The Future is in your paws

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  1. The Territory
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    Spring. Leaves are slowly changing and the sun is out all spring. A few light showers and light wind. Great for finding mates:rose:
  2. The sun shone brightly into the mossy den, illuminating NightShade's brown face. She opened her blue eyes groggly and yawned loudly, she wouldnt be rude and wake up her pack. Or maybe she would be, but she had some things to discuss with Lou about, shaking herself of the dirt she trotted lazily out of her den and made a Bee-line to Lou's. NightShade poked her grizzly sized head in and eyed the white wolf, Lou's den was too small for NightShade and her bear sized body, she had asked Lou if she wanted a bigger den, but lou refused. A second wolf would barely fit inside. For once NightShade took time to glance around the small enclosed area.
    It was homey, the den was dug under a tree, and the roots spread out making shelves where Lou had assortment of berries and moss, for cleaning wounds NightShade assumed. The top where the tree began had a gaping hole where the moon shone through like a gentle wave of hope in a dank cell. NightShade forced her head out of the small entrance and shook her head of the dirt she had accumulated and glanced around slowly. No other wolf was awake, to NightShade's suprise. She yawned again, she was tired and her lovely pack didnt need to be woken up on such a cold brisky morning.
    NightShade walked back to her den silenty and gently walked in. Her den was large, it used to be a grizzly bears and since she was born of such large size, she fit perfectly, and to her resentment another wolf could fit in here with her comfortably. Never would happen, she didnt need a mate to run this pack, she could do it herself. Her den was formed from giant rocks and a giant weeping willow stood over it to cover the holes the giant rocks made inside the mountain. The willows leaves growing to cover the entrance of her den in a thick blanket of leaves, some of the leaves covering the entrance completely in a widespread cover. They hang down like a curtain, allowing a wolf to enter and be engulfed. NightShade loved her den, curling into a ball she closed her eyes awaiting a wolf to awaken her into the sun.
  3. Akia smiled as the first rays of the morning sunshine fell upon her face, she looked over at Arrow and was relieved to see he was still asleep. He had fallen asleep leaning on her so she carefully pulled away and got to her feet, then she stepped outside. She took a deep breath and once again caught the scent of wolves, only this time it was much stronger. They had first caught the faint scent of them four days ago, and ever since Akia had been trying to convince Arrow that they should join them. At last she had managed to sway him, but he wasn't happy about it.

    They'd slept in this cave last night and planed to seek out the alpha this morning, Akia wanted to get going early. She figured it would be safer to approach when most of the wolves would still be asleep, that way if they were refused entry into the pack they could leave without much fuss. She waited a few more minutes, enjoying the warm sun on such a cold morning. Then she headed back inside to awaken her brother, she nudged him with her nose "Arrow come on let's go."

    Arrow reluctantly opened his eyes, he had a bed feeling about their plan. They had tried this once before and it had ended badly, he had no desire what-so ever to attempt to join another pack. However Akia wanted to try so badly, she was so happy at the idea that he just couldn't bring himself to say no. He looked up at her seriously, "Akia I'm going to try one more time to change your mind alright?" "What happens if we go there and we're attacked before we even get a chance to ask?" "Have you forgotten what happened last time?"

    No she hadn't, poor Arrow still bore the scars under his coat. She looked at him sadly "no i haven't Arrow" She said softly "but this time will be different, i can just feel it." She smiled hopefully at him, willing him to trust her.

    Arrow saw the hopeful look in her eyes and sighed, "alright but the first sign of aggression and we're gone, agreed?"

    Akia nodded and nuzzled against him, "let's go." She started to walk down the hill, arrow by her side. They stopped on the edges of the pack's territory and looked around, hoping to see a wolf that was awake.
  4. Despite knowing he would be tired the whole day, Gowron padded lightly through the surrounding forest around the designated 'camp' area of the tribe. He had been out all night, just wandering, letting the atmosphere and the calm of the night flow around him. He much preferred night to day. Everything seemed so much clearer, despite the obvious lack of light. His lips pulled back, exposing his fangs in what was a grin for his kind. His thoughts often amused him, and Gowron shared them, but somehow, they always came out less...amusing when he spoke them. He wasn't really funny, but in his mind he was, and he supposed he was content with that. smelling the familiar scent of the camp, he stopped, and glanced at the sun. It was still much below it's zenith, and he knew from experience that rarely anyone would be awake. Perhaps Alpha Nightshade, but he didn't dare disturb her. No female liked to be disturbed in the morning, and she was no exception.

