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  1. IC Thread (open)
    Please take a moment to explore the OOC discussion, and by all means, feel free to join!

    This is a story line I had created on a previous site, which, alas, was such a victim of "poof-er" type players that it never quite got off the ground. I'd like to open it to players here and see what this particular community has to offer. :3

    I'll be submitting an opening post for the IC thread in due time. (IC thread open!~) But for now, a bit of back story for my particular character:

    {td}Name: Vye
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Location: Nomadic
    Condition: Good health
    S/O & Status: No time for love in the apocalypse

    It started innocently enough. Just a few reports of a little bug going around town, some kind of communicable virus being passed along from schools and office buildings and the crowded cars of the subway. People were calling off work, skipping classes, and staying home in bed. For three days straight, the attendance at nearly every venue in the city was half the norm as people tended to their illness. And then the missing persons’ reports started rolling in. Spouses hadn’t heard from their partners for days… children went missing by the dozens… friends never made it to important dates, students never made it home from class, business executives stopped showing up to their offices... but it only took another twelve hours or so before those people were found. In fact, most of them were found… with their throats bloated to a grotesque extreme, bloodstained eyeballs all a’bulge, the inflammation having cut off their air supply until they asphyxiated and died on the spot.

    And that’s when shit really hit the fan.

    Viola Scottingdale was locked safely in the confines of her luxurious sky rise apartment, passed out on the bathroom floor after yet another classy night of binge drinking and popping E in all of the most exclusive clubs, when the city began to fall. She had no idea about the hundreds of infection riddled corpses lining the streets, bleeding their toxic viral compounds into the air. She had no idea how few people showed signs of resistance or immunity to the disease (including herself), or how quickly and effectively it spread. She had no idea about the riots that broke out in the midst of the confusion, or the chaos of the masses as they swarmed the highways in hopes of evacuating. For another ten hours after the outbreak, for a personal record of twenty-two hours, Viola slept in a blacked-out stupor on the cold tiles at the base of her toilet. When she finally woke up that next day… she really, really wished that she hadn’t.

    Since then, Vye’s come a long way. She cleansed herself of her past, dropping her drug abuse and materialistic greed like the extraneous letters of her name and leaving them to rot in the grimy corners of the city. She fled to the outskirts of the countryside, opting to move on from place to place, never settling in one dwelling for more than a few days. With no government or law to set boundaries, and the threat of starvation or disease around every corner, moral ambiguity became the norm. She has made allies along her way, as well as enemies. She has killed to protect her own life and the life of her comrades. She has turned a blind eye to strangers in need. She has offered food to raggy children. She has taken people in, and cast people away. She’s just a former rich-bitch-party-diva turned survivor, stripped away of all the extra comfort of society, just trying to figure out… what the whole point is, anyway.{/td}

    Vye carries with her two pairs of pants and three shirts which she wears in rotation.
    Common outfits described below.

    Besides her actual clothing, Vye keeps an array of other items on her person for quick and easy access, as well as for traveling.
    Common items decribed below.

    Vye carries with her one large tote bag for carrying her everyday supplies, as well as a separate pack she keeps strapped to her thigh for carrying medical supplies.
    While her actual inventory is subject to change, there are several necessities she makes sure to always have on hand.
    Common supplies described below.
    {td} {/td}
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  2. Opening thread has been posted.
    Why not come join the turmoil, hmm? ;3
  3. Hey just saw the post and am totally intruiged! by your plot and your character yourself. Hope you don't mind me joining up. :) Do I need to post a bio for better plotting? LOL
  4. I figured I'd drop this here then go post in the IC if it's okay?

    Ashlyn “Ash” McClain





    S/O, Status, & Sexuality:
    N/A, Single, bisexual

    Ashlyn stands at an six foot tall with an average build, before the apocalypse, she was pudgier. But hey, who knew, apocalypse = weight loss. Her eyes are a deep forest green. Before the apocalypse she used to keep her fairly long, now, she keeps it rather short, never getting down to her shoulders. She prefer to keep it in an Aline cut. The natural redhead ahs a preference for darker clothes and sensible shoes.

