The Death Star Plot REVEALED.

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  2. *ponders commenting about the serious point being made here* >___>

    <___< *decides on joke instead*

    I wonder if the second Deathstar had little brass plaques on its corridors?
  3. No. We want to hear your serious response.
  4. Actually, I really do want to hear the serious response!
  5. This IS very serious business. >:[ There was no way those rebels could have pulled off that big of a job!
  6. *Walks in though a side door and stands at ease flanked by storm troopers as men in red robes beat Seiji into submission and drag him off before casting a cold eye on the rest of the gathering... Perhaps a warning... Perhaps a challenge.*
  7. Well... y'know... one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Civilians get caught in the crossfire in any conflict, no matter how worthy the sides.

    And The World Trade Centre as a Death Star - a shining bastion that can spell certain death for some people? Many would say there's no difference between capitalism and a giant lazer when it comes to it.

    What are Luke's real motives? He wants to have some fun, impress a lady and stop some distant thing that he's told is "evil". Sounds like a young Jihadist to me.

    *retreats behind a wall*
  8. Actually....when you put it that way....It's time to purge some Jedi Scum.