The God War: IC

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  1. Thousands of years ago, the immortals waged war against the gods. When humankind was ravaged by terrible plague, the immortals were powerless to stop it. The plague resulted in great loss, namely of magic. The leftovers of which evolved into the science of today. Now, it's the modern day, and something is waking up...something old and terrible...The Elder Gods. Creatures of extrodinary power. Only the Immortals and a select few humans with knowledge of the mystical arts.
  2. "Get the hell out of the entrance!"

    Elliot was sleeping in front of the store's entrance when the shop owner, who was currently opening the store, yelled at him. "Did ya hear me? I said get the hell out of the entrance!" Just my type of alarm clock, he thought. Elliot woke up and scratched his messy hair. "Good morning. Ah, such a lovely-"

    "I don't give a damn, just hurry up and get the hell away from my store!".

    "Tsk tsk", Elliot scowled. "That's not how you start a day like this". He stood up and accidentally lost his balance and fell towards the shop clerk. "Aw, what the- my shirt!", the shop owner pushed him away. "Just leave before I call the cops!"

    "just leave before I call the cops~" Elliot mimicked the shop owner's voice and left. When he got further away, he counted the money inside of the shop owner's wallet. He smiled, both because of the sound of the shop clerk yelling at the distance and the amount he got for today. This is how you start your day.
  3. Annabelle yawns, light streaming in from the window near her bed. She frowns and rolls over, her back to the window and reluctantly opens her eyes to gaze at her clock. She had to get up and open up her shop. Sighing, she crawled out of bed and went to her drawers and closet, changing closes.

    She left her room, walking down a small hallway to a small kitchen. She picked an apple out of a bowl of fruit, biting into it and walked down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a small book shop she owned and ran by herself. She walked to the door and flipped the "Sorry were closed" to "Come in were open". She takes another bite and watched a store owner across the street from her yell at a boy who was sleeping outside his store. She chuckles, he was always a grumpy person and usually let it out on her, saying her book store drew away customers but she didn't see how. He ran a food store, she had a book store. She knew he just didn't like her because of her eyepatch.

    She walked to her counter, setting the apple down and runs her fingers through her hair to calm her wild white hair. She sat down on a stool and reached under the counter, pulling out an old worn down leather book, opening it to a marked page, and happily began reading, taking bites out of her apple.
  4. "Let the great Star of Darkness rise! Elnedrezibar illneth dramackis drockalamar zonrack!"
    "I now give you twenty one lives as the rite is done!"
    "I give you the lives of my first born twin children!"
    "By the blood of ten virgins, by the twelve eyes of wise men! By the hearts of three saints! By the soul of my own first born twin children! Rise Samhain! God of darkness and all that is blasphemous, evil and malignant! Grant thy favored servant your chosen boon!"

    A pair of giant menacing eyes appears in the warlock's basement.
    "Favored servant. You have lifted the barrier between worlds for me to enter. The blessing of Saint Patrick is gone from Ireland, the sacrifices have been done in England and throughout the world. I will now grant you what you have desired since your initiation into the family of the dark."

    The man who had sacrificed his children and many other lives to let Samhain enter felt as if something was tearing his chest apart. At first, a sense of panic arose, as blood began to flow from his mouth. In a sudden moment later, his feeling of panic subsided, giving way to a smug grin on his face, even as he lay dying, when he fell to the ground. . . between his gurgling of blood spattered coughs and gasps for air, Samhain heard him laughing as the power entered into his body.

    "Charles Donald Phillips. . . your service is rewarded."
    The man's eyes closed as he died, yet they suddenly opened, and his eyes doubled in size, while being filled with pitch black energy, as if his eye balls were little spheres filled with ink. His skin became albino, and his mouth was filled with teeth like piranhas.

    "Rise, favored servant".
    "I am coming into the world".
  5. Yesterday, the Valhalla had been ripped from the sky above the Atlantic. Today, Leo Vance was strolling through this human settlement. He hadn't been down here around humankind for at least a thousand years. Things sure were different now. Where were all the horses? And things definitely smelled better, without all the crap in the street. And holy crap, people didn't grab at your ankles and demand food. Things were definitely better. As he took a deep breath of air, he got a wiff of something...old. Old paper and...leather. That meant one thing. BOOKS! Leo loved books, and he followed the scent of them to a small building, made with glass windows. Last time he'd been down here, everything had been open holes and archways. He pushed open the door, jumping with fright as a little bell rang behind him. "Hello? I uh...I'm looking for a friend of mine...I'm willing to pay." He said. "And buy some books."
  6. Annabelle raised her gaze from the book she was reading, tossing the apple core in the trash can. "Luck for you we have books. But you and I are the only ones in the shop so I'm not sure I can help you find that friend your looking for." She offered a friendly smile and gestured to the shop with her hands. "But look, and feel free to ask any questions you have. Everything is half priced since it's a holiday." Well, it wasnt technically a holiday, but she considered it one. It was the anniversary of the day the Gods made the immortals. And a few months from today it will be the anniversary of the day she took down her creator. But Anna didn't like to think of that.