    Before the apocalypse, Ash was a college student( going into medical field) and receptionist. She had a full family with both parents one younger brother and one older brother. When the apocalypse happened, she was at home with her mom and brothers, getting ready for the weekly family dinner. However, when her dad came home, chaos ensued. Her dad had been infected. Her dad was the first zombie she ever took out(with the help of her brothers). Her mother was the second. The three siblings booked it out of town, going to their grandparents farm. This worked for a while, long enough for Ash to start getting prepared at least a little bit.

    However, it was not to last. It wasn’t long before her younger brother came back to the farm after being bitten. It only took a night for Ash to be the last of her family living. After that, she took to the road. She managed to survive three weeks by herself before she came across Adam.

    Adam was a little older and whole lot better at surviving than her. He taught her the ropes, gave her her first zombie guide (with a straight face) and helped her figure out how to get the gas out of the tanks and into a vehicle. They stole the Xterra together. After being taught what she needed to know, Ash started to flourish in this new world. Sure, it sucked, but she could handle it and she wasn’t alone. Several months passed. Then on a food run, her world tilted.

    At first, it had been the basic grab and go, but after they got in, there wound up being a lot more corpses than either she or Adam had thought. It turned into a fight to live situation. But the horde, was well, a horde. She tripped. A corpse almost got her. Adam pushed it off of her, but in the process, he was attacked and bitten. Several cases of bullets later, they managed to make it out of the store. But the damage had been done. Adam was infected. He didn’t tell Ash. He just walked away from her than blew his brains out onto the ground without warning.

    Ash almost gave up at that point. She found an old condo, and locked herself into its bathroom. She didn’t come out for days. But after a week crawled by, Ash’s stomach found the will to live. She wiped away the tears, squared her shoulders and went on. It’s been a few months since then. Now Ash is running the streets alone, picking up skills and knowledge where she can and just surviving.

    • To find better guns (she really wants something like an m16 or a sniper rifle…something cool..oh, and a glock!)
    • Flame thrower. ‘nuff said
    • To find a spot to set up a base. Either a high rise with limited access points, or something surrounded by deep water.
    • She’d really like to be able to set up a colony of survivors, but she’s not sure she has the people capabilities to do it.
    • She wants to put an armored grill of some sort on her car…unless it breaks down, then she doesn’t want to have spent the effort on it.

    Survival Habits:
    • Sleep high and sleep barricaded.
    • When in doubt, either go up or into the water.
    • Horde ALL the ammo!
    • Horde ALL the food!
    • Horde ALL the water!
    • Fire is not always friend.
    • Keep quiet when on foot. Super stealth s a good mode to stay in.
    • Reading never hurt anyone…unless they were stupid about it.
    • Sheer dumb luck
    • Keep warm and dry. Being sick does not improve survival chances

    Inventory (open)

    Note: She doesn’t carry everything with her at once, often times she’ll split what she has up, some of the stuff stays in the car, some of it always stays on her, the rest bounces between her two bags and the backseat.

    • Keeps an extra five gallons of gas in the car at all times.

    • Keeps a couple different “surviving the zombie apocalypse guides”

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  5. Welcome, everyone! I'm so excited to have you all aboard. :3

    Feel free to post whatever character information you'd like--if any. It isn't mandatory by any means, and sometimes you may find you work better without any backstory! I just had this character in development for quite a while, and I pretty much just lifted her info from a profile I had on another site. I figured I had made it, I may as well use it! ^^;

    I'm quite curious to see where this goes! I left a lot of the In-World information pretty vague on purpose, so there's free range to develop all of the little details as we go. When I initially created the disease, I kind of imagined it as some super hybrid mutation of mononucleosis and viral encephalitis, but there's room to explore that, too!
  6. May I make a suggestion? Put a link to the IC on this thread and a link to the OCC in IC thread? (sorry if that didn't make since. I may be a little tipsy)
  7. Name: Dorian "Requiem" Grey

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Location: The Underground


    Condition: Bad Leg, But Otherwise Fine

    Relationship Status: Single

    Orientation: Straight

    History: Dorian was the leader of a mafia family before the apocalypse hit. The Millennium Organisation was pretty well recognised for their protective nature of their territory. They rarely killed people, and were for all purposes, quite good for everyone involved. When the Zeds started pouring in, they were out on the front lines before the military had a chance to try to defend the area. They lost a lot of people in the initial fight, but they saved a few as well, bringing them underground where there was a safe area that the Millennium Organisation had been setting up as a new base.

