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  1. The night was clear and crisp as the birds flew in the air. But this night had a strange feeling to it the night felt off and there hung a strange smell in the air. It was sulfer yes that was it sulfer like the fires of hell. It was at this time in a large part of the forest that a sound like lightning cracked around the area and a portel began to open. It was like the mouth of hell itself had opend showing what layed inside of it. The sky of this realm was red and black the screaming of a thoused suffering people could be heard from inside. The smell of the rotting and the screams of the dammed ecoing around the area now. How strange this was as something was thrown through the portal. It was a man yes a man and not a demon. The man was thrown so hard he had gone through a tree shattering it and splintering the tree causing it to fall behind him on the ground.

    The man was tall with long snow white hair. His face was calm and well defined. He was a handsom man in fact but strange to his outfit was odd and not of this world. His amour was black with a blue under amour. His black sword had been shaterd in half laying beside the injuerd man. His side held a deep gash as he bleed out on the grass below him he groans showing that he was still very much alive as the portal snapped shut leaving the injuerd man alone on the grass. His eyes shut and in deep pain his face very pale from the blood loss. He would die soon if no one were to help this man
  2. A young woman, with beautiful white hair and deep blue eyes smiled, loving the forest as she walked through it. It was a beautiful night and she was headed to her favorite lake, the one she used to visit as a child. Suddenly she heard something snap loudly. She looked around trembling. "It's probably best to head back," she said. However, when she was about to walk back, she noticed something inthe corner of her was glowing blue and her curiosity got the better of her. Without realizing what she was doing, she followed the blue light and saw the strange portal close. Shock grew across her face as she saw the blue light disappear and jumped when she looked down and saw the man. She broke a branch off the tree and slowly walked up to the man that was in pain. She knew that he had came from the portal and she wasn't even sure if he even was human. She poked him with a branch a couple of times until she rolled him over and saw his face. She smiled and blushed, observing his gorgeous face. Her heart leaped and she knew she had to take a closer look. As she leaned in blushing she noticed that he was injured. Thinking fast, she ripped off some of her dress and

    bandaged him slowly and carefully. She knew she couldn't just leave him there and searched in her backpack. He looked weak and hot soup might of helped him, so she found some nice, soft leaves and gently placed his head on it and fed him some soup. Then color returned to his face.
  3. The man had been out cold for a while he didnt know what had happend. When he had felt the warm soup slipping down his throat a bit of his couler coming back now he looked a little better. His hair was snow white as his eyes flipped open and his red eyes showing to the women. He chocks a bit and looks at her for a moment sitting up and groaning in pain as he looks down to his broken blade and the other half of his blade shoved into his side. He looks down and moans for a moment grabbing the broken half of his blade yanking out out and moaning softly his face growing pale from the pain now he wasent use to this. He sighs deeply and looks at the women wondering who she was. He looks down to his blade handle the other half of his strange and black blade. The ruins on it seemed to glow as it lifts a bit and snaps back togther looking brand new now. But the wound on the mans side didnt seem to heal it was pumping blood onto the ground as he groans and looks at her for a moment" do you have anything that can stop this bleeding" he tells her weakly his voice was smooth and calm but a little weak now. His red eyes dull showing her that he had lost alot of blood.
  4. She looked into her bag, there was nothing. She ripped more of her dress and started dabbing the blood away. She kept staring at him an his fine features on his face. Blushing she noticed that he had the same hair color as he was the first time shes ever seen someone with similar hair color...well who was still young.
    She finally noticed that she was dabbing but not at the wound. Being embarrassed for loosing focus she quickly started dabbing the wound again. Her heart raced every time she looked at him....but he also seemed familiar...
