The Elemental Giants

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  1. With the children of Wind Earth and Fire
    urrently the children of the elements of Fire, Wind, and Earth, are inside of a small flat house that The Watcher of Time had bought them shortly before sending them out to Colorado via plane. They were in a small section that had a few other houses around it as well. The house was large, with 4 bedrooms, all of which were on the top floor, 1 master bedroom (Of which was The Watchers, for any time he decided to visit), which is also on the top floor, 3 bathrooms, 2 of which were on the top floor, a singular large kitchen with an island in the middle, a large garage with enough room for 3 cars or 4 motorcycles to fit encase any of them decided to buy a vehicle, and a very large basement, which wasn't a basement at all. Instead of finding the normal darkness-storage combo for a basement you'd find a padded floor, training dummies, various weapons (Which ranged from Guns to Swords to Bo-Staffs to Boxing Gloves to bows and arrows, though Watcher told them not to use the guns until he said they were ready) , bulls-eye targets, and a small sparring arena in the middle of it all, the weapons were littering the walls and were in plain view. Watcher told them they could decorate the entirety of the house however they wanted so long as they didn't get too into it.

    However, the most important thing currently inside of their heads weren't of their house, but of the watchers words before they left...


    The Watcher stood before them dressed in a black suit, fixing his red tie, with black suit pants and black shoes, as he looked at the 3 standing before him. These were the 3 he had spent living with and training for 16-17 years, he thought of them as his own children at some points. He spotted a black leathery tick like creature near his face and with a quick application of the small amount of mastery he had over wind he crushed it without touching it, before he focused back on the 3.

    "Now, after you get off of the plane and get settled into your new home, your goal is to find the Child of Water, i've already enrolled you into the school that he is attending. After that you are to train him and help him unlock his abilities. Start with his telekinesis first, than move onto his element, and when you decide to teach him how to go into his giant form make sure that your nowhere near any source of human life, we don't want them getting scared because you were careless..." Despite his scolding tone he had on a warm and caring smile. "And always remember, i will always love the 3 of you no matter what you do..." He finished with a lone tear coming out of his right eye as he hugged the 3 of them tightly, but not too tightly. He had taken care of and raised these three since they were able to walk, and now he had to let them go on their own for a short while. With that he gained a determined look in his eye. He pulled away from them and looked at them with a proud smile and a fire in his eyes.

    "Now, i have business to take care of, so i'm leaving this all up to you guys, i trust and believe in all of you..." He finished as a portal that looked similarly like a gear appeared behind him. Watcher had a lot of abilities, most of them considered impossible, and even though it seemed like he could take on the 'Great Danger' he had warned them about all by himself, this fact was not true. Due to his powers and abilities he was not allowed to interact with the 'Great Danger' itself or any of it's more dangerous creatures that they had yet to meet, as this was something the 3, 4 once they have found the child of water, of them had to take care of themselves. He slowly backed into the portal, phasing into it and disappearing, as the gear like portal disappeared shortly after he did.

    Flashback End

    The 3 of them had managed to settle in okay, and it had turned out that their school schedules were exactly the same so they would never be separated. It's currently 6:30 AM on a Monday, of which school starts in 30 minutes and they are in walking distance of it. It was going to be their first time at a school, and they would be coming in as transfer students of the 12th grade and they were told by Watcher that the boy they were looking for would be in the same classes as they were. Luckily Watcher had included basic American education to them so that they would be at the same level as other 12th graders, though Watcher was pretty sure that they were smarter than the average 12th grader. They were given their target and fellow elements general appearance, ocean blue-like eyes and shaggy black hair, and the fact that he is bullied a lot and ignored by his family, but that was it. One of their Alarm clocks had just gone off and they were awakening, ready to start a day of awkward introductions, cranky coffee drinking teachers, and searching for their fellow element.
  2. Hiroaki Hikaru stirrs, trying to get himself ready for "Classes" at 7. Letting out a little sigh, he feels the mental contacts of the other two, and is the first to get everything thrown together. from here, he starts to study his schedule, hiding it in the pages of one of his books, so that it appears as he is simply reading, while he is in fact planning out routes to each class, to the locker, and how best to go about this. Once he has a satisfactory plan, he moves to check on the others, stowing his book. Remaining fairly quiet, he recalls what the group had been told by TWoT. "your goal is to find the Child of Water, i've already enrolled you into the school that he is attending." Figuring that their schedules also match that of their intended recruit, he starts studying the approximation before his mind starts to wander. It's true, Somewhere out there he has a biological family, for the most part, but he has no memory of them, nor any leads to go on for when their task is complete. Making himself some Hotter-then-normal Coffee, he sighs quietly. "Shikata ga nai." (Translation: "It Can't be helped.) Pressing his spectacles back up the bridge of his nose, he glances around, trying to get an indication of how the others are coming along. Reaching out to each of their minds, he tries to communicate with them.

