The Darkness in the Light

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    "Leon, I understand your powers, I understand you want to keep them. But, now we are in America, you must not tell anybody. You hear me? Nobody can know. If they found out we were here, they'd kill you. Nobody."

    It was late at night in the summer, Leon was sitting quietly in a diner like August had advised. His new friend looked out for him, especially when he was overworking himself. August had practically pushed him away from his textbooks and into the diner. The blond sat in the corner of the seat, watching the steam of his coffee condensate on the window.

    August was somewhat of an unexpected friend for Leon. It was only an accident they even happened. That night Leon had decided to walk home a different path to avoid the homophobic drunks, he saw the heroes face. He witnessed the hero use more than human powers, which made Leon recognize he was not alone. Others could control things. When Leon explained himself to the reluctant hero, the two soon became a power duo - Their controlling of elements together helped stop an unknown evil force. And if Leon could do some good with his abilities, then so be it.

    The blond adjusted his orange sweater before sipping at the coffee, watching people pass the street. His bright blue eyes stared, seeing the thermal heat colour the blue glass. He was lucky he could control it, but his thermal vision was acting up. The room looked particularly red, all the steam was making everything act up.

    Leon slowly became unaware of his surroundings as he zoned out, staring at the red steam.


    "Listen kid, all you have to fuckin' do is take the smoke and drink and help me out. I know you're a little shit who likes to get high off crime so why don't you do it for a reason, eh? Look, I'll let you sleep in my fuckin' spare bed, just do as I say."

    Damon lit a smoke as he sat on the fire escape outside of his apartment, dangerously hovering above ground. He blew out the smoke as he watched cars drive by the nearly empty road. He flicked his finger, creating an imaginary flock of birds, sending them flying into the car, making it swerve and crash into the lamppost. Days like this were filled of him causing chaos for chaos sake.

    Zaden should be home soon with info on the heroes little brat. Then he could finally get the 'hero' who was ruining his chance of getting to his old best friend. Ah, best-friend. What a shitty term for a shitty man. God knows what he was doing now, probably CEO of some blood-sucking cooperation.

    He shook his head as he took in another breath of smoke, the sound of nearby sirens sent him back into the warmth of his apartment.

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  2. "So, you sure you're not hungry? You've been practically silent since I brought you here, Leon." August reminded, the older of the two men currently sat with a milkshake (he was a sucker for things like that) and swirled his straw around the liquid, sighing down at the frothy mixture he had created unintentionally. They had only recently managed to solve a case involving some burglar who had broken into three properties uncaught, until yesterday anyway, but celebrations had been cut short when the unknown malevolent force was out there, and seemingly not the biggest fan of the two.

    It wasn't exactly like the movies. When August decided to do this as a job on the side, go around helping people -whom labelled him a superhero, it wasn't self-penned- he had no real thought of how it would be, but apparently, it consisted solely of catching criminals. Nothing too hassling when he and Leon had powers. But recently, with the presence of some villain out there who he knew had powers from what he saw in the news and even documented on in his newspaper (though he himself would never write about him and Leon as 'superheroes', that was too awkward), things did see to be taking a step towards the dangerous and unknown. This wasn't just some human lowlife stealing a few dollars from the bank, this was some guy with evil intent and with powers that could cause chaos.

    Cringing at the thought of what they could be thrown into, he took a deep breath before managing another of his manly smiles, taking to his feet once cracking his back, a way of relieving the pent up stress in his muscles. "I'm going to the bathroom a sec," he said softly, taking his hand from his shoulder to wander toward the men's toilets, while simultaneously, a certain Zaden entered the diner with a quiet yawn, trying to act inconspicuous even if that was hard given most people knew of him and his penchant for violence.

    It was pretty fortunate that August had disappeared like that - Zaden wasn't dumb, and could have easily put two and two together if seeing Leon, the hero's sidekick, sat with him. Instead, he had tracked down Leon here, and once spotting him, simply thought him to be sat alone and not having entered with anybody. Pretty much the ideal situation. Wandering over after flashing a glare towards a woman who had moved to whisper to a friend about him, he stopped directly beside the blonde, only pausing from talking a moment to pop a chewing gum into his mouth. Not that that helped remove not only the scent of cigarettes, but the faint husk of beer. It was only midday, yet he had already been on the drink.