    Leaning against the counter, she pushes her hair out of her eyes and more on the side of her eyepatch. Apparently, eyepatches were out of style and frankly creepy in this day and age so she tried to hide it best she could so it wouldnt freak out the mortals. She looks down at her book, then began reading it again.
  7. Leo hadn't been down here on earth for a while, which was why he was drawing a blank on this woman's name. "Hey...You...Were you there for the siege of Olympus Alpha?" He could've sworn she'd been in his unit during the God War, but he readied a memory-wipe just in case. "Anyway, what do you recommend in the way of books? I haven't been particularly on top of my mortal culture lately..." He was about a thousand years behind, in fact.
  8. Annabelle looked up at the sound of the old battle ground. A small smirk spread across her face and she marked her place in her book, closing it and looking at the man. "Yes, I was there. That was quite some time ago. I remember your face, but I'm terrible with names. As for books, I have some ancient books on magic that might be more your speed. You weren't on Earth for a while. There are other old literature on the shelf in the back. Lots of Shakespeare, some Dark Romantics books like Edgar Allen Poe and such." As she spoke, she jestured to the back left of her store where she kept all the older leather books.
  9. With the money he stole from the shop keeper, Elliot bought himself a large meal. He never thought he'd steal this much money in one day. After satisfying his hunger, he went to a forest where he spends the rest of the day either walking around or sleeping on a tree branch. When the old sorcerer was still alive, he would bring Elliot to this same forest where they would either train, gather wood.

    Even after 7 years, Elliot sighed. I still miss the old man...

    As he was walking, he saw a path leading to a small beach. Elliot has never explored this side of the forest before, so he decided to follow the path. The beach was deserted, which was strange since it was the middle of the summer. Might as well take a dip, he thought as he removed his shirt. He ran towards the water, but instead his face his something hard. Elliot doubled back and sat there, confused. There was certainly nothing there. Was he imagining things? He reached out his hand and felt something like an invisible wall. His fingers pressed something on accident. A loud rumbling sound filled the beach and in front of him materialized a huge ship.

    Elliot backed up in surprise. What the hell?
  10. "Yeah, rough times. The whole war was a pretty bad call in hindsight, huh? Anyway, I'm the same way. I'm Leo Vance. I think I was found by Daedalus then." Leo responded, offering his hand to shake. "Shakespeare? Who's that? Is he good?" A thousand years was a lot to catch up on. Leo was up to it, "Anyway, I was picking up on another Immortal around here. Someone who could help out with fixing my ship. Something took out the Valhalla, my airship. Maybe I'm paranoid, but some serious bad is coming our way..."
  11. Annabelle tilted her head, but took his hand and shook it. "Shakespeare is a play writter. And something bad?" She frowned as she thought over the information. "Eh. Well, about that ship. I could try and help. If you know the model or anything like that, I may have sone books on it in the basement." Anna stepped out from around the counter. She kept most books about ancient times in the basement. She had plenty in Alchemy, Sorcery, and Gods.
  12. Varinius sat up in his bed and felt his heart pounding. The glowing blue of his powers having been active lit up the dark room. He placed a hand on his forehead. The nightmares had been getting worse lately. Slowly the glow in his veins disappeared leaving the immortal staring in to the dark attempting to control his breathing. The sounds of the town began to filter into his awareness including the couple fighting in the apartment next door. Varinius felt a slight tick start in his eye. It’s far too early for this, he thought as he got up. He slipped a black t-shirt and jeans on, they smelled okay despite having been on the floor instead of his closet.

    The immortal threw back the curtains and let the sun stream into the room. The light only relaxed him slightly as the yelling continued. He turned on the water to the tub and got a light brown spray from the shower. Growling under his breath Varinius walked out of the bathroom. Annoyed he smacked the wall attached to the other apartment so hard that it cracked. The fighting subdued.

    He shut his own door and ignored the looks from his other neighbors had he made his way down the stairs. There was something in the air today. His old fighting instincts were acting up, and he was actually having trouble keeping his powers low. He had no wish to meet up with any of his old immortal friends that might be wandering around the town. Not when he had to go down to the beach to bathe. He felt a twinge of forlorn thoughts as he wished there were still enough public baths around. He stopped short when he felt a rumbling throughout the forest.

    That does not feel right, he thought continuing to the beach. When Varinius realized there was someone else by the water and that there was a ship on the beach he smacked the nearest tree with his foot and wondered if he could find somewhere else to bathe today.
  13. After the rumbling stopped, Elliot heard a loud thud behind him. "Who's there?!", he yelled with surprise. He saw a guy with a black shirt, the tree in front of him looks like it's about to fall. "Did you just...", Elliot stopped himself, knowing it was impossible for a guy like him to punch that hard. He shifted his thoughts towards the huge ship in front of them. I want to check this ship out, Elliot thought. But the kid might tell the authorities.....