    <How are things coming along you two? Do you need any assistance?> Despite being the alien embodiment of Fire Reincarnate, he speaks with a tone of genuine concern and desire to assist. As he waits for the others to finish their breakfast and finish preparing, he starts to read from one of his textbooks. After all, no better time than the present to study, right? Despite this being merely a cover for their main objective, it can't hurt to potentially learn something in the process. a good leader is always one whom learns and places the lives and well-being of those he leads over that of himself. Letting out a sigh, he slams his book closed with a loud thudding noise. Having been meant as a non-verbal cue to the others that they need to hurry, as they are running out of time, he gets up and starts approaching Myca.
  3. Bianca was hurriedly getting changed into her usual attire, the long reflective wall of a mirror straight in front of her. Find the Child of Water, huh... from what The Watcher of Time said, it wouldn't be a difficult task - considering he'd be in the same classes as the others. The worrying problem however was that... they needed to figure out a way to tell this boy that he had the ability to control water at will, and turn into a giant beast. Bianca wasn't sure if he'd believe them at first, but when it came to it, she'd probably let Hiroaki do the talking. If this water boy was getting bullied... that was where Bianca could help. She didn't need magic to solve that problem.

    Clenching her fists, Bianca looked into her own, frowning hazel eyes as she stared into the mirror. Her hair was much neater than usual for this occasion, held firmly by her grey hairband. She stopped for a moment as she heard the voice of Hiroaki through telapathy.

    <How are things coming along you two? Do you need any assistance?>
    <I'm fine.> Bianca replied with her usual grumpy tone.

    Leaving the mirror behind, Bianca raised her guard and laid a few, solid punches into the punchbag in her room. The straight punches were quick and tough, leaving the already ripped punchbag swaying madly through Bianca's room. She didn't know if it was a habit or not, but Bianca always beat up her punchbag before going downstairs.

    Leaning beside the entrance door with her arms folded, Bianca wasn't sure what to expect from this new school. Most didn't take kindly to her grumpy attitude, and she knew that she probably wouldn't be liked by the teachers. But finding this new boy and telling him what his powers was what counted... not getting good grades or whatever.

    <Ready.> Bianca communicated with a pushy, impatient tone, blowing her out of her eyes and leaning back on the door. Spotting stains of dirt by the front door, Bianca effortlessly flicked her finger, and the particles of dirt flew out of the open window. She then folded her arms again, tilting her head.
  4. Myca had been the first to wake up but due to various circumstances, she was the last one to finish her preparations. She had been very excited to finally experience civilization after such a long time in the wilderness. Of course, they had already been civilized prior to their first assignment without the Watcher's guidance and her weekly visits to Melonna proved to be the refrain she needs to keep herself from falling apart. However, this was their very first real taste of experiencing the modern human world. She was too excited, in fact, that she woke up at 3 in the morning, taking the phrase "the early bird gets the worm" to the extreme. However, ever since she can remember, she had been the one to assume the motherly responsibilities among all of them and as such, she wakes up very early to do tasks like cleaning and cooking for the rest of the family. Today was no different, however, but since they have school to attend to, she made sure to wake up extra early in order to finish everything in time.

    Right now, Myca was enjoying her hot cup of French Vanilla Tea when an impatient Hiroaki contacted her via telepathy.

    <How are things coming along you two? Do you need any assistance?>

    Bianca's perpetually grouchy response came afterwards with just the mention of two brief words.

    <I'm fine.>

    <Oh please, Hiroaki. I'm the one who does every household chore around here. I think I won't need any assistance any time soon. Although, if you could mow the lawn and sweep the yard every morrow, that would be splendid! >

    She thought in her familiar cheerful tone as she relished the taste of the French Vanilla Tea with every delectable sip. Her tea breaks were her favorite part of the day and she sure isn't going to miss it even for a mission to save the world.

    After finishing her cup of tea, she deftly puts it away just as Hiroaki impatiently lumbers toward her. She sidesteps and grabs his uniform's collar before dragging him with her outside to rendezvous with Bianca.

  5. Cody woke up with a start, sweating hard as his black hair was matted to his head and a tear traveled down the right side of his face. He had had another nightmare again. Ever since his father had died Cody had been having 1 of 2 nightmares. The first was of him reliving the day his father had died, the second was of him getting chased by a black creature before it inevitably caught up with him and pierced him through the chest with a black leathery tentacle, he would then feel something get injected into his body that felt like acid before he would wake up. Today had been the one about his father.

    He quickly got up and put his clothes on, his face now free of the tear that had traveled from his ocean-blue colored eye. He headed to the bathroom that was thankfully connected to his room to wash his face and get rid of the evidence that he had cried whatsoever. As he got to the bathroom he looked in the mirror, his sink still had some dry blood stains from what he had done before he went to sleep. He spotted the razor he had used last night, dry blood still on it, as he picked it up. He contemplated using it again, before he remembered his dads last words to him and he threw it across the room and into the bathtub. Hesitantly he drew up the sleeves of his grey hoodie and spotted the cut-like scars that were on his arm. He didn't have just 1 or 2 though, he had what looked like hundreds of them, the most evident being the 2 very red cuts on his arm near his right and left wrist, the result of what he had done last night. He quickly covered his wrists, before grabbing the hem of his hoodie and the shirt underneath it and drew it up. Yup, the bruises were still there. All across his torso and back black, blue, and purple bruises could be seen littering them, scars were dotting his torso and back as well, reminding him of the days his tormentors brought weapons instead of fists and feet. He quickly covered himself back up and walked out of the bathroom. He left his room, grabbing his backpack, phone, ipod, and headphones along the way.