    Yawning, his jaw cracked with the force of the yawn, and before he made his way back into camp, he decided he needed to wake himself up. His ears twitched, and the sound of rushing water filled them. Quickly trotting in a direction to the east of camp, it only took Gowron a few minutes to find the river that was one of the main sources of water outside of the Tribe's space. Dunking his head in, he snapped his eyes shut, and felt the cold water rush across his furry face. After a few seconds, he surfaced again, and shoot his head, a growl escaping his mouth. "Ah! It is a wonderful feeling, the cold rush of water upon one's face!" He said this to no one in particular, but the jolt of energy that hit him now was evident.

    After, he returned to the camp to find no one awake. It wasn't an overly unusual thing, and Gowron took every precaution not to wake anyone up. Passing by the Alpha's den, he didn't even look sideways into it. His nose told him she was in there, but he couldn't tell if she was awake. It was a deep Den. His tail flickered once, and he was out of sight of the entrance to the Den. Gowron would explore the camp further, and maybe go out again. He rather enjoyed being alone, but he also enjoyed the company of the tribe. It was an odd balance, and yet another idiosyncrasy of his that amused him.
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    Gowron had made his way through the whole camp, and had found it to be peaceful, and quiet enough. He had no intention of waking anyone up, nor of staying long enough to do so. It was a beautiful day out, and it was just beginning. making the rounds back through the camp, he bypassed the Alpha's den, not wanting to disturb her, when a breeze passed through the area. It would have been fine, but a new and unfamiliar scent wafted through Gowron's nose, and his eyes widened. His fur stood on end, and he slowly, but deliberately made his way to the source of the now two different scents.

    It was on the fringes of the western side of their Camp area, and Gowron crouched low. What he spotted made his pale yellow eyes widen. Two wolves, walked in a clearing that lead to the camp. He tried to stay downwind so they wouldn't smell him, but breezes this time of year were random. He watched them pass him, and before they got too far away, he silently padded out from his hiding spot and made a low growling sound. He wasn't in an aggressive stance, but he was a large specimen, almost as big as the Alpha female, and therefore bigger than these two. His mouth parted and his low rumble of a voice rang out. "I would advise against going any farther until you have given me your names, strange ones. You are lucky I was near, or otherwise...things might have turned out badly had you woken the rest of us up."

    He gave a small derisive chuckle, which came out as another growl, and his lips peeled back, showing his fangs. He was amused though, not angry, although one would have to know him to see that.
  6. Akia was turned to the sound of the growl and looked at the wolf standing behind them, he was large and although he wasn't be overtly aggressive that could change quickly. She noticed the look slowly forming on Arrow's face and shot him a warning glance, "We did not plan on going any further." She didn't like that statement, of course they knew that they weren't idiots. However she kept this though silent and smiled a little, "we were in fact hoping one of you would be awake." She took a small step towards him "we are here to humbly ask your alpha's for permission to join your pack."

    "My name is Akia" she nodded to Arrow, "and this is my brother Arrow." She sniffed discreetly to see if any others were close, "might i ask your name?"

    Arrow had know about the wolf tailing them, so he was calm as he turned to face him. He was large, though that didn't intimidate him. This wolf struck him as arrogant, something he hated. He stepped closer to Akia and laid back his ears, as a sign he would fight if this wolf started anything. He remained silent as Akia spoke of their intentions, he didn't trust himself to hold his tongue.
  7. Naomi awoke to the sound of a low, yet quiet, growling. She perked her head up and peeked out of her den, which was dug out by Conatum himself. It was mostly plain dirt, but at the bottom where Naomi and Conatum both slept was a patch of new Spring grass. Around the den were small holes, filled with certain plants or foods Nao used for healing. Leaves covered the entrance, almost completely hiding the den, and giving whoever was inside full privacy.
    She looked outside and saw Gowron along with two other wolves she has never seen before. She could hear Gowron's quiet growl, as she has heard it many times before. She also noticed Conatum had made his way to laying next to her, watching the trio outside. Nao pushed him back softly and walked to them without guard. The unknown female gave off a good essence, while the male seemed more precocious.
    She made a small squeak before talking in her quiet, high-pitched voice. "E-Excuse me, Gowron, is there a problem here?" She hoped she had spoken loud enough, as speaking loud was a hard task for her.

