The Dark Marriage

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  1. "Mother, I don't want to marry him," Mae said, defiance dominating her body language. Her mother, who she gained most of her appearance from, chided her.

    "Dear, there is no fighting it. The contract and agreement was made before you had been born. It's for the good of the family. Think about it: after the two of you are married, it would mean an end to our problems with the Werewolves for at least a hundred years." She smiles, like she was correcting an ignorant child. "Please, Lachrimae, this is what every second generation Atwood girl has gone through." Her mother meant that every other female in the family had been married to a werewolf, to preserve peace. Her grandmother had been, before she had died.

    "Don't call me Lachrimae, Mother!" Mae shouts, hating the name her mother had given her.

    "It's already been decided," she responds stonily, some of her buried Ankou coming up. Her mother had long ago decided that she would much rather be kind and gentle, not dark and, as she put it, evil, like Ankou were supposed to be. She had tried raising Mae that way, but it had quickly been rejected, especially after her father had begun teaching her how Ankou were supposed to act.

    Fed up with her mother, Mae storms out of her bedroom, raven hair flying angrily back. Her mother raises her left hand, conjuring a dark barrier at either end of the hallway outside, forcing Mae in. She turns, facing her mother, tears now in her eyes. "Mother, I can't...I can't...why did you let me think I would someday marry Alexandre and then suddenly tell me that I have to marry someone I've never even met?"

    Mae was a young girl of barely seventeen and already taller than her mother. She has the dark brown, nearly black, color of eyes that most Ankou had. Her skin was pale, not due to a natural aversion to sunlight, but due to a liking of remaining indoors reading than outdoors playing, making her eyes stand out more. Her features were sharp, almost elven in looks, but nearly the same buildup as her mother's. In some pictures of her mother as a young woman, the two looked nearly the same.

    Gently, her mother replies, "Dear, you have met him. You were very young then, but you've met him. I assure you, he's a proper gentleman, at least from the letters his father has sent us..." She approaches Mae, embracing her tightly. It is then that her daughter can tell how worried her mother is for her. She is tense, her breath shaky.

    "Come, dear," she says when she pulls back, "he should be arriving soon. The marriage will be in a couple weeks, and all will be fine, I assure you." Reaching around her daughter's neck, she clasps a necklace around her neck, a small chain with a dark blue pendant upon it. She quickly recognized it as the one her father had made her when she was little and likened to playing with human children so long ago, before she had discovered books. It was specially designed so that she wouldn't accidentally hurt them with her powers. She could feel the charm her mother placed on it. Reading its properties, she found out it was one that would only break should her mother decide to.

    Mae grudgingly nods, brushing impatiently at her eyes, trying to get rid of the tears, as she leaves, heading down the large grand staircase, where her father waits at its foot. He smiles at her, his snow blonde hair contrasting against the dark of his clothes and light brown hues of his eyes. His gaze turns to her necklace, and the smile fades a bit. Trying to recover, he says, "Probably a good thing about that necklace, eh? Otherwise, that boy would be dead by the end of the week!"
  2. "Do you think she will be as daft as the letters indicate, Father?" Matthias' father, Eraqus frowned at him, his gruff voice booming out disappointment. "Son. That's no way to speak of your future bride. I would expect better of you. Did I not raise you to be more respectful?"

    Matthias fumbled with the pocket watch in his trousers, squeezing just hard enough to relieve some frustration he had toward his father. "Of course you did, but how can she gain my respect if I have not even met her?" Eraqus sighed, running a hand through his long, unkept hair. "We have been over this a thousand times since you found out you were wed to her. I will not repeat myself. Now, silence my young pup. Enjoy the forest, for it may be some time before you return. I hear this Ankou family rarely tread in nature."

    Matthias groaned, but did as he was told. His attempts to gather more information about this bride of his had proven fruitless over the past few months. ever since he had devised a plan to keep peace between the two clans, and still keep his freedom. He had accepted the fact he was a diplomatic tool long ago, back before he had been able to control his transformations. A brief smile spread to his lips as he remembered his first transformation. The moon had been alight with pale flame, and the pain and difficulty of his first transformation had nearly killed him. Over time though, as with all of his Werewolf brothers and sisters, Matthias had perfected his other form, and now was master over himself.