    He proceeded down the stairs while throwing his backpack on and putting the ear-buds in his ears, tuning into the music he had downloaded from the school and library computers, of which consisted of music from the youtube channel MrSuicideSheep, a promoter whose channel mostly consisted of beautiful and peaceful music. He arrived down the stairs and walked right passed an open doorway which revealed his mother and sisters eating breakfast, no evidence of any for him, like always. As he grabbed the front doors doorknob he looked to his right, revealing an opening of which had no door, and decided to go inside despite the fact he hadn't gone into the room for awhile.

    Inside the room all manner of instruments and anything considered musical could be seen. Violins, a grand piano, an electric piano, a cello, a flute, an oboe, microphones, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and even more manner of instruments. They all, however, were covered in white sheets, dust clung to said sheets, and no doubt each instrument showed evidence of neglect. This room was his fathers music room, and despite all the instruments inside his father absolutely adored the Piano and the Violin the most. His father had only manager to teach him how to play piano though, as he had died before he could be taught how to play any other instrument. After his father had died his mother and sisters had tried to sell all of his stuff, but when they had got to the instrument room Cody had gotten down on all fours, crying, and begged them not to sell the instruments, so that he would still have something to remember his father by. The acquiesced to his request, although reluctantly, and left the room alone.

    Cody quickly snapped himself out of his thoughts and left the neglectful home. He sighed, Another day in which i go on without breakfast, though by this point i shouldn't be surprised... He finished his thought as he arrived to the school, after all, he did live right across from it and a walk to it would take only 5 minutes.

    Cody quickly darted to his locker as soon as he got inside, not wanting to get caught by any of his bullies, but as he was grabbing stuff out of his locker it suddenly slammed shut, with his arm still inside. As he fell to the ground in a gasp of pain while holding his arm, the blow had almost opened the cut on his right arm again. He then felt a hard kick land on his back, knocking him headfirst into the floor, he felt tears start to build up in his eyes but he managed to hold them back, because if he cried or showed any evidence of it then it would only get worse. He looked around from his position on the ground and noticed that everyone was ignoring what was happening to him, like always, as he felt someone stomp on his back hard. He grunted in even more pain as he attempted to get up and succeeded, albeit shakily, and looked at his tormentor.

    His tormentors name was Jeremy Fletcher, a boy with blonde hair, black eyes, and wore a black button-up T-Shirt, black jeans, and black leather jacket, and white expensive Jordan sneakers. He was fairly muscular and attractive, but he was also one of the worse people in the case of personality. "Awwwww, look at that, Blue-Boy thinks he can do what he wants without my say..." He finished with a kick to Cody's stomach, making him nearly throw up and fall again but he wasn't able to, as Jeremy had grabbed his color and brought him face to face. "Remember Blue-Boy, you don't get to do anything without my say, you got that?" Cody shakily nodded his head and Jeremy let him go with a laugh, before walking off to do whatever he did.

    Cody quickly finished grabbing his stuff off of the floor and from his locker and started heading to his first class, History. He arrived and spotted the teacher, Mr. Gorish, behind his desk drinking coffee and looking relatively peaceful until he spotted Cody and scowled. Cody quickly hurried to his desk, the one in the very far back right, hidden from everybody except for the fact that the 3 desks surrounding him were empty and had been since the beginning of the school year as the bell rang for classes to start.
  6. He smirks, looking back over to Myra at her requests for him to do some actual manual labor. <Sure thing, Mom. What kind of charring would you like? maybe one shaped like a phoenix, or maybe 'Hiroaki is number 1'?> He laughs a little bit, only to let out a suprised, yelp like noise as Myca tugged him along by the collar. "Oi oi oi!!! I am NOT okay with this!" Ducking under her grip, freeing his collar, he moves to fix it, before speeding up towards the school. Lets go, Slowpokes." He laughs, speeding off, only to motion for them to stop before Cody or his bullies can see them, watching the events.

    <We can't get involved. not yet. We need to see what he goes through, assuming he is the one we are here for. once we are aware, THEN we can take action.> he watches, his pleasure filled smile replaced with a grim and serious frown, his eyes bearing a determined gaze. <Physical Abuse. Verbal Humiliation. Low Self esteem. These are all things we have to help him with before we can even consider approaching him with what we need to. until he feels he has someone to turn to, all we would do is frighten the poor boy further.> he waits for it to end, before heading into class with the others, sitting in the closest of the 3 empty desks. Smiling softly, trying to appear so much unlike fire, he introduces himself to Cody. Hey, I'm Hiroaki Hikaru, A new transfer student from Japan." He smiles, extending a friendly hand to Cody, hoping to at least start out on good terms, his facial expression soft, conveying a message of harmlessness and kindness, so long as he can suppress his fire-like motivation to help.
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  7. Bianca privately rolled her eyes as she watched the two, before sprinting to keep up with them, hurriedly moving towards the school. As she ran, she wondered what it would be like there... Bianca had a feeling that going to school was going to end in her getting in a hell of a lot of trouble, but at the end of the day, they were only here for the water boy. She'd follow TWoT's orders to the end.

    Seeing a motion to stop ahead from Hiroaki, Bianca jolted to a halt, slowly narrowing her eyes and watching the event unfold. The... that scum of a boy - who did he think he was? Acting like he could own somebody like that? And... the child of water... Bianca didn't realise his situation was this bad. The child of water looked awfully depressed... Bianca wasn't the best at cheering people up; perhaps Myca's happy attitude and Hiroaki's polite manner would get the child of water to trust the three. As for Bianca, she knew her role in this position. Clenching her fists and starting to approach with a snarl, Bianca stopped at the sound of Hiroaki's telepathy.

