The fallen king

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  1. It was a cold winter's day, This was the coldest day that has been seen in a many of years. The streets of the town were empty as a lone man was walking down the street swaying left and right like a drunk man. It didnt help that he had a bottle of hard whisky in his hand.The sky was clouded but still it was very cold, Snow would begin to fly and burry the who town in snow. ANy one caught out in the snow would freeze to death in this harsh weather. The man sighs deeply as he looks down the road draining the bottle and throwing it away. He looked like your normal bum long grezzy matted hair. His beard was very long as it reached down to his broad chest. Much like his hair his beard was the same way, He is red eyes glowing in the night as he looks seeing the moon blotted out from the clouds. He sighs deeply and shakes his head he misses his old world his old people;. He was once a king of his kind the king of the werewolfs a proud people who never once would harm a human unless it was for defense.
    He was thrown out for these views he was cast into this town with no where to go no where to hide or live. He was condemed to live on the streets of this town. He had no money or food he was living by the scarps he could find on the street. Even now he hasent had as much food as he needs to survive this winter. He knew that this would be the winter he would die. He shakes his head as the snow begins to fall as he finds himself sitting down by a shop that still had its lights on. He couldent understand why this place was still open. he sighs deeply and sits down under one of the windows and sighs deeply sitting down smiling a bit as he curls into himself closeing his eyes slowly feeling the cold seeping into him
  2. It was getting late, and winter was coming. Rosaleen was rushing around getting her books cleaned up. Luckily she did well as a book store considering she was very close to a popular university. Her long orange hair fell down around her shoulders and often got in the way. Her fierce green eyes had small bags under them from working so late, and sometimes, very odd hours. She saw a person outside, but paid it no mind. There was often people who simply wanted to sit down and rest.
    She was rushing around in her long brown dress and putting all of her books in proper places. Heck with all of the books she had read, both informational, and fiction, she could be a student going to the university. When she looked out the window she noticed it had started to snow. With an even closer look she realized that person was still sitting out there. She went over to the door and opened it. She looked at the man and saw that he must have been freezing.
    "Oh, sir you must be freezing, please come inside." She took him by the arm and led him inside, and sat him down. "would you like some warm tea?" She asked with a concerned look.
  3. The man didnt realise what was going on when he had heard a women talking to him he tryed to speak to her try to tell her he was sorry that he was here in front of her store he was going to move but she had grabbed him and hauled his large figuer into her shop. In this town it was common pratice to beat and murder the homless. He had thought he was going to recive another beating when he was surprised by the warmth of the shop and the offer for tea he wasent sure what to say to the women but he nodds softly and looks around a hint of fear in the mans eyes. His red eyes dull and his face gaunt. a large scar under his eyes from the beating he has taken recently this town was a hell for the man. He looks back at the girl and wonders what she was going to do with him. He moans for a bit and shifts in the seat looking down at his shakeing hands now looking back to the women,." Forgive me my lady if you wish to beat me then i will accept and not fight back" He tells her his voice was strong and comanding like a king but soft and dead like he had lost all the will to live. He looks down at his hands. This bum was known for being a big target for the local punks in the town they would beat and nearly kill the man each time. He would be beaten to a bloody pulp and no one would do anything to save him.
  4. She brought the man over by the fire she had to warm him up. Bustling about she draped a warm blanket over his shoulders and listened to him in disbelief. She grabbed his chin and forced him to look into her wild green eyes. "Now don't talk like that. It's no trouble for me to take you in. Besides winter is coming, the time of the Crone. The time of death and the end of all things. At least until spring" She sighed happily at her last comment. "I'm brewing some hot tea for you, and the stew is cooking now. I will be glad to share some with you." She goes over and grabs another chair and sits by the stranger, smiling cheerfully. "Now, tell me who you are?" She wore a pentacle around her neck. A symbol of a believer of magic from the old Celtic gods. A Wiccan.
