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  1. Welcome, to the Dark Realm of Darelta
    Your mind has been dragged here in your sleep, for unknown purposes, by whatever forces lie in the darkness. But that is not what matters, you are here now, and you will have to make do if you want to survive. Here in the Dark Realm, fantastical creatures are about. Snake people, skeletons, ghosts of all forms and many other creatures make this world their home. Now, you are here, but you are not the first. Others have come here before you, and who knows how many. Now, the people of this world are already accustomed to humans and other "living" species, and have accepted them into their community hold for a few rules.
    1. Living may not kill creatures of this realm, intelligent or not. [Punishable by torture, imprisonment, or death]
    2. Living must work like any other dark creature.
    3. Living must report to The Reaper and be accounted for before they may live among us.
    These rules apply to any and all Living, but the children of living and dark creatures do not need to follow these save for Rule 2 which applies to all intelligent beings.
    The World
    Four-Point Star: Capital and arrival point of most newcoming living.
    Circle: Port City
    Square: City
    Triangle: Unsearched/discovered land.
    Fun Fact: The Town of Ardel is far from being a "Town" It is a bustling city that sprung up from a town started by a ghost named Ardel, he is still there.
    Rules of the RP:
    1. Romance is allowed, sexual scenes are okay, but not often or overly-smutty.
    2. I don't mind how many characters you have, as long as you can handle it.
    3. Age for this rp...? Eh, I don't care as long as you think you can handle it.
    4. Welcome to the Dark Realm!
    Age: (Any age is fine, just don't be ridiculous.)
    Looks: (Description or Photo is fine)
    Gender: (You may be any species, (If you are coming from The Kingdom of Astaeron then your species stays the same unless you died and came here)
    Abilities: (This realm's Magic cannot be known by living at the start, but it can be taught. Any magic of the living realm does not work here, though concepts to certain forms of magic are similar.)
    Weapon(s): (If you only want magic that's fine. You may have up to 3 Weapons, unless certain ones require two hands or are heavy.)
    Job while in Real World:
    Goal: (Do you want to live a simple life? Do you want to know why you were brought here? etc.)
    Extra info: (Anything you want to add.)

    The Kingdom of Astaeron shortened Form:
    Transferring from the Kingdom? Don't wanna make a full Bio? Here you go!

    Link to bio on the Kingdom of Astaeron:
    A Few Species

    These are some of the more well-known species in Darelta.

    Snake-People [A.K.A. Naga]
    Snake-People Male (open)
    Naga Male.jpg

    Snake-People Female (open)
    Naga Girl.jpg

    Snake people are just that, snake people. Females tend to be more brightly colored.

    Ghost Girl (open)
    ANime Ghost Girl.jpg

    Ghosts appear as transparent, pale Living.

    Skeleton (open)

    It is unknown what determines a soul from being a skeleton or a ghost. As there is no visible pattern in behavior differences, though skeletons tend to be less hospitable than Ghosts.

    Reaper (open)

    The Reaper is the ruler of the Dark Realm. There is only one, though he has many half-breed children, spanning many races. He lives in the Tower of Death, the tallest building sitting in the center of the capitol.
    Extra Info:
    OOC: Here!