    <We can't get involved. Not yet. We need to see what he goes through, assuming he is the one we are here for. Once we are aware, then we can take action.>

    Unwillingly, Bianca unclenched her fists and stood back. She hadn't been spotted whilst walking towards the bully, thankfully, but she hated watching the situation unfold. The bully was wearing this awful leather jacket, and had sickly blonde hair along with a pair of malicious black eyes. Damn that punk...

    <Fine. But as soon I can... I'm beating the crap out of that punk. Look at him... thinking he owns the boy. That cocky little...> Bianca hissed, watching the bully with hateful eyes. Her facial expression was twitching with anger as she watched the bully laugh and walk away. That worthless punk!

    Moving into the class, Bianca's heavy footsteps caused most of the class to slowly turn their heads and watch her. Bianca returned stares for a moment, before snorting and carrying on. She wasn't here to be Ms. Popular... just here to sort out the water child.

    Silently, Bianca sat in another of the 3 empty desks near the boy, nosily dragging her chair as she leaned on the desk. She listened to Hiroaki, acting sensible as usual.

    "Hey, I'm Hiroaki Hikaru, A new transfer student from Japan."

    Bianca looked at the boy for a moment, figuring that she should introduce herself too. She didn't do so in a friendly manner, though. That just wasn't the kind of person Bianca was.

    "Bianca. Came in with him and her." She grumbled with a gesture to Hiroaki and Myca, before noisily adjusting her sitting position to get comfortable, her eyes narrowly looking throughout the class.
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  8. Myca sighed upon seeing the events unfold before her very eyes. She wasn't aware that water boy's situation was this worse. She tried to maintain her composed and calm facade but she was feeling the same way Bianca was expressively showing the two of them on the inside. No... Bianca's anger wasn't even close to what she was feeling. To someone perceptive, one could clearly see the murder in Myca's eyes. If Bianca would beat the shit out of this bastard with a superiority complex, should Hiroaki and Bianca fail to contain her, she could do something much much worse to pretty boy over there.

    She wasn't surprised that Hiroaki managed to contain Bianca's rage from getting the best of her. He is their leader, after all, and they show him due respect.... from time to time. Indeed, it was true that they needed to blend in first and analyze the situation before deciding on the appropriate course of action to take. Just casually walking up to the target and saying "oh, hey there! We're insanely powerful teenagers that have absolute control of the elements. And Guess what? you're one of us too? Isn't that great?" That would just confuse the poor chap even more. The logical approach would be to approach him slowly and steadily gain his trust. Among all three of them, she felt that she'd be able to him the most but she is well aware that it would take a combined effort from all three of them to convince him to side with them.

    As if everything wasn't bad enough, both Hiroaki and Bianca seem to have neglected introducing themselves to the class. Instead, they went straight towards the child of water and introduced themselves only to him out of the blue like that. Now she knows that she must don the role of becoming the famous one whom every person in the class admires in order to blend in... Such a drag...

    With grace and elegance radiating off her, she enters the room with a big, friendly smile shown on her face. She felt the stares of everyone divert to her, especially those of the male populace, and more particularly, Jeremy. Good, she hadn't even uttered a word and everyone was already attracted to her. Time to seal the deal.

    "Good morning, everyone! My name is Myca Leviera and I'm a transfer student that hails from Europe. From this moment forth, I'll be your classmate. I hope to get along with all of you" Myca states cheerfully with her warm, gentle and sweet smile plastered on her face. She notices that Jeremy's eyes were glued to her ever since she entered the room so she winked at him mischievously, which seemed to fluster the idiot quite well.

    She then casually walked towards the last vacant seat near the child of water and sighed tiredly.

    "I hope you don't mind if I take this seat." She said to Cody but took the seat without waiting for his consent nonetheless.

    "Wow... transferring to a new school is such an overwhelming feeling. Oh! I know! Perhaps you can show me around the campus after class. It would be a really big help if you could." She tells Cody in a sweet voice and even gave him the same wink she gave Jeremy.
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  9. Cody looked up once he heard the door to the classroom open. He spotted a fairly handsome male and 2 gorgeous females enter the classroom, before Cody decided to put his head down and sleep through class. It didn't matter whether he did anything in class or not, whether he did all the work or just sat there, the teachers would fail him outright so he eventually just stopped caring. He lifted his head though and spotted that the 3 that had entered the classroom, which were no doubt new and/or transfer students, had sat next to him and introduced themselves to him. He steadily let his hand out to grasp the other young mans, but once he noticed that the cuts on his arms were almost visible he quickly pulled his hand back, hoping no-one saw the cuts, as he put his head back down and replied with a muffled and emotionless voice "Cody, Cody Moore, local punching bag... I don't really think it'd be safe, for me or you, to have me show you anything..." Before he started to put his head down.

    Cody however tensed up, once he heard Jeremy's voice. Jeremy was now in front of Myca's desk, looking at her with a lecherous grin and an appraising eye, as if he was studying the quality of meat at a market. "Hey sexy, what say I show you around instead? Could turn out to be a more, pleasurable, experience than hanging out with the only kid in this school who could possibly be terrible at everything." He put his mouth next to Myca's ear when he said Pleasurable, in a hope to seem enticing, as he pulled back and looked at Cody with a mirthful grin, looking down on him as if he was an ant, of which Cody wished he was right now. He watched the 4 of them interact, meaning the 3 new students and Jeremy, before he was forced out of his thoughts by the teacher speaking.