    Matthias wished he had a mirror handy. He had a nagging feeling he didn't look impeccable. He needed to, to make a good first impression if his plan was going to work. He was a young man by human, and even Ankou standards, but Wolves of his clan counted age differently. To his people, he was a full adult, comparable to a human of 30 of 40. What he looked like, however, lent more to the early twenties. It was just how his race aged. Unlike his father, and most of his pack, he had short, well kept hair, crisply trimmed. His eyes were a dark brown, and even though they appeared plain, every once in a while, gold flecks appeared to brighten when his mood permitted it. His face held a rugged nature, as befitting of his people, but again unlike his father. he kept himself shaved, and well groomed. Of Athletic build, Matthias prided himself on keeping his human form immaculate, even if he hated to be trapped in it for more than a few hours.

    "I suppose the worst thing about this is the fact I will have to be trapped in this form for far too long. It is and slow. No power beyond that of a normal human," said Matthias, breaking the silence.

    "Yes son, for that I am regretful," said his father. "But you do us a service of great importance. Your bonding to this female will ensure no war ever erupts between our people again. Now come, let me look at you, for we are almost there, and I cannot join you."

    His father clasped his shoulders, looking over his son. "Are you sure a beard would not suit you well? Or growing your hair out? It is so...short."

    Matthias groaned again, releasing himself from his fathers grip. "Enough grooming Father. I am no longer a pup. But, I will consider it. Maybe as I grow older. But I suppose this is where...I say goodbye."

    After a few minutes of uncomfortable farewell's, Matthias and his father parted for the last time. Even though the wedding was not for a few weeks, it was custom for the groom in question to live on his own after his tribe gives him up. No contact is permitted after that, unless it is a dire emergency, and those had been few and far between over the last few centuries. After a few more hours of walking, he came upon the residence of his future bride, and taking a nervous breath, he strode up to the door and rapped his knuckles on it a few times, praying this woman was not unmanageable. If she listened to his plan, they both could be free.
  3. Mae's mother was nearly in tears by the time a knock came upon the door. Her father, however, was another story. He had, in the space of not even a minute, become as cold and shadowy as he was depicted in the paintings of him, made during a war long ago. Indeed, he seemed to be losing control of his human form, as shadows whipped about him and creeped upon the features of his face. However, he seemed to come back down to earth when Mae looked up at him fearfully and whispered, "Father...I-I'm scared."

    He smiled reassuringly, squeezing her shoulder gently. "Don't worry. He's going to be a great husband. And if not..." he left the statement open, the look upon his face conclusion enough.

    She nods, but doesn't look too reassured, as Xavier, a man who had been with her family for nearly as long as Mae had been alive, who helped about the house, opened the door, holding it open for the young man who was to be Mae's husband. He promptly returned to the sitting room, where he was reading aloud for Mae's two younger sisters and one younger brother. All three of whom would get to marry who they wish, Mae thought glumly.

    Her father steps forwards, clearly trying to force his shadows down and reign control of his body once more, yet with a charming smile upon his face. "Welcome, my boy!" he declared. Every young man he met he seemed to call my boy. Indeed, he had done the same to Alexandre when he would visit. He gestures for him to come inside, shutting the door behind him. Her mother motioning her forwards, Mae moves next to her father, forcing herself to look her future husband in the eye.

    Feeling her mother's eyes on the back of her head, Mae bows slightly at the waist, giving him a soft, "Hello," before returning to her silent state.

    "My boy, this young lady is my daughter, Lachrimae. I assure you, despite how she is acting now, she really is very kind and loving. I've spent the greater half of the day trying to assure her that you would be the same towards her. I can understand if you want to leave with her as soon as possible, but would you care to stay for tea? I must admit that it is a vice of mine..." he trails off, trying to keep the atmosphere light.
  4. Matthias was surprised at such a warm welcome. He had never met an Ankou before. He knew of them, but that was the extent of his experience with the Ankou. As he was led in, his keen eyes picked up on what seemed like the father. Shadows, barely receding back into his body. Matthias chose to ignore it, in favor of the pleasantries. "Hello. I'm quite pleased to finally meet you. The letters I received did not do your residence justice."

    When he was introduced to his future bride, he smiled at her. "Pleased to meet you Lachrimae. It has been too long in coming for our meeting. I hope our bonding will be as long as the peace between our people, and much longer."

    He was about to say yes to tea, when he stopped mid sentence, and smiled again. "Forgive me, where are my manners? My name is Matthias Hiroga Grayfur. My father, Lord Eraqus, sends his regards, and though he wished to meet with you, tradition requires he does not accompany me. And yes, I would like tea. I have not had some since I visited France about 20 years ago."

