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The deserted wanderers

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Justin/Joker, May 7, 2015.

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  1. I'm here! Just need Vianne.
  2. coo, ideas? besides just the islands.
  3. I don't have any. Standard ship wreck?
  4. Yeah, shipwreck. And nobody knows eachother.
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  5. sounds good!!!
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  6. now....how many characters do we want to use? if no one knows each other, then it had to a party ship, or a yacht.
  7. Got any spare spots?
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  8. actually, yeah! new people are appreciated
    (also, that your picture is from Madoka Magica, my sister had asked me to watch it!)
  9. Awesome.
  10. WATCH IT. I rewatched it today. Every time I do it reignites my obsession with it :D
  11. i do need to get the dang thing done! i keep watching like one episode then forget about it for a while.
    The rp is open, but i do need to decide what it should be put under...
  12. I guess if it's a shipwreck type situation it'd probably just class as Modern. Not really a fantasy unless you involve magic, and you're talking about a party boat so I doubt it's Historical :D
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  13. Hey there! Joker, put it under survival. Also, a party ship I guess, or like a cruise. I have an OC to use, she's all new!
  14. I too, shall use an OC! I just have to think of one! Something I am quite bad at doing! 99% chance they'll be a cynical asshole though.
  15. Every thing sounds good to me. I know who I'm using.
  16. @racheljessie (let me guess...Lilly?)
    @tip_and_slide (cool, like to see new characters)
    @Yokai (that's good, every story needs one of those..)

    It is survival clearly, i wonder who i should use.... hm.............
  17. On a side note... how tf do you get almost 4000 messages in little more than a month?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.