The Gates of Tartaros

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  1. Lily carried the weight of her scythe upon her shoulders. It was not heavy, it was just big compared to her size. Death on the other hand was tall and could balance his scythe with ease. Lily envied her master. She thought he was the greatest being to walk the earth. But that's not the reason she was his apprentice. She was the greatest of all death wielders and was granted the death scythe. Also, she wanted to be close to her best friend, Sam.

    Today was the day though, that death went into a deep sleep. Lily had told Sam the last time they saw each other, once everything was in order, she'd visit. But lily couldn't tell when that would be. Her work was overwhelming, she didn't know everything that was happening, and death had fell asleep.


    Sam had been waiting for lily at the gates. She wasn't allowed to leave unless Hades told her otherwise. usually lily just came and visit, then left. So Sam was now deep in thought, waiting for lily.

    But that only lasted for a little bit. A reaper cleared his throat, Sam was broken from thought. He had a couple of souls. Giving her papers, she looked them over before allowing the souls through. The last brushed against her and something felt wrong. Shivers ran down her spine. But instead of giving into tuition, she shrugged it off. Closing off the gate, she continued thinking of lily.


    The cursed soul had made it through tartarus. Half the job was complete. Now the only thing left was to start spreading the madness.
  2. Nirvana was sitting on top of the Sphinx in Egypt, reading the letter from Death as the sun beat down on her and all else that was exposed. When she was done, she crumpled up the letter and used a shard of glass to burn up as it sat in her hand. She let it fall to the sand and burn as she stood with the death spear on her back. Nirvana jumped from the Sphinx's head and stared out at the horizon with a smile as she began to laugh.

    Death was dragging them all to one place to help his little "apprentice". It was a cheat shot since any sort of evil could simply attack from another of the continents. Truthfully, the Asia and Africa would be great places for an uprising to start since the Islamic riots started. Those riots were causing panic worldwide, and that panic led to fear. He couldn't have chosen a worse time to go to sleep.

    "This is why there was a rebellion, Death," Nirvana grinned as she spoke to the sun. "You're rather pathetic when it all boils down to it. So pathetic, you must hide from the madness. You must kill all rebels...and try to keep your ass alive."
  3. It had been the dead of night when Oliver received the letter:

    Dear Dagger Wielder,
    I have entrusted you dearly with my weapons. No I have to entrust you with a task. I fear while I sleep, evil will try and take over. They know that I sleep, and is the only time I can. You must go to New York, meet my apprentice, and help her. I have a letter sent her shortly after you get there. I have the utmost faith in you.

    Groaning, she crumpled the paper in her hands, throwing it to her left in the gutter dismissively. On the outside, her expression hadn't changed, but inside she was going through the entire spectrum of emotions. New York. New-sodding-York. While she had been working in Asia, she had grown to love it, and didn't want to leave it. Then, the incredulity came. Death hadn't ever needed extra help any other time he had gone to sleep, why now? And if there was an honest reason, why not tell her in the letter? It may even be a ruse to kill all of the Wielders simultaneously, Death might have grown paranoid about his power. Any way she looked at it, Oliver couldn't see how this could be any good.

    Cursing Death's choice of nap-time, Oliver secretly hoped that interacting with the other Wielder's wouldn't be too hard. And if it was, then noncooperation was her second option.
  4. "Boring! Boring! Boring!" Aura yelped as she read over the message a couple more times. She was currently staying in a small shack that she spent probably a couple hours a week in a best. At the moment she had been taking a short rest, lying on her bed clad in a snow parka which ailed to show hr estatic physical features. The breeze from the left open window gently blew her silky, lavendar hair over her pale green eyes.
    It was a dissapointment.. Upon receiving a letter from Death himself she had expected an invitation to a battle royal, a tournament, a hunt, something exciting! Not babysitting an apprentice. Suddenly being a Death weiler was becoming a let down.