    His eyes once again moved over to Lachrimae, and for the first time he noted the subtly to her beauty. She had a ferocity about her. Strong willed it seemed. Good. If he could only convince her to go along with his plan, maybe play on her clear lack of desire to be with him, this bonding could go rather well.
  5. As her husband-to-be spoke her name, she had to resist the urge to correct him. Glancing back at her mother, she wasn't surprised to notice that her mother was probably glad that Mae's powers hadn't fully developed yet, because if they did there would be no hiding her shadows. Remaining silent as he introduced himself, stating that his father would have liked to accompany him but couldn't due to tradition and that he would like tea, she nervously reached up and twisted the chain the pendant was on between two fingers, a tic she'd had nearly her whole life.

    Her father, seeming pleased with Matthias' reaction, said, "Splendid. France is a simply marvelous country. It's where I met my dear wife, Sophia." Mae's father continued to speak, leading Matthias to the other sitting room, where tea was already waiting. Clearly, he had been expecting him. Mae, knowing it was expected of her, sat on the loveseat opposite of her parents and next to Matthias, though it made her uncomfortable.

    Spooning sugar into her tea, Mae was silent as her father asked, "What does a young man like yourself enjoy, my boy?"
  6. Matthias was confused. All of the letter when he was growing up said that this Lachrimae was vibrant, energetic and full of life. Not silent, brooding and quite frankly, boring like what she appeared to be now. As long as she didn't interfere with what he had in mind, he couldn't care less about her personality.

    He scooped a small amount of sugar into his cup, and upon placing it on a saucer, took a sip and relaxed, careful to maintain a respectful distance from his future bride. One of the things he did notice about her was she smelled incredible. It could have just been his sensitive nose, but she had an aroma that appealed to his basic instincts. Not that it mattered of course. Turning his attention back to the father, Matthias pretended to think about it for a second, and spoke, putting his tea down at the same time.

    "I love reading. I wasn't really allowed to wander very far from the Pack Den as a pup, and even when i matured, since I was chosen for the Bonding, I was protected like a hawk nurses her egg chick. So I was given hundreds, if not thousands of books. I also have taken to what humans call 'financing.' I have a knack for it, according to some humans in a country called Germany. It's more of a hobby, since I don't tend to really like to deal with humans too often, being what I am and all."

    Sipping another bit of tea, he nodded his head in respect, and addressed the father. "And you, sir? What do you like to do? You have a very proud home, and have raised quite a wonderful pack. You must have quite a list of interests."

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  7. Mae was silent throughout the exchange, drinking her tea silently. Although she was trying to remain stone-faced, inside, she was terrified. Matthias seemed like he was a decent, kind person, but she was afraid that as soon as the marriage documents were signed, he would become evil and mean. He was a werewolf, she told herself, again reaching up and twisting the chain between her fingers.

    As Matthias began speaking about how he was an avid reader, she would have spoken, interjecting that she enjoyed it as well, but was too caught up in her own thoughts to notice. Coming back to reality as he asked what her father's interests were, she placed her hands upon her right leg, which was crossed over her left.

    "Before I met Sophia, I was a prominent figure in England, and was deeply interested with world affairs. But, that was many years ago...Now I find myself as a historian of sorts. Ankou, by nature, enjoy stories, particularly their own, and I've been able to provide for my family through it. It's splendid that you enjoy books," he states. "I'm certain Lachrimae would be able to discuss it at unbelievable lengths. She's definitely got her grandfather's mind..." her father trails off, drinking his tea in silence for a moment.

    Her mother, trying to fill the silence, chides Mae by saying, "Come, dear, say something..."

    Looking up, startled, she says, "You enjoy financing? Then you must like mathematics, then, right? Statistics?"

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  8. Matthias was wondering if Lachrimae would ever talk. All she did was sit there and sip her tea. respectful silence was one thing, but this was overkill. Matthias was a talker. Ever since he could learn to speak, Matthias hadn't stopped, or so his mother had said.

    He nodded in acknowledgment when the father spoke. he was just about to reply, when quite surprisngly, Lachrimae spoke up, asking about his interest in Mathematics.

    He turned towards her, and even though he himself didn't know it, gold flecks appeared to float inside of his brown eyes, giving him an inhuman look. "Mathematics you say? Well, I do them when needed, but I don't particularly enjoy them. I like being outside, free, rather than being stuck inside doing paperwork. But I'm rather good at math when I need to be."

    He leaned a little closer to her, a ghost of a smile on his face. "And what do you like to do for fun, my dear? I'm afraid your father and I have been talking quite a bit, and haven't at all let you in." He made the extra point as to put his hand over hers, and found her to be extremely cold. Was that an Ankou thing? Matthias didn't know. But, the more he looked at this girl, the more curious he became. Perhaps she had more to offer than just stubborn silence.

