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  1. The day that the HRF (Human Research Facilities) showed up, teens have been disappearing from the city. They are locked inside the facility, which is separated from the city on an island. Only a bridge connects the two places. Within the facility, many tests are performed on the teens. Some are mutated with animals. Others are given abilities, and some have both. The teens have been planning their escape ever since.

    Name: Kyoya Oshiro

    Age: 15

    Appearance (can use a picture): He has dark blond hair and red eyes. His teeth have been sharpened to resemble fangs. Because his DNA was mixed with a wolf's, he has black ears and a tail.

    Personality: He is easily angered and has a hard time controlling his tongue. He is actually a very nice guy once you get to know him.

    History (optional): His home life was never good. He was taken of the streets not too long ago, and is new to the HRF facility. He dreams of escaping from his cell.

    Ability (nothing overpowered): His DNA was mixed with that of a wolf. Because of this he is very fast and strong.

    Weakness: Because of his anger issues, he often gets into trouble.
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  2. (Whats your prefered length of post?)

    Name: Conner Davis (goes by Davis)
    HISTORY: parents beat him until he was given to the HRF by them because he was unwanted. He is an only child. He wants out of his facility.
    Ability: controlling heat in general
    Weakness: he cant swim due to a tragic beating from his father.
  3. (Ok then! :D)

    Kyoya awoke in his cell. Another day had dragged itself by. Nearly 40 days had passed since he had arrived at the facility. He sat up dreading the moment that the HRF scientists will come to take him to the court yard. He always manages to get in trouble somehow. This only leads to more pain. He stretched his limbs in dreading anticipation.
  4. Davis sat up sighing a heated mist due to the condensation in the air of his glass cell. The glass he was in was special glass that was pressurized for heat levels. If he tried to burn himself out he would trigger the flooding of his cell that would drown him. He waited for his gaurd walk to take him to the courtyard where he would melt shit with his ability.
  5. Kyoya heard the familiar sound of the rubber boots of the HRF scientist's against the stone floor. He glanced up as the scientist's hand was scanned and a code was punched in. The door clicked and swung open. Multiple scientists walked in, two grabbing him and binding his hands behind his back. There was a time when he first got to the facility that they did not have to do so, however, due to his rebellious acts, they have taken more precautions against him. They took him out of his cell and led him down the winding hallways without a word. Soon they reached the courtyard. They unbound his wrists. They quickly exited and locked the gate as they left. Kyoya began to rub life back into his wrists with an irritated look on his face.
    "They didn't have to do it so tightly"
  6. Name: Mary Bellview

    Age: 15

    Appearance: Short female with long, wavy, blonde hair. Has four arms. Two are slightly below where a normal person's might be, and two above.

    Personality: A very bubbly, but a little dumb, and sometimes a bratty person. She is outgoing and makes a good friend.

    History: Was the chatty "popular" girl in school. After a harsh fight with her mom, she had ran away from home. She planned for it to only be temporary, but the HRF members mistook her for a homeless teenager and took her away.

    Ability: She has four arms, and uses them to do cool stuff.

    Weakness: She is clumsy due to her body structure.

    Mary sat in her cell, and watched the HRF scientists approach her. They unlocked her and easily guided her to the courtyard, as she was so clumsy that the guards would never worry about her trying to run. When they reached the courtyard, they released her into the field and locked the gate behind her. She looked at a guy to her right who had red eyes. "Wow!" she said. She'd seen a lot of weird looking kids in the facility, but not one with beautiful, red eyes. "Wow, what'd they do to you?" she joked to him.
  7. Kyoya turned his head towards a strange looking girl as he heard her speak. He looked her over before responding.

    "Seems I should be asking what they did to you."

    His voice sounded like venom as he hinted to the scientists and their experiments.
  8. Name: Skylar Marx
    Age: 16
    Personality: To put briefly; cold, serious, unattached.
    Ability: Manipulation of existing shadows and darkness.
    Weakness: Bright lights and sources of light.

    Skylar sat curled up in the corner of her room, the room unobstructed by any furniture of any kind. There were lights all around the room so that it was almost impossible to create a shadow, and that was how they kept her controlled and in line. The girl raised her head a bit when she heard the sound of heavy steps on the ground walking up to her, and she squeaked as she was grabbed by the arms, still not used to being handled by the guards. A thick strand of black cloth was put over her eyes, to keep her from knowing where shadows were around her, and she was led through the halls, practically dragged outside. She was tossed into the courtyard, letting out a small groan and slowly pulling herself to stand up. She reached up, feeling the tightly bound black cloth, knowing it was meant to stay locked over her eyes until a guard undid it, rendering her blind so she didn't attempt anything dangerous.​
  9. His attention was distracted from the strange looking girl as he heard the gates open. He heard a groan to the left of him and saw another girl picking herself out of the dust. He felt a touch of irritation when he saw the black cloth bound across her eyes. He had the urge to remove right then, but decided against it because he did not want to feel the sting of the researcher's punishments at the moment.
  10. Skylar reached out a bit, feeling around her as she walked forwards before she found a table with a few chairs around it. She let out a breath and then slowly lowered herself onto a chair, brushing out her cloak a bit before wrapping it tightly around herself, pulling her feet up onto the chair and curling. She put her head onto her knees, figuring there would be nothing to do since the other 'experiments' usually talking among themselves, a blind girl more cast out than most.​
  11. Kyoya stared at the girl with slight curiosity. She most be relatively new to this place, more new than himself. He had never seen her before. And besides that, the inhabitants of the island typically don't sulk in the corner by themselves, but go and talk to a fellow inmate. He cautiously walked over to the girl, aware of the piercing gazes of the guards on his back.
  12. name jasmine soren
    age 18
    personality outgoing and fun
    ability she is very cunning and agile
    weakness very protective of others
    history she was the first teenager to disappear to this place. she was 16 when she went missing from the streets. they combined her dna with a fox's but an accident happened in which she ended up with 6 tails instead of 1

    jasmine slowly got up. she was sore from the punishment the scientist. she had taken the blame for another inmate. "damn them" her ears twitched as she heard people talking she walked over to the table and took an empty seat
  13. Kyoya glanced over to another girl who had showed up at the table. He felt a little uncomfortable, he doesn't usually talk to people when in the courtyard, and especially not so many people.
  14. jasmine looked at the guy, she extended her arm. "hi, my name is jasmine" she had a smile on her face
  15. Kyoya hesitated a minute before cautiously accepting her hand.

  16. "im not going to bite" she slowly sat down. she was still sore "how long have you guys been here"
  17. He looked at her unsure. As he talked he stared at the ground.

    "I've been here about 40 days."
  18. "your luckier than me" she said as she looked down. "the equipment is less painful than the day i arrived" she had a tear rolling down her face as she remembered the day she was taken here. "ive been here 2 years"
  19. "Equipment? She must be talking about the tools used to punish the trouble makers.."
    Kyoya felt a pang of sympathy for the girl.
  20. Skylar raised her head a bit when she heard footsteps coming towards her and she looked around a bit before turning her head in the direction where she most heard the footsteps. "Hello?" She slowly moved her legs down off of the chair, and it was then that she heard more movements around her. She heard the small conversation and she scooted her chair away a bit, lowering her head and shying away from the two people she could hear.​
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