    "Leon, yeah?" He said coolly, lips pursed and pushing the sunglasses up from his eyes, any sign of trying to be welcoming void from his expression. He didn't pretend to be nice, it wasn't something he did. No, he preferred to just get what he wanted while being himself, that tended to be enough. Even if he had to be like that to people he found attractive. "Leon, you're pretty cute. I wouldn't want to have to break your jaw, y'know? Not only is it tiring, but I don't wanna see a cute face go to waste and ruins. So, you're gonna tell me all you know about your buddy, aren't 'ya?"​


    When August excused himself, Leon just looked up at him and nodded silently. He hadn't spoken much, it was his way of silently telling August he wanted to finish reading his textbook. They both knew that wasn't him being healthy though. His lack of emotional development still impacted him today a little, making him still a little quiet and awkward. August was too good to him. Sooner or later he'd introduce him to Dr. Josephs, hopefully he'd like that he got a friend.

    The boy squeezed his eyes shut, trying to blink away the thermal. It was irritating now. God, out of all the cool superpowers he had to be stuck with enhanced sight. He was blinking as he watched people pass the window when he heard his voice. Thinking it was August, Leon looked up quickly. The male standing over him was a vast contrast to the angelic blond. There was a stench of cigarettes covering the boy in black who began to talk to him. Leon blinked with wide eyes, gripping his mug lightly.

    The compliments would usually never go unnoticed, but the threats were more important right now. "I don't have buddies." Leon said, defiance in his words. His European accent was still faintly there. August drilled it into his head as soon as they met that he did not want to be known. Leon knew that if he told this stranger, his only friend would never talk to him again. He had to protect August.

    "So I am afraid I cannot help you... buddy." Leon blinked again, swallowing hard as he forced the bravery in his words. There was something awfully intimidating about the male, the smell, his voice, terrifying good looks... All the things made the man intimidating. He didn't break eye contact as he took a sip from his coffee. He may of looked weak, but he wasn't a complete pansy.
  4. "Oh, you're acting brave? That's new. Normally people don't act; they just do what I say on the dot," he murmured, not losing his patience immediately as he sat against the booth and let his eyes graze over the other. He had noticed the gripping of the mug, so that probably indicated intimidation, and the bravery was probably having to be injected rather than be natural. Nevertheless, the fact he had the audacity to do that in protection of the hero was brave in itself.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't something Zaden would take into account. If anything, it annoyed him further, but he did try to keep his cool. He was often in silent awe of Damon for his ability to remain stoic even if he had a reason to be furious. Zaden wasn't the sort of person to claim to be in awe of anyone, he would rather stick pins into his eyes, but he had been trying to copy him a little, take his advice on not just exploding into anger and rampage. It was certainly helping now, anyway.

    "Look, kiddo, just gimme a name or... fucking something, yeah? Don't fuck me around," he pulled his lips into a casual smile, the momentary moment of speaking calmly coming to an abrupt end with the introduction of the swearing he was usually always involving in his sentences, even with Damon who he considered the closest thing he had to a... friend, though the word often made him cringe. Carefully trailing his finger around the rim of the mug he took from the other, he moved to swig some down before cracking his knuckles. This was getting a tad tedious now. "I didn't come here to exchange pleasantries. I came here to get some information, and I ain't leaving with no shit to give back to my buddy, so you're gonna give me some on yours. Or I will get violent."​


    This guy obviously was used to people being intimidated enough to just do as he asked. Leon would of given up at this point, if it wasn't for August. When he sat down, Leon shifted uncomfortably in his seat. 15 years in a GM facility cut his social experience right down, and having an attractive man get angry at you in a public place was a new one. Leon stared down at his mug before he began speaking again.

    Leon frowned when he was called kiddo, surely this guy was only a couple of years older than him. But he was evidently stronger then Leon, since he just prized his mug out of his hands. Leon crossed his arms as he watched the stranger drink his coffee, getting irritated as well as intimidated.