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  9. Mae was surprised when Matthias asked her what she liked to do, but even more so when he placed his hand over hers. Not as much so as her father, who seemed to be losing control of his human form again, but he soon got it under control, and the growing shadows receded into his body once more. It wasn't that he didn't like the gesture, he just wanted to keep his daughter safe. Thinking for a moment, Mae responded to his question with, "Reading, mostly. Poetry, literature, scientific works...if it's written, I would read it," she added with a wry smile. She didn't add that she had read most of the books in her father's study, as well as his own work recently.

    "Philosophy was always an interest of mine," she continued, pretending in her mind that she was simply meeting another Ankou, not her future husband. Mae didn't elaborate upon her statement, a bad habit of hers, and instead became relatively quiet once more.

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  10. Matthias was social, but he was often absentminded when it came to acknowledging everyone in the room. He often honed in one one or two people that interested him and shut out others. It wasn't intentional, but he liked to give his interests his full attention. That was just how he operated. So when Lachrimae's father lost a little control of his shadow form, Matthias was so far away, he didn't even notice. Instead his eyes, exactly like his attention were on Lachrimae. His curiosity piqued, Matthias took his hand off of hers and leaned back into a position of relaxation.

    "Philosophy, huh? I studied that a while back. I'm no expert, but who is really? Anyway, I know you're an intellectual. You look the type. Quite a good thing. Most of my pack are far more interested in the...physical pursuits. We are built for it after all. But, I'm sure there will be plenty of time to get to know each other."

    Matthias finished off his tea, and tipped it towards the father. "This was wonderful tea sir. I've not tasted this quality in a long time. I might have to visit France again." He looked to Lachrimae and added, "Have you ever been?"
  11. Mae's father seemed to relax slightly when Matthias took his hand from hers, leaning back. She didn't notice, as she was fixated upon his words. Smiling as he spoke, she nodded occasionally, knowing from lessons on charisma that she would have to give him her full attention to make an impression. As he finished his tea, and spoke to her father, telling him that it was of a wonderful sort, Mae looked to her mother, who seemed pleased that Mae was trying to get along with her husband-to-be.

    When he asked her if she had ever been to France, she shook her head. "I've always lived here, but I have always wanted to travel."
  12. Matthias smiled. This girl had been more of a shut in than him. He didn't know whether to feel pity or excitement. Part of him wanted to teach her, to show her what she had been missing. Long ago, or at least long ago to him, Matthias had come to a crossroads. Keep to his family's wishes and stay locked away until he was married, or set off and get real world experience. He had chosen the latter, and the world seemed so much smaller now because of it. He had done so much, seen so much, his eyes had been opened far more than a book ever could do for him.

    It seemed that Lachrimae had chosen the former, or so it seemed. For a moment, Matthias genuinely wished that he could change that, and then the plan came flooding back, destroying any chance of that. His thoughts came back to the present, and he addressed her with what he hoped seemed genuine sincerity. "Well then, I hope we can see France, and maybe, if time permits, we can tour Europe together. Anything is possible right?

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  13. Mae smiled a little as Matthias said that he hoped they could see France and possibly tour Europe. Her thoughts suddenly traveled to Alexandre, who had always wanted to travel to Asia, and a sad light came to her eyes. He probably was already planning his trip, making plans for one. Sighing, she looks to Matthias and nods, smiling wider.

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    As Mae and Matthias were led by her father to the door, she could see out the front room windows that while they had been talking, a carriage had already been prepared for them. It was now sitting in front of the manor, waiting for the two. Her mother was close to crying again, she saw. her father, leaving the room for a moment to gather his other children, led them into the room to say goodbyes to Mae until the wedding. Hugging each of them in succession, she also gave them individual farewells, tears pooling in her eyes.

    Making a point not to embrace her mother, still blaming her for the marriage, she wrapped her arms around her father, trying desperately to hold back tears. He returned it, gently stroking her hair with his hand and whispering words of encouragement to her. When she finally pulled away, she watched as her father offered his hand to shake with Matthias.

    "I pray my Lachrimae will be happy in your arms," he said, a light smile gracing his lips. He was about to say more, but was interrupted by the front doors flying open. It's Alexandre.