    "Alright everyone, it seems we have 3 new students, so if you 3 could come up here and introduce yourself, that would be great!" Mr. Gorish said with enthusiasm, in an attempt to seem like a nice guy to the new students, before he promptly fell back into his chair while mumbling something about 'Even more ungrateful brats for me to deal with' as he waited and listened to the 3 introduce themselves.
  10. Hiroaki Smiles softly, watching her go, introducing herself, much acting like a siren to the bully, something that he not only thouroughly enjoyed but found quite humerous. Looking at Cody as he shakes his hand, he notices the cuts but makes no remarks on it. noticing how sad Cody is, He can't help but feel incredibly bad for him. Hiroaki sighs a little. "Japan was much different from this....." Having read up on his old home country, he has about enough knowledge on the matter to pass as a transfer student, despite having only been there for a year at the very start of his life andnot recalling anything from it.

    Hiroaki, much like the element for which he can control, grows with rage the more Jeremy tries to Seduce Myra. "Try it, and you'll be saying Hail Mary's till St. Patricks day." He growls, the fire in his eyes unmistakable, especially for the two others that have gotten to know him rather well. Fire, while a beautiful thing when observed from a distance, is a rather unruly and wild thing when viewd up close. Standing, looking Jeremy in the Eyes, his own eyes narrow. "You would be wise to back off. And I Don't just mean Myra-San. Cody-san is NOT your plaything, and as such, you will RESPECT him. You got that, Little Fly?" He leans in close. "I suggest you leave now, I've heard being burned alive is a rather unpleasant fate." Hiroaki's proximity to Jeremy's ear would cause Jeremy to feel a slight wave of heat, if nothing significant. Maybe Hiroaki simply has hot breath? Who could say? Of course, Bianca and Myra would know he didn't actually intend to do Jeremy any harm, but the Goal of the exercize comes in part from the first impression of Strengh. Hiroaki looks at Jeremy again, pulling back, much like he had when trying to seduce Myra. "Besides, Anata wa watashi no sobo no yō ni mieru.. (Translation: You look like my grandmother.)"

    Hiroaki Sighs at their being calles up front, and nods to them. <That would be us. Lets get this over with.> Walking up to the front, Hiroaki stands in front of the other two. "I am Hiroaki Hikaru. Though, in my Homeland, that would be reversed, since Family name comes first. It would be Hikaru Hiroaki. I prefer Hiroaki. I hail from Minami Ward, in southern Kyoto Japan. Oh, and if I hear any of you refer to me as a Jap or any other derrogatory term, you will not like the outcome, as I will not stand for it." He Bows at 45 degrees, Eyes narrowing on Jeremy, almost as if he were directing the comment to him. returning upright a moment later, he looks at Mr. Gorish. "I may also be young, Sensei, but I'm not deaf. If we're really Ungrateful brats for you to deal with, it may be time for you to find another profession." he turns and heads to his seat, having said some things likely remaining better unsaid. While being a natural leader and a tremendously kind friend, almost all of the traits of fire he possesses. This includes an occasional irrationality that he is still attempting to learn to overcome. He can be volatile, hot-headed, Bright, and brilliant, while he can also be sinister, strong, Resilliant, and ruthless, traits that potentially leave him vulnerable, as well as traits only one of water could truely help to temper.

    Once next to Cody, he smiles softly. "You can relax, I'm here for you." He gently sets a hand on his back, trying to comfort the young boy. "I am sure Myra and Bianca can be friends too, even if Bianca is a bit, well, hard on the outside and Myra Breezy and Show-offy at times." He chuckles, trying to cheer Cody up a little. Even a small smile would be a success at this point in Hiroaki's book.
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  11. Bianca looked at Cody with a hint of curiosity as he introduced himself. 'Local punching bag'? That was no way to feel about himself... and Bianca saw a hint of a few scars on his arms. Had some of the kids around here attacked him with a knife? Or... no... either way, Bianca knew that this boy needed help. Unfortunately, Bianca only knew one way to help others. Slowly, she looked down at her clenched fists, then looked up again.

    Of course, Myca had taken the friendly approach. She was a dazzling female, and already some of the boys turned their heads eagerly when she entered the room. After her introduction and Myca sitting down, Bianca's eye narrowed dangerously as the bully began introducing himself to Myca. Trying to seduce her? Bianca's teeth clenched as she struggled to contain herself. But Bianca knew what Myca was doing - trying to get the bully on her good side, and when the bully least expected it... Myca would...

    Thankfully, Hiroaki cut in. His speech was what you'd expect from someone trying to solve this without violence, but after the bully's little seduction session, Bianca wasn't sure she'd be able to hold back anymore. Either way, Bianca bit her tongue and stopped herself from yelling at the bully. When she got truly angry... she wouldn't be able to control herself. And that meant Bianca could accidentally use her powers without knowing it.

    <I'll send that brat to hospital...> Bianca hissed through telapathy. The eyes of her and the bully met for a second, and Bianca shot the bully a deadly look before standing up at the call of her, Myca and Hiroaki.

    Facing the class with narrowed eyes, Bianca wasn't sure how to introduce herself. She wasn't a social expert, and she certainly wasn't going to get the class to like her. Instead, she folded her arms - but she heard what the teacher said. Already angry, this set off a spark in Bianca, and she glared at the teacher with dangerous eyes.

