The Dragon Hunters.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the Golden Age of Dragon Hunting!
    This is a story that follows the adventures of the crew of the DHV Beowulf, (DHV stands for Dragon Hunting Vessel, and is used int the same way as SS or HMS.) The Beowulf is a good-sized airship under the command of John Caine, a world famous dragon hunter, who roams the skies searching for his dragon rival who destroyed his first airship and bit off part of his left hand.
    The Beowulf
    The Beowulf is a large three-part Dragon Hunting Vessel. It was built by taking an antique DHV, reinforcing the hull, making a new balloon, replacing the propellers with crystal-powered engines, and adding powerful new weapons. It has three main sections; The lower section is the ship itself, it has the engines, weapons, and cargo hold. The middle section is in the balloon itself, and has the living space and crew-mates' rooms, it also has a system of gondolas and platforms, allowing damage to the balloon to be repaired internally. A large "dock" at the back of the balloon can open up, allowing planes or smaller vessels to be deployed. The top section has weapons as well, a landing pad, and an observation tower, which doubles as a bell tower to warn of Daggerfoot. Each section can be accessed by elevators at the from and back of the ship. Smaller Dragon corpses are kept in the cargo hold, while larger ones are strapped under the ship. A machine in the front of the ship can drive a large spike downward at a forty-five degree angle, and is used to finish off a dragon.​

    A rare and special event has recently happened, after an extremely dangerous hunt, Captain Caine has charted his next stop to be Apollo's rest, the dragon hunting capital of the world, built into a tall mountain. It's here that he seeks to recruit new members, both veteran and beginning dragon hunters, as well people to do other jobs.
    Apollo's Rest
    Apollo's Rest.jpg
    Apollo's Rest is a large city that grew off of Dragon Hunting.
    It stands atop a tall mountain and is bordered by massive turrets.​
    The building at the peak of the mountain is dedicated to dragon hunters, and features a statue of Apollo slaying Python​
    Dragons are hunted for many reasons, to keep them away from people, for their blood or scales, for sport... but the main reason they are hunted, are 'Dragon Crystals' that grow on the skeletons of Dragons, primarily around the rib-cage. Dragon crystals are mysterious sources of power to these beasts, theorized to be the sources of their 'magical' breath and their flight abilities despite their massive size. There's not a lot known about the crystals other than that their color corresponds to the dragon's abilities, and that they can be used as a source of fuel. They are still being studied extensively.​
    A crystal extracted from a fire-breathing dragon.
    This variant is called "Pyrocite"
    Yep, get your hands on some of this from a dragon's carcass, and you can sell it for loads of money. But if you need a certain type or amount of crystal, you're going to need to know what to hunt.

    Different abilities are activated with different crystals. The most different crystals a dragon has had so far, is five.

    Abilities and corresponding crystals;
    Fire- PyroCite
    Ice- Cryocite
    Poison- Toxicite
    Lightning- Electrocite
    Wind- Cyclonite
    Water- Aquacite.
    Fireball- Blastite
    For a decade now, a subject of much interest has been on the one dragon that John can't seem to catch. This dragon's name, is Daggerfoot. He is called so due to the massive claws on his feet, which can tear through airship balloons like a hot knife through butter. Despite his small size, he has been responsible for sixteen deaths aboard the Beowulf alone, and has damaged it thirty two times. Daggerfoot has not displayed any dragon-breath abilities yet. Despite a "small" size, he has shown incredible endurance, still being able to fly after a shot to the wing.​
    *A fog horn indicates any dragon, but a loud bell indicates Daggerfoot.*

    Character Sheets.
    Appearance: (Picture, Description, or both.)
    Previous Experience: (If none then leave blank.)
    Available Jobs. (Off the top of my head.)
    Crystal Extractor
    *(Jobs available not limited to list.)*​

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  2. Name: Kuroki Hakai

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female


    There is a severe lack of decent steampunk character images on Google...


