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  1. The Difference between Good and Evil​

    Not too long ago a group of agents decided to create a team for special types of missions. This team wasn’t known to many people, not even the government. Their missions were jobs that most people didn’t want to do, actually most didn’t want to even know about the mission. The reason why these people were picked was their special skills that created a perfect team for any kind of job that needed to be done. However during one of the missions this team disappeared. The agents tried to find out where the team went but nothing was found. It is unknown whether they died, left or chose a different path. Some of the agents believe the team went rouge and are now the enemies. Without a team the agents needed to find new people who would take the jobs. Where could they find the right types of people who would be just as good as or even better than the last team??? They chose the “bad guys” who had the skills. The rumor: Good guys have gone bad, the bad guys have gone good....


    ~This RP is about the new team. The team consists of the bad guys meaning some are criminals, con artists, or just like messing with things to do what they want. That’s your choice to really decide what you want your character(s) to be.
    ~I don’t want to give away too much of the plot but it will consist of missions that the team do and an underlying plot concerning the past team.
    ~You can have as many characters as you want. I am not going to limit the amount of people who are in this team.
    ~Feel free to be creative when creating your character, I love that.
    ~If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

    ~The RP will start out with the team meeting each other for the first time at headquarters.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: (Just first is fine but you can add middle or last)
    Age: (18+)
    Secret identity: (This means who your character is outside the team as well as before team. If you were a known criminal or something like that you can just say that.)
    Special skill(s): (This is what your character brings to your team. You can see my character if you need an example)
    Weapon(s): (If your skill consists of weapons you can add it here or if you still carry one)
    History: (You can say all your history or you can leave some for a surprise in the RP)
    Extra info:
    Looks: (Picture or description is fine.)

    My Character:

    Name: Vera Blossom
    Age: 21
    Secret Identity: Vera is a teacher at a high school.
    Special skill(s): The Hacker of the team. Great with technology, very smart and remarkable memory.
    Weapon(s): She doesn’t have a weapon per say but she changed her cell phone to be able to do a lot more than a usual phone, such as hack using it and other abilities. If she has a computer you might want to be afraid of what she could possibly do.
    Personality: Vera is playful most of the time and loves to have fun though it sometimes seems to be in a scary way. She acts childish but knows when to get serious and not joke around. She can’t really fight and will probably need someone to protect her if she is in trouble but she can ruin a person’s life by just a few clicks of a button, so don’t make her angry. If anything though, she might step on your foot or some type of fighting like that.
    History: Vera has always been very smart. She finished school very early and became a teacher. Since she is very childish she likes wearing the school uniform all the time, even at school. Some say she looks very young, like she is a student herself. She is very beautiful so you can see how that could become a problem in a high school. This causes some teachers to not like her but she is the smartest one and the administration doesn’t want to lose her so they give in to every weird thing she does. Before the team she would find joy in hacking everything just because she wanted too. One of her favorite things to do during the lunch break is hack into the systems that control the traffic lights.
    Extra info: She is very beautiful and will sometimes try and use that in a tough situation.
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  2. Name: Zareck Vital
    Age: 22
    Secret identity: Vigilante
    Special skill(s): Zareck has mastered the skill of hand to hand combat, sword play, throwing knives, and hidden blades.
    Weapon(s): H
    e has 1 sword sheathed to his back. About 10 throwing knives, and 2 hidden blades.
    Personality: Zareck is pretty outgoing hes kind to anyone he doesnt consider an enemy. Hes always helpful never being able to walk away from someone in need unless they're asking for something against his morals. He has a temper but it takes a lot to get to it. He hates it when there tension so he tries to lighten the mood by either being sarcastic or teasing. But his being blind seems to make people around him uncomfortable so he tends to be quiet.
    History: Zareck is an only child, his parents died when he was 8 at the same time he became blind. He was taken in by a older man that lived alone, he was obsessed with justice and swordsmanship. He taught him most of everything he knows, at age 16 he started looking for criminals to stop or take down.
    Extra info: He loves animals, music, and history.
    Looks: HotAnimeGuy8.jpg