    Conatum would have followed Nao out to greet Gowron a good morning, and to meet with the newer wolves, but the day was overbearingly capturing to his eye. He stretched and walked out of the bustle of leaves, looking around the other dens. He passed by the Alpha female's, stopping and taking a moment to look at it. He proceeded onto the lake nearby and took a couple of licks from it. He sat himself down and decided to himself he'd watch the sunrise.
  8. Gowron reacted to her manners positively. His fur lowered, and his muscles relaxed. She seemed like an okay creature, although he still was not ready to let them into the camp. Not unless he was commanded to, or he felt he could bring them to the Alpha Nightshade without incident. He dipped his head almost imperceptibly at the mentioning of Akia's and Arrow's names. His pale eyes stared into both of theirs for a small time, and then he responded, moving closer, but non-threateningly. "I see. A most ambitious request. But not impossible, Akia, brother to Arrow."

    He then looked to Arrow, and asked in a curious tone, "Has your tongue been cut out by some beast, rendering you mute? Or do you choose not to speak, afraid your tongue will betray what your body already has." He jutted his muzzle up, motioning towards Arrows's face. "I have no intention of violence Arrow, brother of Akia. Is this true what your sister says? Do you wish to join our tribe?"

    As he awaited his response, he turned his head to see the quiet Naomi walk up as if nothing was going on. He envied her laid back attitude. "Worry not, Naomi. Everything is as it should be. But I would like you to meet Arrow, and Akia. Brother and sister who have journeyed from other lands to request an audience with our Alpha."
  9. Arrow held his head high and tried very hard not to snort at him, he spoke with a soft controlled voice, "you'll have to forgive me if i don't simply take your word for it." He relaxed his body so he did not appear aggressive, but still remained on edge. He looked at Akia and sighed inwardly, why are you doing this me Akia. "Yes she speaks the truth, and I'm not looking for a fight either."

    Akia smiled at Gowron "you'll have to forgive him, we've had.... bad experiences in the past." She said before turning to the new wolf, "a pleasure to meet you Naomi." She smiled at her, she seemed quiet perhaps shy. She then turned back to Gowron, "so Gowron is your name?" She nodded to the camp, "so will be going to your alpha or will they be coming to us?"

    Arrow nodded at Naomi and tried to look less intimidating to her, he hated to frighten timid wolves.
  10. Gowron walked around them, inspecting them in a way. He wouldn't make any assumptions until Nightshade and the MoonTeller had a look at them, but he didn't mind this Akia creature. Her brother on the other hand, seemed quite hostile towards him. It was not uncommon for males to act this way, but manners went a great deal with Gowron. He was an old-fashioned wolf, and regarded honor and manners above all else. It was a code, so to speak that he went by, and when infractions were committed against said code, his mood turned from cordial to far from forgiving.

    Luckily, these two were new, and therefore some grace was allowed. "Your distrust is noted, but not needed. You will learn though, IF you are accepted." His eyes widened and he dipped his muzzle so they were staring directly at the pair. "Patience, both of you. All will happen in good time. We shall wait for a sign. If the Alpha wishes to speak with you, she will send someone to us. If she does not, we will wait until a decision is made. For the time being, make yourselves comfortable, and listen to the world. Patience..."

    Looking to Naomi, he gave her a brief smile, his fangs bared and his eyes gave a small twinkle. "Naomi. Would you perhaps like to go see if the Alpha or the MoonTeller is awake? They will want to know of what has transpired."