    Kuroki is a quiet and neutral person who never biases in discussions. She cares little for exaggeration or deceit, and simply says things as they are. She's not too hard to get along with, once you realise that even though she says things bluntly, she doesn't mean any offense by them, and once you realise that she'll never initiate conversation and will never voluntarily continue it once all the necessary information has been transferred.

    Job/s: -Cite specialist - has an affinity for Cites, especially Cryocite. She can tell the quality of a crystal just by holding it, and is adept at building things out of them.

    Previous Experience: None - this is Kuroki's first time applying her knowledge.

    Backstory: To be revealed (after some conversation over it's details)

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  3. Name:
    Nina Cloud



    Nina is a easygoing and passive individual, preferring to not get tangled up in manners that do not concern her. She is a sunny type and likes to see others smile, while still capable of being serious when needed. Nina treasures her friends, often putting their life before her own and always welcoming new ones. She loves to tell stories and crack jokes, always one to apologize if she ever offends someone. Although her storytelling can get a bit unrealistic she swears every word to be true.

    Job: Pilot

    Previous experience:
    Former pilot of the DHV Behemoth, captained by the late dragon hunter extraordinaire, Crono Killemall.
    (All in the branding people.)

    Nina was born to a quiet farming family. Pure boredom and the trouble of dragons constantly stealing sheep led her to sign up for a dragon hunting crew. Finding something she was useful at was hard, she couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, everything she 'fixed' exploded, and she could not stand to sit around weighing crystals all day. Nina's favorite crew member was the captain, a famous dragon hunter known for his carefree smile and foldable glider, Crono Killemall. He took her under his wing and taught her how to steer an airship like the greats. It was only when she completed her training when tragedy struck.

    Crono Killemall, captain of the Behemoth died to the deadly flames of a albino fire dragon known as Hellgate. Nina prides herself in the telling of his death's tale.
    "Beast was twice as big as the ship, with scales as white as snow and eyes as red as blood. With a tiny puff a entire forest was incinerated, with a swipe of its tail a mountain fell! Captain Crono, as always, wasted no time, he took one look at the dragon, grabbed his personal harpoon, tossed me his googles, and bed us all adieu. He jumped from the deck of the Behemoth and plunged right into the somabitch's throat! I swear I saw him smile one last time as the monster's final gout of flame swallowed him up, not a care in the world.

    Yes that's what happened! Who do you take me for?"

    After that the crew split up, leaving her hungry for more adventure at Apollo's rest.

    A change of cloths. What remains of her last cut. Captain Crono's blue glass goggles, proudly worn on her head. Her cutlass, 'Snowcone'. A photo of her parents. Her compass.​
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  4. are you guys still accepting or??? ((i wont be able to do my character sheet until later))
  5. Yeah.

    (Hakai and Nina are accepted.)
  6. Hakai isn't even finished XD Finishing her now.
  7. Goodness, it's a harem in here. Hmm... wonder if I should add to it or make the featureless main protagonist blob-thing.

    Oh... Caligari pulled out. Less chance of that now. Question, good GM sir; can I be a pilot with my own personal fighter?
  8. Name: Rupert Heat
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    He stands at 5'6" tall, a bit more due to the huge boots he wears. All his clothing is fireproofed, and his coat is specially resistant. They're hand-me-downs from his father and brother, both dragonhunters. He keeps his hair unkempt, and is usually coated with ash or soot.
    Brash, abrasive and hotheaded, Rupert Heat lacks the single, most essential trait for dragonhunters: restraint. One to leap headfirst into the dragon's maw (quite literally), he is usually berated for his behavior. His recklessness has caused the loss of his arm, and quite tragically, his brother.

    Heat feels crushing guilt for the loss of his brother, and the hate his mother inflicted on him only intensified. His true feelings are usually closed off from everyone else, and hides it under a brash, vulgar facade.
    Dragon Hunter
    Previous Experience:
    Two dragon hunts.
    The Heats were a family of up-coming dragon hunters, starting with Rupert's grandfather, Jeremiah Heat. The Heat's have all lived their entire lives in Apollo's Rest, when Jeremiah first came to make his fortune from dragon hunting.