    His sword. Alfie's_Sword.jpg
  3. Name: Alexandria Leighton
    Age: 19
    Secret identity: Fallon Sylvester
    Special skill(s): She is good at strategizing and collecting info.
    Weapon(s): Has a habit of carrying a pocket knife everywhere she goes.
    Personality: Has slight personality disorder. She tries to be cheerful at times but people tend to say that she looks rather scary when she smiles as she usually has a frown on her face.
    History: She was in a notorious neighbourhood gang when she was in her Sophmore year. In her gang years, she helped them rob a bank but she wasn't caught as she helped plan their whole robbery. A 'Mastermind' they would call her. She helped the gang break into her school to steal the school funds. Till this day, she has not been found out. No one suspected her since she was the top student of the school. The rest of the gang she was in is currently in jail. In her Junior year of high school, she ran away from home as she overheard her parents kept talking about sending her to a Girls' Home. She has been alone ever since.
    Extra info: She changes jobs often in order to get more data, depending on the mission.
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  4. Both of you are accepted. :D
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  5. Name: Serena Madison
    Age: 18
    Secret identity: Serena the sweet,lady-like,popular high schooler who everybody likes

    Special skill(s): The cat and sweet-talker of the group.She can move pretty quickly,being athletic and all,and can also sweet talk anyone when necessary(pretty much,she's a good distraction/bait for any situation)
    Weapon(s): Skilled at close-combat

    Personality: Cheerful and sweet;those two words perfectly describe her in every way.Serena is a pretty nice and friendly person.When she sets her mind into doing something,she is very determined to do the job whatever the cost.Physically she's pretty athletic and fast,which is an advantage.She is pretty calm and won't get that mad easily.Despite her being a bit confident with her actions,she can still get embarrassed a bit easily,but tends to get over it in time.She is willing to do anything to help out anybody,especially her friends.

    History: Serena is a pretty sweet girl in nature.She's the only child of a pretty wealthy and happy couple.She grew up with them,and her relations with them were okay,until she decided that it was time for her to move out—which was completely fine with her parents.Now she lived in a house alone and took care of herself.She was pretty happy that way,since she felt really trapped under her parents' roof.There,she changed.She lived a secret life at night where she would go out at night and beat up the robbers of the night,who she would steal some from them as well before turning them in to the cops.Nobody really recognizes her though,since it was completely unthinkable of her,a sweet popular high schooler,to do such thing.With her living a secret life as a hero and robber at the same time,she helped support herself along with her parents' monthly financial support.

    Extra info: Her outfits having a cat and bunny theme have reasons,and she doesn;t just wear them for fun.They indicate her personality 'role',with the cat one being the wilder-ish,I-can-do-anything one and the bunny one being the gentle and lady-like one.

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    ((she's wearing contacts.Real eye color: Blue[just like the one in the secret identity one]))

    [Secret Identity(only wears the bunny ears occasionally,not all the time)((this is how she actually looks))]
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  6. You're accepted. :)
  7. I'll take the leader job.

    Give me a moment to get my CS, started.
  8. Okay, I'll edit the first post taking the leader job off.
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  9. Name: Liam Anderson (Leader
    Age: 21
    Secret Identity: He's a DJ, a very well known DJ.
    Special skills: Expert at CQC (Close Quarters Combat), took all Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Street Kick Boxing, Boxing, Street Boxing, Street Fighting, Mix Martial Arts, UFC, and MMA, expert with blades, stealth, a marksman, expert with hacking as well and with blades of all types.
    Weapon: Anything really, but he always had a sword for emergency but carries a ACR 6.8 and a MK14.
    Personality: Personality: Very protective when need be, funny at times, very stubborn, doesn't like drama or bullshit, he literally shot a guy in the face because he annoyed him badly, but don't wiry, it was someone he didn't know when he was on a "mission".
    History: Not your average guy you'll ever meet in your life. Seriously. Got drafted into the Military at the age of nearly 17. The war..well..the crisis killed his family and his friends. He has no one. He's a strong man but he doesn't want anyone to get hurt when they get near him. He became a Sargent Major in the U.S.S.O.C. (United States Service of Combat) he was only 18. His best friend was also in the U.S.S.O.C. they always fought side by side with each other. They use to call them Ghosts of the Devil, G.O.D. or GOD for short. But after they got back from tour he never so him again. When he was a Teenager he fought off a lot of bullies. He protected a lot of people before he left. He's never been a leader sense he lost his men when the got ambushed during the war. It scared him for life. He's not a man to be messed with...especially when it has to deal with his friends and family.
    He only wears this at headquarters and on missions. You'll barely see his face.
    Secret Identity: Snow white hair, icy blue eyes. Picture will be shown later in the rp..when needed.
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  10. Okay but with the skills just make sure you don't overshadow the others and me during the RP. Since you have a lot there.
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  11. So...when do we start :)
  12. Possibly in a day or two, I want to to still give some time to see if anyone else wants to join.
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  13. Sorry it's taking a little while. I will most likely get the IC up in the next few days.
  14. You guys still taking in new cs or am I too late to the party?
  15. You can still join, I was hoping for a few more. The IC just started.
  16. Awesome, I'll post up my cs in a bit. ^^
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