    "Who're you calling a brat, you little punk..." Bianca growled with terrifying anger, before facing the class with an angry red colour starting to flood her face. She felt uncomfortable in the class, and was already starting to get some strange looks for hissing at the teacher. Bianca knew that she'd probably get in trouble... but she couldn't control herself sometimes.

    "I'm Bianca. I have anger management issues. So I suggest you don't test me." She muttered to the class, before stomping back to her seat and noisily sitting down again. She looked to Cody, and gave a plain nod at what Hiroaki said.

    "Yeah... here... for you." She said with a struggled tone, before folding her arms at the seat and watching the bully with scowling eyes.
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  12. Myca maintained her smile despite her frowning internally after hearing the hesitation, fear and depression in Cody's voice. The way he referred to herself as a "local punching bag" was also very perturbing. He needed help and he needed it now more than ever. She caught a glimpse of the cuts in the boy's arms which meant he tried taking his own life numerous times in the past and if they don't step in now, things could escalate from bad to worse. If they ever hope to get Cody to join him, he should be saved from this nightmare first before anything else.

    Somehow, that sonuvabitch, Jeremy, somehow heard her request of help to Cody. He was quick to act, throwing insults at the poor boy and acting like a complete jackass instead of the gentleman act which he may have intended on going. He even had the nerve to invade her personal space. Nobody invades her personal space. Not Hiroaki, not Bianca, not even the Watcher of Time dared to invade it. Now some asshole whom she had just met, and not at the most pleasant of ways at that, had the audacity to make a move on her and seduce her? If she had anger management issues like Bianca, combined with her Sadism, this pimp would have already been turned into minced meat.

    "Why, excuse me. I appreciate your courtesy but I think I explicitly asked Cody to give me a tour of the school grounds. I did not ask for your assistance nor am I in need of it now, later, or in the future. Please stop shoving your sinuses in other people's conversations. It is extremely disrespectful. Prying is bad taste, you know?" Myca said in her perpetual enthusiastic voice coupled by her sweet, yet now unnerving smile. A rejection from her would be a major statement in the class considering she's one of, if not the, most beautiful girls in the class. "Oh, and the next time you whisper on my ears like that without express permission from me, I may be prompted to act in self-defense and sew your mouth shut. I must say that I am splendidly skilled in embroidery!"

    After giving him the most respectful rebuttal she could manage while controlling her urge to just rip him to shreds, Myca turned to Hiroaki and glared at him, not losing her unnerving smile, which should have made the Child of Fire shudder on the inside.

    <I thought we needed to blend in first, Hiro? I know you're a hot-head and with Bianca's anger management issues, all three of us don't exactly have a good image around here. I don't know about you but I want to try to cause as little trouble as possible but my patience and restraint is failing me... If that happens... things are gonne get way messy than both of you having your way with pretty boy. You don't want that happening, right?> She thought in an imposing yet cheerful tune. <And by the way, my name is Myca, not Myra. Please do your best to not get my name confused for something else.>

    Afterwards, she stayed at her seat, regardless of the teacher's order to introduce themselves, since she had already done that. However, from way in the back, she heard the mumbling of the teacher due to the whispers of the wind. She would have reacted if not Bianca and Hiroaki had done so first. She honestly felt a little sorry for the poor bastard but majority of her was quite offended and pissed. She merely let it slide and maintained her calm facade though. With two of her teammates already being hotheads, somebody must maintain rationality around here.
  13. After the 3 of them had sat back down there were varying reactions to what had just happened in a matter of minutes. The Teacher, Mr. Gorish, was stunned and speechless, before a look of Rage crossed his face. He was just about to stand up and send them to the principals office, but upon seeing who they were sitting next to he decided he'll just do what he does to Cody, fail them no matter how good they were doing. Jeremy also had a look of rage on his face, as he was still in front of Myca's desk, and brought his hand back, looking like he was going to slap her, before a devilish grin grew on his face as he walked away to his own desk. Cody however, was absolutely stunned, these 3 had just stood up to the biggest bully in, what he thought, all of USA, and did the same to their teacher. Something Cody believed he could not do. "After doing all of that, i think it would be my honor to show you around school. Just give me your schedules and i'll lead you to your classes." Cody said with a small smile, almost un-noticeable.

    Once Cody looked over their schedules and compared it to his he quickly noticed something odd. "Huh, look at that, we have the exact same classes together..." He said with a furrowed eyebrow, before the look of confusion disappeared and the small smile came back. "Cool, will be nice to see what the 3 people who seem to actually have hearts do things. Just follow me around and i'll lead you to our classes. Though i do have one thing to request, please. Please please please, do not act this way around Mrs. Norin. She's the music teacher at this school and she's the sweetest lady in the world." He finished with a slightly pleading tone, and somewhere he could here Jeremy snort and say "Look at that, Blue-Boys already begging for something..." But Cody ignored it.
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  14. <Blend in? yes and no. To Fully Blend in we would have to Ignore the issues plaguing Cody. By simply standing up to the bully, look at how he is, hes already happier, though likely not by much, he is giving a weak smile. Far as anyone knows, anyway, we're friends, since we all came in at the same time.> He looks around, figuring the teacher is going to try and punish them for that, and knows if its not one way, its another. <I have a feeling all three of us are going to get poor grades in this course. How poor, I am uncertain, so at this point spending time and effort here is useless.> He glances at cody and smiles. "I give you my word. We will not do anything like this around Mrs. Norin." He smiles a little, trying to slowly make Cody more comfortable with them gradually, and looks to Bianca. <I need you to try as well. chances are that Jeremy will need to be punished eventually, and that I can reserve for you and Myca. If I were to do anything, I'd end up burning him.> Hiro acts as if he is paying attention, only to shoot Jeremy a glare at his snide remarks. "You. Are. A Candle. Careful not to get burned." Hiros eyes would almost seem to go purely red from a fire when Jeremy looks, but it would just be an illusion, not something actually done by Hiroaki.