    Rupert's father and older brother took after their grandfather, making their family quite rich from selling dragon crystals. Soon they accrued enough money to send Rupert, who was still a child, to school. Rupert was a delinquent who wasted time and got into fights, and eventually got expelled.

    Grudgingly, Rupert's father allowed him to go on their next dragon hunt, though he'd wished that his family wouldn't have to take on this dangerous occupation if they were rich enough. It was a good success, as Rupert displayed physical talent in taking down the dragon.

    The next hunt was to be their last hunt, when they were finally rich enough to settle down. It was their last hunt, but not in the way they'd hoped it to be. Rupert, growing impatient, ruined the ambush and startled the dragon, causing his brother to shove Rupert out of the way, engulfed in flame. Amidst the fire and flame, Rupert saw his father and his ship set ablaze.

    As the ship began to crash, Rupert grabbed his father and leaped out off the burning DHV. His arm was horribly crushed in the fall. He didn't care though. He saw his brother burned alive.

    Now on the verge of bankruptcy from losing their vessel and for paying all the necessary fees, they were back to square one. His father, shellshocked, is now bed-bound, lamenting the loss of his sons. His mother banished him from their household, never to return.

    Now, hearing the rumors that John Caine and his Beowulf are coming to Apollo's Rest, he decides to put on his fiercest game face, and join the legendary hunter himself as he tries to right his wrongs and redeem himself.
    Dragon-hunter's attire (Fireproofed)
    Cracked goggles
    Robotic arm
    Lucky pistol
    Necklace with a piece of charred wood, taken from the wreckage of his family's DHV.
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  9. By that, do you mean an airplane pilot, or a DHV pilot?

    (Rupert is accepted.)
  10. A small, interceptor-class fighter. Functions include to sneak up on some dragons, to quickly transport people or cargo, divert attention from the bigger DHV when needed, fend off air pirates' own interceptors, or carry personnel closer to the dragon.
  11. Name: Victoria Crocker

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: (the picture is too large so I'll just link it)

    Personality: Eccentric and can often make people feel as though she's not right in the head. Has a smile that can make you question her intentions. Despite her questionable behavior/beliefs/ideas, she is very stable, just excited by what most people would find odd. She enjoys being around people and making new friends, despite the fact that she knows most are put off by her company.

    Job/s: Medic

    Previous Experience: Grew up assisting her mother who was a medic and helped take care of her sick father. Lived in a small town that relied heavily on her and her mothers skills so she has experience with a variety of things like viruses, broken bones, surgeries, even amputations.

    Backstory: She doesn't talk much about her background, mainly the minor things, but has yet to come close enough to a person to reveal her full backstory (can/will reveal backstory if given the chance)

    Luggage: Clothes and other basic personal belongings (toiletries), medical kit/tools/supplies, notebook for medical diagnoses and any recordings that may be necessary, a violin to occupy her in any free time she has, a notebook for personal use, materials to make cigarettes despite the fact that she rarely smokes.
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  12. Captain of the DHV Beowulf
    Name: John Caine
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    John Caine.jpg

    A chunk of his left hand is missing, including his pinky and ring finger, having been bitten off by Daggerfoot.

    Personality: He has shown to be quite friendly, and despite his fame and experience, respects most other dragon hunters, regardless of their feats or skills, he enjoys a good story, and enjoys telling them as well, normally with a few good laughs involved... unless it's a story about Daggerfoot, those stories can get frightening.

    Job: Captain

    Previous Experience: 21 years of Dragon Hunting, and 98 slain dragons. He has knowledge of all weak points on a dragon's body.

