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    Naomi Bennett




    When Naomi was a child, her days were filled with endless wonder. She had a father and a mother who very much loved to fill her imagination with wonderful things like stories and other things children loved. Every day was a holiday and when the other holidays came about it was like a wonderland. Her parents helped her to believe everything was possible and the world could be a wonderful and fun place if one had the heart to see it. To see the Guardians.

    Yes, the Guardians were good friends of her parents. And it was very often that she and her parents visited the Guardians. These spirits became a family to her, teaching her the most important things in life. About Wonder, Hope, Fun, and much more. Whether she was hopping around with Bunnymund or being flown around by Toothiana, they always kept her entertained and kept her safe.

    But, everything changed for Naomi when she turned five. She had been playing in the Northpole on Christmas Day, celebrating a successful delivery North had made the night before and spending Christmas with all the people that mattered most to her. And yet, it was all ruined when a large dark shadow appeared before her. She remembered staring up at it, wide eyed and struck with fear. She remembered hearing her parents yell for her and rush to her. They moved to get in front of her just in time, but...what was supposed to happen to her happened to them. They were killed. And she would have been killed too. The shadow went after her again, but the Guardians were there. They protected her. They saved her life.

    They sent her back to her world, back to the other humans. A piece of her seemed missing without her parents there with her. And if she had any happiness or wonder left in her, that was all stripped away by her many foster homes. In her ten years of being in foster care, she has been with 27 families, most of which didn't really care about the kids and just wanted the money for it. The rest would seem so nice and when she would get used to their kindness and close knit home, she would be sent away again leaving her feeling like she lost a family all over again.

    In all of these families, she was often teased by the other foster children for her beliefs in things such as the Toothfairy, Santa, and all other Childhood heroes. Soon their teasing washed away her drive to believe in such things and she stopped believing. All those fun and wonderful memories she had of her time with the Guardians she now believed to be nothing more than dreams. Though, hidden away deep in her heart, she still always secretly hoped those memories were more than just that.

    Now, in her last home, these foster parents were the worst. They kept her locked in her room all the time, never let her do anything, and always belittled her by calling her names and yelling at her. One day, she came home from school to find them drunk and in their drunken haze, had continued to call her names and even threaten her, something they had never done before. And so, for her own safety, she grabbed what little things she owned and left. She knows the Foster Services are looking for her, but she refuses to go back to Foster care and lives in hiding on the streets.

    She cuts herself. She's been doing this for a few years now, though since she has been living on the streets its gotten worse. She depressed and doesn't believe things will get any better for her, which is why she continues to harm herself. After all, no one's there to stop her from doing such a thing and tell her otherwise, right?


    "Naomi! Come back here!" Pippa laughed lightly, chasing her little five year old daughter through their home. She and Jamie had been married quite a few years now and their little daughter was their pride and joy. The pride and joy of anyone that met her actually. She was such a sweet little girl who would never hurt a fly. And maybe it wasn't just their own parenting that caused the little girl to become so sweet and caring. After all, they spent a lot of their time visiting the Guardians. It helped Naomi a lot, considering they each had something special to teach her. They taught her about dreams, fun, wonder, hope, and many other things! She had the best teachers and family anyone could ask for.

    Jamie had just walked down the stairs of their home, a bright smile on his face as he saw his wife playing with their daughter. Walking over to Pippa, he kissed his wife before bending down and picking up his daughter, who giggled. He smiled bright at her, ticking her side to make her laugh even more, "Ready to do see our friends? They're probably waiting for us now to start our Christmas fun."

    Naomi giggled all the more and smiled, nodding her head, "Uh-huh! All ready!"

    "Alright then. Let's get going. We don't want to be late and be put on the Naughty List like Jack." He joked, and soon, heading into the living room, pulled a snowglobe off of the shelf. This snowglobe was like the one that North used to get from place to place, and this one had been given to Jamie so he too could visit the Guardians when he wished, along with his family. He shook the snow globe and soon an image of the pole could be seen in the globe, before he tossed it.

    The portal appeared in front of them and little Naomi wasted no time squirming out of her father's grasp to go running into the portal and into the snowy outside of the North Pole. She giggled excited as her parents walked through as well, though after a moment, Naomi frowned as she looked around, not seeing any of the Guardians at first, thinking perhaps they had forgotten about them which of course saddened and disappointed the young girl. Yet, in an instant the smile was back on her face because Tooth suddenly swooped down from seemingly no where, lifting the girl up and flying her up high into the air, "There's my little button!"

    Naomi giggled and laughed all the more, squirming in Tooth's grasp, "No, Tooth, no!" Then she was laughing more as Tooth tickled her. Tooth brought her closer to the ground, and then seeing Bunnymund had finally arrive, coming up out of one of his rabbit holes, she dropped the little girl, having her land right in Bunnymund's grasp. Naomi smiled her green eyes bright as she hugged him, snuggling into his fur, "BUN-BUN!!!!"
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  2. It was quite the delivery but Bunnymund was always very attentive. The moment he sprouted from one of his tunnels he was ready for the bright bundle of abounding joy that came falling, catching her snug in his grasp. Face in his fur, her arms holding to him in what could only be the hug of a child. An adorable one at that. Not that he was picking favorites… “If it isn’t my favorite little ankle bitter!” Okay maybe he was a little but Naomi was as cute as a baby bunny.