  5. He looks at the women the blood seeming to ease a bit now slowly coming to a stop. he looksat her for a moment and smiles gently his handsom smile when he looks at her for a moment he looks around the forest and wonders where he was." Where am i miss"He asks her his voice soft yet strong at the same time. It was strong and filled with athourity showing he was someone of power. He smiles and looks down at his wound sighing deeply" i need to do it" he tells hr and backs the women away from her for a moment and his finger bursts into flames a strange black flame surrounded his finger as he places it againt the wound sealing it the smell of burning flesh in the air he groans his face going white from the pain he sways a bit. Still sealing the wound on his side till he was done he stops breathing heavy now his face ghost white
  6. She couldn't believe what she just saw, his had...was on fire? She was in complete shock and snapped out of it when he wobbled. She got up right away and stayed near him in case he fell she would catch him, or at least try, she was tiny compared to him. "North Carolina" she said, her voice beautiful, silky and innocent. "Your in North Carolina..." her deep blue eyes penetrated through him and she smiled."How did you do that? The fire? Are you a magician?" Of course not! She thought! He just burned himself...but she couldnt say any logical thing right now...
  7. he looks at her for a moment and trys to stand he was very weak now he shakes his head" a magician what is that miss" he asks her and looks around for a moment and sighs deeply" I Need to get home" he tells her and looks at her for a moment he was trying to get his bareings now looking at the sky he could see it and then to the trees he walks over to one and sighs placing his hand on it" It is alive but not with a soul how strange it is not in pain i am not in the realm of suicide so where am i" he says to himself trying to figuer out what had happend." my hand that is the black flame it is passed down in my family" he tells her
  8. The young woman looked confused "a magician? You know those guys in capes that make fake magic but make it look real, " name is Selina by the way" she said akwardly "is the home that blue thingy you just went out of?" she asked. Again the cute guy wobbled and she ran in front of him in case he fell over. "You need to go to the hospital" she said and found herself wanting to hold his face. She blushed once again at the thought of it and crossed her arms. "I can take you to one and pay for it..." she said.
  9. He looks at her for a moment and shakes his head" I dont know what they are" he tells her and smiles gently looking at her" My name is clint" he tells her and looks around" what is a hospital and i am alright do not worry the wound will seal up in a bit how strange the mana here is very thin" he tells her and looks at her for a moment thinking about it for a moment wondering where he was" i do not smell the air of my home" he tells her and looks back at her final question" yes that was a door way i think i am in a diffrent realm" he tells her and thinks about it for a moment looking down at his amour seeing that it was cracked and broken he sighs and snaps his fingers the amour dissapearing leaving him in an odd set of clothing it looked so old compared to her clothing
  10. She looked sad when he was talking about his home, "Earth...North Carolina is in Earth" she said.
    Why did I just say earth? He's a human...right? I'm not sure...
    she thought.
    She shifted uncomfortably "a hospital is a place where humans go to heal you" she stated as she looked up into the stars, it was getting late. "Your not well, your weak...and you might not be able to even stand much longer..."
  11. he looks at her strangly and shakes his head for a moment" i am alright" clint tells her and looks at her smiling seeing her white hair he walks over close to her now staring her down in the eyes he looks at her hair" So earth the human realm very well that is where i am" he tells her and smiles bowing his head to her and looks at her" My name is clint burnstone and i am the next king of the hell": he tells her and smiles bowing to her fully now looking at her" what year is it" he asks her as he begins to walk a way thinking it was out of the forest
  12. Her eyes widened did he just say...king of hell? He's defenately a nut job! No...he's not...he just came out of a blue portal...oh God that I going to die if Im looking at the Prince of Hell?
    She stared at him, her face completely pale white
    How could the Prince of Hell not know what Earth is? Doesn't the devil want to send us there? Oh he trying to trick me by using this super cute guy? His son!?
    Thoughts were spinning through her head, she was trying not to flip out. She quickly glanced at the princes sword and scooted away from it. "Umm...okay...did you just were the Prince of Hell?" She walked behind him but kept a distance.
