The Demigod's Quest

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  1. The Demigods of Advanced Human (open)

    Name : Prince Alucard Feri
    Age ; he is around 17 years old
    History : Alucard was born in the underworld by Persephone the wife of Hades, yes Alucard is a son of Hades as well and this makes him a god, well his father and mother treat him like a demigod. Alucard at the young age was in deep trouble from the olympian gods as they would kill him once they learned that he was a god. Hades and Persephone decided it was best to keep Alucard in the underworld and thats where this mysterious male lives. Alucard has often never been seen outside the underworld., he learned a lot of fighting skills from Hades and his mother to help keep him safe when the time was to run off and to explore the world. Well Hades and persephone with broken hearts had to keep Alucard confined in the underworld but about a week ago Alucard ran off to see the world. little does he know he is extreme danger for what his job is , could expose who he is to the world of the olympians.
    Powers : he is the god of souls and blessed death, when someone dies in battle this is the boy that comes to that person and showers his large wings above them to take the soul out. Alucard powers also are to talk with the dead and summon up the dead if needed of help. He can control creatures from the underworld to an extent.
    personality :Alucard is the lone wolf of the demigods, often staying away from others. well who could blame him when his family are the royal family of the underworld. He has a deep loving side and can love to dance and sing. He’s very dark in battle and it takes a lot to get him to stop fighting a foe. He can grow large steel like wings.
    weapons : a shadow sword named Shade - [​IMG]
    Golden sword named Darkness Riser[​IMG]
    Picture : [​IMG]
    posioned dagger named Cleyo - [​IMG]
    pet : Ceryi - a immortal daughter of Cerberus - [​IMG]

    Name : Sasha Dimond

    age : 18

    Parent : (one god and one human) : Hades and Oliva Dimond

    Powers (LIMITED to three)

    - she has control over hellhounds

    - She can summon up an army of skeletons that only listen to her commands

    - she can shadow travel

    History : Sasha was born like every other demigod, in a loving home and good background, wouldn't you like to belive that ? well nothing is that simple and she was never the same after what her adopted human father had done. Sasha father was abusive hit her mother and punished her for everything that she did as a small thing. One day in a fit of rage the male killed her mother with a punch and she hit the kitchen counter and skull cracked and she forever was so scared of anyone hitting her that she called forth on four hellhounds that killed the man she called a father. Sasha finally collasped and cried and then the hound lead her to the Camp that she stayed at since she was eight years old. She has never met her father before just heard stories of the black hearted god and she wanted to meet him, but first she has to prove herself worthy.

    Personality : Hard & cold on the outside, Sasha tends to keep her walls up putting distance between her and those who try to get to know her; a cold past causing her already cautious social awkwardness to become nothing but pure isolation brought on by years of abuse. Once comfortable enough to open up, her fierce loyalty shines through. Shy & sensitive, she tends to keep to herself keeping a close & caring eye on those she truly feels are close to her. With a short temper, an attitude that would shake Olympus, & passion for justice Sasha tries her best though nothing really ever works out for her in the end. She is natrual leader and an amazingly powerfuld emigod with many tricks up her sleeves that always keep everyone on their toes.

    realtionship with your parent : better then most Hades kids

    Picture (real or anime is fine with me)

    Her horse is named Death Runner (immortal horse of the underworld)

    Name : Trenton Byzo

    age : 19

    Parent : (one god and one human) : hecate

    Powers (LIMITED to three)

    - advanced magic - Can do impossible magic that no demigod that can do

    - Dark Magic - sinster and dangerous magic he can control over

    - shapeshifting magic - Can shapeshift into any creature in greek myths

    History : Trenton was raised away from humainty as he was born a magical being and came to the world that July morning. He was born and then appearing before his father was Hecate, the magic goddess. Trenton was blessed by the goddess to have magical based powers which when he turned five the goddess came in the diguse as a magican female and took him under her wing and taught him everything he knew. But one night he grew a bit odd and tried to take her power and she made him leave and forever didn't trust him near her magic anymore. Trenton was taken to the camp few years ago and became a famous entertainer for the camp keeping younger kids and even alot of older kids happy in times of trouble or dispair

    Personality : Trenton is a shy creature but also very funny and loving person. He always looking for something new to learn or new forms of magic. He finally has a dicorder ability making his personality have a different name, history and they act like his protector. His personalities actually are shapeshifting spirits and his best protector that comes forth is a pegasus spirit .

