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  1. Come child. Come out and play. For here you are in the Dreamweaver’s Domain.

    Fear not the mortal errs and woes. Sleep and all your worry worlds will go.

    Make a wish and close your eyes. It’ll come to you among the night.

    And when it sings then you sing too. Or the Weaver will then come for you.


    Ever wanted to be extremely attractive? Powerful? Smart? Rich? Your wish is its command.
    Your character has a wish they want granted so badly that they would give anything for it. Good news! In their dreams a spirit who calls itself Dreamweaver came to them and tells them that if they accept its deal it will grant their wish. It asks that in exchange for their wish, they give it control of their unconscious mind. Namely, their dreams.

    Plot Specific Rules:

    • The Dreamweaver decides all the settings (including what characters are with you) when your character is asleep/unconscious if you make its deal.
    • You cannot have your wish granted if you have not contracted with the Dreamweaver.
    • You cannot summon the Dreamweaver. You can, however, decide to hunt it.
    • You can decide to disobey the Dreamweaver. But, that might cause it to try and punish you.
    • The Dreamweaver CAN cause you to spontaneously enter into a daydream. Be wary.
    • Characters who have NOT made a wish that effects their physical attributes (their body or the way they look) CAN wake themselves up. (Wishing for intelligence is not a physical attribute)
    • If your character decides to break the contract with the Dreamweaver then that does not release you from its conditions.
    • Your character can decide to daydream whenever they want. This may not necessarily summon the Weaver.
    Basic Rules:
    • Be nice. No god-modding. No drama. Be cool. Be cool.
    • You may have multiple characters as long as you are active on them.
    • There is not a boy/girl ratio. There is not a range on age.
    • The Dreamweaver WOULD NOT approach people who it knew were previously close with one another (family/friends). Keep that in mind when creating your character.
    • Character intimacy/trigger material should be put into spoilers if it goes beyond a pg range. IT MUST BE CLEARLY LABLED AS MATURE MATERIAL.
    • Settings outside of dreams are up to your character. Just, don’t get too wild.
    • I will let you know if/when your character is accepted. Do not post in the rp thread until your character is official.
    FAQ (open)

    • Can I wish to kill another character? Sure. But, if a character dies, that does not mean they are dead in the dream world too.
    • Can I make the Dreamweaver my friend? That is possible. Or, maybe suggested would be a better word.
    • What if my character is afraid of the Dreamweaver? Then isn't it a time to be alive.
    • Can the Dreamweaver read my thoughts? All your thoughts are safe until you enter a dream. It can not touch your thoughts in the waking world.

    Friendly Tips to the Dreamers:
    • Using the wish for another person may cause the other party to feel the effects should you not live up to the Weaver’s expectations.
    • If you wish for material possessions the Weaver cannot take them away from you. It might, however, possess the power to possess someone else to do so.
    • You may find that you are stronger against the Dreamweaver during the season of which your star sign shines upon you.
    • Making friends with other Dreamers will be as advantageous as it will be dangerous.
    • No one outside of the Dreamers will know what the Dreamweaver is at the beginning of the rp.
    • The Dreamweaver has no known physical existence. In the dream, it may take on any number of forms.
    • Meditation may strengthen your resolve against the Weaver.
    • Check back to see if your character's actions have caused a change in the Dreamweaver's status.
    • Be careful what you wish for.
    Current Star Sign: Aquarius

    Dreamweaver Current Status:
    • Current Aura: angered, annoyed
    • Current Form: spider
    • Current Health: 100%
    • Current Power: 100%
    Current character standings:

    Good standing: none
    Neutral standing:
    • Allen Poe
    • Frank Gordman
    • Larken Amshel
    • Clara Russell
    • Kuro Gray
    • Shiro Gray
    • Amandus Patterson West
    • Alice Belcourt
    Enemy standing: none
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  2. Grapefruit, a glass of water, and multivitamins--that was Clara's average breakfast. She typically ate first thing in the morning as she browsed through tumblr and humored herself to the left over nighttime posts. This was the main form of social interaction she would have all day. Her room lit solely by the light of her computer screen, it was still too early for the sun to have come up yet. Hunched over her laptop, her spoon dangled out of her mouth as she added the newest update to her Tumblr blog.