  13. He looks at her and smiles gently nodding bowing to her looking at her for a moment smiling" yes i am the prince of hell" he tells her and looks at her for a moment stopping seeing that she was scared of him which made him laugh he grabs her hand and holds it roughly in his hand senseing her fear he holds his finger over her hand the flames blazing to light he draws something on her hand there was no pain nothing what so ever" There this rune will keep you safe, a demon can not touch your soul or your body" he tells her and bows his head to her" You have saved my life i am in your debt you are in no danger and i will not harm you, you have my word as the prince of he" he tels her
  14. She shuddered, wondering if he could tap into all of her feelings. It made no sense, if he was the prince of hell how could he not know about Earth? That has the most souls, well as far as shes concerned...also what about the hair? Humans dont have natural white hair unless they are old or it's dyed, so what does that make her? There was so many questions and there was no way that she could get all of them by tonight. All she knew was that he was in some strange battle and she saved him...the Prince of Hell...but she believes in God, and the all knowing says that the Devil is bad and will try and trick you.
    "I...." she began but couldn't get out what she needed to say. He was the Prince of Hell, the Antichrist it would go against everything she loves and believes in if she accepts this...this thing that the prince has given her.
    Slowly she shook her head "I...I can't" she said "I'm sorry"
    The Prince watched as she gave the rune back to him. "I follow God" was the words she whispered as she backed away from him then ran away.

    Finally reaching her apartment she grabbed the keys and with a shaky hand she unlocked the door and closed it behind her.
  15. He listens to her words and smiles laughing a bit at her word of god looking up at the sky he nodds" i will keep her safe" he tells the sky he was talking to god as he smiles looking at her as she leaves him in the forest he would make sure she didnt see him but he would be her shadow he would make sure she was safe. Though she didnt know he was bound to her such were the laws she had saved him and he made sure she would be safe and sound. He was watching her from the tree outside sticking to the shadows he smiles looking at her for a moment" how strange this town is" he mutters and sighs deeply feeling his power waning now could he tell the human the truth or could he not it was a diffical choice to make alright
  16. The next day came earlier than Selina thought, probably because she spent most of the night with the guy last night. She sat up half asleep as her annoying alarm clock rang next to her. The womans hair was a little messy but not that bad, she wore a long sleeved shirt on with underwear and nothing else. She got up and streatched showing her pink undies and slim stomach. Today was a new day.
  17. He was sleeping in the tree and had move to her couch later in the night sleeping soundly. He seemed to have gotton into her home what she didnt know is that he was bound to her now he coudlent leave her till the debut was settled he knew that this would be a problem but he didnt care. He was snoring lightly he didnt have a blanekt as he sleeps he shiverd a bit in his sleep. This was strange because he never got cold and now he was
  18. Selina wanted to be lazy today and watch morning cartoons before she took a shower because she had two days off from work. Walking out to the living room, she didnt even notice anything until she saw a little bit of movement coming from her couch. Trying not to scream she grabbed the nearest item to be used as a weapon which happens to be a metal trophy from her martial arts classes. As she quietly stepped closer to the couch she raised it getting ready to strike. She peeked over and saw that it was Clint. She blushed furiously getting ready to yell at him until she noticed he was shivering. She took a deep breath and walked over to her closet, opening the door she grabbed a spare blanket and put it over the guy. She sat down and watched cartoons, which ended up her passing out snuggled to him closely.
  19. He would sleep for a little longer now that he was warm he smiles when he had woken up now looking around he sees her sleeping he smiles and places the blanket around her and walks slowly to the kitchen he began to make her breakfeast. For all intents and puorpeses he was now her body gaurd her maid her buttler and her slave he would take care of her protect her and make her life easyer to live He looks back at her making her some food and seeing the trophy on the ground he looks at it wondering what it was he picks it up and looks at it setting it back down on the shelf he smiles going back to makeing breafeast for her when it was done it was a bit of eggs made perfectly and bacon with toast to. He walks over to her setting it down he shakes her lightly" miss breakfeast" he tells her and smiles gently
  20. She woke up suddenly and whipped her arm around his neck and knocked him to the ground. He could have easily dodged her attack but he was caught off gaurd, she looked so sweet and innocent. She stopped right away noticing it was just Clint again "omygosh im so sorry! It's a reflex!Oh geeze im sorry!" she said. As she was apologizing he noticed something on her arm, it seemed like a brand. On her arm it said "half-breed" on it. Selina noticed that he was staring at her arm and held it out for him to see. "When my mom adopted me she said that this was already on me...nobody knows where it came from...nobody can read it..." she said.
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