of rusty's face, that set rusty off. Rusty got up tackleing the guard to the ground with a loud scream. " RAAHHHHH!!!! " He then started to beat in the face of the guard makeing sure he rememberd rusty for the rest of his life. But before he was finished rusty was shot with a sleeping dart and passed out on the ground. He lay there twitching as two guards came by and picked him up takeing him back to his room for the night along with a tray of food.
  3. As night time hit, and the residents were sent to their room Andrew's plan was set into motion. He pulled the brick from the wall with the keys he had gotten earlier and the dart gun and tazer gun he had gotten before that. With ease and silence he stepped into the hall. Quietly slipping down the hall. A guard stepped into the hall, Andrew met him with a dart to the neck and stepped over him, he stopped out side of a certain room. He had seen what had happened to him many times but could not help. He didn't know why but he felt sorry for the little creature. He slipped into the room and looked at the full tray of food. Full. Rusty lay asleep on the bed. Andrew's ear twitched in anger. They couldn't even remove the dart. He pulled it out and picked him up with ease and threw him over his shoulder. "Don't worry, no one else is going to mess with you now." He whispered, and with that he exited the room.

    Andrew easily made his way through the building. Taking care of guards as he needed to. Finally he slipped out an emergency exit. An alarm started to go off, and Andrew, readjusting his grip on Rusty took off at high speed into the tree's. Climbing up to the top of one and jumping from one to the other, careful not to drop Rusty. Finally he could no longer smell the lab or anyone but him and Rusty and the new smells around him. He laid him down on the ground and covered him with his sweater. "Sleep easy. When you wake you start a new life."
  4. Rusty shifted to his side as he snored lightly hsi left ear twitched. Soon it would be morning as rusty woke to the odd sound of a bird chirping above him, he looked around freaking out not knowing where he was. He stood quickly as his tail fluffed up and sent him on high alert not knowing what is going to happen. " What the?! Where am i!? " He exclaimed and asked while he sniffed about trying to figure out where he was.
  5. "You are free." Was all Andrew said in response to Rusty's panic. Andrew felt sorry for him. It must be hard to understand. But he couldn't leave him behind in that hell hole. It was a prison, not a science lab. Or that is how it felt. Now they were free and no one could hurt them any more. He then moved over and placed a hand on Rusty's shoulder. "Please, be calm. You are no longer going to be tormented by the guards."
  6. Rusty looked up with his ears pinned back against his head. " I'm free? " He asked as he looked around again takeing in the scenery and the scent's of the outside world. " How did you do it? " He asked as he rubbed his arm looking down as if he were in trouble. He then looked back up and smiled knowing that Andrew saved him from anymore beatings mentall abuse and what he hated the most, physical experimentations.
  7. He nodded as Rusty spoke, sat down on the ground next to him and explained to him the whole escape plan, how he had been planning it for a while, and how he couldn't leave him behind to get tortured and beaten or worse, and he stopped to grab him. After he was finished he stood. "Now, my mother used to live not to far from here, if we are lucky we might be able to find it, be able to find it and it might be empty. If not I'm in top physical shape, so I should be able to get us some food. " He stopped grinned and said, "Yeah, I've been training for this for a while." Then he leaned over and offered Rusty a wrist to help him get up. "So let's get moving. They are probably looking for us. we will find a place that accepts us."
  8. " Ok. " He said as he grabbed onto andrew'[s wrist and stood up smileing. " So where are we off to? " He asked to mget clarity.
  9. "To my mothers cabin. If no one has moved in it. I remember she said it isn't too far from the lab, so she could be close. Most nights she stayed at the lab." Andrew said. Even though he wasn't scared of the new world around him, he felt more comfortable while he had a hand on Rusty, helping him up. So he made no effort to move it at first, waiting to see if Rusty made a move to let go.
  10. Rusty looked up to andrew and smiled. " Sounds like a plan. " He said as he sighhed in content knowing he was away from that hell hole of a place they called a " Lab ". he knew it wasn't just a lab but it was also a prison not for just the experaments, also for the wrong doing. He had saw many deaths in the " Lab " But thankfully none of them struck his heart, most of the deaths were out of mercy for other experamints so they werb't all that bad. " Lets go then. " Rusty said putting his hand over andrews.
  11. Andrew smiled and laced his fingers between Rusty's. He felt an unusual comfort that he didn't quite feel with his mother, but something Rusty had to offer. He wanted to protect Rusty, he wanted Rusty near him, yet he didn't know why. After a moment, he unlaced his fingers from Rusty's and threw an arm over the smaller ones shoulders. Hoping this would both comfort him and show him that Andrew was here to protect him. Then with his free hand he moved it over and pushed Rusty's hand up to the one Andrew had draped over his shoulder, relacing his fingers with Rusty's. "Much more comfortable." A smile crossed his face as he headed in the direction his mother had said her home was.
  12. Rusty smiled more feeling quite comfterble with andrew. " So how long were you in that hell hole? " He said as he looked over to andrew his scarlet hues glowling lightly in the light.
  13. Andrew shrugged his shoulders. "Three years. Too long. I've been ready to leave for so long. I can only hope you were too." Then he grinned and squeezed his arm a little, so he could squeeze Rusty, "I can take you back if you don't want to go with me." With that, he let a chuckle escape his lips.
  14. " I was fed up with those fucking guards beating on me.. One night they actually ended up breaking my leg and putting me in a coma for about a week. " He said with a sighh. " So ofcourse i was ready to leave that place. " He said as he blushed lightly feeling andrew squeez him lightly.
  15. At the sight of the blush, something tugged in Andrew's chest... He liked having Rusty around. Yet he couldn't understand why. He had never felt close to anyone after his mother had died, yet he actually liked having him here. He wanted Rusty here. With him. Here he could protect him. Make sure they never hurt him again. "You know. I could get used to having you around." With a smile he looked down at him. Lightly nuzzling his shoulder as they walked.
  16. Rusty looked up and giggled the blushe darkening as he then looked straight ahead of him " I'm glad im away from all that comotion and just here with you. " he said as he looked down then. He then looked back up to andrew as his tail began to sway side to side in a rythmic way.
  17. As darkness began to fall a cabin started to rise in the distance. A familiar smell wafting into his nose. It was faint but there. He looked in the window. Still deserted. No not deserted. Used during winter months but not summer months. With ease he used his claw to unlock the door and it swung open. He stepped in. "I'll be back." With that he left Rusty in the living room, he searched around and found the basement. He had watched the electrician at the lab do this many times. He found the fuse box and read the door. After that he flipped on the breakers and smiled. He then walked back upstairs and flipped on a switch. "There, now I'm happy to be free of that place aren't you?" He sat down on the couch, reaching up onto a stand and flipping on a light. Then he pulled Rusty to him. Letting him sit beside him. "We are free now. We can't stay here long, but I think we should rest while we are here."
  18. Rusty felt complete with andrew. It was strange but yet satisfying, so he just nuzzled into him and closed his eyes. " I am glad i am out of there but even ,ore glad that you took me from there. " he said as his scarlet hues seemed to glow lightly.
  19. Andrew smiled and rubbed Rusty's arm. "You know what? I am too." Andrew couldn't explain what was going on, but something about Rusty made him want to be close to him. Then Andrew did something he didn't expect to. He put his mouth to Rusty's. Then pulled back and looked away blushing. "I'm sorry. I uh." He was lost for words unsure what motivated him to do that.
  20. Rusty just looked up at him then leaned up kissing andrew softly closeing his eyes as he did this.