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  1. Welcome to my fantasy medieval world, Panathamin!
    1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
    2. Be respectful to each other.
    3. Romance allowed, but keep your inappropriate dialogue to yourself or PMs.
    4. Try to avoid one liners for the sake of others.
    5. No god modding.

    A Brief Summary
    Panathamin is a world created by the gods, but is now abandoned by its very creators. Creatures called the devas rule most of the lands for they harness the very power of the gods they were spawned by, they can come many different forms and varieties. Humans are the beloved creatures of the gods, their very first living creation. The enlightened were humans at some point in time, but are introduced to a god's blood which grants them special powers.

    The whole plot is the power struggle between "good" and "evil". The devas and the enlightened. The humans are stuck in between this battle, some siding with whatever force they choose or are captured by. Who is good? Who is evil? Or is this world just different shades of gray.

    Now the important question left is which side will win?
    Only you can decide.

    *Cue the dramatic music.*​

    The Story (open)
    In the beginning of time, the gods created humans. The humans were made in their image, and the gods loved them for this. It wasn't until a particular god had loved a woman, more then a love shared between the creator and created. The woman, honored to be noticed, took to the god. Together they created a child from their love, and it was different then all other creations. This action had inspired other gods to take human lovers, and soon they too became impregnated.

    The children that were of god and man, also referred to as devas, were all different, some partaking to the skills of their gods while others had abilities completely different from their origins. Creatures of many kinds were created by the coupling of god and man. Sometimes they took upon the form partial forms animals, or they possessed powers that supersede those of humans. They were abominations in the gods eyes and because of their unnatural appearances the gods left Panathamin as punishment to themselves and humans.

    The devas with other humans, passing on their gifts to their children. It wasn't until many generations that the creatures of god and man took advantage of their powers and used them to rule over other humans. The humans could not compare to the abilities of the devas, and if they rebelled, they ended up dead. So they surrendered.

    Many more generations had past before a human prayed to the gods that abandoned them for help. One goddess of lesser power, felt his pleas and answered his call. She realized the sins her fellows, and how their offspring misused their powers. She could not remove the devas, for they were to vast and many, but she granted the human her blood and with it her power. She paid the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity, her life.

    The blood of the god gave those who consumed it great power and some of the knowledge of the dead goddess held. It, when administered to the humans, changed them into what we now call the enlightened. The enlightened reproduced offspring after the blood ran out, but they never coupled with humans as to avoid creating abominations. The enlightened, after preparing for many years, waged war against the creatures so they could protect their former kin, humans.

    The war wages on, but many of the enlightened and creatures are dead now. Rumors of peace have spread across the land that the war is to end. A contract of peace between the humans, enlightened, and the creatures. Though this was not confirmed as of yet, some have come to abide by it.

    Enlightened (open)
    The enlightened are humans who were gifted the power of a lesser god by blood. First generation enlightened are often more powerful because the blood runs fresh in them, as the generations go, they get weaker. The enlightened are known to breed with only other enlightened as to avoid the creation of such abominations like the god spawn. Often they are orphans, living in human villages until they are called when they get old enough.

    They can live longer then the average human and retain their youth, but they often die before they get old enough. Most deaths are painful due to war. They are granted special powers along with their ability to purify the creatures. These powers usually are only enhancements to talents or skills they already have, but sometimes are seemingly "random".

    There is no established rank amongst the enlightened, but people often look to the son of the first enlightened and the other first generations who drank the goddess' blood. They all retain a certain sense of justice, usually similar due to the knowledge granted to them by the goddess. They are the peacemakers.

    Enlightened Powers (open)
    Powers often seen in the Enlightened are, but are not limited to
    Enhanced Strength
    Enhanced Speed
    Enhanced Senses

    Devas (open)
    The god spawn, devas, are the mix breeds between humans and gods. The stronger the blood of the gods run through their veins, the stronger they are. Devas usually do not travel or dwell in groups, but it can be, on occasion, found amongst kin or those of similar kind.

    They can be or do a number of various things depending on which god they stemmed from. Some may take the appearance of human, others may appear beast like, and some are a mix between. Unnatural powers are often seen in god spawn.

    Devas do not have a system of order. Some rule humans, others live in solitude. Most do as they please, whether or not it is considered good or bad. Not all god spawn are evil, just as not all humans are good.