    "Then I'm afraid you have to get violent." Leon said through his teeth, his hands gripping onto the sides of his orange sweater. Oh how he didn't want to say that. This guy looked like he'd jump over the table and literally rip Leon's head off. Plus, Leon did not want to blast light in front of all of these people. But if he said anything, the thug would be able to find something more about August. Leon stared forward at Zaden, trying to show that he wasn't scared. Even if he was.
  6. Despite having threatened him countless of times by now, the boy was apparently proceeding to act brave, and for Zaden, it was something he both hated and was unused to, fuelling annoyance in every inch of his body as he wisely set the mug aside. Gripping it any harder would have had it smash and crack, and he didn't want to injure himself.

    "So you'd rather me break your jaw then? I'm up for that," he shrugged, cracking his knuckles again without flinching at the popping created, and he was easily ready to lunge across to hurt him in front of everyone in the diner. He wasn't someone for subtlety, really, and that had caused his failure in that moment when the woman he previously glared at arrived at the table with her large husband stood sternly beside her. "I think you ought to leave the boy alone, don't you? It's a good thing we haven't called the police."

    Evidently, she knew who she was dealing with by her earlier whisperings, but that had stupidly not prevented her from intervening - she apparently wasn't going to sit by and watch someone get hurt. What person could? The commotion created was at least enough to prevent Zaden from seeing August who had arrived back and hung dangerously close behind the villainous man. Zaden, however, remained oblivious as he reluctantly got to his feet, but not without a venomous glare to the woman and then towards Leon - if she ended up dead, it wouldn't be a huge surprise, nor would it be if Zaden showed up around Leon again. He had only really threatened him at this point, but he would have come back even if he had the information he needed - Leon was cute, he had to admit that to himself, hero's sidekick or not. "Watch it, kid. I have my ways of finding you again, hm?"

    "...Are you okay? What... was that... ugh," August quietly stammered, waiting until the black-clad man pushed his way out before returning to his seat. "Leon, what did he say to you? What did he want?"


    Meanwhile, completely fuming from the failure and the intervention of some nearby nobodies, the villain's sidekick took his anger out on a nearby wall, even if he didn't have super strength or healing abilities that would prevent injury and it just resulted in a bloody and smashed fist.

    Not in the mood to really divulge anything to Damon, he bypassed him completely once arriving back at the apartment he shared with him now to head straight for the fridge and to collect two beers, albeit having to pause to bandage his fist. "Don't even say anything," he grumbled under his breath to the man, his face contorted with pain as he gingerly bandaged the bloody hand. "I don' wanna 'ear it, mate, yeah?"​


    The cracking of knuckles showed that Zaden was fully prepared to hurt him, if things got any worse, he'd just go for it and blind him then made a break for it. Leon cowered a little as he took the light energy from the outside lampposts, his eyes getting brighter. Before he could blast the light, a couple stepped in. Thank God.

    Zaden was defeated, for now, he thought. Leon stared at August as he reappeared. He looked back at Zaden in panic, trying to keep his cool. When he threatened him once more, Leon swallowed. He didn't doubt Zaden's ability to find him again, unfortunately.

    When August sat back down, Leon stared wide eyed, his blue eyes almost white. Should he say? No, he should just keep it quiet for now, to save August the problem. "Some thug wanted money." He said, his lie probably not being that believable. "But, my coffee is cold, can we go home?" Leon asked, changing the subject. He stood up straight and channeled the light back where it came from, his eyes going back to their original blue.



    The apartment was pretty dingy. Neither Zaden or Damon cared to clean it properly, plus the smell of smoke and drink was hard to rid. When Zaden appeared through the door, police and ambulance services were parked on the road outside, Damon had caused a pile-up. Before he could ask anything, Zaden was refusing to talk.

    The bloody fist made Damon tilt his head in a way to stop himself from getting angry. "I told you to get information, not break the brats face." Damon said flatly. Even though he was angry, he kept himself very calm, something he had learnt to do from the court room. "Get here." He walked over, cigarette in his mouth. He gripped Zaden's hand and wrapped the bandage around it quickly, ignoring Zaden's obvious pain. He could just do it quicker. Damon tied it down before grabbing a beer.