    I saw the animal again last night. This time, in the form of a swan. I'm almost completely certain that it has been the same creature... thing every time I have dreamt about it. I can't explain it. It has the aura about it. Even though every time I see it in a different form, I can still tell that it is the same creature. I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is. I've looked it up on google, but I can't find any results for anything like this. But nevermind that, last night something new happened. It didn't just watch me this time. It talked to me! Well, kind of. I could tell what it wanted to say to me. It wanted to grant my wish. It said that it could for only a small price. It's almost too silly. I couldn't even believe it in the dream. I won't worry about it too much, though. It was only a dream.

    Until next time.

    #weird dreams #dream journal #a dream is a wish your heart makes #dream creature #dream blog

    Satisfied with her post, Clara downed her multivitamins in a gulp of water and swiveled around in her desk chair to start on her morning stretches. She sat on the floor and spread her legs apart in a V-shape and she reached down to touch her toes. She couldn't place her finger on it, but there was something different about her body this morning. Her legs and arms felt more flexible and her body felt lighter. Clara sat back up with a wrinkled brow. Curious, she stood herself up and walked over to her floor-length mirror, turning and modeling her body for a better look.

    Clara certainly didn't remember being so toned. Her muscles weren't huge, but the shape of her body had seemed to have changed. She could feel it too. The way that she walked felt more graceful; the way that she stood felt more balanced; the way that she moved seemed even more coordinated. These were usually things she would spend hours of practice striving for, but now they came so naturally she barely had to try at all.

    Clara took one last look in the mirror, glancing up and down her strange new form. "Maybe that new workout routine was exactly what I needed," she muttered aloud. It crossed her mind only for a moment the wish she had made with the swan creature, but she avoided the thought. There was no such thing as magic and life doesn't work like that, of that she was certain.

    Thinking about it no more, Clara looked at the clock and found it was time for her to go. She slipped on her sweatpants and hoodie over her leotard and left for rehearsal. She would have to research it more during her lunch break.​
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  3. "Her wish...?"

    Frank was staring at the screen of his desktop computer, reading Prima Swan's latest post over and over again. He'd been following her on tumblr ever since he saw her first post about the mysterious dream animal, and catching up on her posts had become part of his morning ritual. Frank himself had been seeing a beast with a similarly strange aura in his nighttime visions for the past couple weeks, and just last night, the animal had appeared in the form of a butterfly and spoken to him as well. Not only that, but it promised him a wish. It couldn't just be coincidence. He decided to shoot her a message.

    golden-commander asked:

    Did the swan ask for "a piece of your mind"??

    That would have to do for now. He didn't want to seem too eager by asking for more details, but if he didn't ask for enough then she would probably just ignore him. He didn't know how old Prima Swan was, or where she lived for that matter, but maybe she wasn't at school? Frank's fingers tightened on the keyboard. He couldn't possibly go to school today with the possibility of someone else having seen the animal buzzing around in his head.

    "Hey, um, Alex...?" he called out from his bedroom, using the name his adoptive father insisted that Frank and his siblings use. "Can I skip school today? I don't feel too well..."
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  4. Larken climbed out of bed, still disoriented by the strange dream. Maybe all the caffeine he had been drinking was getting to him? The dream felt so eerily real... He sighed and prepared himself for the day. He then went to the bus stop with his school bag and breakfast bar in hand. It wasn't like he slept much anyway, so if this 'deal' was somehow real, it favoured him more in the long run. He sat down on the curb, and took the opportunity of the quiet morning to enjoy his breakfast bar.
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  5. Allen hunched over his art tablet and tried his best to remember what just happened. The images on his monitor looked nearly identical to sketches one would see from a psychiatric patient knee deep in crazy gravy. A purple ferret, a dead fiance, and a miasma of thoughts all congealed together as one.

    "Hey, Pooters," Allen cooed, "what do you think of your evil twin?" His ferret friend was far too indulged in his apple slice to be distracted by Allen's antics that morning. Allen averted his gaze and returned to his tablet. Although it was a strange little drawing, it was also the first time in two months that Allen had actually created anything of artistic value. There was a sense of confidence he hadn't felt in a long time. Perhaps that dream was the "jolt" he needed to start thinking about another chapter in his graphic novel.

    Proud of his doodle, Allen logged into his Tumblr to post his image. Given that it had been five eons and a century since his last post, he decided to write a brief explanation for his absence as well as a hint of "more art to come in the near future." Allen was not above lying.

    Finally, he needed to come up with a name for his piece. Something that would catch the eye of the viewing audience as well as represent what his work meant to him. Mulling over his art, he finally came up with an appropriate title: "The Dreamweaver." And with just one click, it was submitted.