    Elliot got an idea to keep the kid from telling other people. "Hey kid!", he grinned at the guy with a black shirt. "Want to check out this ship?"
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  14. Varinius glanced at Elliot, but didn’t answer as he looked closer at the ship. It felt familiar, but he must have seen it quite a long time ago. He shrugged, it was really none of his business, though the appearance of the ship only added to his unease. He never liked this anniversary as it was, but something… something was messing with the power in the air. His blue eyes glowed for a moment as he tapped into the electric currents in the air. They quickly flickered back to a slightly unusual teal color.

    Finally he turned to the human that was on the beach. “Well?” he asked impatiently. “Are you coming?” he turned and began to walk toward the ship. Not a kid, he thought with some annoyance knowing that he probably looked even younger than the 19 he was pretending to be.
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  15. Elliot stood there, trying to process what he just saw. His eyes changed colour... right? But he forgot about it when the guy agreed. Elliot flashed a huge grin, knowing the kid won't be telling anybody about them trespassing into an unknown ship. "Sweet! Thanks!". He ran up to the anchor and climbed up it's chains. Elliot stopped midway and said, "I'm Elliot, by the way", then resumed climbing.

    Once he got up, Elliot saw a huge hole at the other side of the ship. "Damn! It's a miracle this ship made it back to shore!". He peered closer at the hole, marvelling at the size of the thing. "Oh, there's a landing!", Elliot said and jumped into the hole. The floor creaked a little, but it kept it's place.

    The room was filled with engines and gears which seemed so complex to Elliot's eyes. "Hey kid, come on down!", He yelled. "This place is awesome!". Elliot leaned on a table and accidentally pressed a red button. He looked and saw a word written above it. Elliot never learned how to read, but he knows some of the names of the alphabet. A....L....R.....M? hmm, I wonder what that means....
  16. Varinius scampered up the chains after Elliot easily. He stopped when Elliot did, and shrugged. “Varinius,” he said simply. He’d kept his name instead of changing it like many immortals did. He didn’t stay in one place long enough for people to start getting suspicious when he didn’t age. The immortal frowned at the huge hole. Something powerful must have hit it, or something dangerous might have stopped working. He back flipped and landed next to Elliot.

    “Not a kid,” he muttered. Varinius placed his forehead in an open palm when Elliot accidently pressed a red button. What would they have done if that had been a weapon or something even more dangerous? Honestly, humans. He looked at the word that was above the button and cursed in fluent Latin. Alarm.

    “You’ve just hit the alarm,” he said sparks suddenly flew to his fingers and he short circuited the board. His veins glowed for the brief moment when he called on his powers. It was obviously too late to stop the alarm from alerting whoever owned the ship, but it made Varinius feel better. “It must be silent. I didn’t hear anything.” Varinius glanced around the room and wondered if they were going to be set upon by one of his people. He couldn’t think of anyone else that would have technology that felt so old and yet was so advanced.

    He clenched his fists and let out a breath to stop his temper. Nothing for it now, “We might as well continue,” he said with a slight smirk. “Unless you want to turn tail and run?”
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  17. Mona had been walking along the beach, minding her own busines.... It was one of those days she felt that she needed to unwind and relax, everything seemed to serene to her; the waves gently lapping upon the beach, the warm sun shining down upon her, but something was off, really really off. She felt like some sort of presense was beginning to make itself known, but she wasn't quite sure what it was let alone what it would mean, all her thoughts were interrupted quite suddenly when she noticed a strange airship off further down the beach. The reason it was there was quite clear when she drew closer, there was a large gaping hole in it, and once she got close enough to it, she wondered if anyone was still in there... Deciding to check it out herself, she started climbing the chains, not without a little effort and clambering up to the ship itself starting to walk around, she really did wonder how it had recieved such a large amount of damage in the first place.
  18. "Varinius huh?", Elliot thought out loud. "Is that a french name?". Then he heard him curse in some weird language. Definitely french, He concluded. When Varinius told him if he wanted to run, Elliot laughed. "Well if you want to, you can go ahead. But I still want to see what's inside this ship". Elliot heard footsteps from above them and tensed. someone else is here. He grabbed Varinius' wrist and stormed through the door and deeper into the ship.
  19. "I'm staying," Varinius managed to get out before Elliot pulled him away from the console and deeper into the ship. He scowled and wiggled his hand away from the other man's. The immortal glanced around them as they ran through the rooms. His feeling of recognition grew stronger. Not so much the look of the ship, but the electronic current that ran through the air and ship. It felt so familiar.

    He stopped moving so quickly and slowed down. Varinius glanced around himself. "Strange that it was so damaged," he muttered seemingly to himself. "What could have done that?"
  20. Mona walked along the outside of the ship for a while, eventually finding a set of stairs leading further down into the ship... Wandering the halls inside, and turning a few corners she finally came to something that interested her; it looked like a sort of control room she just barely caught sight of two men fleeing deeper into the ship. "Hey... Wait up!" She called running after them, her voice sounded much younger than what one would expect, even from someone who appeared to be a 15 year old... She was running even faster now trying to catch up to them, she wondered if they were part of the ships crew or something, perhaps also people who have come to investigate this ship, she really hoped they would stop running soon.