    "Did you get anythin' at all? Besides blood all over the place.." ​
  8. "A thug?" He repeated calmly, flashing a thankful smile to the nearby couple, going as far as to pay them for their meals they had ordered which had long since lost their warmth and desirability, which they obviously accepted with gushes about his gentlemanliness. Once that had been settled, he calmly stood alongside the boy he openly labelled a close friend by this point, having taken into account the change of his eyes and did sigh heavily - it was a godsend that the couple had intervened. He would make sure to keep an eye out for them now, knowing that he owed them that at least. They hadn't just stopped the mugging, but had prevented Leon using his power, something August tried to limit in front of so many people.

    "...I don't want you bringing so much attention to yourself if you use your powers, okay?" He said slowly, gesturing him to head on out once paying for the drinks. "I mean, it'd in turn bring attention to me, and I just want to live somewhat normally. As normal as I can aside of what we do, you understand that? But... obviously, I'd understand you using them in times like that. That guy looked dangerous-- we'll have to watch out, I suppose. He'll be committing more crimes, I suppose. Criminals like that rarely change."


    "Hey, I didn't fuckin' beat the kid up, as much as I fucking wanted to," he snapped, wincing at the other bandaging him up harshly, though the quickness did help to prevent the pain, rather than his method of doing it slowly and prolonging the uncomfortable niggle of pain. With his other unharmed hand, he lit his own cigarette, physically relaxing once taking a long drag, paying no notice to the other's underlying anger - he anticipated it, so it wasn't something to worry that much about. He could handle Damon.

    "I punched a wall, alright? I was angry-- he just defended that August bloke, didn't give anything away. I tried, alright? Blondie didn't wanna talk, and this couple got involved and I 'ad t' leave, mate," he shrugged as he flopped down on the couch, kicking off a few empty cans in the meantime. "...What's the next step, then? We ain't givin' up on the August guy, I assume."​


    When they got outside, Leon folded his arms tightly. August began his lecture on the powers thing. Leon pressed his lips together, frowning as he did so. He got the same thing from Dr. Josephs often, now his closest friend. "I know, I am aware of the problems of my powers." He spoke softly, looking up at August. "I was only going blind him temporarily if he wanted to be violent." His english was still a little broken, but most people understood him. He sighed, "Sorry." Not wanting to freud with August.

    They walked back to Augusts home. Even though Leon had his own place in the universities campus, he hated his hall-mates and practically spent his life in August's home. Dr. Josephs lived in his own home, and still had a room for Leon, when he went to visit. Next time he decided to go, he'd tell him about August, but not about Enigma and Lux.

    When they got there, Leon walked over and sat on the floor in front of the TV, where he had left his text books. "I hope nobody needs saving tonight, I have things to do." He said with a small smile, looking up to his friend.



    "You need to calm the fuck down sometimes." Damon snorted when he said he punched a wall. But, Damon knew he wouldn't calm down, he knew what he was signing up for when he began working with Zaden. The kid loved to beat the shit out of things, and people. "Fine, you can drop the detective work for now then. Seeing as you're so shit at it." He sat down on his sofachair, sweeping off two beer cans before. He breathed out another breath of smoke as he thought about the next step.

    "No.. We don't go after him, we bring him to us." Damon smirked, a plan formulating in his head as he took another breath of smoke in. He looked at the Tv before turning it on, "Wanna watch a movie?" Damon moved the remote then chucked it at Zaden. They'd create a massive crash, or fire, or something... Then the so called 'Enigma' and bitch boy 'Lux' would fly in and save the people. Right into their trap. Then maybe they can finally get rid of the annoying duo. "Put something good on."​
  10. "Yeah, well... we can't choose not to help, hm?" He smiled silently, setting himself down on his couch with hands rested, searching for something on the TV even if he knew his mind wasn't going to focus enough for him to take anything in. Surprisingly, the house wasn't entirely a reflection of the incredible wealth his parents possessed: it was just a nice little home in the city he bought from his own money that working on the newspaper made. He hadn't really wanted to rely on his parents to make a living, though it had to be said that them being who they were had increasingly helped him in life, even through just status alone.

    "...As corny as it is, we're known of and we sort of have a duty, I guess? I dunno, I don't want credit for it. I was always told not to let anyone know of my powers," he sighed, reaching for an empty glass, and lazily filled it up himself without having to get up to fetch the bottle of water stood on the nearby coffee table - he simply motioned to transition the water from the bottle into his glass. Water had been the first of the elements he managed to control and manipulate, and because of that, it was often his favourite. "...Even if those guys are on our case. Everyone at the paper wants me to write this big story on them. Deception and Ghost. Hardly sound like nice guys, do they?"