    Hiroaki thumbs through his books, Seeming undisturbed, he fixes his glasses again, and adjusts his scarf, before sighing quietly. Something seems to be bothering him, though, it would be no easy task to get him to speak of it, and he instead waits for the bell. <Myca, Bianca, For some reason, it seems he is attached to music. We should promote that interest, as he does need help. What are your thoughs on how to proceed? I am uncertain....>
  15. Bianca watched Myca, listening to her thoughts carefully. It really wasn't smart of Jeremy to get close to her like that, and Bianca could only imagine the kind of things Myca wanted to do to Jeremy right now. Whilst Bianca preferred more of a 'Beat the crap out of them then walk away' approach, Myca would probably kill Jeremy with brutal fashion. And as for Hiroaki? Well, as the saying goes, if you play with fire - you get burnt.

    <Try to stay away from that punk, Myca. He's interested in you - who knows what trouble we'll get in if he gets too close to you again.>

    Bianca then listened to Cody, who already seemed to be getting happier - he even gave a small smile. Whilst Bianca was happy for him and all, she just couldn't return a smile herself. The closest Bianca could get to a smile these days was more of a :| sort of face. As for getting poor grades, Bianca couldn't have given less of a damn. That wasn't what she was here for, and she sure wasn't going to sweet-talk any of the teachers.

    Bianca then folded her arms with an angry flush to her face, listening to Hiroaki's telapathy next.

    <I need you to try as well. chances are that Jeremy will need to be punished eventually, and that I can reserve for you and Myca. If I were to do anything, I'd end up burning him.>

    <I'll handle Jeremy. I can take him out without magic, and without killing him.> Bianca replied quickly. Whilst crushing the bully with rocks would have been effective, Bianca preferred to settle disputes with Krav Maga.

    As soon as the bully added the sneering comment, Bianca turned on him along with Hiroaki.

    "You. Are. A Candle. Careful not to get burned."
    "Shut it, punk. Otherwise you'll be the one begging."

    After giving the bully a warning glarte, Bianca flicked through her schoolbooks, paying almost no attention to the contents. Stuff like this bored her - there was way to much reading to be done. She just wanted the bell to ring already... if the music teacher was as 'sweet' as Cody described, Bianca wouldn't have any problems. And... well... secretly... she really liked music.

    <Myca, Bianca, For some reason, it seems he is attached to music. We should promote that interest, as he does need help. What are your thoughs on how to proceed? I am uncertain....>

    <...Any of you play an instrument? I wonder if Cody's musical.> Bianca replied, not giving away one of her secrets. Bianca actually liked to sing now and again, and was actually pretty good at it. If anybody found out though, she'd be dead embarrassed - so she'd just keep it to herself for the duration of the music lesson... hopefully.

    <Might make Cody feel better if we show an interest in music. Just saying.>
  16. Music. The instant Myca heard that, her face genuinely lit up . Music was one of the few things that gave her happiness due to its ability to not only soothe the wandering, aching and lost soul but it's natural tendency to connect people with one another. It was one of the things that solidified her bond with Melonna since the latter taught her to play two particular instruments, the violin and the piano. Prior that, they had no idea how to connect. What Myca knew of civilization was only from what resources were available to her, namely books. And even then, some of these information was often than not inaccurate or outdated. This was proved to be a blessing in disguise as Melonna found Myca's cluelessness as genuinely amusing but Myca felt the same way. She even went as far as urging Melonna to teach her "the ways of the modern world". When Melonna taught her how to play musical instruments, it only deepened their connection as sisters as they finally managed to make some common ground. Nowadays, she's made it a habit to at least play with Melonna for an hour or more during her weekly visits.

    <I play two actually. So I need to reel him in with both skill and allure? Not a problem.>

    "Do not worry, Cody. I trust your words regarding this music teacher known as Mrs. Norin. I won't do any harm to her. Then again, how could dainty ol' me do any harm to anyone?" She giggled mischievously before clearing her throat and regaining her composure. "But I really am fond of music. I can play two instruments, in fact though I am not really a master of playing them. The instruments I could play are the piano and the violin. What do you play, Cody?" She approaches him in a calm yet seductive manner before leaning towards his face and whispering something to his ear. "Perhaps we can make some lovely music together? Just. The. Two. Of. Us." Myca whispered affectionately before slowly pulling away. She gave him a mischievous wink before giggling a bit.
  17. Cody backed up a little bit once Myca got a little too close for comfort in his case. "Hehe, could you, um, not get so close? I'm uh, i'm Asexual Aromantic, meaning i don't 'get' together with people because i don't feel Sexual or Romantic Attraction to others... Oh, and yea, i play an instrument, i play Piano, my um, my Dad, taught me. Though the way he taught me was unconventional because he taught me by having me play soundtracks of movies and songs with just piano..." Cody said with a nervous laugh. He did have a small amount of blush, after all Myca was a very attractive girl, but he just didn't 'love' others like that in any way. He studied them a little, noticing that they were a little like different 'natures' i guess you could say. Hiroaki seemed volatile and dangerous at times while being calm and welcoming the next, kind of like fire. Myca was 'flighty' and kind of flashy, like the wind, though if this comparison proved true than Cody would rather not see her angry at times, since Wind can cause a lot of damage when it rages. Bianca was like Earth sort of, as she seemed very, 'heavy' or 'rocky' i guess you could say, very centered and immovable.