    Near instantaneously, Allen's phone buzzed. Submerged in anxiety, Allen glanced at the text. A sensation known only as "I just fucked up" swept over him. It was from his editor:

    "Allen. Please come see me as soon as possible."

    There seemed to be no time for hesitation. His editor very rarely messaged him unless it had to do with his comic. Fearing the worst had finally come, Allen put on a shirt and some pants, kissed von Pooters good-bye, and headed out the door towards the local bus stop.

    Within minutes he had arrived, but he was not alone. A young man sat nearby. Allen, who had been practicing communicating with only a ferret for a good five months, feared the inevitable human condition of "socializing." Granted, he was not rude, so he turned to the boy and whispered a soft, and almost inaudible, greeting.
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  6. Larken was drawn out of his daydreaming and pondering by the sound of some muttering. He blinked and turned his head, only to jolt in surprise as he had been shocked. Since when did this guy show up!? How long had he been standing there!? ...How long had he been looking like an idiot infront of this stranger? Wait, why'd he care? This person wasn't affiliated with his school, so he shouldn't worry.

    Larken looked up at him. He raised an eyebrow seeing the animal hair on his clothes. He blinked suspecting he had a small pet, and felt a spark of envy. Larken would love to have a pet, but Ken explained every single time it was brought up that he couldn't financially support they two of them and an animal.

    "...Hey," he mumbled in response. He mentally slapped himself for such a poor greeting, but what else could he do?

    He greatly longed for the bus to hurry the fuck up and take him to school for once.
  7. There was a moment of panic then curiosity for Allen. A mutual greeting was established. Social norms dictated that the exchange of salutations was sufficient enough for two strangers crossing paths. And, yet, there was a strange feelings that lingered over Allen. More precisely, there was a noticeable aura.

    Have I met him before?, Allen thought to himself. He questioned where exactly the two might have met. Comic-Con? A book signing? He pondered the longest about whether or not he was a bagging boy at Wal-Mart. Notion by notion, each being disproved by Allen's uncertainty, he was almost ready to give up until it hit him.

    There was a report a long time ago on TV about an Officer Amshel who almost died on duty. Naturally he was invested in the story because it was the same event that took Chloe's life. Officer Amshel had tried to help her and that meant the world to Allen. On the news, images of Amshel and his adopted son flooded the screens of the TVs in the hospital Chloe was in. It took him a moment to realize that the boy in front of him was the kid of his hero.

    "Are you the son of Officer Amshel?" Allen asked, fighting back his pain and sorrow.
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  8. Larken stiffened, and looked straight at him, his brow furrowed as his eyes narrowed with suspicion. How'd he know his dad? Where had he met his dad? What connection the he- He took a step back and calmed himself. He focused more on his voice and expression. He blinked realizing that it was harsh or intimidating, but rather a sense of....vulnerability?

    His taunt expression eased up somewhat, but he was still cautious. " Yeah....I'm Larken....and you would be?" he inquired staring up at him. First a dream of him making a deal for his dad, and now some stranger was asking about him? Larken's expectations for this day took a sharp drop.
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  9. The smell of freshly brewed coffee, fried eggs, sizzling bacon, and burnt toast wafted throughout the two story household. The warm, honey colored dining table was set up with plates and all sorts of bowled fruit. Everything looked absolutely appetizing but Shiro seemed content enough on munching on the dark colored bread and ignoring the rest of the food on his plate. Kuro on the other hand didn't even seem interested in eating anything as he watched his brother happily devour the burned toast. It had only been a week or two since he had...came back and Kuro still couldn't wrap his mind around as to how. That snake who had promised so much had actually been the real deal. The proof was sitting right in front of him. It was then that a pair of strikingly blue eyes met his own.

    "Kuro eat your food before it gets cold!"

    The latter rolled his eyes but smiled as he lifted up a piece of bacon and took a small bite of it. The juicy flavor filled his mouth and made him realize just how hungry he actually was. However he refused to take another bite until his brother ate up the rest as well.

    "I could say the same thing for you. Do you not like eggs and bacon anymore?"

    That incited a frantic headshake from Shiro as he protested that he couldn't dislike anything that Kuro cooked. That was followed by exaggerated "mmms" and "ahhhhs" as he wolfed down the rest of his food. Kuro could only hold in his laughter at his brother's quirky behaviour. Even though Shiro looked to be eighteen he still acted somewhat like his six year old self.

    "Do you really want to go back?"

    The question caused Shiro to stop mid-bite and looked at his now empty plate quitely. A smile returned quickly however as he nodded his head in enthusiasm.

