DISCUSSION The Fictional Character that most closely resembles you

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  1. Another topic discussed with the English class recently was which fictional character resembles yourself the most. Not in terms of appearance (though that would be an added bonus), but in terms of personality, actions, background, and the like.

    The answers I got in the class varied from Superman (because he always tries to help others no matter the circumstances) to Doraemon (because she saw herself as a great assistant to her best friend).

    So, what character in fiction do you feel is most like you?
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  2. L from Death Note or Dr. Doom from Marvel.
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  3. 707 from Mystic Messenger.
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  4. Generic shounen protagonist #345,923
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  5. Catelyn Stark, from A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones (@Ai)

    Proud, kind, honorable, generous. Tries to uphold duty over all else, but also a strong political mind. Strong sense of diplomacy and tact, and also intensely protective over those she loves.
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  6. Hmm... I'd have to say Tifa from Final Fantasy VII.
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  7. Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates, because I'm indecisive and can't make decisions involving friends.
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  8. Col. Sanders.
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  9. So do you wake up every night with sold sweats about your imposter? Or... are YOU the imposter?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

    I don't know of any fictional characters that I know of recently that I'm like. I stutter a lot and I'm silent when I'm not?

    Ummm... I suppose I'm a little bit like a less directly snarky and more secretly snarky version of Phi, from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. That also stutters. That's IRL.

    Online I think I'm more like Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm no princess, but I get excited about things easilly and when I do I try to write very eloquently, but otherwise I just. Don't really write all that fancy. Though Melia is almost always noble.... urk.
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  10. I gave it some thought and came up with James Bond. Reasons are:

    - my personality is similar to the Connery/Moore/Dalton/Brosnan portrayals, working relentlessly for a greater good but having a light side and sense of humor
    - being in different strange (and mostly beautiful) places
    - women (to a lesser degree)
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  11. Rust Cohle from True Detective.
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  12. Yes.
  13. Bill Cipher is my idealized image. Dipper Pines is my RL self.
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  14. There was a thing going around on tumblr where you were supposed to choose 3 fictional characters that represented you the most. I had a lot of trouble with it, and really only narrowed in on one, with a possible second.

    Arthas Menethil from the Warcraft franchise, is more than my icon. He represents a lot of my own anxieties, my sometimes negative relationship with my father, and my two competing modalities ; over confident egotism or depressive nihilism.

    Skeletor, on the other hand, is who I want to be. :p
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  15. Gregory House.
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  16. Hyoubu Kyousuke
  17. Kehvarl, the Code dragon from Iwaku. He's close to me in appearance and temperament. Significantly more popular and social than I am. Possibly more attractive, but that's mostly just his opinion.
  18. [​IMG]

    Malcolm Tucker is actually my spirit animal.

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  19. [​IMG]

    and all my friends are Scullys