    Devas Examples (open)
    Examples are, but are not limited to
    Form Changers
    Spell Casters
    Element Manipulators

    Humans (open)
    Humans are the beloved creation of the gods, now abandoned. While they may not compare to the physical features and strength of the other species, the humans have the tendency to lean towards compassion and pity then others. Whereas the enlightened are selfless and just driven, and the devas are self satisfying and open, the human are more influenced by their emotions than either.

    Humans are caught in between the battle of the enlightened and the devas. On more occasion then one, they often do lean on the enlightened, but can be found as the support of a deva. Most do not actively participate in the bloody war, but human armies are known to be sent to fight against the enlightened by the deva. In this case, they are terminated.

    Character Sheet

    Basic Info

    Personal Info
    Talents: (Powers would go here)
    Appearance: (Mildly detailed or photo)

    Basic Info
    Name: Elric Carnet

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Species: Enlightened

    Personal Info
    Personality: (You'll get to know him better as we play on. :D )
    Elric is a leader, the calm within the storm. He withholds the balance of the enlightened and acts as their council. Though the enlightened do not have a typical ranking, they do see the young man as their head while often depending on him to make difficult decisions. As a leader, Elric had suffered quite a bit of ridicule. Because of that ridicule he, more often then not, puts much time into thinking about the simplest of situations, and often over thinks everything. He can be seen as slightly paranoid, and often tense as though someone where to jump him which has happened on some on some occasions. He tries to be as fair as possible, mainly because he oversees the executions of the god spawn that have been labeled as dangerous.

    Talents:Enhanced Speed, Close Combat Fighting

    Weaknesses: Katagelophobia

    Background: (More to be revealed later)
    A direct descendent of the first enlightened. Elric never knew his father; the elder Carnet had spent all his time slaying the god spawn who abused their powers and took advantage of the humans. Soon after he was old enough to care for himself, his mother left him too. Both his parents were presumably lost in a long battle. He grew up in a human village for his own safety until he was called upon by some of the first generation Enlightened.

    Elric grew up with other enlightened, most looked to the child for guidance in hopes that he, like his father, would guide them to victory. The expectations for such a small child was high, and it may very well be the reason behind his complex. Despite the pressure always being on, Elric lived up to most of their ideals for a leader. He had his advisers who had helped as much as possible, but he never truly knew the meaning behind childhood.

    He started his training as soon as possible, working with the adults to prepare himself for his destiny. Hard work and the determination to do what is right made him the man he is today. Now as an adult, Elric leads rescues amongst villages that have been overtaken by god spawn.​
    Picture (open)

    Second Generation Enlightened

    RP Here
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  2. I don't really have time to think up a character sheet right now but this seems pretty interesting.
  3. That's great! I have a bit of editing to do and I still have to add some more info, but it is comforting to know that someone is interested at the least.
  4. It'd be nice if the god spawn had a name, like the Enlightened do. Maybe something like demigods or nephilim or something like that.
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  5. I'm interested in playing one of the God's Spawn.

    Though I wonder, could it be a mythical creature, like a specific one? Say, for example, one of the unseelie fae folk? They're the not so friendly one.
  6. Thank you, I named them & it does feel a lot better that way.

    Of course! I only left a few examples as to get the gears grinding in possible interested folk. You can practically do anything with the god spawn, now named devas. As long as they are not too overpowered, feel free to let your mind flow.
  7. I'd love to join; I'll have a sheet up as soon as I can.
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  8. Basic Info
    Name: Cerulea Sirein
    Age: 41
    Gender: Female
    Species: Deva; mermaid

    Personal Info
    Personality: Cerulea is about as haughty as you can get. She finds just about everything to be dreadfully boring and considers herself to be above everyone and everything. As a result she can be pointlessly cruel and selfish, feeling entitled to all kinds of things and getting pissed off when she doesn't get her way. She has no qualms about killing, especially if it's for food; in fact, murder is one of the few things that actually gets her blood flowing these days.

    Talents: Out of the water, Cerulea takes on a mostly-human appearance, though the skin of her legs and feet is thicker and feels scaly. Once she goes into the water, her legs become a mermaid tail. She is able to breathe in both air and water and is an exceptionally fast swimmer. In addition, she has a bit of magic under her belt that allows her to control and bend water as she pleases.

    Weaknesses: Cerulea is significantly weaker, physically, when she's on land. Her skin dries out quickly regardless of form so she doesn't do well in the sun. Personality wise, she has zero patience and is likely to abandon something when it doesn't suit her.