    Backstory: He'll only tell all of it to close friends, but what most people know is that he started Dragon hunting at a young age, and by 21 he was taking the world by storm, bringing down massive dragons while commanding his own ship. His most famous hunt was one in which he was holding open a dragon's mouth by pointing a sword at the roof of it's mouth... the dragon prepared to breath fire, but he used a free hand to throw blast powder down it's throat, causing it's chest to explode. However, one dragon has haunted him since he first started... the dreaded beast known as "Daggerfoot." It appeared on his fourth hunt, when it destroyed his first ship and bit off part of his hand, in return, he caught it's mouth with a meat hook, and ripped it's upper jaw, permanently removing an area of it's mouth on the right side of it's face. The two have fought countless times after, nearly always wounding each other, but neither being able to land a fatal blow. He often spends money after a hunt improving the Beowulf.

    Luggage: Carries with him a necklace made with all different types of Dragon crystal, and either has an extremely powerful rifle (as seen in the picture), or his trusty lance.

    (There has been a small edit to the Daggerfoot section of the intro.)
  13. First Mate of the DHV Beowulf
    Name: "Enki"

    Age: Uncertain, most likely around John's age.

    Cloak and Blade.jpg

    Nobody (excluding crew members) knows what he looks like, many speculate he simply prefers to be anonymous.

    Personality: Doesn't talk to non-crew-mates, in order to keep anonymity, but is reported as being surprisingly kind.

    Job: Helps John watch over the ship and crew mates. Helps hunt dragons.

    Previous Experience: Has been a part of John's crew since his eighth hunt, long before he was famed.

    Backstory: Hasn't said anything to non-crew-mates. Will be revealed by conversation. Lots of rumors surround this man...

    Luggage: Has a high-powered sawed-off shotgun, and uses a straight sword, also carries a grappling gun, and is extremely proficient with each of these.​
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  14. We can have multible charaters? If so Dr. Ciggs is in the hOUse!
  15. Yeah, multiple characters are allowed.
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  16. I wanna be engineer/mechanic. Bio inbound.
  17. Name: Aaron "Mouse" Lawson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He's very short, just barely passing five feet, and he's scrawny. His hair is the color of tomato soup, and he's always covered in soot.[​IMG]
    Personality: Aaron is a fiery one, to say the least. He's got a tongue that makes sailors gasp and an attitude to match.
    Job/s: Ship Mechanic
    Previous Experience: Lived as a pipe-rat in a city known as Idus, which was the mechanical capital of the world. Idus was essentially one enormous machine, and pipe-rats were the folk who clambered through the pipes to keep it all in working order, and salvage what was broken. This is his second ship.

    Backstory: Aaron was born into poverty in the soot-filled slums of Idus. Even as a child, his skill with machines was evident. His father was a factory worker, and his mother was a whore (Companion was the politically correct term, but Aaron never has had much use for politics), and both were always busy. Because of this, Aaron had a lot of time with his numerous siblings, and the whole lot of them loved to play in the big pipes and machinery that filled the slums. Giant gears made for climbing, pulleys great for swinging, and the steam pipes were wonderful hiding places when they weren't being used. Aaron and his siblings wound up building a clubhouse within the machines, which wound up their home when their parents passed away. Aaron's father was crushed in a factory accident, and his mother wound up another dead hooker in an alley.

    The children didn't do well on their own, and couldn't find an honest living. Eventually, they resorted to using their knowledge of the pipes to steal food and essentials from the richer areas. When he was old enough, Aaron took a job climbing through the pipes and ducts for the city at a modest income. It helped, but they still had to steal to survive.

    Eventually, Aaron was spotted by a group of mercanaries, who saw him working on his pet-project, an automaton he called Wadsworth, who Aaron has been building out of scraps for years. Seeing his talent, the mercanaries offered him the chance to go off to new lands, and with much greater pay. He took it to help support his siblings.

    Unfortunately, the crew was ravaged by disease while in the air, and Aaron had to make a hasty escape to the nearest settlement via scouting ship. That turned out to be Apollo's rest. He worked for the most recent three months in a private garage before signing in with the Beowulf.
    Luggage: A bag containing a pile of scrap metal and parts called Wadsworth. He also had his tools, the clothes on his back, and Slip, his dagger.[​IMG]
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  18. Victoria and Aaron are accepted.

    [The picture and description of the Beowulf has been changed.]
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