    "Yea I wanna! I already missed years of school and haven't seen my friends in ages"

    Kuro knew something was bothering his brother but had no further chance to ask as Shiro jumped from his chair and announced that he was going to go get his stuff ready before disappearing into the hallway. A sip or two of coffee later and Kuro rose from his seat as well to go and grab his backpack from the staircase where it had been dumped the previous day. Looking at the clock, they only had about fifteen or so minutes before the bus would come.

    "Shiro! Are you coming or not?"

    His inquiry was followed by a muffled "Yes!" and a series of fast paced footsteps.

    "Look out below!"

    A backpack passed his vision as it was dropped from a top the staircase and unceremoniously landed in a heap by his feet. Kuro sighed and asked his brother as to what he was exactly doing when his heart stuttered, nearly stopping in his chest at what he saw. Shiro was dangling precariously from the railings with his feet barely planted on the edges of the stairs. He jumped, Kuro automatically stretched his arms out and a second later they were both in a tangled heap on the floor.

    "That was fun!" Shiro giggled, a burning animalistic glint his eyes that stole the words from his brother's mouth. When he noticed Kuro silently watching him however the gentle aurora was back as he eyed his brother worriedly.

    "Was I too heavy? Does anything hurt? Kuro!"

    He was getting more and more frantic as his brother remained silent, gripping Kuro's shirt impatiently. The latter managed a weak smile before ruffling Shiro's hair.

    "I'm fine...but if you do anything like that again I'm handcuffing you to my wrist"

    Instead of wilting at the idea Shiro seemed to perk up at the notion asking excitedly where he could find a pair of handcuffs. Kuro sighed once again as he helped the both of them back up to their feet. At least they both made it to the bus stop in relatively one piece. There were already two others there so he decided to stand somewhat at a distance to avoid any contact. Shiro however looked curiously at the two but never strayed from his brother's side.
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  10. After a bit of fake coughing and complaints of an upset stomach on Frank's part, Alex shrugged and agreed to let Frank stay home and rest, as long as his share of the chores got done at some point. Alex was always pretty lax once all the work he deemed necessary was done. Sometimes it got on Frank's nerves, but this time he was grateful. With hours of free time now stretched out before him, he continued to surf tumblr, waiting eagerly for a reply from Prima Swan. While he was scrolling, several messages suddenly popped up in his inbox. Frank gave the alerts a quizzical look before opening them. He almost never got messages.

    hey just want to let you know that your blog is great, thank you <3

    I can't live without these recipes you're always reblogging!!!

    i love u

    The sudden influx left Frank rather stunned. What was this all about? This sort of thing never happened to him; most of his posts weren't really that interesting. And it continued, too: all while Frank was browsing, the messages kept trickling in, one every few minutes. All of them were some message of adoration or respect. He thought about the dream he'd had, and the wish that he'd made. It couldn't have actually come true...could it?
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  11. Allen's heart raced. Within seconds he started feeling dazed. It was like meeting a famous actor for the first time. This kid was someone special. He wanted to repay him for what his father did, for what he meant to Allen. Allen's hand searched frantically through his pockets. I doubt this kid wants lint and an old band-aid, Allen thought. Why must I be so piss poor? His mind raced. He needed to offer something. Anything. He'd be damned if he didn't.

    "Wait right here," Allen spat. Within an instant Allen sprinted back to his apartment. After a minute's run, Allen arrived at his place, slamming the door open and causing his furry friend to scatter in fear. Allen, feeling like the worst human being on the face of the planet, quickly apologized.

    He shuffled over to a large box that read "Stuff." Ripping it open, he soon noticed that it was not the box he was looking for. A distraught Allen hurried over to the "Other stuff" box where he finally discovered what he was looking for. He grabbed a copy of his most recent comic release and dashed out.

    As he approached the confused Larken, he began signing his name on his book and offered it to him.

    "My name is Allen Poe, and I couldn't be more grateful for your father's service."
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  12. Clara sat at the edge of the room as the director talked about the upcoming show dates and business. She wasn't paying attention because most of what he was saying, she already knew anyways. Instead, she was browsing through her tumblr on her smartphone. She started to check on her accumulation of messages. One in particular caught her eye:

    "golden-commander asked:

    Did the swan ask for 'a piece of your mind'??"

    Clara cocked her eyebrow.

    The_Prima_Swan answered:

    Is this supposed to be some sort of joke? Because, if this is a prank, you can shove it right back up your ass.

