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  1. Storyline: Imagine waking up one day in total darkness, unsure of where you are and unable to remember anything about yourself except your first name. You're in a bizarre place devoid of adults called the Glade. The Glade is an enclosed structure with a jail, a graveyard, a slaughterhouse, living quarters, and gardens. And no way out. Outside the Glade is the Maze, and every day some of the kids -- the Runners -- venture into the labyrinth, trying to map the ever-changing pattern of walls in an attempt to find an exit from this hellish place. So far, no one has figured it out. And not all of the Runners return from their daily exertions, victims of the monsters within the maze.

    ((Before we start, I'd like to mention that I am new to this site, and have no idea what I am doing. So, pointers would be GREAT!))

    It's basically a Maze Runner group roleplay, but even people who haven't read the book are welcome because not everything is exactly the same. For example, this Glade has both males and females.

    • This is descriptive. Meaning, no script.
    • You MUST use pictures for looks. It'd also be nice if you could provide pictures for other things, such as outfits.
    • You MUST make a male and a female. There is no acceptations. After you have made 1 boy and 1 girl you can make as many other characters as you'd like of any gender. I will make extra characters later to even things out.
      Note: If you make too many characters and you later decide you no longer wish to play on of them, simply say so and we will banish them or something.
    • I will be choosing crush's mostly by random. The only reason they would not be random is if there is something in a form that will not allow them to be compatible with the person my randomize has chosen for them. Otherwise, this will be random.
    • Please use my form. Seriously, it pisses me off when I provide the form and people don't use it. Ugh. ALSO: The age for your characters can be no younger than 16, and no older than 19.
    • I think that's it... have fun!

    [BCOLOR=#800000]The Glade:[/BCOLOR]
    The Glade is a relatively small area that serves as a living place for the Gladers. The Glade has four large Walls that encase it and separate it from the Maze. Each wall has an opening in its center, called the Door, that closes every night and re-opens every morning. Outside the Glade lies the Maze with many twisting and turning paths that contain horrifying monsters, suck as giant spiders and zombies. Most monsters do not come out during the day, but there are a few cases where they do.

    Rules of the Glade:
    1. Everyone does their part.
    2. Never hurt another Glader.
    3. Never go outside the Glade.

    **Builders: They build new places.

    *Sloppers: They do dirty tasks, houseworks, basically any job the Gladers do not want to do; treated as the lowest ranked job.

    *Baggers: They act as guards and deal with any dead bodies.
    Keeper: Kyler (Me)
    1. Cole (Zaira)

    *Cooks: They prepare meals.
    Keeper: Rosemary (Avifauna)
    1. Astuo (Raitoningu)
    2. Jessica (Sashakiki)

    **Track-hoes: Gladers who work in the Gardens - tilling, weeding, planting and harvesting.
    Keeper: Hailey (Zaira)
    1. Maximilianus (Sav The Zombitch)

    Med-jacks: They act as doctors.
    Keeper: Kyle (Sashakiki)
    1. Breanne (Me)
    2. Hilidan (TheRealHermione)
    3. Vivian (Nicolae ♥)

    *Slicers: They work in the Bloodhouse - take care of livestock and slaughter the animals for food.
    Keeper: Adelaide (Sav The Zombitch)

    Runners: The only Gladers allowed to go in the Maze; they run through it every day and accumulate information about the wall movements to draw the Maze day after day.
    Keeper: Cortona (TheRealHermione)
    1. Jeremy (Avifauna)
    2. Rukoko (Raitoningu)
    3. Liam (Nicolae ♥)

    And finally...

    Name: Breanne
    Nicknames: Brea
    Age: 16
    Looks: Holland Roden
    Spot: Med-Jack
    Personality: She's stubborn, sarcastic, and funny. She's also a bit of a hot-head, and act purely on impulse. She has a bad habit of speaking her mind, and has no filter at all. She's a courageous girl who stands up for those she loves, but won't stand up for herself.
    ~ Suck at singing.
    ~ Cannot cook to save her life.
    ~ Will stand up for her friends, but never for herself.
    ~ Gives fairly good advice, but is horrible at taking it.
    ~ Has a strong stomach, which is why she's good at being a Med-Jack. Also has a great immune system, so she rarely gets sick herself.
    ~ Is able to stay unemotional while she works.