  5. He sighs for a long time and shakes his head could he tell this women who he was the fallen king the fallen wolf king,. He thinks for a long time and draws something from his pocket and lays it on the table it was a strange amulet it was the amulet of the wolf king it was solid gold with strange black jewls and a wolf craved into the centter of the amulet he sighs for a moment" this is who i am" he tells her it was the seal of the wolf king well the fallen wolf king he sighs and smiles gently." if you know what this seal means then it will tell you who i am" he says again." But to awnser it plainly i am alexander holden" he says the name fits with the trinket he has
  6. Rosaleen looked at the trinket and felt she had saw something like it before. Which wouldn't surprise her, since her mother was a wanderer, and traveled to many places. By the looks of it he was a lord of some sort. "well I've certainly seen something of a similar design, but I can't name it. Anyways what's important is that you are now safe, Alexander Holden." She held out her hand to shake his. "I am Rosaleen Ferox, and you are welcome in my home for the winter."
  7. He bows his head to her and smiles for a moment and looks at her" it is the amulet of the wolf king well the fallen wolf king my lady and i will gladly take up your offer but i would be ashamed if i could not help you out and repay your kindness" He tells her he couldent move out of this town he would have been killed by his own kind it was a sad fate bit it had happend to him he would be attacked if he got to close to the woods. He sighs and shakes his head" May i clean my self up i must smell to high heaven" he tells her
  8. She stared at him and then the amulet in awe. She never would have guessed. At his remark of bathing she nodded. "of course. I will go draw a hot bath for you. Do you have any injuries that need tending to?" She looked at him with a genuine concern before she walked off to get the bath ready. "I know the people in this town can be awfully cruel."
  9. Constable Gerony Hurdel was doing his rounds around the area when he saw the book store still open. He wasn't much of a book person, but this store had always been a bit intriguing in his mind. Now he saw a familiar face in the window, sipping tea, all alone. Gerony went closer, and as he approached the window the man turned his eyes on him. He saw a scar, which was rather usual in the eastern parts of the city, but the face, the face had something else than that which drew his attention, although he couldn't quite put his finger on it. It was cold outside, but when Gerony felt his back getting goosepimples, it didn't have anything to do with the temperature. He gathered his self-assurity and opened the door like a true policeman. With a voice that was so trembling it made him ashamed, Gerony said:
    "Haven't I seen you somewhere? You were at the Hirwenchalm street fight, you were, just a couple of days back!"

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  10. Rosaleen looked to the policeman just as she was going to make her way to the bathroom. Her green eyes were open wide. She realized that the policeman instantly started questioning Alexander. "Excuse me" She stood between the two. "But this is my guest and I would appreciate it if you didn't interrogate him" Immediately she took a defensive tone for Alexander. Who she hardly even knew, but she did know she hated to see the homeless get pushed around. Though the police man's voice was oddly fearful.
  11. "Oh, I apologise, ma'am, I had no idea... it's just that I thought I recognised him. Anyway, this isn't an interrogation. I came inside because not seeing persons is the most important part of this job. We see people, not persons. That's why we're able to beat rioters. But that person, that man behind you, I've seen him. I'm not even sure if I've seen his face, but I've seen the person, the function of that shell of a human, the soul, call it whatever you like." Gerony tried to grab his forehead in order to make his brains work more clearly, but it didn't help. His mind was creating hundreds of theories and picking out the stupid ones, it was buzzing like a computer. His eyes were searching all over the room, and as he stepped closer to Rosaleen and took another glimpse at the man, he noticed the amulet.
    "Now. Let me see. Black jewels, eh?" He took a step backwards. "You're a noble. But not one of the local posh clowns. You're really noble. Can I have a few words with you?"
  12. Rosaleen put her hand on the counter and looked at the two back and forth. Sighing, she shook her head. "I will allow this in my book store." She glared at the policeman. "But no violence!" With that she turned around and went to the bathroom to fix up a hot bath for Alex.