    His personalities , Pegasus , defender of trentors history and anger


    Spirit of the fox, Sly personality, clever and careing


    Spirit of the Bear , protector of his softer side, loving and mature

    realtionship with your godly parent : Poor

    Picture (real or anime is fine with me) [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tess Raymond, Rex Raymond and Castiel Ravens[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tess is Sam, Rex is Dean and Castiel is Castiel[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Parentage : Son of Ares, Son of Ares son of Helios[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tess, Rex and Castiel have been brothers ever since they were born as brothers and will die as brothers. Tess and Rex are actual brothers and Castiel became an adopted brother of there’s. When they learned about their godly parent and Castiel was left out the brothers claimed him as a child of Ares. Castiel though when they came to the camp he learned he was a son of Hermes. but even with that the three brothers are closer than blood and will die for one another.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]The three are share a stone like Personalities that will not change. They have sharp tongues, spitting truth and search for justice for those who did wrong doings to everyone else. They are very loving and compassionate toward each other and stand by each other side when things get rough. The have many good things with each other and no one is left behind if these brothers are allowed to open to other demigods. They are tough males with amazing stealth and attacks.[/BCOLOR]​
  2. Alucard was awake in the morning coming from the shadows of the Hades cabin smiling to himself it was early in the morning so he went into the forest and hummed gently as he sways gently. he then danced through the forest, the hellhound of his, the three headed daughter of Cerberus danced with him happily yipping gently. Alucard had long black hair and dazzling red eyes that glowed in dim light and seemed to dim in bright light.

    Tezz, Rex and Castiel where awoken in the sound of howling and the brothers angrily as they woke up streaching and got changed walking out slowly. the dawn was yet to come and they chatted with each other in the middle of the camp about things that happned on their last quest.
  3. Sean crept through the forest, his bow gently in his grip as he soundlessly walked up to a monster. It's nostrils flared as it picked up the scent of the son of Artemis, looking around frantically for the source of the powerful aura. Seeing no one, its eyes widened in surprise as it exploded into yellow dust, a silver arrow piercing its heart.

    Not hearing the heartbeat not too far from where he stood, Sean picked up the monster trophy with a sigh, thinking about his deceased father. 'What would he be doing right now in the underworld?' he wondered.

    Other than his butler back at his castle in Canada, his father was the only person that knew that he was a son of Artemis. His mother had left him to die in the forest right outside the castle grounds, and his father had saved him when the goddess of the moon had gone. It was essential that not a single soul figured out who he was.

    He would be dead if the gods/goddesses of Olympus found out about his existence.

    With that thought in mind, Sean nearly jumped when a twig snapped nearly three footsteps away.
  4. A male walzed by the male without careing about the male and smiles as he kept dancing his eyes closed smiling brightly. the massive three headed hound swiftly fallowed him happily barking gently and alucard laughed as the hound tackled him and hugged the three heads grinning brightly "hey you" he grinned at the hounds that barked gently and wagged its tail happily to its master happy voice. the hound smelled ahunter and roared angrily fangs bared at the male atll three head low and snarling at them fangs bared.

    Alucard laughed "Cryelo no bad girl" he grinned and the hound looked at him and barked gently and sat down. the hound was as tall as a regular male its fur deep golden and red color. It looked like cerberus but less dangerous but that was its trick to do that to anyone that came face to face with her. Alucard looked at sean "hey why you in the forest you know its dangerous right?" he asked his red eyes gleamed in the darkness a small smile on his lips as his black hair shines brightly.
  5. Sean's POV (Point Of View):

    Sean felt his heart jump into his throat when he saw the person standing in front of him.

    A three-headed dog barked angrily at the son of Artemis, bearing its teeth. Next to the hound was its owner, black hair shining like silk in the light. Gleaming red eyes looked upon the white-blonde demigod, making Sean automatically look away from fear of blushing. He didn't want to make it obvious to the man standing before him that he was very attracted to him.
    "Y-Yea, just hunting."
  6. Alucard blinked confused "well you shoud get back to camp, breakfast is soon and so will activties for the day" he smiles gently as he walked off toward the camp, the hound grunted and fallowed after it master happily wagging its large tail as it vanished when the male got to camp since hellhounds where not allowed in the camp but could stay in the forest.
  7. Sean's POV:

    Sean sighed as he watched the guy go, the hound following him happily as the undergrowth swallowed him up. He hated these sudden feelings he got around guys, for it made him more and more certain that he is a full-fledged rainbow. The son of Artemis wanted nothing to do with that stuff, but apparently his heart had other ideas.