    Name: Kyler Maxon Stokes
    Nicknames: Kye
    Age: 18.
    Looks: Daniel Sharman
    Spot: Keeper of the Baggers
    Personality: He can be a bit cocky, and kind of rude. But he's a sweetheart if you get to know him. He's also a bit of a jack-ass if you piss him off.
    ~ Loves to play sports, when he gets the chance.
    ~ Claustrphobic
    ~ Good at taking charge.
    ~ Not afraid to make touch choices for the greater good.
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  2. Rosemary Lawrence

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Nicknames: Rose
    Age: 17
    Looks: Lyndsey Fonseca
    Spot: Keeper of the Cooks
    Personality: She is strong-willed, logical, and creative. A bit headstrong, she does not easily change her mind when presented with an opposing view. At times, she can be quite pessimistic, as she is very left-brained and rational. She often uses her imagination to make use with what she is given, trying to use everything down to the last drop.
    - She has severe arachnophobia.
    - Has a secret passion for dancing.
    - She has very good taste buds, as she is able to spot something wrong in a meal.
    - Afraid of the Maze.
    - Adores music.

    Jeremy West


    Nicknames: Jer
    Age: 18
    Looks: Freddie Stroma
    Spot: Runner
    Personality: He is often soft-spoken, strategizing most all of the time. Usually in deep thought, he is a quick thinker when faced with a dire situation. He is the lovable type, nice to all those around him, even if they aren't the most pleasant in return. Despite his tranquility, he also has a temper and gets frustrated on occasion, blowing up at whomever is the cause of error.
    - Loves to play sports
    - Has a passion for drawing
    - Pretty athletic
    - Good at tying knots​
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  3. May I reserve the Keeper of the Runners and a medic please?
  4. You may. Do you have any idea when you'll be able to make your form?
  5. AAH ANIMATED GIFS that is a new one. Never seen them used on character profiles before. Kinda a gloomy place, isn't it? I mean, a slaughter house, a jail and a graveyard make up 3 fifths of the complex.. Also, have they not realised that trying to make a map of something that changes is a little pointless? Oh one last thing: Are we allowed to kill our own characters if we decide they need to die to further some kind of subplot?

    Name: Rukoko
    Nicknames: Ruko, Kurosa (Black Being - referring to her mindset)
    Age: 17
    Main (open)


    Sword (open)


    Spot: Runner
    Personality: Rukoko gets frustrated very easily and has a fiery temper. She is ever the pessimist, talks in a stubborn and often rude fashion and has a superiority complex. Despite this, she is intelligent and level headed and hates "heroic-types" more than anything else. She rarely regrets any of her decisions and won't bother trying to save something that is already as good as dead. She is adept at storing up emotions and converting them into rage and adrenaline.
    Rukoko is a skilled sword user. She has had her sword for as long as anyone can remember, and no one knows exactly how she became so good at using it in the first place. She earned the title Kurosa after she demonstrated that she wasn't willing to try saving anyone if it meant needlessly endangering herself. She was recruited to the Runners as she had a very swift and agile form and was able to best the majority of monsters in a fair fight, be it by direct attacks or by running in a confusing enough pattern.

    Name: Atsuo
    Nicknames: "Chef"
    Age: 18
    Spot: Non-Keeper of the Cooks
    Personality: Atsuo is a shy and withdrawn person, a stark opposite to his sister, Rukoko. He gets along with pretty much everyone, though, he often wonders how much of that is because of his cooking skills. He has a habit of biting his thumb nail when there are too many people around. He's somewhat out of contact with emotions, as if he hasn't matured properly yet. He doesn't feel negative emotions at all, and is sternly opposed to the concept of the Runners. He would prefer if everyone were alive and trapped than if they were free but half were dead.
    He is an extremely talented cook, however, he tends to experiment with different items and techniques, so occasionally people get a terribly dissatisfying dinner and go to bed hungry.
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  6. Haha, I suppose trying to map out something that moves is a bit pointless, but I think they were hopping to find an exit through one of the patterns. Besides, all the boys in the books are pretty stubborn, and all they cared about was getting out of the Maze, so I don't think they really cared.