    Currency in Darelta: A silvery-white coin stamped with two crossed scythes on the front and a Skull on the back. Each coin is very light and smells earthy rather than metallic.
    The theme of this rp:
    Have any questions and want to find the answers? They will be posted here!
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  2. We are now officialy paired with The Kingdom of Astaeron! Yay!
  3. Ha, that was mine bloodletter's theme at one point in time. Now it is Adrian von Ziegler's Blood Night.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm joining XD
  5. I thought it was kind of a requirement to join, you know, because this is attached to Astaeron. And people who sleep come here?
  6. I dunno if you would call it a requirement. But it certainly is attached. This side of the spectrum leaves behind the peace loving Astaeron for somewhere much more rife with death. So, darker stylings will be very much encouraged.
  7. Zariel will have fun here.
  8. Indeed, he will just need to be careful he doesn't kill anything while the Reaper or his men are watching. (Darn that law).
  9. What if he kills the reaper's men? Will he get away?
  10. Not likely, all things considered half of the reaper's men are skeletons, so they don't have blood to contol. And then The reaper has this little fact that he can fly on (don't ask me how the physics works) bone wings to chas any who offend them. And the penalty for running from the law is a death senence with no trial, jus a scythe to the face.
  11. (and you know, magic in this realm doesn't work unless you learn this realm's magic.
  12. Zariel uses his own blood, he can't yet use anyone else's blood, yet. And of course, but Zariel is fairly decent in combat, as he is over 200 years old.
  13. Fair. But let us also consider one thing.......Death is Death.....As in.....DEATH.
  14. Though....his "Soul" as it were, does cycle with the ruler of each the strongest ruler of the overwolrd. [A.K.A. He's only as old as the ruler of Astaeron, as his soul "recycles" as it were, his form remaining the same, but his inner self only as old as the Ruler of Astaeron, however, most of his capabilities do carry over from previous lives....he just may not know how to use them till later]
  15. Reading this thread, I think you need an OOC xD

    Name: Isabella Goldgard
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half-human, half-elf
    Link to bio on the Kingdom of Astaeron: Clickity-click!
    Picture: Clickity-click!
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  16. Accepted
    And yeah, I need an OOC thread
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  17. Ooo! This sounds really cool, definitely count me in!

    Name: Thryth Hestharr (THRITH hehs-THAR)
    Age: 36
    Looks: Once an unassuming, simple-looking young man, Thryth's unremarkable and earthen-toned appearance belie his farmer's son beginnings. His hair is a natural honey brown, lightened from ages of working under the sun, his skin a light tan, and years spent from working as a farm laborer to a knight to a paladin have shaped his body into a toned warrior's physique. Numerous scars, both small and great, mar his skin, and his recent involvement in a crusade has made him negligent of his hygiene, resulting in a small beard and longer hair that threatens to obscure his hazel eyes. It has also left him with a considerable wound on his torso, which--though bandaged and treated--has put him in a rather susceptible position he's neither stranger to nor fond of.
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Abilities: Thryth currently has no magical abilities at his disposal, though he was once fairly apt with magics meant specifically to counter the undead and necromancers before arriving in this world. He is well-trained with the use of greatswords, however.
    Weapon(s): A single, simple greatsword, with the crest of his order--a burning laurel--engraved at the very base of the blade, made of iron. It used to be enchanted, until arriving with him in this dark world.
    Job while in Real World: Religious Crusader/Paladin
    Personality: Some might call Thryth pompous. Others might say he's noble and true. Thryth just thinks he's doing what's right by serving his god and the people by vanquishing the restless dead. He's a fairly simple person, not wanting much from life other than to just serve his home in a manner he sees fitting of his skills, but some people think he's a tad . . . obsessed with outing the undead. Some say it's made him a bit mad, even, speculating that a run-in with a necromancer did something funny to his head. But Thryth has never been one to care for other's opinions. People told him from a young age that he would never be a knight, but there were none with powers of persuasion enough to dissuade the youth from becoming one anyway. He is a hardheaded, determined fellow, good-natured (if a bit severe at times), and he likes to think of himself as loyal and honest. He can be a bit preachy, too, but he means well enough. Though sometimes some people wish he would just put a lid on it.
    Goal: To discover how he came here and why, to escape, and, if necessary, to rectify this wretched world.
    Extra info: I'm absolutely tickled at the idea of making my "heroic" paladin the veritable villain and bane in a world where everything he hates is normal x3

    I'm not quiiiiiiite finished with this yet, as it's getting late--I'll fill in his history tomorrow.
  18. You are both verily accepted.
    Can't wait to see Thryth's history!
  19. I'm interested in joining. I see there are paranormal type species (i.e. reaper, skeleton, etc.) so does that make this a paranormal fantasy?
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