    He bounced her in his arms and casually made his way towards the fireplace. “I’ve made you something very special for this Christmas. Straight from the Warren.” Before he got a chance to present his gift a cold wind swept Naomi from his arms, ruffling up his fur and dampen his mood just slightly. “Jack.” He muttered in greeting because he always had a way of showing up and running things. Like a certain Easter in ‘89. The timing was just bad now, he’d have to wait to give his gift.

    “Good to see you too Bunny.” Jack replied rather chipper. He’d stolen the child away from him and was not the least bit ashamed to have done so. Having swept her right out of his arms and into his own- swift as can be. “Hiya Naomi. You got to check this out, I’ve been practicing.” He spun her around as swift as an ice skater, laughing as he went before depositing her on the nearby couches.

    “Okay okay.” He held up his hands to draw her full attention again, smiling broadly. “That wasn’t even it.” Spinning his staff just for show, he proceeded to draw ice patterns on the wood flooring before lifting them all from the frost, giving them life in a startling display of white. Rabbits went leaping in greet arches, bounding through the air and replicas of the tooth fairy’s helpers spiraled alongside them. “Well,” He bounced a bit before leaning on his staff and looking to her for approval. “What do you think?”

    Bunnymund snorted at the display but it wasn't his opinion Jack was seeking.
  3. As Bunnymund bounced her in her arms, Naomi giggled all the more, looking at him with big expectant eyes when he stated he had something special for her this Christmas all of them making their way inside North's shop to get out of the cold. The Guardians always gave her wonderful gifts that were almost always magical in some way. But then, he didn't get the chance to give her the gift just yet, as her attention was drawn away from Bunnymund when she was scooped up from his arms and was suddenly in the arms of none other than the mischievous Jack Frost. It wasn't hard to catch the child's attention, but that also meant her attention was almost as easily drawn away to something else, which is what happened right then.

    Naomi's laughs were as pleasant to the ears of the Guardians and her parents as the chime of a bell might be. She held on tightly as Jack spun them around and then was laughing as she was stopped onto one of the couches near the fireplace, looking to Jack happily, excited to see what Jack would do this time. He was always had new tricks to show her and she was always happy to see them and thrilled with even the simplest things he could do. She continued to watch closely as Jack drew frost with his staff and then squealed in delight at what became of the frost.

    "I love them!" She was sliding off of the couch now, laughing and giggling all the more as she chased the frosty bunnies around the room, as well as tried to jump up and catch the replicas of the fairies. It didn't take much to gain the child's approval or entertain her, which showed in the way she chased the icy figures around the room. She finally caught one of the bunnies, trowing her arms around it, yet it instantly puffed into snow. That didn't slow her down though, because she simply laughed and shook the snow off of her face and out of her brown hair before going off to chase another one until she had finally wore herself out, sitting on the carpet and smiling up at the Guardians.

    Jamie stood to the side with Pippa a grin on his face from watching his daughter have so much fun, "Better not wear her out so soon after getting here. She might fall asleep in the middle of the opening presents." He joked as he sat down, Pippa going to join him in sitting on the carpet with their daughter.

    "Ah yes. Yetis would be upset if presents did not get opened. They worked hard making and painting." North commented, looking to the others, "But first, let us give her our gifts. Who will go first?"
  4. "I will go first." Bunnymund was still put off by the earlier interruption in his attempt to give his gift and if Naomi fell asleep in the middle of this arrangement due to a certain somebody having her run all over the main floor chasing frost rabbits- he wanted to make sure his present wasn't one of those left out. He hopped over to where the little girl was sitting and prepared to present his gift a second time when Jack sprung to his feet.

    "Wait! There's one more thing I wanted to-"

    "Not on your nelly." Bunny cut him off and Jack crinkled his nose and sunk back down on the couch. He was trying to wait his turn but his foot tapped impatiently- a constant annoyance to the large eared rabbit who heard every sound with perfect precision and clarity. BUT he would not snap at the younger guardian since it would surely upset Naomi. He instead turned his full attention back to the little girl and finally took out his gift. It was a tiny golem as small as one of the eggs he'd hide at Easter time and as carefully decorated as such. "Painted it myself." Nothing less for Naomi. It bounced in his paw on small legs and when he put it on the floor it began walking. "Nonperishable." He added for her parents' benefit.

    "Hey Sandy."

    The Sandman had just arrived, only a little late to the celebration- settling contently on the couch beside Jack. He nodded in greeting and turned his gaze forward to the gift exchange. He knew not to interrupt but understood that the young guardian was excited. The fact that he could sit patiently like this was a feat in itself. One Sandy wondered how long would last.
  5. When Naomi saw the little egg figure that Bunnymund had created for her, her eyes immediately lit up, hugging Bunnymund with a happy "Thank you!" before taking it into her tiny hands as she looked at it, before putting it down and watching as it walked around. Such a simple thing it was, and yet the little girl loved it, crawling after after it as it walked. She of course had seen the little eggs that tended to walk around in the Warren around Easter time, and so to have one of her very own that wouldn't break or rot was something very exciting for the child.