    Deciding that he had killed enough monsters for the day, Sean headed towards the dining pavilion to eat breakfast. Piling his plate with food, he walked over to the over-flowing Hermes table at sat down with his roommates, eating an apple while lost in thought.
  8. Alucard ate slowly with the other kids of hades but they staed far away. Tess smirks as he went over to alucard whsitling and poured a milkshake down his back and the male ignored the coldness running down his back and sighed gently "real mature" he mutters as the pivillon cracked up with laughter.

    Castiel looked confused at the male blinking gently and just ate his food. he smiles at rex that rolled his eyes at his brother but smirked giving a small laugh behind his sleeve.
  9. Sean POV:

    Bored, the son of Artemis looked around the pavilion, his heart jolting when he saw Alucard sitting at the Hades table by himself. He watched Tess pour a milkshake down his back and found a sudden rage take over him. Standing up, he looked at Tess and yelled words that he wanted to take back right away. "What the Hades was that for?!"
  10. Tess looked over slowly confused "what you going to do about it shrimp" cackled walking toward him, Alucard stuck a leg out and the male tripped and went face first into someone tray and the male yelled in anger as he whipped the eggs off and growled at alucard. Alucard looked over raising eyebrow "what Ares kid can't take getting beat by a unknown kid" cackled. Rex stopped Tess from doing something stupid. tess scowled and left with them outside.

    Aluxard smirks gently as he looked around gently "Such brats i sware" muses gently.
  11. Sean sat back down and looked at his food thoughtfully. What was that all about? He sneaked a glance at the son of Hades, who was musing to himself with a smirk on his face. Why would anyone in their right mind want to bully such an intimidating guy?!

    But before he could wonder about him anymore, Sean suddenly remembered what the butler had told him all those years ago before the son of Artemis had walked into the borders of camp. "There are powerful people at camp that can easily take advantage of you. Be on your guard."

    So with that thought in mind, Sean got up and left the pavilion, forcing himself to not look at the intriguing son of Hades.
  12. The son of Hades just ate smiling to himself and yawned gently. After breakfast it was a nice game of capture the Flag, Alucard and Sean had been on the same team with ten others and Tess, Rex and castiel where on another team smiling to themselves.

    In the game

    Alucard came to the other team flag but froze seeing Tess there with sean on the ground "Oh look who showed up" cackled darkly at him angrily looking atAlucard. Alucard eyes narrowed eyes went up in fire of Hades he swished his body around and behind him skeletons upon skeletons and dead warriors appeared all yelling for a fight but Alucard kept them from attacking. tess ran off switfly and Alucard dashed to Sean "hey you ok?" he asked as his fake army vanished into mist.
  13. Humiliated, Sean got up onto his feet onto his own. "I'm fine." He answered cooly, not thankful that the son of Hades had came to his rescue. It was obviously dangerous to rely on someone that was so more powerful than himself. If Alucard found out who he was...he would be helpless to save himself.

    And never mind the issue about his stupid heart beating too fast either.
  14. The male raised eyebrow slightly "well ok then" he sighed rolling his eyes, some demigods where so .....hard to even talk to. he walked off the the flag and picked up and walked back to the team and tossed it over. he then walked off to his cabin without saying anything.
  15. Sean sighed as he watched the son of Hades walk off. He knew he was being cautious and cold, but it was the only way to If he didn't have his guard up 24-7, the son of Artemis could be long deceased by now. It was the only way to survive.

    But as he walked to his next camp activity, Sean found himself slumped against a tree, his arms wrapped around his legs. For many years he bat off the possible friends he could have to stay alive, making him an absolute loner. Was this really living?
  16. Castiel blinked walking over slowly "hey Sean you ok?" He asked he was a hermes kid but he was a very kind hearted guy he was still learning his powers and just always there if you needed to vent things.
  17. Sean sighed. Here we go again. "I'm alright Castiel. I...I just need some alone time." He looked away, expecting him to leave. That's what they all did.
  18. Castiel plopped right beside him and smiles gently "come on you can tell me. I am here to listen and help most children of hermes are but I hate seeing other hurt for the expense of that of others. so tell me whats bugging you so much" he smiled gently.
  19. Sean's frosty blue eyes widened, his face still hidden from the Hermes demigod. Crap, what was he going to say to that?! It wasn't like he could say he's a demigod of Artemis or anything. And it wasn't like he could confess about his problem of being a "rainbow in the closet" either too, for even he himself found that particular fact about him wrong. What should he do?
  20. "look no one in this camp is going to use you. Thats not what camp is about, its about protecting each other and keeping each demigod safe from monsters and wrath of the gods" The god of Hermes grinning gently and patted the guys back slowly.
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