    The question was weird to begin with, but Clara thought the use of a pun was beneath her. However that troll was couldn't have known how seriously this encounter had affected her. The troll was probably just trying to pry on her emotions for their own sick entertainment. She grimaced and threw her phone to the side. She looked up at the director.

    "Our next production after this Wednesday's last showing of Cinderella will be La Bayadere. Auditions for our prima will be the week after our closing show. Everyone, show me nothing but your best. But," and he looked Clara straight in the eye with a pointed purpose, "don't let your ambition for La Bayadere get in your way of the final performance of Cinderella. There are going to be some high end spectators on Wednesday and we need to aim to please if we are going to stay in business."

    Clara scoffed at his suggestion that her ambition got in the way of her natural talent. He hadn't even began to see what she could really do.
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  13. While Frank was reading through the gleeful messages of admiration that were starting to clutter his inbox, a response to his ask finally arrived. Swan's tone made him wince; he'd been getting accustomed to the steady flow of praise. "Oh man, I screwed up," he muttered to himself, debating on whether to just let the issue drop. Now this girl probably thought he was weird and wouldn't respond if he tried again. Why oh why didn't he go anonymous?

    If it had been anything else, he would've just given up, but this opportunity seemed too important to pass up. One more try, and this time he would be more thorough.

    Oh, oh no no no, I had a dream like that too! Except it wasn't a swan, it was a butterfly, it asked me for a part of my mind in exchange for granting my wish. I've been seeing it a lot actually but it spoke to me last night. I promise I'm not making this up, please don't hate me :(

    Only after he sent it did he realize how pathetic he must've sounded. Uuggh...
  14. The bus pulled up just as Larken took the comic. He stood up, and flipped through it. " Did dad save your life or something?" He asked as he stepped on and went towards an empty seat. He hadn't really met someone who knew his dad outside of the workforce. What side of his dad did he see. He pulled his phone and reblogged some space pictures and body facts on his TheScienceSide tumblr account. It was mainly a space aesthetic and human body blog that he enjoyed updating on his way to school.


    Alice skipped to school with her group of friends. They were all excited about going to see the last performance of Cinderella that the amazing talented youth Clara Russell. She grinned even wider at the thought causing her face to hurt. They went inside the school building and waited in the cafeteria, and while her friend talked more about other trends, Alice pulled out Allen Poe's latest comic. Although her parents weren't too keen at first at her reading it, it was sadly one of the few things that could keep her still and quiet for longer than 15 minutes.

    "Thats a boy book!" one of her friend pointed out as they noticed her lack of participation.

    She merely stuck her tongue out at them in response. With nothing to fight back with, the young girls resumed their previous conversation. Alice cheerfully fell back into her world of ghosts, detectives, and mystery.
  15. @VocaloidMidget


    As Larken browses his phone he suddenly finds that his mind has started to wander.

    The cat sits above Larken on a raised pedestal in what seems to be a never ending white expanse. This time the Weaver's fur is a dark blue color, but the form is transparent as always. It stares with its shining blue eyes into Larken's mind, summoning his memories for the two to view around them. They fade into Larken's past reality, revisiting a moment not so distant from the present--the bus stop on a Monday morning. The air around them is hazy like a thick fog. Larken sat alone, but they observe as soon someone came to join him. A sense of shock waves through the atmosphere upon the Weaver's realization that Larken's new company is one the it is familiar with.

    Time stops on the second Allen hands Larken the comic. The Weaver jumps down from its perch and walks around the image of Allen curling its tail around his legs as it went, looking from Allen to Larken. Its eyes flash a quick red and a sense of warning flows through the air. The Weaver jumps up and snatches the comic book from Allen's frozen hands and lays it out before Larken.

    There is danger here. The Weaver seems to say.

    Their surroundings change. They are now in a room filled with what looks like Allen's drawings. Wall to wall sketches, notes, and writing are pinned so that there is nothing bare in the room. The Weaver encircles Larken standing behind his legs. Suddenly, the images start to crawl out of their pages. Hands reach out of the paper like a zombie from its grave and soon an army of dark, charcoal images surround Larken and the Weaver. They come close and begin to claw at Larken's heels, climbing up his body. The images tear at his clothing and gnaw at his skin until he bleeds. They jump onto the Weaver, biting into the fur on its back. The Weaver gives a hiss at first, but when the torrent wouldn't end, the Weaver's form changes from a cat to a mountain lion. It gives a mighty roar and the charcoal creatures wither into dust.