    "Oi, don't tell me to calm the fuck down, you jerk," he muttered under his breath, albeit with a wide grin to connote teasing as he tiredly exhaled the smoke. He was somewhat intrigued now about the superheroes - he had met this Lux guy already, and he hadn't appeared that much of a challenge, but then there was Enigma. He was pretty much that: an enigma. Nothing was known of him, but fear was never an emotion Zaden felt. So he was mostly intrigued and pumped to get rid of them, that was quite literally it.

    "Can't you find a movie yourself?" He yawned, flicking through the TV all the same, outstretched on the couch with hand rested lazily over his midsection as he used the remote and the other holding the cigarette he frequently took long drags from. Settling on some action thriller, he peered across at the other with a curious smile. "Hey, mate, we're gonna kill them, aren't we? I mean, that is what we're gonna do, kill them. If so, can I kill the sidekick? He was a jerk to me," he admitted, though wisely chose not to mention the attractiveness Leon had possessed - it was basically like suicide.


    Leon sat cross-legged, reading about photon capture in the textbook. Deception and Ghost, what could they possibly control? Leon let out a fleeting giggle, "Enigma and Lux sound more friendly?" He said, an amused smile breaking his stony expression. "I don't think they'll find us. Do no worry."


    Saturday mornings used to be Leon's least favourite, he'd do nothing all day except study. But now he was with a friend, it made things more fun. It was 10AM and Leon was already up. He had fallen asleep on the couch over his textbooks the night before and had slept in. August wasn't anywhere to be seen, he assumed he was still sleeping or had gone out. Leon decided he'd do something nice and run out to get both of them bagels for breakfast.

    Leon pulled on a gray knitted sweater, grabbed his money and left Augusts home on the scout for food. He made his way down the street, walking robotically. He watched joggers run past, rich women walking their poodles. He blended in pretty well.

    "I would like two bagels please, with cheese. And whatever muffins you do have." He nodded at the baker, who tried to hide her laugh from his broken English. As they were being made, Leon sat on the table cross-legged next to the window. His thermal vision flickered on as he watched the bagels being made, waiting to see if they got to the right temperature. Leon began to zone out again, not paying attention to his surroundings.



    "What else do you think we're gonna do? Kiss em'?" Damon snorted at the comment as he put out his cigarette. "Whatever, we'll destroy them both before they can do anything more." Damon added, yawning a bit. The action hero on the screen attacked the enemy, blood splattering everywhere. Damon let out one huff of laughter. He didn't quite think of himself as a sadist, unlike Zaden, he had other motives to kill. But, he couldn't deny the fun of crime. Especially violent crimes against those who deserve it.

    "I'm gonna sleep, don't bleed all over my place." Damon gave Zaden a coy grin as he made his way into his room. The villain got into his boxers and quickly collapsed into his bed, too tired to bother with anything more. Even though it was a Saturday in the morning, Damon still had work to do. Being a lawyer was ironic, but it earned him money and gave the criminal a great mask. He'd be with a client all day. Then in the evening he could wear his favourite mask of all. ​
  12. It was purely coincidental when Zaden traipsed into the very same bakery in search of food, and for the very same reason. After last night, he was in search for breakfast for him and Damon - it wasn't purely out of friendship like Leon, though. He did cast Damon as a sort of friend, but the search for breakfast was also to cure the hangovers and soak up the excess of alcohol in both their veins, and the little bakery did do the best bagels with bacon for the job.

    It wasn't exactly the neighbourhood Zaden was used to, and he hardly fitted in when he was dressed in his usual dark attire with a rotten scowl fixed on his face, but it was worth risking sticking out like a sore thumb when the bagels were admittedly the best he had tasted. Though once spotting Leon, presumably in his own world, he did something that was too risky, but was automatic: he disappeared with the thanks of his invisibility. It was lucky and fortunate nobody had seen him do so at least, though he didn't care much if they had - a punch and a few threats could have solved it.