    She was giggling and watching the present for a long while before Tooth finally flew over, hovering in front of the girl,

    "What to see my gift next, Naomi?" With that, she stopped flapping her wings so that she could sit on the floor, kneeling in front of the little girl. Soon the fairies had flown over and handed Tooth something before she turned and held out the palm of her hand for the girl to see what it was, "Me and the fairies worked on this for a while for you. Hopefully you can have some fun with this little one when we're not around to keep you company."

    In the palm of her hand was a little figure, the shape and size of one of the fairies with a small handle on the back that, when turned to crank the toy up, it fluttered into the air, flying about. Naomi giggled and watched it fly about and tried to catch it, and after a few moments succeeded.

    "It will never fly too far away from you, so you won't loose it. And it I made sure to made it out of materials that wouldn't break as easy either." Which was a good thing because the little girl tended to play a little rough with the fairies, though her parents had been teaching her to be gentle with them and so far it was working as she hadn't hurt any of them thus far. With the little girl happily showing the little fairy toy to her parents, Tooth smiled and flew off to stay next to North, allowing the other guardians to give their gifts as well should they so wish.
  6. The sandman floated from his seat, having waited patiently for the others and he set down on the floor near the girl taking a soft yellow teddy bear from behind his back. Its eyes were doleful and the stitched on smile was sweet. It was made of material and cotton but mostly the magic of good dreams which was exactly what it'd give her. Easy sleep.

    But she could play with it too, like the others' gifts, hug and hold it.

    Jack sprung to his feet as Sandy passed over the gift. "So it's sort of difficult for me to make gifts that don't melt but I hope you'll like this. It's a little bit outside of my comfort zone but I wanted to make something that would last." From his hoodie pocket he drew out something that was about the size of his fist, a small polar bear carved out of wood and he got down to her level to show her. This was an art he hadn't attempted since he was a human. "I'm sure it not as grand as what North is going to give you but it's not about what the toy can do but about what you can do with the toy. And if you want it can fly as high as Tooth's fairies" He lifted it up like plane and made it dive past the girl with a whistle. "OR walk alongside Bunny's egg." He showed her as much by doing it with his hand right then.

    With that he held it out to her with a crooked smile. "Maybe one day I'll be a great toy maker like North." He joked. "You think?"
  7. At the sight of the yellow Teddy Bear that Sandy pulled from behind his back, Naomi seemed just as overjoyed with it as she was with all the other gifts and once it was handed to her, she hugging it close to her, cuddling with it. And of course, much to no one's surprise, Jack, being the impatient one in the group was telling Naomi about his gift right after she was handed the teddy. She looked to him and smiled as she took the little wooden polar bear, examining it with a bright smile before looking at Jack, and nodding in answer to his question, "Uh-huh! A great toy maker!"

    The girl was playing with the little wooden polar bear already, having it 'walk' along side the egg and 'climb' up the teddy Sandy had given her, playing pretend with the gifts until finally North made his way over to the little girl.

    Kneeling down to smile at the girl, North spoke, his voice soft as the girl looked up to him, "I have something very special for you." Pulling a small box out of his coat pocket, he handed it to the excited little girl, who untied the ribbon and pulled out a small and very pretty sleigh bell. She looked at it curiously at first before shaking it. The bell gave the most beautiful ring the girl had ever heard and she looked at it wide eyed before looking to North, who spoke again, that same gleam of wonder in his eyes he had when speaking to most children, "This sleigh bell is very special. It rings for only those who believe. So long as you believe in us, you will hear it. And it will always be a reminder that we will always be there for you when you need us."

    "Oh, how touching."

    All heads turned in the direction of the voice, and up above on one of the balconies of the toy shop stood the last person they wanted to see. Pippa was quick to scoop little Naomi up into her arms, the young mother holding her daughter close while Jamie stood protectively in front of the two. Tooth was of course in front of the humans as well, just as all the Guardians began to do as well, North glaring up at the boogyman, drawing out his sabers, "You are not welcome here, Pitch. Leave."

    "And miss the party?" Pitch gave a curt laugh, shaking his head, "I don't think so." He motioned to the three humans, speaking, "Such sweet sentiments for a little child. But, you don't really believe the child will always believe in you, now do you? Or that you'll 'always be there' for her? Such a shame to get the child's hopes up. Almost makes you the villain here, now doesn't it?"
  8. To most the words of a child didn't mean much but to a guardian- Naomi's blind belief that he could be a great toy maker if he so pleased, meant the world to Jack. Sure he had no intention to follow such a path but it was the principal that mattered. How did he go on so long without this sort of light in his life? Her bright smile... such an insignificant little wooden carving made her glow with joy. He never wanted her to lose that. He hoped she shined forever.

