The Field

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  1. Aron floated into the clearing tiredly after a long fought battle with a group of sinners. He found a nice tall tree and floated to the highest branch to rest for a bit.

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  2. Raiden walked through the field. Blood stained on his clothes. He was very tired after taking out all those humans. His body was emitted steam. He saw a tree that he could get to, but before he could make another step he fell to the ground face first. He didn't move, if you didn't watch him breathe you'd think he was dead. He stayed on the ground, face in dirt, and relaxed.
  3. Aron was amused it seemed that he attracted the strange ones. The man that seemed to have recently been in heavy fighting, had fallen face first and seemed to not care in any way.
    "Mortals are always so amusing" Aron thought to himeself
    "Hey down there you need any help?" Aron called down
  4. Raiden heard a voice. The voice apparently wanted to help. "I don't need help," he said to the voice. He struggled up and coughed blood. "I'll be perfectly fine."
  5. Lexi was sleeping on the said tree. It was a rather comfy branch, but someone coughing and sputtering, and it awoke her abruptly. Her deep sea green eyes glimmered and looked below her, noticing a wounded person. She contemplated for a moment if she should help him, and made the decision.
    She jumped down from the tree trunk and went up to the wounded man. "Hey there, you okay?" She asked.
  6. Kasumi was sound sleep, nothing could wake her up, but herself, she fell to the ground due to a "nightmare."
    When she touched the ground there was no reaction at all, as she was opening her eyes, she started to feel the pain "Ouch, that hurt" Then when she was about to stand up she saw three..... humans?? Talking.
    "Hey!! Want to eat something!? I Consider my cooking pretty decent"
  7. Lyra woke up from her short nap, blinking her eyes a couple of times. She always thought when she went to bed she would wake up from the nightmare that was being Sightless. That she would wake up with her parents and be five again instead of a measly nine years old.
    She groped her hand on the ground for a few seconds to feel for her walking stick, eventually finding it and gripping it tight, the slight scratches and oddly shaped wood feeling familiar to her touch. She smiled a bit, her ears perked up to hear voices, sounding as if they were behind her. "H-hello...?" She said with a slight voice crack. "W-who's that...?"
  8. "Well I don't know what these other people call themselves but I'm Aron nice to meet you." He said beginning to climb down the tree.
    "Now who said they could cook, because food sounds nice?" He asked already sniffing the air.
  9. Raiden smiled at the green eyed girl that wanted to help. "Hah...thanks," he said looking at her. She was quite attractive. He heard other voice. One voice mentioned "cooking" and that got his attention. "Yes! yes I haven't eaten in days! I would definitely accept food right about now!" he said. He struggled towards that voice in anticipation.
  10. Kyrie jumped down from a cliff nearby and landed in the field with a resonating boom. She stood from her crouched position and announced "I don't know why everyone is sleeping, but i'm all for a nice meal!" She walked away from the small crater she formed and over to where everyone else had gathered.
  11. Raiden paused and frowned. I'm the only human here he thought. He just hope that no one or no thing took advantage of that fact. "" he asked with a smile.
  12. Lexi smiled at the man before turning around, hungry by the aroma of food. "I want some food please~" she said, her eyes sparkling at the thought of food. She usually ate berries or when times are rough, leaves, but never cooked food. She looked at the person who could cook, a little expectantly.
  13. Kasumi Gigged "So, You're all hungry, you're more tha welcomed to come down the tree, This way, please" Kasumi put her hand in the tree and whispered some words, then the ground shaked a bit and a hole was made right in front of the tree, "It's Safe don't worry" Kasumi Jumped into the hole, "ARE YOU COMING!?? IT'S GREAT DOWN HERE!! I'M GOING TO EAT ALL OF THE FOOD IF YOU DON'T COME DOWN HERE!" Said as she laughed.
  14. Aron shrugged "Why not" he said and did a back flip into the hole mainly because he had to look awesome. As he slid downn the hole he screamed "FOOOOD"
  15. Impressed, Kyrie tried to copy Aron's stunt. She ran forward and flipped, but she missed the hole by a foot and faceplanted in the dirt. Gravity then took affect and she fell backwards into the hole.
  16. Raiden wiped the blood from his mouth and waited for his serving of food patiently. He studied everyone with a smile. They all seemed to be nice, and kind....not flesh eating, and crazy like the one's he had defeated with in hours ago. He smiled at everyone.
  17. Lexi looked down, a little apprehensive, before cannonball-ing down in glee, taking Raiden with her. Her sea green eyes sparkled in excitement, wondering what awaits her below.
  18. Raiden was taken down into the hole by the attractive one abruptly. He didn't even get her name yet. Or maybe she mentioned it, but he probably didn't catch it due to the fact that she was so damn beautiful, but he followed along willingly.
  19. A single neko wearing a witches hat would stroll along the tree line as she sighhed lightly. " Hmm what to do.. " She said as she looked around. " Ahh i know. " She said as she summoned a giant pumpkin and jumped on it as she made it float to the middle of the feild. " Hehehe so much fun! "
  20. As they were falling down the hole, Lexi shouted, "so what's your name?" The hole seemed never ending to her, and it was pitch black too. She could only hear the rushing of the wind and the touch of Raiden's hand.