    Carefully heading across to sit at the table Leon was sat on, he couldn't really help but to be smug as he leant back. He had to be careful when choosing to reveal himself, to ensure nobody saw, and did so with another smile. At the moment, he felt pretty pleased with himself - the smiles were often rare, so the fact he couldn't stop at the moment was a seldom occurrence. He hadn't forgotten Leon's refusal to divulge the information... but that could wait for now. He had the chance to get some payback when he and Damon went through with the plan. "Hey, Blondie," he grinned, nudging his arm just in case he was so out of it that he was blocking out noises. "Twice in two days, huh? Aren't you lucky~?"​


    The blond boy was in his own world. Leon was staring down at the floor, thinking about Enigma and Lux. Leon Lux. He was pretty proud of that, it sounded cool. Thanks newspapers, he felt his mouth twitch into a tiny smile before he was rudely interrupted by a familiar voice.

    Leon's soft face wrinkled as he looked down at Zaden, frowning. "W-Where did you come from?" He should of noticed the thug coming into the bakery. Even if he was totally silent, surely he would of picked up the thermal. Or even his enhanced perception should of picked it up. He needed to stop day dreaming.

    "And, I have already told you. I do no have any information for you." The baker called Leon with a bag of food, seemingly surprised he had acquired company so quickly. He stood up from the table and walked over to the baker, taking his bag of food. "So you may as well leave me alone now." Leon turned back to Zaden. His smile made him more attractive. Which annoyed him. Leon didn't want to be attracted to some thug who threatened him. Leon fiddled with the bag before quickly making his way to the door, his pale cheeks now a rosy colour.
  14. Opting to forget the food in order to head after Leon (he could just make up an excuse to Damon as to why he returned home empty handed), the other's broken English finally seemed to register itself in the sidekick's head, and he found himself grinning. not because he found it funny. On the contrary, it just summed up for him how cute he found this boy, though once he reminded himself of just who this guy was, he had to curse to himself audibly. It was bad news getting involved with him, he couldn't do it to Damon, and he sure as hell didn't want to get involved with someone who fought for good.

    That was boring. It was better to cause some chaos and have fun that way, and he knew it wasn't an ideology this Leon boy would share with him.

    Nevertheless, he still trotted along beside him, if only convincing himself that he would tease him, make his time with him worthwhile. But instead, he found himself complimenting him. Great. "You're from Europe, right? I'm half-European. My Dad's Italian. Not that I speak to that fucking asshole anymore, but yeah, I'm proud of my heritage. And by the way? I don't want any information on your amazing little friend, alright mate? I don't need it anymore, I can deal without it. I ain't interested anymore," he shrugged to himself, playing it off coolly just so the events later tonight would come as a total surprise. If he admitted he had other plans, it could stir up curiosity... even if he hid behind a mask and so far remained unidentifiable as 'Ghost'. Everyone thought Zaden was just a basic criminal who ruled the streets beating up people and stealing the odd thing.​


    Now that Zaden was following him, Leon couldn't go back to August's home, that'd lead him right back. Instead, Leon was just gonna wander the streets until Zaden got bored. But it didn't look likely as Zaden showed no interest in August anymore. In fact, Leon wondered if Zaden just wanted to mess with Leon. "I am from Sweden." He said, nodding at Zaden, gripping his food in front of himself with both hands. The connection between Ghost and Zaden had not been made. Well, there was no obvious connection really. To Leon Lux, Zaden was just a thug or something who wanted to get at him, and August.

    Leon blinked and slowed down a little, "If you are no interested in... My friend, then why are you talking to me?" Leon nibbled his lip. A part of him hoped that maybe Zaden was interested in him. The other told it off, saying that Leon shouldn't get involved with criminals. August would slap him around the back of the head for that. Leon fights against criminals, he doesn't like them. Except maybe this one. He was indeed attracted to the darkness. "I would prefer it if you did no so." Leon sped up a little, cursing himself for even attempting to let himself get interested.
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  16. "You'd prefer me not to talk to you?" He murmured, just to clarify that and let the words roll on his tongue, having to take another leaf out of Damon's book and keep his anger from showing, though the fact he got angry about it did surprise him. In short, he was getting angry over Leon not wanting to talk to him? He really needed to get a grip: he couldn't get interested in the other, it was completely wrong.