    He watched North with interest as he presented the box. Wrapped of course- one would expect no less from Santa. What would it be this year? Jack Frost had to admit that he didn't know. He thought of all the previous Christmas' that carried in extravagant gifts for the little girl from this grand guardian of wonder: colorful, soft, bright, musical... all sorts of new things just for Naomi. So Jack was at the edge of his seat, so to speak, as she undid the ribbon.

    "A... bell?" Was it wrong for him to be skeptical. All that anticipation just for North to have taken one the jingling things off his sleigh and present it in a little box? It made no sense, he was grander than that. He'd just been about to ask Sandy what he thought about this when North went on to explain and left Jack feeling a bit daft. "Oh."

    He wanted to back up North's claim but before he could an unexpected guest arrived.


    Bunnymund fidgeted on his feet feeling the need to defend their standings but children grew up and forgot about them, it had happened for centuries now. It was hard to believe that this would be different... BUT he lifted his boomerang and opened his mouth to retort. "You're bloody mistaken." It felt weak and Pitch appeared unfazed.

    "Get out of here Pitch." It was easy for Jack believe that things wouldn't change- Jamie was his first believer and still he believed. His daughter would be the same. His narrowed his eyes at the boggyman, fingers tightening around his Shepard's crook as he tensed for the fight that would surely come. "You know that you're wrong. Naomi will never stop believing in us!"

    He expected Pitch to get angry, to shout. He did neither, he laughed and it was a horrible sound. Bitter and cruel. "It must be so great being a guardian in the company of a family with such steadfast believers." Jack didn't like his tone, this was leading to something. "You must feel sooo powerful." Disappearing into shadows. "But it'll be over soon."

    Where'd he go?

    The guardian's tightened their formation and while there was no space for a man to slip through they couldn't account for every shadow.
  9. When Pitch disappeared, all the Guardians knew he was trying to get the element of surprise over them. No one had known where he went and that was possibly the worst thing possible because if they didn't know where he was then how could they possibly keep him from Jamie, Pippa, and little Naomi?

    Then, suddenly, all around them appearing from the walls and the floors were shadow creatures that seemed to form from different shadows within the room. Pitch's voice could be heard, yet he was still no where to be seen, "Do you like my new pets? Darklings is what they're called. Very useful and expendable, forming from any shadow you can think of." Then the shadows began to jump at the Guardians, some going straight for the Guardians themselves, while others seemed to sink down, flush with the floor so that the Guardians couldn't strike them down and once they were flush to the floor began to move along it right under the feet of the Guardians and into the close knit circle they had made around the three humans.

    Naomi gave a shriek of fright as the shadows grew from the floor once more into the Darklings, hiding her face against her mother and sobbing, Pippa holding her close, shielding her. Before the creature could come at them though, North struck it down with his saber before going back to fighting the other Darklings. There were so many of them and as they would destroy some of them, more would appear in a never ending cycle. And soon those numbers seemed to grow even more to the point that the five Guardians just couldn't seem to keep up.

    Then suddenly there were too many getting in the circle to handle and the circle began to break off into different area of the room so that the Guardians were forced further and further from the human. The shadows had gotten rather close to the three humans and had started to meld together to create a bigger shadow, one that began to loom horrifyingly over the three humans. Tooth and North tried to break away from the creatures they were striking down, to get to the large creature and take it down, but when they did, more creatures blocked them off from what was happening, Tooth and North struggling to fight through them and get to their friends.

    Jamie and Pippa saw the creature and knew what was coming. Pitch wanted the three of them gone. Wanted them gone because of how strong of believers they were. Because, should all humans cease to believe, there woudl always be them to keep the magic of the Guardians alive. But, if they were gone, then the Guardians would be doomed should something like that happen. Pitch wanted them dead, and right now, he was about to succeed. Both Jamie and Pippa looked to one another, Pippa holding tightly onto her daughter for a moment, pressing a kiss to her forehead while Jamie hugged the two of them tightly. It seemed to be a last goodbye to their daughter, something their crying daughter didn't seem to understand. Was too young to really comprehend just what her parents were doing. After they had hugged her and kissed her in a rushed fashion, they set the little girl on her feet, pushing her behind them and stepping forward so that they were away from her, the little girl frightened and confused about what was happening and why her parents had left her there in the corner.

    Then, the shadow lunged. The large creature seemed to fall over the two adults like a wave in the ocean might. There were no screams. No sound. Well, other than that of the little girl that watched her parents disappear in the darkness of the creature, sitting just far enough away that the creature hadn't been able to get to her, her parents having assure that by moving forward to meet the creature, sacrificing themselves for their daughter and disappearing into the depths of its shadows.

    It was a few moments later that the creature sat up, much larger than before now that it had consumed its first two victims, and now had its sights set on the trembling little girl in the corner.
  10. What happened to the creatures of sand? These darklings seemed without substance like the shadows that stretched in the night. When they slipped into the floor Jack tried to freeze them beneath a layer of ice but it didn't hold them. He didn't understand. Around him the other Guardians fought, they all did- complied by the need to protect the family but the numbers were too much and their formation began to falter. It was a black wave pushing them apart.

