The Death of Jerome Butler

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  1. The year is 1926, Jerome Butler is a man of many talents, he has his fingers in multiple pots, and many enemies. Strangely enough he has never actually been seen, so it’s a huge surprise and honor when one night he decides to throw a dinner party at his mansion in the hills for a select few. Unfortunately for Jerome every single one of his guests has a reason to kill him. So when a storm strikes and the power gets cut, more then one thing goes wrong.​
    [fieldset=How It Works, silver][/fieldset]​
    How It Works, silver
    This will be a Clue style Mystery, meaning no one will know for sure who did what aside from me. I will be the moderator. I will hand out clues and keep track of who did what until the end, and make GM posts. I will also control Jerome Butler and his staff. Jerome and several of his staff will die at various times during the RP and it is your job to figure out who killed them. Any one may be a murder so be ready with your motives :D Also keep an eye out for missing, or misplaced objects.
    Note: Each murder will be committed by a different person, different weapon, and in a different location.

    The Clues, grey
    You will all create a profile and depending on what you include in your profiles I will create clues. I will then PM the clues to you separately throughout the game and you will then work that clue into one of your next posts somehow. How you do this is up to you, however, don’t make it too obvious, write it in a way that the rest of the players can make their own deductions should they find the clue in your post.

    Here are some basic examples of how a clue might appear in game:
    Example One: (open)

    Clue given to Person D – Character 1’s Gun was not used to kill Jerome (Character 1’s Character sheet includes the fact that the handle was pearl inlay)

    Person D may post – Character 4 turned and spied something under the couch in the Lounge. They knelt down to investigate further. It was a gun with a pearl inlay handle. Upon further inspection they noted that the barrel was cold. Looking around to make sure no one saw them Character 4 pocketed the weapon.

    Reasonable deductions by the rest - Cold gun = Person A did not supply the murder weapon, or if the gun hasn't been used, Jerome must have been killed some other way, or Character 4 has pocketed the gun to use later! (Entirely possible)

    Example Two: (open)

    Clue given to Person A – Jerome was not killed in the Dining room

    Person A may post – Character 1 was in a bit of a panic. She had never expected somebody to actually kill him, even though they had all wanted too. Needing a moment to clear her head she slipped into the dinning room where everything was exactly as they had left it down to Character 3’s half eaten piece of chicken. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves she slipped back out again.

    Reasonable deductions by the rest – The dining room is exactly how they left it, no one’s been in there since dinner ended. Jerome didn't die there.

    Note: The above examples only work if Jerome’s death is the only one to have occurred when the clue is handed out. Alternate versions might be as seen below.

    Alternate One: (open)

    The post may instead read:
    Character 4 turned and stared at the body. It took some doing. He had a week stomach for this sort of thing, but Character 4 noted that there was no bullet hole.

    Alternate Two: (open)

    The clue may instead be:
    No one has been killed in the Dining Room, yet

    Please do not give out false clues! However. You may mislead or redirect.

    Example (open)

    Clue given to Person B – Character 3 was in the kitchen when Jerome died (Character 3’s sheet says they are wearing heels)

    Person B may post – Character 2 tripped over a bag of spilled flour. Right in the middle of the mess was a very clearly defined outline of a heeled shoe. Character 2 stepped around the flour and tripped again, catching themselves on the counter. Character 2 winced. They’d nearly put their hand down on a butcher knife. That would not have been a good thing to explain to the others.

    Reasonable deductions by the rest - Stiletto Shoe print in flour = Characters 3 and 4 are wearing heels (as listed in their sheets) so one of them was in the kitchen. Wait a minute, the cook spilled the flour when she heard Jerome’s death scream. For the print to be outlined in the flour 3 or 4 would have had to be in the kitchen when it happened. One of them is innocent.
    Or Character 1 is listed as having a knife, they may have been in the kitchen, or if Character one’s knife is in the kitchen it’s not the murder weapon.
    Or even, if characters 3 or 4 were in the kitchen, they may have killed the cook.