    It only took a matter of days to fortify The Underground for survival, and they made use of the tunnels under the city to reach points of importance, such as the hospital, gas stations, or stores. It was a fairly good system, and everyone pitched in to help keep the small community safe, Dorian included. Keeping everyone warm was getting to be difficult with the winter hitting, and supplies were running low. Still, things weren't as bad as they could be. Zeds weren't smart enough to come underground, so they were still safe. Dorian made sure that they remained vigilant regardless of how intelligent the walking dead were.

    It wouldn't be long though before he'd have to head up with a crew for a supply run. They needed gas to power the generators. He had some guys working on rigging up alternative power sources, but it was slow work, especially with the limited resources. Above ground, everyone used code names. Old military doctrine mostly, but it made some of the survivors feel better, so he allowed it, taking the code name 'Requiem'. Not that it'd matter really. Dorian expected that unless they cleared The Surface, they would slowly die out of starvation, disease, or madness.

    Weapons (open)


    Primary Weapon: Cane Sword, Cane Sword Handle

    Secondary Weapons: Pair of Falcata

    Emergency Weapon: Sheng Bao


    Primary Weapon: Pair Of Silenced Desert Eagles

    Secondary Weapons: Silenced Anti-Material Rifle With A Laser Scope

    Emergency Weapon: A Pair of Machine Pistols With Extended Clips

    Apparel (open)

    Inventory (open)


    Dried Dog Meat
    Venison Jerky
    Blood Packs
    Flashbang Grenade

    The Underground

    Canned Food, Garden
    Beds, Blankets, Etc.
    Firing Range, Weapon Stock and Ammo Stock
    Maintenance Equipment
    Sanitation Facilities
    Underground Track Runs

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  8. Name: Mishka "Misha" Volkova
    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Location: Nomadic
    Condition: Slightly dehydrated but mostly, fine
    Status: Single
    S/O: hasn't thought about things like that, but for now, Straight...for all she knows.

    Mishka is the youngest child of the family. She had an elder sister; Kira (23), and an elder brother; Alexey (19). Her mother; Yelena, was a 2nd generation immigrant, meaning was born and raised from the motherland. Her father; Boris, was a 1st, meaning was born and raised in the motherland before leaving the motherland.

    Before the illness set in, she lived a simply life in the farm. In school she was the wallflower despite her fragile beauty. But her elder sister; Kira, was previously the school beauty before she left for the city to escape the dull life of the country. Her brother; Alex, stayed at home to help around the farm. The siblings were close until Kira left. But she understood why. Her sister was brighter than life.

    When the illness hit, her mother was one of the first wave. She disappeared a week after getting sick. When Kira heard that, she came home. Weeks later, Yelena returned when Alex left to check on the cows that were uneasy. Boris threw Mishka into one his hunting closet in the first floor when Yelena burst in with all gore. He ran to Kira's room where she was resting. Mishka remembers the screams. Then silence. She kept silent when she heard the limping footsteps outside the door. There were screams from outside and the shuffling staggered out.

    Mishka didn't leave until the sun light could be seen from under the cracks. She was awake all night, listening to the screams. She crept out, just incase there were still left. She walked up stairs following the trail of blood and saw in her sister's room, her father and her sister's mangled corpses. She promptly threw up.