    "Also, thanks a ton for promising not to do this to Mrs. Norin. She may be a little weird at first, but she's very kind and sweet. Though lately she's been a little weirder, like she's worried about something. Sometimes i can hear her mutter things about water and some sort of 'Danger' and some guy she calls Watcher. I hope she's okay..." At this Cody grew a little silent, thinking over his own words while not bothering to focus on the class.
  18. Hiro grows nervous at Myca's advances, issuing a warning. <Myca, Careful, don't Advance too far too fast.> He glances up from his book and smiles at the mention of music. "I play two as well, though its not something I tend to make widely known." he smiles. "Cody, Is there anything else she has been talking about recently, or any other strange behavior?" He smiles, his tone more of curiosity then recognition. <We should talk to her. But not at a rush. It's clear, if she knows the Watcher, She may recognise us, so caution should be used when the time for Music comes.... > Hiroaki's thoughts seem partially troubled at her actions, as explained by Cody. "And Cody, Is there anything else you do for fun other then music?" He smiles still, seeming to have a genuine interest in Cody's Interests. <The situation with the music teacher unnerves me a little bit, How can she know about all of that?>

    Hiro Frowns after a bit, looking back to his books, trying to come up with a plan. He worries about how she will react when the 4 of them show up, and also glances to Bianca, Myca, and Cody, before back to his book. adjusting his glasses, he lets out a shakey breath and focuses in on his thoughts.
  19. Bianca shook her head at Myca's suggestive language; almost smiling a little. She'd always been a charmer - and somewhat flirtatious, too. Whether that was good or bad, Bianca could never be sure... but she settled for good.
    <Jesus Christ, Myca... I heard that.>

    Bianca looked at Cody with a hint of confusion as he mentioned himself being 'Asexual'. He couldn't feel romance towards anybody...? Bianca blinked once, her eyes watching the floor in thought. And what was all of this about the music teacher - Mrs. Norin - knowing the Watcher of Time? The Watcher of Time had never mentioned the music teacher to the trio in the past...

    <We should talk to her. But not at a rush. It's clear, if she knows the Watcher, She may recognise us, so caution should be used when the time for Music comes...>
    <Yeah. I agree. Let's keep our heads down and be quiet until the end of the lesson.>

    That made Bianca think hard to herself - what did Mrs. Norin have to do with all this? Was she on their side? Was she against them? Bianca wasn't sure whether to trust her... but the chances were that a 'sweet old lady' wouldn't be planning to go against them anytime soon. Bianca still felt somewhat confused why TWoT hadn't told them about this... Mrs Norin. Nonetheless, Bianca was going to be true to her word, and not stir up any trouble in music class.

    Looking down at her books, Bianca noticed she'd be doodling without even thinking about it. Examining the doodle, it seemed to be a picture of herself throwing the bully into space. Another picture was a goofy doodle of her own giant form, giving a grin with a thumbs up. Why did Bianca draw these silly things without even thinking? It was still a mystery to her.

    Bianca quietly tore out the page, and scrunched up the doodle in her book; stuffing it into her pocket abruptly. She then went back to idly looking at the book's contents again.

    <I'm sure the music teacher will be okay. We'll get answers.> Bianca assured the shakily breathing Hiroaki, before her eyes were starting to get droopy.

    <How can you even... pay attention... to... that... s..t..u..f..f...> Bianca telepathed tiredly, almost about to fall asleep from boredom.
  20. Myca sighed when she practically got rejected by Cody when he said he was asexual. And here she was, almost getting attached to the boy. She barely knows him and she was tossed to what the modern day human calls as the "friendzone". Then again, she was at fault for making a move when indeed, she barely knows him. And since she knows that Hiroaki is also asexual while Bianca is straight, plus the fact that she doesn't have any"normal" friends aside from her sister, Melonna, her romantic future may have very well ended right then and there. Well, they had more pressing matters to worry about, including getting Cody to join their ranks and investigating why in the world a school teacher know about their mentor. It seemed far too much of a coincidence for her to have just guessed it out of sheer luck. They certainly needed to get to the bottom of that.

    <You think we'd be able to keep our promise with water boy over here? >

    She sighs as the dilemmas keep piling up one another. How could this situation possibly get any worse? First she gets busted for the first time. Then there's still the uncertainty that they'll be able to smoothly get Cody to join their cause. Now, some random human knows about their "father". A simple extraction mission turned into an interrogation assignment. Hopefully this doesn't escalate into a demolition mission next. She doesn't want to wipe out an entire school off the face of the earth.

    <Well we should get to this Mrs. Norin's class immediately. We'll decide on how to approach her once we see how nice this lady is.>
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