    She gave a plain sigh. "Least I'll be able to dress down in New York.. Maybe even toy with another weilder for quite awhile." Aura gave another similar sigh as the sound of icesicles colliding with the earth echoed throughout the shack. "I-Ill leave after one more nap" She muttered as she turned over in the sheets, laying childishl in the fetile position like usual. Her pale green eyes slowly faded behind her eyelids as she drifted into sleep.
  5. Victor was sitting in front of the fireplace in his house, somewhere in Germany as he read the letter. As he read, he sighed deeply. "Not only is evil going to try to take over as he sleeps, but The Lord wishes us to go to New York as well. And I'll have to endure the other wielders for however long." He crumpled the paper and threw it into the fire. "Well... There has been little evil activity lately... So I suppose I have nothing better to do. And I'll even have a reason to wear the armor." He rubbed his short beard a bit, before sighing again. "The Lord's wish is my command." He said with a bored voice, before he got up and headed for his room to start packing.
  6. Gabriel grinned wildly as he scanned over the letter. New York! What an interesting time this would be. Helping Death's apprentice, and finally meeting up with all the other Death Wielders. It didn't happen often, so Gabriel cheered as he tossed the letter into the wind- leaping up from his space on the sandy beach. An opportunity to meet the others was something he couldn't dismiss, or refuse. Letters from Death himself were a rare occurrence in itself. Gabriel stopped in his racks when he recollected he letters words. ', evil will try and take over.' It hit him that this might not be as simple as he had assumed. "I wonder what he meant by that? Something trying to take over Tartaros? Surely that's impossible..." Pondering the thought, he kicked the sand in front of him. Shrugging off the thought, he laughed to himself. "Well, a lest this 'Evil' is ambitious!" Watching the last quarter of the sun disappear over the horizon, he adjusted his sword and went on his way to prepare himself.
  7. Being near the ocean line when she gets the letter, Connie says to herself after reading it "New york huh? Hm..that's interesting. But just what is this something that's taking over?" She spins her pistols and then secures them to her side.
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    Lily had received a letter. It was from lord death. She thought of it strange as he was sleeping. Opening it, she read intently, savoring her masters words.

    Lily, I have asked for the death wielders to meet you in New York. You are to treat them as a guest. Show them around tartaros. Most importantly, introduce them to Sam. I have already told Hades he should allow her a few weeks off from guard duty.

    Also, a fair warning. Evil is all around. Be careful.
    Sincerely, lord death.

    At first, lily was excited. She got to see Sam for awhile. But the last part scared her. If he mentioned evil, it had to be serious. Lily shrugged it off. Death was always looking out for his own. Maybe the death wielders will know what it means. If they were coming here, death must've sent them a message.

    Sam had been waiting at the gates when Hades himself had walked out of the underworld. His long dark hair was glistening from the fire lit entrance. She bowed politely, loving and savoring the rare moment of being in his presence. "What can I do for you, master?" She asked, head low in respect. In his dark voice that sounded like maggots crawling over a dead body, dead leaves rustling, and even the silence of death, he greeted her. "Hello, my sweet child. How are you this fine evening." It wasn't a question. He didn't even give her time to respond. "My dear, you work too hard. I'm now allowing you to leave your station as guardian and allowing time off. Go to the surface, visit your friends."

    Sam jumped up and down before giving Hades a hug. "Thank you father. I mean, master." She corrected herself before running off.

    Sam and lily had met up at the empire state building. Where they would also meet the death wielders. They began catching up and gossiping about the cute guys in tartaros. And that's how they wasted their time, enjoying every minute of it.
  9. Nirvana walked through the crowds of people. New York City was much too crowded for her liking. Either the death wielder here was a lazy ass, or this was another repopulation experiment set by Death. Yawning, Nirvana lazily looked around and noticed two beings on top of the Empire Statue of Twin Pentagon Buildings...or something like that. She sighed and climbed up until she got to the top and sighed. There were two females, one of which was the newer gatekeeper.

    "Death's Spear reporting to New York for no apparent reason other than Lord Death's stupidity," Nirvana said lazily saluting.
  10. It hadn't even been five minutes after her arrival to New York by the time Oliver nearly assaulted a guy for coming too close to her. He probably didn't mean anything by it, but Oliver couldn't stand the way people were everywhere. Sure, in Asia, it had been crowded, but the people were spread out more than here.

    Looking down at the map she had attempted to draw, she looked back up at the buildings, trying to find the Empire State Building. Touching the daggers at her side, she thought to herself, 'If this guy doesn't stop, I swear...' When she thought she found the correct building, she went up until she got to the top. Seeing three girls, one she knew to be a gatekeeper, she went up to the group. "Death's Dagger," she began in her low voice, "here I am..."
  11. Lily looked over to see the first death wielder. Nirvana, the spear wielder. She nodded in greeting. "It's always a pleasure to see you, Nirvana. I'm sorry that you do not want to be here. And I see you still aren't respectful of Lord Death." Lily liked Nirvana for some of her features. But her attitude wasn't one of them. Especially on the matter of Lord Death.

    Sam looked over at the other girl. She had never met any of the death wielders before. She was curious as to why the other had a mean tone about lord death. He was nice to here and didn't see any reason why any death wielder would hate him. "Hi, I'm Sam." She greeted the newcomer with her usual perky tone. Quickly, she pounced around the girl Lily called Nirvana, inspecting her like a cat. She was curious, and wanted to see for herself what another death wielder was like. "Oooh, your spear is shiny. And I like your hair." Then, a girl came in, and shyly greeted the group. "Who are you?" She asked, examining her intently like she did to Nirvana.

