The Friendly Rivalry

Grabbing her shall and cloak, Esther followed Jonathan to their carriage and took a seat quietly as the driver started the horses. She couldn't help but wonder where they were going in the dark of the night but she assumed that it would be a nice place if Jonathan liked it. Her curiosity grew when he said that he could not even describe it properly, making her wonder even more. When the carriage arrived she really couldn't believe where they had ended up.

They were in a lovely clearing and the sky was full of bright stars, a sight that she had never seen before while in London. In fact, she could not even see any sign of civilization as far as she could see. The only other person with them was the driver and even then he was tending to the horses. She took a seat next to Jonathan on the ground and smiled a little as she looked up at the star filled sky.

"It's beautiful...I've never seen the sky so bright before..." She said softly.
"I know. It is quite beautiful. You should see the sky when there is a full moon, it is simply exquisite."

Jonathan laid there, taking in the beauty of the night sky, enjoying every moment. "I'm glad you decided to come to the ball with me tonight, I had a wonderful evening." He tried not to think about the evening coming to an end. It was, after all, incredibly late and Esther would need to be taken home soon, else Elizabeth would skin him alive.
"I had a wonderful time as well Jonathan, and I must admit it was one of the best I've had in a long time..."Esther said kindly.

She was not lying at all when she said that too him, she was having quite a lovely evening. It was a shame that she would need to return back to her sister's home soon but she had a feeling that she would be able to see him again. She continued to look up at the sky curiously, enjoying the rarely seen brightness of the evening.
Jonathan turned to Esther, shooting her a genuine smile. "I think it's about time I got you home, or Elizabeth will skin me alive."
Esther giggled a bit and nodded her head in agreement with Jonathan.

"You are right, it is late and if I stay much longer Elizabeth will not only skin you but me as well for not coming home soon." She said sweetly as she made a move to stand up, turning to face him as she waited for him to stand as well. "I must say I had a lovely time with you, Jonathan. I can't say that to many people."
Jonathan stared in awe at how beautiful Esther looked in the moonlight, the pale light illuminating her gorgeous face, accentuating the soft colour of her face. He stood, holding out his hand to help her up.
Esther accepted his hand and stood, smiling up at him shyly as they stood in the moonlight together. She couldn't help but noticed that he looked rather handsome in this light, her face angled and strong looking. She looked down for a moment as she spoke softly.

"Thank you again...I had a wonderful time with you Jonathan..." She said sweetly.
Impulsively, Jonathan reached out and gently tilted Esther's chin up with his finger, smiling at her. He leaned down, tentatively kissing her soft lips. He pulled back, grinning. "Come on, I still have to get you home."
When Jonathan lifted her chin and kissed her softly, Esther was stunned. Her cheeks turned a bright pink as he pulled back, her eyes having shut for that short moment they shared. As he lead her back to the carriage she went silent with shyness, not knowing what to say after such a surprising kiss.