    The sandman tried to get above it but it was a position he couldn't hold. The darkness dragged him down and he fought to hold his ground in a circle of golden sand, dwindling numbers that didn't seem to end. He couldn't see anyone else but he could hear them, struggling against this force. "Where's Naomi?!" It seemed like Jack had lost track of those they sought to protect but then he couldn't blame him- they all had.

    Bunnymund fought to get through the darklings but it was without avail- his speed couldn't help him if there was no room.

    Jack had enough. He couldn't see them, he couldn't hear them...
    He slammed his crook to the ground and knocked the darklings back with a powerful gust of frosty air and immediately he sprung upward. "Jamie! Pippa!" From his momentary vantage point he could see the dark mass looming over them. Then gravity dropped him back to the floor. Without the wind he couldn't stay in the air.

    It was enough. He lurched back on one foot and with a powerful forward swing, ice erupted from him cutting a straight path through the darklings and he raced towards the family but he was too late. "Naomi!" Not entirely too late. "Get away from her!"

    Bunny had saw a break in the enemy forces and raced through just as Jack slid past the creature grabbing up the little girl. Bunny jumped over himself and opened a rabbit hole beneath the young guardian, whisking the two away to safety.

    Riding down the tunnel at optimum speed lost some of its thrill when the image of that creature baring down upon his friends remained imprinted in his mind. He hit the bottom and found himself in the Warren, still clutching Naomi to his front.
  11. Everything was in chaos. All trying to get to their friends and save them. North and Tooth could hear Naomi's screams of fright and just the very sound of it cut the Guardians to the core. They continued fighting, trying to find a way through. Trying to get to the humans and keep them safe. North had noticed that Jack had managed to get through and did everything in his power to keep more of those creatures from making their way over to the young Guardian and the little girl, which worked, saving them enough time for Bunnymund to leap over, opening one of his holes for the two to slide through to safety.

    With the two humans destroyed and the little girl no where to be seen, the Darklings began to disappear one by one until none were left and Pitch's voice echoed from the shadows, "You can't protect her forever, Guardians. Fear and Darkness will always find a way out of the shadows, and it will devour the girl, just as it did her parents." And after that, it was silent. The Guardians all stood there, catching their breath, though as they did, all were looking around.

    "Where are they?!" Tooth said in panic, flitting about, trying to find any signs of Jamie and Pippa. Of course, they had all seen the dark shadow that had overtaken them but...she had hoped...had dearly hoped....that once they ran the shadows off perhaps the two humans would be alright. Would be here with them. Yet, in flying about the room quickly, searching for them in a sort of panic, it was clear that the shadow really had truly devoured the two humans, leaving no trace of them behind. Tooth had tears in her eyes as she floated down to stand on the ground, rubbing her arms, "What do we do now?" She asked quietly, looking to the others.

    "We go to Jack." He had seen the young Guardian go down the rabbit hole with the young girl and knew getting to them was their first priority, "He has Naomi. We must make sure she is uninjured and safe." With that, throwing one of the snowglobes to create a portal to the Warren, North and the others stepped through to where Jack and little girl were.

    Naomi had been so frightened. Had watched the giant creature fall down onto her mommy and daddy. And then it was about to do the same to her when Jack swooped in and grabbed her. Then, they were falling, down one of the rabbit holes. It wasn't anywhere near the first time she had ridden in one of the rabbit holes, but this time didn't hold joy like the others. It held fear and sadness for the little girl as she clung to Jack, crying her eyes out. Not too long after they had landed in the Warren, the others came as well, stepping out of the portal, making Naomi finally look up from burying her face against the winter Guardian to see them. All the Guardians. But her mother and father were no where to be seen. She was crying more now, rubbing her eyes as she sobbed, "I want mommy and daddy..."
  12. Jack had a younger sister once and had comforted her in times of sorrow but it had been a very long time since then- centuries. While he could recall the sting the death of their family dog had inflicted upon her it was not as deep as losing one's parents. Nothing a little understanding couldn't fix. This though... there had been no reason. It was simply an act of sheer heartlessness. Spiteful. Cruel. He couldn't assure her that it had been their time because it wasn't! He could only hold Naomi, wishing if nothing else that he was at least able to offer her some warmth now when Pitch had left the world feeling so cold.

    What were they going to do?

    He looked to the other Guardians for support. He couldn't do this. Jamie had been his friend. Please. He knew already what had happened but he wanted them to tell him otherwise- no -he needed them to tell him that he was wrong. It was in their eyes though, Naomi's parents were gone. He slowly picked himself up and tucked his forehead to the top of her head "I'm so sorry Naomi." He whispered and as Bunnymund stepped forward he allowed him to take the child. Backing away from their group.

    "They aren't coming back mate." Bunny drew her close. "But don't fret, we'll keep you safe."

  13. Seeing the little girl in tears like that was heartbreaking for the Guardians. Even as Bunny took her into his arms she continued to cry softly, burying her face into his fur. Bunnymund, staying try to his role in giving Hope, promised that they would keep her safe, and they would. But, North wasn't quite sure that it would be in the way the other Guardians hoped. So long as Naomi was with them, with the Guardians, Pitch would find her. Pitch would find her and destroy her just like he had Jamie and Pippa. Pitch wouldn't quit until that light inside of the little girl was snuffed out for good, and they as Guardians needed to protect her from that. Even if that meant giving her up.