    This example is considered misleading and not false for two reasons. First Person B revealed their clue using a trait belonging to two different characters. Second, since in a kitchen a knife is standard equipment this is considered misleading and not a false clue.

    Looking at the examples above you can see that making detailed posts is highly encouraged. Not only will this potentially mislead the other players, it will help to hide the real clues.

    The Setting:, grey
    This RP takes place in 1926 in Jerome Butler’s Mansion in the Hills. In the second post of this thread I will include a map and Character Location listing. This listing will be periodically updated with character locations as they move about the mansion.

    There are also secret passageways. When a character enters a room I may PM that player and tell them about the passageway, it is up to them to reveal it or not. If they choose not to and another player enters the room, I will give that person the same opportunity. If two characters enter a room together I will PM the first to enter. If two characters enter rooms on opposite sides of a passageway, I will PM them both.

    Once a passageway is revealed, anyone may use it.

    Solving the Crime:, grey
    You may accuse another character of a crime at any time after the first round of clues has been sent out.

    Murder Accusations will consist of the following:

    Who killed who:
    The murder weapon:
    Where it originally took place:

    I did say this would be like clue

    After an accusation is made I will post a list of names in the OOC (this thread) and the first person on that list who can prove the accusation wrong (with a clue I PMed them) must do so in game.

    Example: (open)

    Character 1 makes an accusation against character 6 saying they used the knife, in the library, to kill Jerome.
    Character 2 says they have nothing
    Character 3 says they have noting
    Character 4 points out that “the knife has no blood on it, it can’t have been used!”

    Here’s where we deviate from the game, Everyone will learn the shared clue. And it will be posted in the publicly known clues section of the second post in this thread. If an accusation is made using a publicly known clue, anyone may prove it wrong.

    If no one can prove the accusation wrong (with a PMed clue) I will do one of two things. If ANY part of the accusation is false I will post a clue to prove it so. Or if the accusation is true I will inform the Accused via PM, and their next post will be a confession in whatever manner they see fit, with whatever motive they like.

    At this point everyone posts their reactions, and they somehow restrain that character, preferably so the accused can still talk . . . Tie them to a chair or something (they may still have clues the rest of you need.)

    When the culprit of the final murder is revealed the police will finally arrive and the game ends :)

    Rules, grey
    Standard Iwaku rules apply, no godmodding etc . . .

    Character Rules
    1. Players may play one (1) character only
    2. If you need to leave the RP please let me know so a way can be found to write out your character without spoiling the game for everyone else. (Perhaps they’ll be knocked unconscious and their notebook of clues will be left for everyone to find)
    3. If you don’t post in three weeks (without telling me why) I give myself permission to 1. Nag, 2. Give you a please post warning, and 3. Do whatever is necessary with your character to move the plot forward.

    Post Rules
    1. Please Post at least one paragraph.
    2. Please spell and grammar check all posts – typos do happen, but they should not be a constant thing.
    3. DO NOT use different colored text for dialogue – I find this very difficult to read. You WILL be asked to change this if I find you doing it.

    Remember that not everyone can be on everyday; this means no rapid-fire postings which leave the others too far behind. Try to give everyone a chance to keep up.​

    Also I may, if necessary, PM and ask for your character to do something specific (like slip away from the others randomly for a minute or two, or discover that the cook has slipped away). Or if necessary, make a GM post stating something generic like “everybody wandered around for a bit exploring, and were taken by surprise when the power went out” to mask character locations right before a murder.​

    Characters, grey
    I will accept up to 10 people to play. Because this game relies on people posting clues for each other to find, I ask that players post at least once week.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Game Color: (Brown, Indigo, Scarlet etc. You can also choose a color from this page. Colors should be different for each character.)
    Age: (between 25 and 75)
    Height and Weight:
    Eyes and Hair:
    Other distinguishing features:
    Outfit worn to the Party: (Text description mandatory. Please be as specific as possible. shoes, belt, sequin dress, pinstripe suit etc. Bullet points are fine)
    How your character knows about Jerome: (remember Jerome has never been seen)
    Why they believe they were invited:
    The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it:

    Note: DO NOT put your motive for murder on your character sheet! That is for everyone to try to figure out in game.
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  2. Character Quick Links and Location Map, grey

    Character 1 - Clara Williams
    Character 2 - Felicity Ingalls
    Character 3 - Lucjan Wronski
    Character 4 - Eleanor Clemonte
    Character 5 - Mr. Ree
    Character 6 -
    Character 7 -
    Character 8 -
    Character 9 -
    Character 10

    Publicly Known Clues, grey
    There are no known Clues at this time
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  3. Jerome Butler – no one has even seen Jerome in public, but his reputation is known around the world. He is a shrewd businessman with many enemies. Jerome had also been married and divorced three separate times but he has had no children with these women, and none of his ex-wives will speak much about him, bad or good.

    Alice Wright – has worked with the Butler family for a very long time. The family cook she excels in creating gourmet food from everyday ingredients. This stately older woman sees everything, knows the moment something is out of place, and is an incorrigible gossip.

    Nigel Morris – The butler, this old bachelor is a loyal servant of the family and so was his father before him. While the Vice-President of Mr. Butler’s company handles all the media and public affairs, it is really Nigel, working behind the scenes, that manages most of the daily matters in Jerome’s life. He is overworked, under appreciated, and has very little time for anything other than his duties.

    Cynthia Hendricks – the maid, a relatively new hire, this gorgeous bombshell is Jerome’s current charity project. She comes from a poor family in a poor neighborhood, but has a variety of useful talents. These include being able to spot a speck of dust at ten paces, making both a perfect bed and a perfect martini, and not needing a key to get into a closed cupboard.
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  4. ((Here's my attempted character! Critiques and advice for possible revisions are welcome!))

    Name: Clara Williams
    Game Color: Blue
    Age: 25
    Nationality: French-Canadian Immigrant
    Job: A combination of Secretarial & Journalist work for an up and coming magazine
    Appearance: Petite figure, light skin, pink powdered makeup, dark red lipstick.
    Height and Weight: 5'7", 153 lbs
    Eyes and Hair: Gray-blue eyes; Short cut, curly blond hair
    Other distinguishing features: Average sized hands, long nails, and size nine shoes.
    Outfit worn to the Party: A blue, silk dress with a dark, sheer overlay; a long stranded, double looped pearl necklace; clip-on pearl earrings; and two-inch, narrow pointed black heels. She also carries a small, blue beaded, white leather hand bag.
    How your character knows about Jerome: Jerome's legacy, in combination with his elusive nature, has been a topic of intrigue among publishers of popular magazines since the brink of Jerome's success, and as such editors have been doggedly pursuing Jerome's worldly affairs as a possible topic of interest to boost the prestige of their companies and increase their magazine's audience and support. Clara's editor, always desperate to push their magazine ahead, has given Clara her break in publishing her most controversial of articles: a piece she had written on the elusive nature, distinct success, questionable dealings, and over-all mystery and darker tides surrounding Jerome Butler's rise to riches. Clara's highly speculative story, with its notion of possible foul play, has fueled the undertones of gossip regarding Jerome Butler's long standing success.
    Why they believe they were invited: Clara assumes this invitation was the result of her implications and powerfully critical assessment of Jerome in the papers. The article questions Jerome's legitimacy as a law abiding businessman; Clara sees her inclusion in Jerome's prestigious dinner party as the humored formality of a wealthy man and even possibly, a move to revisit and potentially clear Jerome of the bad stigma brought on by the dark speculations so recently advertised of him and his business.
    The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it: A small, concealed pocket pistol revolver

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  5. Approved :)
  6. Cool cool ! Sorry her back story's leaning more on the rough/flamboyant side ^^''
  7. Gah, I forgot to watch the thread! D:

    One character, coming up!
  8. [MENTION=5670]esorasorous[/MENTION] Flamboyant is just fine :D
    [MENTION=4590]Koene[/MENTION] No worries I'm not in a rush, though I'm not above giving everybody a poke if it takes too long - haven't reached that point yet though :)

    I'm thinking once three or four people have put up characters I'll start the IC and we can have kind of a slow arrival/ intro phase to let people's characters get to know each other etc. while the rest get their characters put together. Might be a bit more dramatic that way too.
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  9. Lev wants to join! Give him a few hours (I have to go to work in a few minutes, so I'll be away from the computer), please! I'll have one ready as soon as I can.

    I do have an idea for a maid character though, is this a problem, considering that there is already a maid character? If it is a problem, let me know, cause I already have another character history in mind.

    EDIT: As you can see, I've edited the character to a new type of person, someone GLAMOROUS. =D
    This is incredibly fun and I'm just loving all the research to see what was invented, what was in style, what kinds of music was available, and what kind of technology and commodities were available. I'm starting to research toilets now. =D
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  10. Name: Felicity Ingalls

    Game Color: Light Green

    Age: 38 years

    Nationality: African American (Nigerian heritage)

    Job: Singer

    Appearance: Long dark hair; stout figure, though not large; voluptuous build

    Height and Weight: 5 ft. 2 in. / 157 cm and 156 lbs. / 70.7 kg

    Eyes and Hair: Dark brown hair, normally in thin curls but is usually straightened and fashioned into a long ponytail. Her eyes are a deep brown, like that of coffee before cream is added.

    Other distinguishing features: She sports a slight limp and favors her left foot after a terrible fall about three years ago. She also smokes habitually from her cigarette holder, especially after a large meal or after a medley of songs.

    Outfit worn to the Party: A beautiful cocktail dress which flows down to the knee, decorated with pearls about the neckline and hemmed with ermine fur the color of snow and tipped with black wisps. She wears her hair in a curled style pulled back and to the side, with the opposite side of her head bearing a large adornment with white feathers the same color as the fur. She wears black heeled leather shoes, pointed at the tip and held securely with a strap across the top of the foot. Felicity wore delicate, white satin elbow-length evening gloves which is has three pearl buttons along the side of the hand, to allow for easy removal from the hand, especially when dining. Each glove is held up with a garter-like ribbon tied around the bicep. False eyelashes and deep red lipstick enhance her naturally beautiful skin. She also carries with her a small clutch made of "wet-white" leather, clasped with a metal button. It holds her pre-rolled cigarettes, her "theatre length" long and slender cigarette holder approximately 10 inches / 25 centimeters long, and a handkerchief to pretty herself up should break out in a sweat (which she often does.) With her, she carries also an ivory figurine which is identical to the Genius of Arts sculpture on the Louvre Museum in Paris. This was given to her as a souvenir by a wealthy Parisian fan--in fact, since there are only five other replicas of the same sculpture, they fetch quite the coin.

    How your character knows about Jerome: Felicity Ingalls is a name well-known in all Black American households and in most Anglo-American households. A talented singer with an excellent command of the voice, she became a songstress known across the United States. Her voice has merited the name, "Songbird of Nigeria" and many tourists and locals alike flock to the "Windy City" of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. to even her hear speak. Having gained nationwide popularity, she was given an invitation to the Butler Mansion, probably to provide entertainment for the famous and invisible Jerome Butler.

    Why they believe they were invited: Felicity believes that she was invited to the Butler mansion to provide song for the guests attending.

    The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it: Felicity, the fourth and youngest daughter of African-American slaves, believes that the intentional use of violence upon another human being is wrong, so she carries no weapons of the violent sort. She is, however, carrying an ivory figurine identical to the Genius of Arts found on the Louvre in Paris. This gift to Jerome is quite unwieldy, standing about 1 ft. 3. in. / 38 cm tall and is hefty enough that it must be carried by two hands. The ivory horse stands on its hind legs upon a pedestal of the same material, roughly 8 in. / 20 cm square--honestly, it's an inevitable accident for clumsy hands.