    But apparently, he couldn't tear himself from following after him, or stop himself glancing towards the other even if nothing was being said. He had never been an overly romantic person who fancied people. There may have been one girl once, or some guy he saw on the streets a few times, but nothing as huge as this. He was 24, and had yet to even kiss someone, so that spoke volumes for how little he got into this sort of situation. And now he had, it just had to be with someone who was the complete antithesis of him.

    "I think you like me talking t' 'ya, Blondie," he said with a silent shrug, lighting one of his usual cigarettes for the sheer hell of it. "You just don't wanna admit it because I'm this brutish thug and you're... all clean and nice."​


    Leon felt Zaden following him closely, obviously not giving up. It made him irritated. He wanted to get home with the food, eat and not be attracted to thugs. His hand went quickly to fix his blond hair before he stopped walking. They were on a quiet street, obviously nobody went jogging down here. The wind was warm, blowing the blonds hair in the wrong direction.

    "I say, leave me alone." Leon turned to face Zaden, soft his molded into a bratty pout. "I-I don't want to talk to you." He said, another blatant lie. Everybody knew Leon hadn't quite mastered the art of lying yet, so his lies were translucent. Leon decided to walk away again, until he thought about what Zaden said. He turned around again, unable to just walk away from the dark male, "What do you mean? I am not all that clean and... nice?" Leon sucked in his bottom lip, chewing on it as he asked.
  18. At seeing the other remain stubborn and continue to walk from him, even despite the obvious lies he was letting leave his mouth, the villain's sidekick found himself coming to a stop finally. He knew that the other was obviously a terrible liar and that, by default, he probably wouldn't mind Zaden tagging along, but the slightly older boy knew himself that he would still probably get angry, and that, even if he did find himself intrigued by him, the very fact he was sidekick to a hero was enough to make him want to physically hurt him.

    So hanging back had been a way of preventing that, until seeing him turn around questioningly. It was typical. When he wanted to hurt someone, there never seemed to be anybody around, but the one time he was trying to prevent losing his patience, Leon had stopped and refused to continue walking. Breathing out a puff of smoke, he leant coolly against the brick wall and arched his shoulders back, mulling over his answer as he both stumped out his cigarette and retied the bandages on his injured hand. "I mean, you're not like me, mate. You're a good guy. You're innocent, y'know? Not a fucking dangerous bastard like me, that's all. You're nice; I'm not. You shouldn't want t' talk to me, but you like it, and you shouldn't. I shouldn't be talking t' 'ya in this sorta capacity, anyway. I'd get into a shit load of trouble."​


    Leon fiddled with the bag, daring to take a couple of steps forward to Zaden. He nibbled on his lip as he watched the lips breath in the smoke. Stop being attractive, Leon thought as he blinked out of staring. Instead, he listened to Zaden. Well, he guessed he was innocent, he hadn't so much smelt a cigarette or touched alcohol, Dr. Josephs didn't want him to get into that. Plus, he hadn't kissed another person, God, he hadn't even held another persons hand. But when Zaden regarded him as not dangerous, Leon frowned.

    "Hey, I believe that I can be dangerous." Leon pouted. His abilities might of been pretty passive, but being blasted with light energy was certainly dangerous. Before he could show that he was dangerous, Lux remembered that his powers were a secret. And he didn't know that Zaden knew.

    "Why would you get into trouble? I am no going to tell about you. I do no even know your name." Leon bit his lip, seeing if he could get the guys name by slipping that in. The 'I-shouldn't-be-doing-this' feeling was getting more fun. Dangerous, but fun. Wasn't it about time he did something fun for himself? Plus, it wasn't illegal to talk to some thug, right?
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  20. Having to force himself not to smile at the comment of the other being dangerous in fear it would just upset him, he instead folded his arms amusedly as he observed him. He knew of his powers, but he didn't really see the other in any other capacity but being some kind, albeit often naive and completely adorable superhero sidekick. But he knew better enough than to risk upsetting him, even if that was normally something he wouldn't even hesitate over.

    Seeing the other suddenly so close was another of the many surprises that day, though he couldn't help smiling at that, despite the smile being kept small purposely. The awkward little flushes and his accent among many a thing he found himself attracted to. It was funny, the good guy and the bad guy... but he was determined not to let anything happen between them. "My name? Oh, Zaden. I'm Zaden. I know you're Leon. I read the papers."​
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