The Expedition: Lost Heroes of Tamriel

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Everyone knows the stories. The Dragonborn, The Hero of Kvatch, and all others that stood before them.
Though, did anyone tell you the story of the warriors of the damned? The assassin's of the wrong? The heroes of the forgotten? Or, more known as...

The bastards that stood watching on the sidelines?

Of course you don't. While dragons were being slain, these skeevers were out in the tavern. Perhaps, while some were become thane of every hold, and woman's heart - they were grubbing coin. Regardless of the situation, these adventures practically faded from history...

That is, until now.


A gruffly woman's voice catches your ear, causing you to swivel your head. Golden eyes reflect back at your own, squinted as they crinkle at the corners while the woman smiles. Perhaps she's right next to you, giving you a better glimpse at her elvish features, or - she could be across the way, behind cold, iron bars that match the ones in front of you. Regardless of the situation, she couldn't help but tilt her head, obviously taking peaked interest in your arrival.
"Who're you then, love?"

This role-play is completely dedicated to the wonderful universe of the Elder Scrolls. As such, elements such as custom races, lore, technology, fashion, and other miscellaneous topics that do not correlate with the ES universe is not allowed for this thread. However, certain elements such as creating spells, and other likeness is perfectly fine.

Other little rules include:

  • Stay in third person! Things are much easier this way!
  • No god-modding! Self explanatory!
  • No meta-gaming! Also self explanatory!
  • Write minimum of three sentences! It's just polite!
  • Spell check! Also proper etiquette!
  • This thread is allowed to have mature content!

Other than that, it's a free for all!

In order to keep this thread more lively and fresh, images and other little tidbits will be posted through out, giving a more personal feel.

Also note that any sexual content will be allowed, but must be placed with spoiler tags! Otherwise, fade to black!​

The sign-up thread can be found here.

Your First/Last Name
Your title

Race: (Bosmer, Nord, etc?)
Age: (Self explanatory!)
Height: (In feet!)
Weight: (In lbs!)

Brief Description: (Just about your character!)
Affiliates: (Who do they know?)

Sheonna DuCairne
The Matron of Secrets

Race: Bosmer/Breton
Age: 28
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125lbs

Brief Description: A bounty hunter by trade - Sheonna, or more famously known as Chione made her name by doing dirty jobs around Elsweyr for coin. She kept her distance from the colder climates of Tamriel, until her roguish antics got her in Anvil jail - which is exactly where she is now.

Affiliates: Keerava of the Bee and Barb, Brynjolf through Association, and other contacts that she doesn't wish to name, due to anonymity.

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