    The Weaver looks at Larken and turns back into a cat as they now stand in a room of blank paper.

    Protect yourself where I cannot. It appears to communicate to Larken. Destroy the work of Allen Poe. Before it is too late.

    The Dreamweaver slowly fades away as a smoky smell enters the room. There is a fire. The flames consume the room around Larken. It leaves him with no choice but to awaken.
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  16. Allen didn't feel like telling Larken about his lost love. He wasn't emotionally ready to say out loud that she was dead. Even now he could barely admit it to himself. A hard minute passed while he attempted to muster up a convincing lie. And then another minute. And another.

    It soon alluded him that the weird boy had not said a word concerning the sheer amount of silence the two had shared awkwardly. The boy's eyes seemed glazed and distant from the world. Confused, Allen waved his hand several times in front of the boy's face. No flinching. No blinking. There was nothing but a blank, dead stare.

    "Hello? Larken?" Allen beckoned out desperately to the lost boy. No peep. No whimper. Nothing. At that point, Allen's heart began to race. What was he supposed to do? What could he do? Panic stricken, Allen switched to a final resort method of resuscitation: with both hands on the boys shoulders, he began shaking the boy profusely.

    "God damnit! Wake the fuck up!"
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  17. The clattering of his phone against the bus floor forced him to snap out of his daymare. He quickly glanced around the bus confused. Was...that really all in his head? He felt a few cold beads of sweat drop down his the back of his neck, as he glanced at Allen with some scrutiny. These dreams...the cat and the was so confusing. He was undoubtedly convinced the cat and elk where one in the same...

    He brushed Allen's hands off him and reached down to pick up his phone. He gave him a harsh warning glance and put the comic into his backpack. He wasn't so comfortable being around him after that dream. A warning? Destroy his work? Why? Why should he protect himself from this guy? Why'd a transcendent being fear this particular mortal? Questions raced around in his head, and made his brain itch.

    "...What ever it is that you're needs to stop," Larken hissed quietly to him, not wanting to bring anymore attention to them. He wondered if he'd catch the double meaning. If the transcedent being was wary of Allen, then Allen must have had some interaction with it as well.


    Alice pouted as her comic came to an end, and stopped on a cliffhanger. She gave a distressed whine and laid her head down. Her mind aimlessly wandered amist the loud background noise of students talking and shuffling about. She pondered how the next book would conclude the scene, and her mind filled the images for her.
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  18. Stunned and concerned, Allen was unsure how to process what had just happened. Larken's words seemed all too cryptic. Taken aback, he was uncertain how to process all the stimuli, from the creepy kid's severe case of narcolepsy to his bipolarity in mood.

    "It needs to stop?" inquired Allen. "You mean my comic?" For once in a long time he had felt inspiration. Allen always got his inspiration for his comics through his dreams. For God's sake, PSI stood for Private Spirit Detective. Supernatural, dream-like occurrences were the meat and taters of his novels. And now, after what seemed like a perpetuity of aging, trite, unimaginative waste, now that he had gotten back his source of creative power, now that he had hope once more, he was to be shot down by a brat like this?

    Perhaps Allen was feeling a little irrational. Perhaps he should have taken a step back and shook the entire incident off. Perhaps he should have learned to become an adult so that issues like this wouldn't have bothered him as much. But, no. Allen was a man-child-creature-baby. And, boy howdy, would he have the last word.

    "I'll have you know that I'll do no such thing," scoffed Allen. "In fact, I've gotten a new idea for the next chapter in my story." Allen smirked gleefully at his jab.

    "I'm going to call it 'The Dreamweaver Saga.' You should look for it in a store near you."
  19. The corner of Larken's eye twitched with irritation, and sighed. It was foolish of him to expect he'd get the message from that. " Whats a Dreamweaver?" he grumbled for the sake of conversation. He speculated that maybe his work was what bothered the transcendent being. He leaned back in his chair and scrolled through his blog while listening.
  20. Allen, still annoyed by the child's radical mood swings, decided to keep it brief and t the point. There was no use in continuing the conversation longer than it needed to, especially with his stop come up.

    "Lets just say, it's an animal that can grant your wishes." Allen recalled the tiny ferret in his dream and imagined it being some grand, God-like monstrosity mascaraing as some cute, cuddly creature from the deepest pits of Hell. It was ironically threatening.

    "The newest saga will deal with Anima investigating the creature, hunting it down so he can have his wish fulfilled." Allen felt proud of himself and his new arc. So much so, he began creating a mental pitch for the idea to his editor.
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