    Turning back to Akia, he nodded his head. "Yes. My name is Gowron." He resigned himself to silence then, gazing at the sky and giving a low growl to the winds.
  11. NightShade awoke and looked around, everyone was doing their jobs and Gowron and Naomi were missing-how long had she slept in? She eyed Lou's den, she must be still in there sleeping, the lazy bum. She forced her bear head back into her den and stretched while inside. NightShade shook her big bear like body and yawned as an aproaching wolf poked its head into her den, she nodded at Loucothea "Good Evening Lou" she sat down and waited her back arched straight.

    Lou smiled "Morning NightShade" she sat in the den as well, her small body looking much like a mouse in this huge den next to NightShade. "The moon is happy this evening, perhaps it would be more happier with the invitations of guests your majesty" she bowed and slipped out of the den and sat calmly out side the barrier where she smelt Gowron and the new comers she predicted. Her snow white fur almost blinding with beauty.
  12. Naomi nodded to Gowron and trotted off to the Alpha's den, seeing Lou walking out of it.
    "The rising sun welcomes and greets you." She said in her soft, quiet voice. She bowed her head to the MoonTeller, then proceeded to the opening of NightShade's den. Without entering, she tried raising her voice so the Alpha could hear her properly, but didn't seem any louder than usual. "Alpha Nightshade, if you have awoken, you have been requested for an audience of two." She sat down and waited for a response.

    Conatum made his way to Naomi as she caught his attention more than the rising sun. He sat between being behind and next to her, then wrapped his tail around himself and laid his jaw on her shoulder. She shrugged him off and signaled him to leave. He cleared his throat.
    "I'll keep an eye on the newcomers and Gowron." He said in a very deep, smooth voice. He walked off, bowing his head as he passed by Lou. He reached the clearing where Gowron, Akia and Arrow stood. He sat down behind a tree and stared at the new wolves in silence.
  13. Lou nodded to Naomi "The newcomers Akia and Arrow hmm?" Lou eyed them her clouded eyes searching for a presence of evil and staring blankly at Arrow.

    NightShade emerged out of her den and eyed everyone, agknowledging Naomi she licked Naomi's nose gently before brushing past her and stepping before Akia and Arrow. Sitting her huge body down, her body straight she eyed them feeling Lou sit next to her "Welcome friends, state your business here?" she glanced at Gowron gently and nodded "I am NightShade, Alpha Female of the MountainTribe and you must be Akia and Arrow.....we fortold of you coming and now here you are. I trust you have been treated well?"
  14. Akia nodded in response to Gowron's words, she could and would be patient. She sat down and nuzzled Arrow's side gently, trying to get him to relax a little. She noticed another wolf partially hidden behind a tree watching them, she said nothing but smiled in a friendly way at him.

    Arrow turned his head to look at Akia when she nuzzled him, he gave her a slightly annoyed look. He loosened up his muscles a little, though he didn't sit. He noticed two approaching wolves before Akia did, and he studied them closely. The smaller white one was staring at him he didn't like it, it felt like she was staring into his soul. He gave a slight nod when she mentioned their names, and then turned his attention to the larger who was speaking.

    Akia didn't notice the two new wolves until they were right in front of her, she quickly got to her feet and faced them. She nodded to the white wolf, "yes that's us." Then turned to the other, who identified herself as alpha. Akia bowed her head as a sign of respect, silently willing Arrow to do the same. "We have come to humbly ask for acceptance into your pack alpha Nightshade." She said softly, and raised her head to look at her "we are not a threat, and if you refuse we will go peacefully."

    Arrow bowed his head as Akia had done, and nodded in agreement with her words. Akia was always better at this than he was, she had an easy likability about her. He knew they would have a hard time saying no to her, he wasn't so sure about himself however.
  15. Gowron watched everything unfold with mild interest. His eyes gained more focus though when Nightshade came in, although he forced back his enthusiasm and leveled himself down to alert and aware. Every time she was around he wanted to stand by her side, profess his true feelings to her, but he forced himself to swallow such notions. Now was neither the time nor the place. Looking around at all the wolves present, Gowron stared directly at Lou. He could see what she was doing. She had done the same thing to him when he had come to the tribe so long ago. But now, watching her, he found she was the only variable in his plans he could not account for. She was an enigmatic canine, and Gowron barely knew how to read her most of the time. Instinctively he noticed Nightshades eyes on his, and when she nodded, he dipped his head in respect.