    Also, I'm very sorry hon, but the Keeper of the Cooks has already been claimed. Perhaps your character can be a cook, just not the keeper?
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  7. Oh, oops. I don't think it had been edited into the list when I made it. Normal cook it is then!
  8. Okay ♥ Sorry for inconvenience, thanks for being understanding about it!
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Vivianni Holmes

    Nicknames: Vi (or 'V'), Vivi.

    Age: 18

    Looks: a lot like Minka Kelly

    Spot: Med-Jack

    Personality: Vivianni is quite puerile, or child like actually. She's usually seen as being happy-go-lucky despite being in such a dull place and manages to make others give her a small sneer nonetheless, without even trying. However, this girl can be quite feisty and snarky depending on your behavior and it often catches others off guard when she gets the last word with that sharp tongue and witty mind of hers. The brunette is also pretty adventurous, however being stuck here in the glade as a 'med-jack' limits her curious nature.
    So in truth she is pretty deceiving.

    - She likes animals. Least favorite is surprisingly cats.

    - She dated Liam Mendoza, One of the runners. They were a known couple yet they recently split in agreement due to issues.

    - Her wish would be to change her role as a 'med jack' to 'Runner' believe it or not.

    - She gives an oddly unique vibe that once someone meets her for the first time, They instantly get quite comfortable with her in under half an hour. Liam describes it as a 'Good trait to suck off secrets during a first meeting'.

    -*NEW* Vivianni loves the smell of coffee.

    - Bottom gif just looks funny to me.(Not the extra one in spoili's.. The 'extra gif' just appeals me...) //shrug
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  10. Reserved.. Runner.
    Name: Liam Mendoza


    Age: 19

    Looks: like my husband Jon Kortajarena

    Spot: Runner



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  11. Perhaps this evennng.
    ll ee obligated to to pos ffor a group RP ii am part ff first but Iwill make mCsS herea seoond prioiityc;
  12. Your reservations have been made.
    Out of curiosity, do you have any idea when you'll be able to make your forms?
  13. Today <3
  14. Alright. Don't rush yourself, hon. I think we have a while before we actually get around to the roleplay, because I want to make sure everyone who wants to join has joined before we start ♥ So, you've probably got at least a hour or two ♥
  15. Hey Hon! Sorry to bother you, but do you think you could tell me how you got those drop down things in this post? I'm trying to find a way to make my stuff more organized. If you don't want to tell me/ don't feel like typing out instructions that's fine! I just figured I'd ask♥
  16. @Brea
    [spoiler]stuff here[/spoiler]
    [spoiler=title]stuff here[/spoiler]
    is that what you mean? O.o
  17. Or, even better, you could just click that neat new little button that looks like a crossed out eye and says "insert spoiler" when you hover over it.
  18. Yes, thank you!
  19. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind as well!
  20. [​IMG]
    :Kyle Vander
    Looks: Troye Sivan
    Spot:Keeper of the Med Jacks
    Personality: A bit of an odd ball, Kyle loves to help people and enjoys working on the medical mysteries that happen. Although he is a little young to be the keeper, it mostly has to do with the fact that he exceptionally smart and has an photographic memory. However, outside of work he is more of a shy kid who doesn't talk all that much, while inside he is happy and loves to talk to patients and fellow staff.
    -Has files on everyone in the glade under lock and key, he doesn't let anyone who isn't part of the staff see them
    -He rarely gets sick
    -He tends to put a lot of pressure on himself
    -loves animals

    Name:Jessica Nova
    Nicknames:Jessie, Jess
    Looks: Shailene Woodly
    Personality: With a fiery temper, Jessie is a competitive person. She loves to cook and often tries to make something new, though she won't debut it until she knows its good. She loves to talk to people and is easy to make friends with, as long as you don't make her mad. She has a habit of not listening to the keeper which as gotten her in trouble in the past, as she doesn't like taking orders.
    -Loves making new friends
    -Will stay up late trying out new concoctions
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