    Background: Cerulea is part of a long line of water-dwelling devas that live together in a large lake, seizing and devouring any weaker beings too foolish to stay away. The lake is almost always tinted red with blood and smells of death. Cerulea once led the family, lording over the other devas and fighting off the occasional courting attempt from suitors following rumors about her exceptional beauty. She passed the role onto her two sons when she decided being the queen was too much work, however, and set about traveling the world in search of a better lifestyle.

    It wasn't too long before she happened across a beach-side village full of unsuspecting humans with only a handful of Enlightened keeping watch. A few killings were all it took to strike fear and submission into their hearts and minds, and soon she'd established herself as their new queen. She demands ritual gifts of food and jewelry and drowns anyone who tries to rise up.

    Appearance: Cerulea's most striking feature is that she is completely bald. Like many of her fellow mermaids, she considers the long, flowing hair of typical human mythology to be a complete joke. Don't they know that hair goes everywhere underwater? It could get caught up in the seaweed, or worse, the rotor of a boat. Her skin has a deathly pallor about it from lack of sunlight, but her eyes are a striking, crystalline blue, the same color as the scales on her mermaid tail. She has an incredibly sleek, smooth build, with a tall neck and a smooth jaw, but her age has added some wrinkles around her eyes and jaw. Her beautiful curves hide her instruments of murder: inhumanly sharp nails and pointed teeth, made for ripping and tearing into flesh. When traveling about on land, she prefers flowing blue garments, but is usually nude underwater.

    Extras: She has an exceptionally beautiful singing voice, a sharp contrast to her usual lower-pitched high-and-mighty tones.
  9. A bald, middle-aged murderous mermaid matriarch? That's awesome.
  10. Why thank you! :3
  11. [​IMG]
    Oh man, this sounds really cool. Would it be alright if I made a character sheet as well?​
  12. I'm working on a faun character so hopefully I can get a character sheet up pretty soon.
  13. Accepted & a great character for a deva!!!

    Of course! Feel free to do so on your leisure.

    I can't wait to see it!
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  14. Basic Info

    Name: Ezekiel

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Species: Enlightened

    Personal Info

    Personality: Ezekiel is a rather refined, observant, quiet young man. He's not much of the shy type so much as he's more of a follower then a leader -- He's actually rather quite comfortable around people. He just doesn't find any reason to speak unless being spoken too [despite asking questions. And even then, he tends to do those in some sort of means of privacy] Though he is fully capable of holding a conversation, especially if it is of something of importance, never expect him to actually start the conversation unless it is an urgent matter of some sort. Or an order. Patience is key, and over the years of using telekinesis, he's become rather good at it. Ezekiel is also more on the passive, patient side. In all honesty-- he never is the one to look for a fight. He wouldn't start one and he most certainly wouldn't finish one. And he's okay with that, and knowing that.

    Talents: Telekinesis, stealth. He works best when in complete silence, with full concentration on the task at hand. He's capable of multitasking-- but results wont have as much effect as doing it without some type of distraction. If his concentration is broken for too long of a time, no matter what he's doing-- it will fail, and most likely cause a mess because whatever he has lifted at that time will drop. Time limit is about 10 seconds of mind roaming before he needs to be back on regular task.

    Weaknesses: As far as physical built, he's not very strong. He's not insanely skinny, he looks like an average 19 year old, but someone very well might just kick his ass [not without a bit of a fight though, he wont take it lying down.] It's a con to the pro of telekinesis. There's also a type of strength in telekinesis for him as well-- what he can move depends on his mental state, because mental state is a big part of how well he can concentrate. For example: If he was considerably happy, he may be able to move something like a table-- maybe a few chairs as well, even a bed. If he was sad, he would be very limited to what he could pick up, mostly lighter things or mildly heavy things-- like a couch, or in some cases, a person. If he's angry-- that anger would fuel him, and he would be able to pick up bigger things, like cars, bigger people, a larger number of smaller or medium sized objects, etc.

    Background: Ezekiel grew up mostly secluded from others, with his mother as his main source of interaction and company in general. His father was not around for his childhood, not from death but simply lack of responsibility for the new life he had helped bring into the world. His father didn't insert himself back into his life until Ezekiel was just becoming a young man, about the age of 15, in which Ezekiel rejected him. Understanding, he left without a word of protest-- though has always been involved in Ezekiel's life secretly in other ways. The man behind the curtain type deal, including in the event that caused Ezekiel to realize his power. That moment in time, though, has always been a bit fuzzy to Ezekiel personally, not remembering fully exactly what happened. Probably a type of reaction to first time use, yes? Over the last 4 years, he has gotten the hang of his powers quite well, and could even say he has 'mastered' some things. Though he still has a lot to learn. He is currently in search of a mentor of some sort. His mother is still alive to this day, though he does not see her as often-- his fathers whereabouts though, are unknown.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Extras: During telekinesis, his senses are heightened the slightest bit-- and he becomes more sensitive to certain things. Such as sound or even smell.