    Show Spoiler
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  11. So Sorry for getting back to you so late Lev. My internet copped out on me :( (the problem should be fixed permanently tomorrow)

    The reason Jerome and his staff are listed is because they will all be victims at some point (i.e. They'll all die) so I'm glad you figured out another character to play.
    and I really like your character except for one thing.
    While it's fine for Felicity to dislike violence there is a very good chance that she could end up responsible for one of the murders. So I do need you to choose a tangible weapon, even if it's something simple like being willing to strangle someone with her scarf.
  12. Ah, Lev understands.

    He has edited both the Party Outfit and the Possible Murder Weapon.

    So he took Miss Ingalls and gave her a gift to Jerome Butler, one that can be easily used as a murder weapon. Is this alright?
  13. Perfect :) Approved!
  14. Yay! I'm trying to encourage others ti join also but everyone I ask seems busy.
  15. [MENTION=3337]Levusti[/MENTION] [MENTION=5670]esorasorous[/MENTION] [MENTION=4590]Koene[/MENTION] [MENTION=5241]Harper[/MENTION] [MENTION=2808]Demon~Lord~Chi[/MENTION] [MENTION=4031]Neohmi[/MENTION] [MENTION=5639]Laval the hatter[/MENTION] [MENTION=4702]LuluRS[/MENTION] [MENTION=5110]xxDarkest_Assassinxx[/MENTION]

    Just a general FYI, my internet has been wonky these last couple weeks, the tech has no idea what it is at this point in time, so expect my posting times to be random and know that I might not be able to get back to you all right away with answers to questions etc. though I will do my best
    That being said, I do seem to be able to get on in the mornings and (occasionally) late evening (like now) So this RP is definitely going to happen as far as I'm concerned. :)

    On another note
    If you posted in the interest thread, but have not yet posted here please let me know if you are still interested in playing
    If you have questions please ask, if you have ideas please share, and if for some reason you would like to play but need more time to create a character let me know that too so we can work out a plan to get you in :)
  16. I'm absolutely still in! Just having a bit of trouble getting my character to paper. :l

    but yes im still in give me a moment. IM SORRY
  18. No worries :) We can take the beginning a bit slow. And because there are multiple murders I think it'll be fine if people need to have their characters arrive a bit late. They'll just arrive to Chaos that's all =D (though I prefer not to do that with too many people, It'd make the first murder too easy to solve)

    Yeah, so since nothing's started yet I'm mostly just trying to keep track of how many are still interested so I can (attempt to) accurately plan out the timing of the deaths, if I need to add a fifth victim, that sort of thing.
  19. Name: Inigo Battler
    Game Color: Black (>.>.....)
    Age: 29
    Nationality: canadain/british
    Job: just work in a high compuney and helps out with butler
    Height and Weight: 5' 8.5" and not really sure I have not cheeked sorry but i can say im not fat and im not buff just.
    Eyes and Hair: Darkred hair and Blue as the sea eyes
    Other distinguishing features: I dont really drink and i dont smock but i am very shy around people.
    Outfit worn to the Party: I was waering my fav suit which was a white suit and black top and a red tie. as for my shows they where black
    How your character knows about Jerome: me and Butler have gone back many years. we worked togather but never seen each other. it tock a very long time to get his trusth but once i got it i didn't take granted i worked my way to stay on his good side and be his friend. we have worked for many years. even thought i have my own companey I stil work with Butler still never really meeting him.
    Why they believe they were invited: to talk about some bussines matters with others although he really just leaves it to others. and to meet his friends.
    The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it: hand gun and small knife.

    (wow I feel the need to add more but not really sure what needs more work. besides the how your character knows Jeromes that im think up and everything.)
  20. Chi - sending you a PM about your character
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