  13. Gerony sat down and leaned forwards. "My name is Gerony Hurdel. Eich-uu-aa-dii-ii-el. And please, don't tell you your name, it might put us both in trouble. The only thing I'm interested of is that amulet of yours." He pointed at the black jewels and lowered his voice to almost whisper: "I have one of those gems."
    He tried to see if this caused any change on the man's face, and continued: "We used to call them 'yön kyyneleet', the tears of night. I am from Skhäton, you see. And there, those gems were worth, ohh, worth a country! But here, in the big city, they're not worth a shit, if you pardon my expression. It was among the only things I had with me when Skhäton fell. My brother brought it from the 'Ulvova Metsä', eh, how could I translate it... Howling Woodlands, he brought the gem from there right after the local king had been overthrown. And those jewels of yours.... they're from the Woodlands too. Am I mistaken?"
  14. alexander looked at the man who had come in and he nodds to his question" That is indeed what they are but you see it is a jewle of my tribe that is what it is" he tells her for a moment looking at the man wondering who he was" My name is alexander holden i am the fallen leader of my tribe of were wolfs now you may not belive who i am but it does not matter and yes you have seen me before that was not a fight simply me taking a beating" he tells the man wondering who he was now." Who are you, you are not from one of the 5 tribes how would you know of this amulet" he tells the man and wonderd where the women went he sighs deeply and rubs his eyes for a moment.
  15. Rosaleen listened to them talk as she decided that she would make tea instead. She put a kettle filled with water into the fireplace and would let it boil as she prepared some herb packets of nice chamomile leaves. Once the kettle started to whistle she grabbed the handle with a pad so she wouldn't burn herself. Some tea cups were already out and she poured three glasses. Then put the tea packets into them.
  16. "To say the truth, the amulet is strange to me. I've seen that emblem many times, as Skhäton is quite close to the Woodlands, but the jewel that I own came from my brother, Alefai. He was very interested in the matters of the wolves, and when he heard that there was a revolution or something Alefai was among those who left to protect the King. Sadly they arrived too late, there was nothing they could do for the monarch at that point. Anyway, my brother didn't tell me the details of the gem, so he probably got it illegally, but it is such a beautiful object! I took it to a jewel shop and asked what they could say about it, but the old shopkeeper there browsed his books and didn't find anything like it! But, if you're one of their people, then you might know what it actually is and who it belongs to. Are they very prescious?"
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  17. He looks at the man and nodds for a moment" indeed they were said to be given to us by our god" he tells the man and looks to the women and smiles softy looking at her seeing her making him tea he knew that it would be alright." They are priceless as in i wont sell it not even for my life" he tells her and looks ayt him for a moment and nodds." I see yes i have heard of the arrival but indeed it was to late i was dethroned and my brother taken over. The story is long and i dont want to get into it" he tells him
  18. "So you were a king? Oh my. I see. Well, thank you for this, now I know the value of my little treasure. I'll leave you this card, contact me if any problems arise or... something." Gerony sighs and hands over a plastic business card with his name, address and number. He stands up to remember one more thing. "But, what about after your brother has died? Will you try to get your crown back?"
  19. Rosaleen did what many women did when men talked. She listened carefully as she made the tea. Once it was done she brought it out. "You might as well sit down and have a glass of tea while you to chat." She brought out the tea on a round tray. Sitting down in her seat after handing everyone their glass, she pointed to one the nice police man could sit in.
  20. He nodds" Indeed i will" he says and looks at the women and smiles for a moment taking the tea he looks at her and then back to the man he had gotton a strange feeling from him. And now he had wonderd where he had gotton the jewle how strange for this man to have it only members of the royal family had this jewls and the seals. It was only made by their hands alone. Now he was holding his own tightly in his hand making sure to keep a trained eye on the man incase he was a theif or a murder. This thought had crossed through his mind and he didnt like it. Alex looks at rosoleen and smiles for a moment he had a good feeling about her and he was sure she was alright but the other one he wasent so sure of he didnt like th strange feeling he got about the cop