The end of everything that never should have been

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  1. You ever have one of those days that feel great but you know there's a storm around the corner? Yeah that's how I felt as I sat in the lush leather finishing a shot of Grey Goose. I signaled the waiter. " another one please." he wrote it down and hurried off. My pasta was finished and I was waiting for someone perhaps a few someone's I didn't know. One thing I know I've always lived Italian food . I got it from my father, rest his soul. If the Darkness lets it. He passed that curse to me when I became 21 I've had it for four years now and it's helped me keep the criminal empire he started. He wrote a book that sped up my learning process something he said he never had. Thanks pop. I adjusted my leather coat and brushed aside my long black hair, what I'm the hell is taking that waiter?
  2. "Hmm." I thought, entering the obscure restaurant. "Could be worse." The lighting was dim and there seemed to be few other patrons. Few waiters either, which was annoying. I adjusted the hem of my dress as I sat down at a single table away from anyone else. All dressed up with no one to care. So much for the men of this world. I smirked at my own dark thinking as I took out a few of the pins holding back my long blonde hair. I still made enough to buy my own drinks, and I'd take a cab back after. If the damn waiter ever showed up.
  3. Finally there's the waiter and some nice blonde in the corner. " your drink sir." whys this guy looking so nervous? And that's when I realized here we go . As he hands me my drink the napkin slips off the tray and he reaches for a pistol. Now before I'd dive for cover and shoot this guy from behind the table but I have a couple other tricks. Click click the man stares at his gun his face dropping "mighty dark in that gun barrel isn't it?" he starts to shake well don't start what you can't finish. I stand and yank the gun outta his hands. People start running to exits and all sorts of chaos. Then he starts to beg " give me a name and it'll be quick otherwise.." I tilt my head and blood starts to drop outta his nose." oh god their eating me!" I cross my arms "the name and it all stops," he takes a few deep breathes "Charles Xanatos! Now make it stop." I place the gun to his temple and pull the trigger before he can protest. Blood and brains all over shouldn't forget that drink. It goes down smooth as I head towards the exit.
  4. I heard a bang...just like every other night. This town needed a better police force. I guess I just have to take matters into my own hands. Being the last surviving elf since the times of the gods makes it hard for me, but trust me. I find ways to blend. Only thing bad right now is that I didn't have my gun or my bow and arrow, so I think I just have to use the talents I was born with. I ran to the source of the gun shot which seemed to be a restaurant, so what I did, is I found my way to the back door, picked up a few twigs and picked the lock, then snuck inside the kitchen. I then took cover by the kitchen and peeked in to find the shooter.
  5. Well that was not what I wanted can't even go out for a drink anymore. "hey boss." I looked up into the rafters of the building. Hanging over the edge was Ralph a darling they still look like little goblins with tiny black eyes " you got someone in the back." great more shit turning I made my way to the buffet which was about mid-way in the joint. " you gonna hid all day or come out? " the lights suddenly turned off I love it when those little monsters chew through power cords
  6. I stayed as still as possible until I heard the guy say seemed like it was meant towards me....shit....okay...I could do this. I knew magic yes, but the kind of elf I am limits my magic. I'm not meant to hurt or kill or maim. I was only meant to be one of those "nursing" elves. I hated it. I made myself a killer, I trained hard for years. There was no way I would settle to be a stupid nurse. I clenched my fists and they lit up, I ran straight towards the man hoping to ram him. I knew this would end badly right away. I just hoped for the best.
  7. Um ok I thought taking a side step with a smile on my face "so what are u exactly?" I think this guy just tried to ram me that's new " look if your not with those other guys we really don't need to have a problem here ....are your fists glowing?" thatll mean if he does go nuts using the darlings to attack him wont be as effective unless I use a swarm he can only hit two at a time or with all this darkness since the lights are off I could open a black hole into well I never found out where they go. Plenty others have
  8. I hadn't seen the arguement, but I sure head the gunshot. People were running towards the exists and I tripped over something and fell behind an overturned table. Then the lights went out. Perfect, I thought. Plus I ripped my dress. I froze when I heard voices. Then more fighting. Shit, how whas I supposed to get out of here?
  9. I looked up slightly and noticed he had dodged so I ran up the wall I was going to run into and flip off of it landing on him with a shard of glass I had found on the ground from the horrible job of sneaking it I did. "I suggest you tell me what's going on, who you are, and why I heard gunshots." I said with a rather stern face. I kept the shard of glass close to this throat. I snatched his gun quickly and put it into my back pocket.
  10. "ok pal Your approach is a bit more hostile then I like. Stump!" A huge darkling appeared behind this man and pulled him back roughly "I dont know who you are, but manners do go along way. Charging someone you dont know and then taking,,what is that glass? taking that to a persons throat a bit hostile. I pull up a chair and sit Clearly this person dosent know who I am or what I can do. "Look Ill be generious, that man." I point a finger at whats left of his head. "Tried to kill me on orders from someone I dont even know. So I killed him. I just wanted a good meal and its always ruined. Names James Estacado by the way. And you are?" Why is that blonde still sitting there?
  11. Fine. Here was my chance to sneak out of here while that psycho was distracted. I stood up slowly, trying to remember where the door was. I was sure there was a back entrance. That might be safer. Good thing the lights were out. I reached a had to the wall and suddered as I felt blood. If I moved slowly and quietly maybe no one would notice.
  12. I growled as these creatures held me back. He said a name I needed to remember "James Estacado", however he didn't need to know mine, so I shook my head at him and said "I don't think you know what I'm capable of. Things I can do. But we can talk if you want. We'll save the fighting for later." I snarled at the man not struggling a bit, because I had already called for help from a certain friend.
  13. Casually I walked down the sidestep when the nightly sounds were silenced by a loud gunshot. Just great... No really, I like some things to happen for I am a curious person. Now where was this sound coming from? I made my way quickly to the front door of the specific restaurant and swung it open with a rather surprised look. This was to say, odd. The smell of iron was rather heavy in the air, blood? My head felt fuzzy because of it and I let out a soft groan. My hand ruffled my already messy deep purple hair, praise the humans for their hair dye! My natural color would've been white, if I gave it the chance to grow.