    If there's anything wrong with it, please let me know! I'll fix it right away!
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  15. Accepted! Question though, you left his background blank. Was that on purpose? I am fine with it, if so, but just wanted to be sure it was intentional and not forgotten. :)
  16. Basic Info

    Name: Milo (mee-lo) Eirini
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Species: Mountain Faun

    Personal Info

    Milo has a reserved and calm personality, especially for a faun. Though mountain faun are considerably less rambunctious than their forest-dwelling cousins, their culture is nevertheless still dominated by traditions of revelry and lust. Despite this, Milo had never been the type to participate in the frequent festivals and events of his village, often preferring to meditate or train in solitude. In truth, he longs to escape from the expectations that were thrust upon him and adventure to the world beyond the cold, rocky mountains he calls home.
    Milo spends a lot of time deep in thought, often gazing out across the landscapes stretching out far below his mountain home, On a clear day, he can make out the many human settlements that dot the landscape, wondering what it must be like down there.

    Milo is a proficient martial artist, and his weapon is his body. He also carries a quarterstaff which he wields with considerable skill. As a wind spirit he has the ability to create localized air currents which augment his fighting ability. His strong affinity to the wind also affords him superhuman agility and an ability to sense the movement of air around him, however slight.

    The horned skull of a faun is much thicker and stronger than that of a human, and so he has some resistance against concussion and head injuries compared to other races. Adaptation to an environment where a fall can easily be fatal makes his balance and climbing ability exceptional. His animal ears also grant him improved hearing.

    Milo has spent his entire life within the mountains he calls home. Because of this, he is ill-adjusted to the outside world and quite naive.
    Most of his offensive ability is short-range, so ranged attackers could pose a problem for him if he is unable to close distance. Very loud noises and strong winds interfere with his ability to sense air disturbances, leaving him a much easier target to hit.


    Milo was born to a village of fauns, high in the mountains to the south. Unlike the fauns that inhabit the forests and plains, the mountain fauns are spirits of air, not nature, and were born of a different god - Aries. Rather than part goat, they are part sheep, and their legs are like a human's, though they still grow thick wool on their thighs. Legend holds that Aries was a great and beautiful woman - it was said that she towered at ten feet tall and grew curling ram horns upon her head. Her long, flowing hair was as white as the clouds that inexplicably surrounded her wherever she went, and her eyes were like looking into the sky itself.

    It was of little surprise, then, that when a faunling child was born with snow-white hair and sky-blue eyes, he would be seen as something special.
    Mountain fauns often have fur and hair colors of various shades of grey and sometimes light brown, but only the first few faun to be born ever had white hair and blue eyes like the goddess herself.

    Even his parents were ashen grey and hazel-eyed.

    News of Milo's birth spread quickly, and he was hailed as an avatar of Aries, and the purest expression of the godsblood since the first generation. The monks of the monastery were quick to insist that he had great power, and insisted he be enrolled at the monastery at a very young age.

    They were right. Milo learned faster and performed better than any of his peers. He was a true prodigy, but he hated it. His status as "the chosen one" meant that he was either treated like some kind of divine being or resented for his popularity. Nobody treated him as an equal. Nobody treated him like a friend.

    He began spending more and more time in solitude, away from his doting fans and those who resented his position. The peace brought comfort, and he would often sit and gaze out at the landscape below and at the birds flying above. He would sometimes imagine he could fly too, flying far away from his mountain home to some distant land unknown, where nobody would know who he was.


    Milo is lithe and small at around 5'4" tall, with subtly defined arm muscles and abs being the only indicator of his true strength. Like most faun monks, he wears a sleeveless shirt, loose, baggy pants and a sash, but due to his status is often also seen donned in quite a lot of gold jewellery.
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  17. Accepted! I love the originality of the character and the ties to the god he is related to.
  18. [​IMG]
    Oh man, I did leave his background blank! I was a little tired last night when I wrote that up, my mistake. I'll fix that right away, give me little bit and i'll have it sorted out. ​
  19. [​IMG]
    Finished! You are free to read and check over it as you see fit!​
  20. Nice nice! :D
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