    Lily saw Oliver come in. His usual voice came off as shy. But Lily knew better. "That's Oliver, Sam. She's death's daggers. Glad you can make it." She said with a smile.
  12. Gabriel wasn't paying attention to where he was going as he held the huge map of new York , in front of him. "Well, it could be over there...then again that building looks like that one there...but what if-" stopping abruptly, (while receiving several words of complaint from the people behind him) Gabriel looked up from the map and saw the huge empire state building in front of him. He grinned wolfishly, and chucked the map to the side of him- sprinting towards the building climbing his way to the top.

    When he saw the faintly familiar people at the top of the building, Gabriel cheered loudly and sprinted over when he slipped and ended up in the middle of the group- looking up at them from the floor. A childish smile appeared on his face. "Death's Sword! How you doing everyone? Do you have any food?"
  13. Not bothering to calculate the time differences between Antartica and the city of New York Aura arrived a few hours ahead of schedule. She killed time by sightseeing as one does in the city, and toying with most of the guys, or reckless flirts that she crossed. It wasn't long before she scared them away... accidentally of course. Seeing enough of the overated big apple she settled for a nap in prospect park, under a shady tree.

    Hours later Aura awoke by way of the wind, well the breeze actually. From its texture alone she could tell that the other weilders were near. So she set off.

    Not too long later she arrived at the meeting place, not bothering to speak openly to the others of her faction just yet. In fact she strolled past thm as if they ere statues. Instead she approached the two girls. "Hammer here" She spoke softly with a smile of the same texture.
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    Victor stepped out of a taxi in front of the Empire state building. He had been in large cities before, yet none as large as New York. He had made sure to get there a day in advance, just to have a look around, not wanting to be completely lost in the city. He slowly walked inside, taking the elevator to the top, spotting a group of others, who had to be the other Wielders.

    "Death's Axe!" He said, slowly approaching the group. "And I assume you are the other Wielders and The Lord's Apprentice?" He asked, in a rather cold voice.
  15. "Hey aura." Lily said cheerily, greeting another wielder that came in. Like a cat with a new toy, Sam switched her attention to the newcomer. She was real bubbly today. She never goes up to the surface, so she was exuberant and excited to see a whole new world.

    Then another wielder came in. Again, lily greeted him while Sam switched her attention. Lily thought to stop Sam from bugging Victor, as he was different from everyone else. She knew he thrived on pain and since he didn't know Sam, he would most likely give into temptation. But she shrugged it off knowing she was on a greater level and could stop them from fighting.
  16. Victor held out a large hand to the girl approaching him. "Victor DeMondse. Wielder of The Lord, Death's axe. And you?" A small smile crept onto his, usually serious, face, as he tried being polite towards other wielders. He wanted to get along with the other chosen, as they had been chosen for a reason. At least he hoped that. It'd feel a lot less like a blessing if just anyone could become one.
  17. Wandering round the wielders, pacing back and forth- restless and bored waiting for the others of his kind to appear. He didn't like to be waiting. He liked to be in action! having fun, running around chasing after things. Gabriel sighed loudly, abruptly sitting crossed legged on the floor and stared at the rather 'cool' looking girl with the longish black hair- who had an authority air about her. Intrigued, he looked up at her. "Hey, hey! I'm Gabriel! who would you be?" He grinned childishly, as he inspected the girl.
  18. Aura gave Lily a warm smile and muttered a slight "What's up?" Before waving to Sam aswell.

    Hearing a taxi pull up she figured it was Victor... She was right as the axe announced his presence. Her silky lavendar hair draped over her pale green eyes and she kept her attention towards the two girls, not giving the male a respone for whatever reason.

    Oddly enough she couldn't help but give Gabriel a slight giggle. His uneasiness was... charming.
  19. Nirvana was growing extremely irritated by this bunch of Death Wielders. Had the standards gone down this much in the past centuries? She was sorely disappointed in the way Death was running the world. In her eyes, the idiot should've died years ago. The only thing she had to thank the crusty old bastard for was the spear.

    Now, the Death Spear on her back was currently only three feet long. However, that was only in its dormant form. She grabbed the handle of her spear and twisted it. The handle clicked and she removed the spear as it slowly grew into a seven foot weapon. Nirvana was strong enough to swing it and toss it into the air before letting fall on her shoulder. She balanced it there lazily as she stared at the city.

    "So, is that crusty bastard boss of yours planning to take down the population here? If he is, I'd say it's the best idea he's had since the damn Bubonic Plague."
  20. Oliver hung at the edges of the group, watching everyone socialize. She had never needed to speak to any of them before, but knew of them, so she would have been able to tell someone their names, but nothing about them. However, from her first impressions and observations, Nirvana was rather cynical, Gabriel was one of the people who couldn't ever sit still, she wasn't sure about Aura yet, Victor was the worst enemy but best friend, Sam looked as if she wanted to make friends with everyone, and Lily looked like she would keep it all together when somebody got in a fight.

    Stepping forwards, she raised her voice, and asked, "Is there a real reason why we're all here, or is the boss on some acid trip?"