    Losing focus once more, he felt the woods nearby calling to him, asking him to come to them, to explore and reside within them. He resisted only because it was his duty to see this incident through until the end. After that, regardless of what decision the Alpha made, it made no difference to him. What happened would happen, regardless of his opinion. After, he thought, I should wander the camp a bit. Make my presence known. Converse with some of te tribe. I did not return the whole night. There are bound to be questions after all.

    Lost in his thoughts, and with the winds calling him once more, Gowron sat upright, his unfocused gaze switching between Nightshade, who was now conversing with the sibling wolves, and the Moonteller, who's purpose and plan eluded his observation.
  16. NightShade sighed, she didnt want any newcomers, she was raised without them. She looked back up a Arrow and Akia "Akia, sister of Arrow. Where is it that you came from to our lands? Have you broughten any others into our territory?" she glanced at Lou and noticed the pale blue eyes staring at Arrow, she too had a feeling about Arrow btu didnt know if it was good or bad. Lou, she knew in the MoonTellers noseiness, would figure out about the wolf. But NightShade had a decision to make, it was important for new genes to be spread throughout the tribe, sighing she spoke "Akia and Arrow, it has come to my attention that you wish for a home, a family. I must consult with my tribe but in the meantime feel free to go hunting and gather some food for yourselves, I wont allow you both to starve under my tribe. Very well" she eyed Gowron and let out a long breath "Gowron come with me for a moment" she turned to leave and walked into her den.
  17. Akia looked at Nightshade, "we came from the north." She shook her head a sadly, "no we have not, it has been a year since we have seen other wolves." Akia noticed both of them staring at Arrow and she felt uneasy, she knew they were judging him. He was not an evil wolf, he was just hard to get close to.

    She knew the alpha might accept her but not Arrow, that had happened last time. Although she yearned for acceptance, she would not stay if they cast him out. She nodded in response to Nightshade's words, "of course, we shall await your decision here." She waited until the alpha left then lay down, she and Arrow had already eaten so she decided to just wait here.

    Akia glanced at the hiding wolf again, and wondered if he would speak. She also wondered whether they would have to move on again, she wasn't happy at the prospect. Although at least she was thinking about their request, they could have just refused on the spot.

    Arrow sat down next to Akia, he was fairly certain they would cast them out. He couldn't really blame them, they looked pretty full up and food was somewhat scarce. Plus outsiders were hard to trust, though he knew the biggest reason was probably him. He made a lousy first impression, and he knew he came off as a jerk.
  18. Gowron watched in silence, and eyed Nightshade. Usually, her decisions were quick, and without hesitation. Now....she needed to deliberate? It was unlike her, but then again, Gowron himself knew very little about her true personality. He had been with the tribe for years, but he knew close to nothing about Nightshade. It wasn't all his fault. She rarely let anyone else besides Lou into her personal life. But had he grown lax in his desire to get to know her? He would contemplate it over the next few days. Snapping back to the present when he heard the Alpha speak his name, he nodded without a word and walked followed her, giving Akia and Arrow one more neutral look before leaving the scene.

    Upon arriving at her den, Gowron made a motion to only enter deep enough for him to be inside the cave. "You wished to speak with me, Alpha Nightshade?"
  19. Noami kept her position of sitting next to NightShade until she had left. Naomi approached Akia and Arrow. First she looked at Aria.
    "Hello, Aria, my name is Naomi, but you may call me Nao for short. I am the pack's healer." She said quietly, then looked to Arrow. "Do not worry, some wolves are feeling a little timid recently, you will be accepted as a brother in no time." She smiled and sat herself down. "Where shall both of your dens be made? Or do you two sleep together?"

    Conatum saw Naomi talking with the others, so he decided to walk behind her, and peek at them over her shoulder. He locked his yellow eyes onto Arrow's and only starred at him with an emotionless, yet somewhat shy, face.
  20. Akia smiled at Naomi, "i shall Nao thank you for your welcome." She liked Naomi already, she seemed nice and gave off a good vibe "we sleep together." She looked over Naomi's shoulder and smiled at the wolf she had seen before, "hello there."

    Arrow smiled a little at Naomi, "thank you." He said respectfully and looked at the wolf behind her, "yes?"