    She wasn't safe with them. But, with other humans, away from them, perhaps she would be. She could be erased from their system, then Pitch wouldn't be able to find her. The only downside was....then they wouldn't be able to find her either. And it was likely that, should they do this, they would never see Naomi again. To think such a thing was horrible to the older Guardian. The little girl had brought them so much happiness. Had made them better Guardians. But now, they had to protect her, no matter the cost.

    It was silent for a long moment, and as they all stood there, it seemed the little girl had finally worn herself out from crying so much, sitting there quietly in the bunny's grasp, her body trying to fall asleep, though she was fighting it and trying to stay awake. Flying over, Tooth gently took the little girl this time, holding her close in a motherly way. The little girl relaxed in her grasp and North looked to Sandy, speaking softly so as to not disturb the child, "Put her to sleep Sandy. There's some things all of us need to discuss."
  14. The sandman understood and so with a solemn nod he carefully weaved the golden grains with all the warmth he could offer a hurting child. Already she was so close to sleep, it took only a pinch from his hand to send her sliding down into slumber. He'd given her the best dreams- for now all the bad feelings would be gone as she frolicked in a world that was her own.

    Bunnymund rubbed back his ears, he had meant it when he promised that they'd keep her safe but he knew that it wasn't as easy as keeping her forever in their arms. "Pitch will find her again." It felt he was only voicing what they already knew. "We have to protect her." His gaze settled on North- he knew he'd understand. "She's... not going to be safe with us."

    While the implications were clear they weren't all happy about it and Jack was first to voice his protest. "W-what?" He was still in a bit of shock himself but if they were suggesting what he thought they were... well, now wasn't the time for personal grieving. "What are you saying?" It came out in a hissed whisper, his frustration with the other guardians evident and all on assumptions alone. "You want to send her away?!... She needs us right now and you're just going to..." He couldn't even finish the thought.

    He could hardly speak "Why would you even consider such a thing?"
  15. North was thankful for Sandy putting the little girl to sleep, not only to give the girl good thoughts after all the horrible things that had just happened, but also because he didn't want the little girl to hear them discussing such a thing as whether to keep her with them or take her to the humans. He knew Jack wouldn't be happy with such a decision in the first place. After all, the boy had been the closest to Jamie and Pippa. They had been some of his first Believers. And now that they were gone, all Jack had of the two to remember them by was their little daughter. To send her away so soon after loosing Jamie and Pippa would be almost like loosing all three of them instead of just the two.

    But, they couldn't keep her. They couldn't risk her safety for the sake of their own feelings. With a sigh, North walked over to Jack, placing his hands on his shoulders as he looked down at him, "Jack...Naomi is not safe here. Not with us. If she stays with us, Pitch will find her. And he will kill her." He released his shoulders, looking over to where Tooth still held the sleeping girl close, speaking to Jack and the others as he watched the girl sleep, "We, not only as the Guardians, but as her family, need to do what is best for her. She will only be safe among the other humans. Where she can live a normal life without the fear of Pitch coming after her. Even if it means we can't see her or know where she is."

    "But," Tooth said, looking down tot he girl in her arms sadly, "If we send her away, and erase her light from the globes so Pitch can't find her...we won't be able to know where she is. To check on her and make sure she's okay..."

    North nodded solemnly, "That is as it must be. It's her only chance at life. We have to take her to the humans."
  16. How could they? Naomi needed them and- and... he needed her.
    It was easy to say it was best for her now. That he was being selfish. She'd be safe, but she'd also be alone and was that really better? Jack had been alone, for a very long time and though he knew it wouldn't be the same (she'd have the other humans) it was still painful for him to think of her being without the comfort of the people closest to her at a time like this.

    He lowered his gaze.

    "We have to do what's best for her." Though the thought of saying goodbye forever was painful this had never been about them. Bunnymund knew it was about the children as it had always been and they had to protect this one. They had to protect Naomi. "I'm with North on this one. If there is any hope for her-"

    "You'll be giving Pitch what he wants." Jack protested but wouldn't meet Bunny's gaze.

    "What?" Bunny asked shortly, stepping closer to the younger guardian. It always had to be a battle with this one. Sure Jack had grown on him but it was times like this that reminded him why he'd been against Man in Moon's decision to have him join their group. While everyone else could make this hard decision Jack refused to face the facts. "What was that mate? You heard North. If we don't cut ties Pitch will find her and kill her. Is that what you want?"

    Jack gritted his teeth. "No but if we can't visit her..." What if eventually she stopped believing?