    That night, she hid once again in the hunting closet. But this time, she was planning her next move. The next morning, she stole her father's hunting tools and any other necessary items and set the entire ranch of fire and escaped into the woods. She's wandering around, just trying to live her life day by day.


    appearance (open)

    She stands to a small 5'3" wearing her father's hunting jacket and her brother's cap, and goggles on her eyes, her favourite waterproof boots and her "messy" loose pants. Basically, she looks like a child playing her parent's clothes.


    Mishka carries a large hunting bag she took from her father.

    Bag (open)

    weapons (open)

    Shotgun (but uses it mostly like a bat)
    Sniper Rifle
    Hordes of bullets
    [she never uses them]

    Pointy Objects
    3 different sizes of Hunting Knives
    A self fashioned spear (tied a knife at the end of a sturdy wood)
    a variety of knives (mostly kitchen), about 7 of them
    2 foldable hunting bows and 15 arrows

    Outfit (open)

    a military hat
    woodcarver's goggles
    An oversized hunting jacket
    comfy waterproof boots

    Inventory (open)

    Blankets and her childhood stuffed bear named "Ivan"
    3 bottles for water
    small medical kit
    Beef Jerky
    3 flashlights of different sizes
    Batteries (lots)
    2 undershirts
    2 jeans
    1 extra boots
    Canned goods
    A small pot

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  9. I'm still trying to work my way around the different codes here, but I think I've successfully added the corresponding links for the OOC and IC threads. I've embedded them in spoiler tags at the top of each of my first posts, so hopefully it'll be easy to jump from one thread to the other.
    BUT--how do you create those nifty little drop-open tags? :O Is it just a spoiler tag with a different name?
  10. [spoiler=tag/title/whatever]link or whatever[/spoiler]
  11. Aah, beautiful! Much appreciated. ^^
  12. Just a few quick notes!

    Hijacking and god-modding:
    Try not to do it. ;3
    As we gain more players and posts are being added at an increasing rate, please take the time to read carefully and respond appropriately. If a particular player does not make an explicit action (in other words, if they do not actually write out the action themself), do not force it upon them in your own post. Instead, try and find a way to make YOUR character set something in motion. … Make sense? ^^;
    It’s really more fun that way, I promise! And a bit of a brain teaser to maneuver the course of action with little tricks of the trade. Plus, if you think about it, you can't really control people in real life... at least, you know, not ethically or morally. Hah.

    Also, with the growing number of backstories and interaction, I feel the need to agree upon at least a rudimentary timeline. I've seen a few mention "years" passing, but for the sake of excitement, tension, and some sense of realism, does 1 to 2 years post-epidemic sound reasonable to you all? ^^
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  13. Fine by me, I was thinking about eight months or so had passed, but one or two years would work as well
  14. Oh dear, I shall try my best.
  15. Nothing to fret over, I just wanted to make everyone aware. By no means do I intend to be policing all of the posts, I just want to make sure the play is enjoyable for everyone involved. :)

    Personally, I was thinking more along the lines of under a year, also. That way each of the characters has a good deal of room to grow and develop in their new world, as opposed to already being mostly accustomed to it.
    So how about a good old fashioned meet-in-the-middle deal and we settle for approximately 12 months post-societal collapse? Then nobody has to drastically alter any background for their character.

    Agreed? ^^
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  16. Lovelies~

    There's been a four day lull between posts, so unless there's any objection, I'll be shortly "refreshing" the thread with a new IC post that may allow new players to join.
    Basically I'll be leaving the warehouse and more or less starting over, 'less we carry on.

    Hope to hear from ya'll soon! ;3
  17. I've been meaning to reply. I have a lot of roleplays that I need to reply to, just been busy. I'll try to get it replied to before I head off to work, or when I get home
  18. Understandable-- I had to dump a couple PM RP's because I found it hard to afford them all proper dedication. Three is usually my limit. XD
    I just didn't want things to go stale. I'll leave it be for another day or two, give everyone a chance to catch up~
  19. I'm in fifteen or sixteen, I'm not sure as I messed up my count part way through
  20. Bah! I can see how that would be hard to keep up with.
    Your poor fingers must be worn to the bone from typing. xP

    Fair enough, take your time. ;3
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