    Slowly I stepped in, staring at the figures seemingly having a fight of some sort. Or they were just talking. My hand moved back to the door, giving a few short knocks on the wood. "Busy with murder or...? " My yellow eyes were gleaming in the shadows, yet again, contacts. I just don't like the natural things I guess. There I stood, watching two people I didn't know, and a lady with blonde hair trying to get out of the back. That I didn't notice her earlier. "Need some help...? Any of you hurt, I mean, I heard a gunshot and clearly there's a dead guy over there."
  14. Again I stopped. And again I thought nasty words. Yet another freak. "Please, I just want to get out of here." I said. Weary of this game. I was dejected and bruised, and more than ready for this to be over with. I could only just make out the two men who had been facing off earlier and now this stranger who had just walked smack into the middle of it.
  15. "stump let him go" I gave him a stern look. " but boss he was dinner!" I shook my head and glanced around. It got kinda crowded in here and the sun would be coming up soon light would pour into this place and I'd be really limited. Still he had a point I didn't know him. " here's the issue and I might as well spill it. I got this curse that lets me do pretty much anything as long as light is not involved I can even change it into well anything. So back on point people wanna take this from me, or control me to use it." Breath I told myself "yes I'm a criminal I run a drug empire no women nO kids and the supply dosent get sold on the streets by buyers nor is it fatal. The question I have is where do u wanna take this? Try to fight me and maybe win or go after these people who make me look like Santa Claus. I could do it alone but help is welcome."
  16. When I heard the gunshot I hid in the kitchen. Someone walked in through the back door and I held my breath hoping he wouldn't see me. I had no idea what was going on but it seemed to have settled down. I opened the door to see if everyone left but the door creaked and I stopped. To me it sounded loud but I guess that's because I was used to the quiet. It didn't seem to disturb the people that were talking. I could see two figures at a table talking about a drug deal or something and a waiter was laying on the ground dead. I didn't know who he was, he just showed up saying he was new and insisted on serving some man. I guess they shot him... I could barely make out a girl trying to get out of the room but I was in no position to help her. I went to close the door not remembering it made a large bang when it closed that was loud enough to quiet everyone in the restaurant during rush hour. I looked around quickly trying to find something that might help if they came after me.
  17. Well here was chance to make things interesting.I straightened my torn dress as best I could and brushed my hair out of my face. "What do we get out of it, helping you?" I asked. It seemed useless now to pretend I could get out of here scot-free. There was a loud bang at the kitchen door that made me jump while I waited for his answer. "Now what?"
  18. I nodded. "I'm going to have to tell my friend to lay off." I crossed my arm. "He should've been here by now" "I've been here a while now elfy bro"

    I was hanging off the ceiling with a wicked smile on my face. I landed on the ground with an AK-47 straight to this "cursed" guys chest. "Now this curse stuff? I believe in...only because I have a friend that's a nearly immortal elf. However, you've been using it for evil. Me and elfy are illegal law enforcers." I teleported behind the guy and kept a pistol to his head. "We're going to have to move you out the building. Sun's coming up soon and honestly I can't trust you in the dark." I moved the guy forward a little worried about what would happen if I pushed him too abruptly.
  19. After hearing this I felt safe. I walked out of the kitchen a little hesitantly but when I could see the two men who said they were illegal law enforcers... Figuring I was going to leave without a problem I started to head for the front door hoping the girl standing there would let me pass.
  20. Ok quick on the judgements " look fellas in case u didn't notice guns don't work." I point to the waiter." also my patience is starting to wear thin. What you get outta this is safer streets and of course plenty cash." I snap my fingers and thirty little gobbling show up. " hey boss can we eat em pasta sucks!" I shake my head " last chance easy or hard." all I wanted was a little help finding some people who were turning kids into druggies taking away their futures for a buck. The ones I sold to we're already bangers and drifters but no women no kids