    He jerked his head away and turned away from the rest of the group. Was he letting his own feelings get in the way of Naomi's safety... was her belief really so important as to risk her life? "I don't care." That wasn't true. This couldn't hurt more. "Just do whatever you think is right." It wasn't like he could promise to protect her- he had no home like the other guardians and he couldn't take her with him while he spread winter. Really, his say just had no weight in this.
  17. Times were hard. Especially for someone like Naomi Bennette. She had always been the outcast, ever since she was younger. And now she had no where to go. But she was used to this sort of thing. After all, she had been living on the streets for over three months now. After so many failed foster homes and being mistreated for so long, she had finally left. She left with what little things she could take with her, and never looked back.

    That was fall. It had only been relatively cold then, but now, it was starting to grow colder with winter rolling in. There was already talk of snow in the cities north of where she was at and that snow was expected to come in that night. And she had nothing. No blanket. No jacket. Nothing. The only things she was able to fit in her backpack to bring was a few sets of clothes and some food that was long gone by now. That was it. So how had she survived this long on the streets?

    She stole. She knew it was horrible and if she had the means to buy things she would. But she had no money, and there was no way no one would hire some kid from the streets. So, she had to resort to stealing or else she wouldn't have anything she needed at all.

    As she walked through the small town, snow was already beginning to fall, earlier than she thought and people stared at her like she was crazy because she had no jacket on in the freezing weather. And though it really bothered her and she wanted to just find a warm place to just hole herself up in for alittle while, she knew that wasn't an option. She had find at least a jacket or a blanket and some other supplies before all the stores closed. And so she looked around he town until she found a store she thought would be good. By the time she did, the snow as in full swing and ice was forming on sidewalks and roads.

    Walking inside she found just what she needed. A blanket, some chips to eat as those were the easiest to hide, a razor since her other one had rusted from the blood last time because she hadn't washed it off, and a bottle of water. She put everything except for the blanket in her pockets and tried her best to hide the blanket from view of the cashier as she went to the door, but he saw it and immediately began chasing her. She gasped and run out of the shop, skidding on ice and falling hard on the ground, only to scramble to her feet just in time to dodge the man.

    She ran and was sure she had gotten away when he threw a chuck of ice at her, hitting her in the head. She cried out in pain, dropping the blanket by accident as she ran, unable to go back for it. She was huffing for breath as she made it to the forest by the small town and walked in, where she had made her temporary camp site. She had been there for two days and knew she would have to move on soon.

    With no blanket, she attempted to pile sticks, and going through some of the things she had stored up from her shoplifting, she found the box of matches she used on cold nights and found she only had one more left. She sighed, knowing she would have to try and get more tomorrow, but for now, at least she would have a little warmth. Or, she thought she would anyway. But, when she took the match out and stuck it, a gust of wind blew very hard, snow flurries flying around everywhere, causing the flame to go out. She frowned and slowly put the dead match down, shivering as she sat it the snow, curling her knees to her chest to try and stay warm. Much to her dismay though, it wasn't working.

    She shivered and trembled from the cold, her skin growing paler and her cheeks and nose growing a bright red from frost bite as the snow began growing deeper and the wind blew harder.

    It was by now, sitting in the dark of the night freezing, that small sobs began to fall from her lips and hot tears rolled form her eyes. Then in a sort of frantic movement she moved to where she ha set her things and pulled out the razor. Taking it out, she began almost desperately cutting at the skin on her arms, letting the blood low from the opened wounds and hit the snow.

    Cutting had always made her feel better. It was almost like the physical pain was a relief compared to the emotional pain she was feeling and thus cutting was a better option to her. It had became like an addiction for her. Whenever she felt the least bit sad, she just had to cut. She HAD to. And she would be in a panic until she did.

    But, this time, for some reason, the cuts didn't give her relief, and instead seemed to make the emotional pain worse as her sobs worsened. She instead dropped the razor and frantically began to instead wash the blood off of her arms using the snow, but it didn't help much. It was after a few minutes that she forced herself to calm and straightened, "'re so stupid...You're not allowed to cry. You need to stop being idiotic....." She whispered to herself as she attempted to wipe her tears. When they were all gone, she forced herself to calm and though she was still freezing she decided maybe eating would help and racked open the chips, eating as her body continued to get colder and colder.
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  18. Days were spent spreading snow as winter progressed across the land and though Jack didn't carry in every flake or create every chilling breath of wind, he played a pretty big roll in the season. He progressed its rate of travel. He brought the snow days quicker to children that were so eagerly awaiting a chance for play, smack dab in the middle of the school year. It was so much fun.

    As night approached though he abandoned promises of snow fights and sledding for the time to instead let the wind pick him up. "Take me home!" Whooping with joy as he was swung skyward, arms wide. It was a short flight- ending when he touched down on the thin ice of the lake. This early in the season it had not yet fully chilled but his body was light and so he skated, spreading spirals of frost over the surface. Then he heard it. He slid towards the bank.

    The forest wasn't without wild animals but... this sounded, human? Crying. Someone was crying.

    As he picked his way across the snow he couldn't help but wonder: why would someone be out here? The cold was long past bothering him because in a sense he had been born from it but for a human- he paused because hunched over beneath the shelter of a tree was a girl. She wasn't particularly young but that hardly mattered given the situation. "Hey!"

    She didn't respond and it didn't entirely surprise him. He just hoped that she might.

