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    Royal Guard (open)
    Female: [​IMG]
    Male: [​IMG]

    You can only choose one. (and each spot can only be chosen once). When you enter the game, everyone is put in the town square for the introduction. You can't move, you can't speak, you cannot fight. You can only listen to the announcer.

    Any questions? Just ask!

    You can play up to 2 characters
    Appearance- (The pictures under each position are just examples. The guards have to wear white. Though, the royal families cannot be changed, those pictures are the permanent ones.)

    And that's it ^-^
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  2. Name- Mia Pase ((Pase HAS to be the royal last name for the princesses/princes/king and queen))
    Age- 16
    Gender- Female
    Role- Older Princess
    Appearance- [​IMG]

    Name- Azle Kat
    Age- 23
    Gender- Female
    Role- Female Warrior

    Any Questions on which roles are which or what they do? Ask, I'll answer!
  3. Are we allowed to establish our own appearance? Or would you rather us use the one given with the character?
  4. Depending who you are trying to play..The royal family would be preferred, but if you have a different picture in mind, put up a CS and I'll decide ^-^
  5. [​IMG]

    Name- Ignis Gentes
    Age- 23
    Gender- Male
    Role- Butler

    Name- Albus Miles
    Age- 22
    Gender- Male
    Role- Male Warrior

    ( im in so many of your rp's lol )
  6. Name- Royce Fentin
    Age- 24
    Gender- Male
    Role- Rogue
    Appearance- [​IMG]
  7. Akuma- Both are accepted. Lol, and yes you are X)

    Zeraj- Accepted.
  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Crow Blackthorne
    Age: 17 years
    Gender: Male
    Role: Thief
    Appearance: See picture above
  9. I'm interested in playing the maid. Does she have a specific role I should know about?
  10. The maid is the princess's royal 'servant'. She tends to them while their mother is away(a lot) and she is like their best friend. She is the only one Mia (the princess I play) will confide in, because Mia sees her as her mother more than her real mother. The maid does the cleaning too.
  11. Name- Chrissy Pase
    Gender- Female
    Role- Younger Princess
    Appearance- [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ((Can I give her Graves' Disease? I just thought it would make her seem like she gets more attention because the castle staff don't want her to get sick. Description:
    Hormones secreted by the thyroid gland control metabolism, or the speed at which the body converts food into energy. Metabolism is directly linked to the amount of hormones that circulate in the bloodstream. If, for some reason, the thyroid gland secretes an overabundance of these hormones, the body's metabolism goes into high gear, producing the pounding heart, sweating, trembling, and weight loss typically experienced by hyperthyroid people. Normally, the thyroid gets its production orders through another chemical called thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), released by the pituitary gland in the brain. But in Graves' disease, a malfunction in the body's immune system releases abnormal antibodies that mimic TSH. Spurred by these false signals to produce, the thyroid's hormone factories work overtime and exceed their normal quota. This can cause the person to be very susceptible to illnesses because of their weaker immune system. Exactly why the immune system begins to produce these aberrant antibodies is unclear.))
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  12. Aww...poor little princess...But Accepted, and yes you can.
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  13. Name- Seriana Clements (Often goes by Seri)
    Age- 24
    Gender- Female
    Role- Maid
  14. Would you accept a prince? ( I can play either a prince from somewhere else, or a brother...Or I can play two princes...or three if the younger princess needs a prince.)
  15. o.o so as a butler do i just do whatever the king and queen tell me or am i linked with the prince
  16. Duckie- Accepted!

    Esmeralda Rydellina- Yes, I would accepted a prince, and I would accept up to 2 princes, but no more than 2, sorry. One could be younger if you wanted, I just found those pictures and was like hmmm... Those are just ideas ^-^

    Akuma- The butler is linked with the princes. He helps the maid every once in a while with the princesses when things get bad around the kingdom, and vice versa.
  17. Well he wouldn't be a Pase...Because he wouldn't be related to the princess...
  18. [​IMG] Might use this might not but looky looky what I found. :) It seems this prince belongs with her.
  19., maybe so! haha
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