    He moved closer. She was pale and beneath her the snow was stained. If she was hurt too-
    He tipped his head looking for another shadow in the forest. A friend or family member come to find them but they were alone. He hesitated though he knew every moment he did was a moment less she had, "Come on, we need to get you out of the cold." He trailed his staff across the snow and stirred life from the white. Fairies of frost immediately taking to the air, circling the human, passing over hands but never touching.

    They moved away, towards the city. Pausing and circling back, again and again. "Come on." Jack bounced a bit on his feet wanting so bad to touch her, to push her upright. He circled close instead, at one point trying just to find his hand sliding through her. If only for a second forgetting he was invisible to her. He pressed his point though even unheard. "You gotta get on your feet. Come on!"
  19. Naomi wasn't sure what to do. She had no where to go. No one to turn to. She couldn't go search for help. If she did then they would send her back. Send her back to foster care, where she would be placed with another family. She didn't want another family. She had too many foster families already and they were all horrible. Nothing like her real family. Her mother and father. It had been years. Twelve to be exact. She didn't remember much about them, having been so young when they disappeared. She remembered waking up at a police station, people asking her questions. She remembered the ridiculous story she had told based on a dream she had. How a giant shadow had made her parent's disappear. Clearly she knew now, that story wasn't real and had just been a dream. But, even still, to this day no one ever found out what happened to her parents. It was like that had just vanished into thin air while she had appeared seemingly out of thin air on the steps of a police station.

    The dream with the giant shadow hadn't been the only dream she had ever had. There had been many other ridiculous dreams. Dreams based on very well known figures that every child knows about. Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Toothfairy, the Sandman, and for some reason, the lesser known Jack Frost. She used to have dreams of playing with all of them in many different places with her parents, and had even wrote them down at the time with the help of her father, who had even painted pictures of the places for her. The two had made the book together and she treasured it because of that. Of course, her working on it ended after her father and mother vanished, leaving her unable and unwilling to finish the book, yet unable to bring herself to get rid of it either, it being the only thing because clothes and food she had brought with her.

    If her mother and father were still here, they would know what to do. Would be able to tell her where she needed to go or who she needed to talk to. But, they weren't and it was very saddening. She shivered, rubbing her arms in attempt to keep warm, when, as if her imagination was catching up with her and she was surely seeing things, there were little creatures flittering about her. She blinked in shock as she looked around her, seeing quite a few little blue things, that looked almost like fairies. Surely she was going crazy. The cold must have gotten to her. As she sat there, staring at them in a tired confusion, she noticed them fly back and forth between her and the trail back to the city. Like they were wanting to lead her somewhere.

    At first, Naomi was tempted to just stay where she was. She was freezing and her body seemed to ache because of it. Yet, as she continued to sit there, the strange frost fairies seemed to grow more urgent. Finally she did stand up, putting her bag on her back before going to follow the fairies. She was so sure she was going insane now, but, whatever was happening here couldn't hurt worse than just sitting there and dying of the cold, right?

    And so, she followed the creatures, that lead her toward the city, yet not completely to the city. Just outside the outskirts, surrounded by quite a few trees, was an old abandoned barn. She carefully walked over to it, checking the surrounding area to make sure it really was not being used, before going inside. Inside it was a little better than being out there. At least in here the wind wasn't blowing and there was no snow. And, once she was inside, the fairies seemed to vanish as well, leaving her on her own once more.

    She rubbed her arms a bit, looking around. After she set her bag on the ground, she took to trying to find some things in the barn that could held her keep warm. She was very thankful when what she found was a half used box of matches. Using some nearby stones from outside, she build a fire pit in the middle of the barn, using hay and a match to start the fire, then settled down to sit on the ground in front of it, warming herself.

    Well, this place wasn't a home, but it was something. It clearly wasn't being used and hadn't been used for a long time, so maybe she could just stay here. It kept her out of the weather for the most part and perhaps over time she could make it more comfortable. Just maybe.

    Letting out a soft sigh, she curled up where she sat, resting her chin on her knees as she stared into the flames of the fire, wondering if things would ever get any better, or if she would just be homeless and a thief for the rest of her life. She sure hoped not, but right now with how things looked, things didn't seem too promising in her opinion.
  20. At least she was out of the damp snow and freezing wind but she still needed to warm up. Jack looked around as she searched the opposite side of the room and spotting a box of matches he knocked them down where she'd see them. To his relief she did just that- picking them up and starting a small fire. While he didn't care much for the heat he knew it was what she needed right now.

    He sat down across from her and simply watched her settle her head upon her knees. The light of the fire distorted her features with shadows but her eyes... they looked so empty, so dull. It was no trick of the light. It made no sense. No, actually, he might be wrong in that assumption. She was out alone in the snow, no coat, blood on her wrists, freezing to death- if he didn't know better he would have thought she wanted winter to take her. The only thing that told him different was when she stood and followed his frost fairies. She came here and started a fire.

    Maybe when the snow slowed in its falling she'd go home. Until then he was going to stay here with her even if his company wasn't worth much when he was as good as invisible. He just felt that right now... she shouldn't be alone.
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