    "I only just heard," he said, looking at Mae. "I came as soon as I could." He strides to her, pulling her into a tight embrace. He's clearly riled up, shadows flowing from nearly every spot on his body. He had developed his powers earlier than most Ankou, but this was an unusual show of them for him, who always seemed so composed. Mae returns the embrace, now freely crying into his shoulder, hating that she was showing such emotions in front of Matthias, but not being able to stem the flow.
  14. Matthias smiled, returning the gesture of the hand shake. He would have replied, but as soon as he opened his mouth, the front door burst open, and the most disgusting scent wafted in, along with what appeared to be a male. Matthias was taken off guard by all the shadows seemingly exploding out of this male, and on top of that he was embracing his future wife. Trying not to show anger, Matthias clenched his fists and forced a look of confusion on his face.

    Looking to the father with a shocked expression on his face, Matthias felt his inner territorial instincts start to kick in. He wasn't going to lose control, of course, but instantly this other guy was little more than mincemeat if Matthias ever got his hands on him. What was more was, Matthias could smell tears. They were Lachrimae's, so this guy had to be important to her in some way.

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  15. Alexandre spoke softly into Mae's ear, some of his shadows seeming to recede slightly as he did so. "God, Mae, I'm so sorry. If I'd known sooner, I could've..." he trails off, not knowing what he might've been able to do to keep the marriage from happening. Instead, he settled for another, "I'm sorry," before pulling away slightly, looking into her eyes, his thumb brushing away her tears.

    Just as he was about to lean down to gently kiss her, Mae's father had already approached the two. Placing a hand upon Alexandre's shoulder, something Mae recognized as a sign that he was angry about something, he said, softly, yet fierce, "I am sorry, my boy. It's already been decided. I can't let you do that."

    It was obvious by the nearly instant flare in Alexandre's shadows that he wanted to argue with her father, but forced himself to calm down. Nodding, he backed away from her slightly, yet still kept her gaze, trying to tell her without words all he was feeling. Eventually looking away, Alexandre's eyes traveled to the stranger in the room. "Is this the werewolf?" he asks, and while the words could have been interpreted in many forms, the tone of his voice indicated an underlying sense of superiority and aloofness.
  16. Matthias watched the two, and his curiosity was piqued. He almost was about to ask lachrimae why she was so upset when his eyes went wide. It finally dawned on him. Matthias almost laughed at the cliche. This male Ankou was her lover. Matthias barely kept his laughter in check. Of course he would get the wife who was in love with someone else, and forced to marry. It was almost too much!

    No longer bothered, Matthias addressed the male ankou, snickering as he watched him wipe away some tears. "Yes. Yes I am. And you know what's more? I'm the werewolf that is going to marry your friend here. We're thinking of touring Europe, maybe somewhere more. Any place you could suggest we go, seeing as you two seem to be pretty close. Childhood friends perhaps?"

    His tone was barely contained sarcasm, with an almost challenging ire to it. His stance spoke of aggression, almost daring this insolent ankou to start something.
  17. Alexandre's eyes flashed dangerously as Matthias said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice, that he was going to marry Mae, even more so when he made the jibe about him suggesting somewhere they could go, being so close. As his shadows enclosed around his eyes, giving him a thoroughly demonic look, Mae was surprised to find him not levitating yet. It seemed that, while he was angry, he wanted to avoid a physical fight for the moment.

    As her father nodded to her mother, telling her through body language to go into the other room with the younger children, in case it got ugly, Mae looked from Alexandre to Matthias, thinking desperately for a way to stop them from doing something stupid. Alexandre took a step forward, his gait seeming to be longer than normal, probably from his powers, though Mae could see by the set of his jaw that he was thinking hard, probably about whether or not it was worth it.

    Appearing to decide that it was, he took another step forwards, his foot almost not touching the floor. Just as he was making to do something, Mae stepped in front of him. "A-Alexandre..." she stuttered, "please, if you love me like you say you do, just go home and forget about me. We can't ever be together, not anymore," She's choking on her own tears now. "Please. Go and make a life for yourself, and forget about me..."
  18. Matthias was in full swing now, his primal instincts up and running. Despite his entire plan, he was ready to beat the shadows right out of this guy. He didn't care that it would ruin everything he had done for the past 10 years, Matthias just wanted to wipe the insolent little smirk off of his face. But then, right when Matthias thought it would begin, Lachrimae of all people stepped in and tried to get him to leave.

    When she butted in, the fight seemed to go right out of Matthias, although he still wanted to pulverize the guy. But something clicked. His mind took over again, and he visibly calmed down. He couldn't understand it, but seeing her in-between them, a proverbial white flag, made him remember his priorities, no matter how much ripping this guy in half and eating his entrails would satisfy them. Unclenching his fists, Matthias took a deep breath, took one more, and tried to calm himself down. However, looking at this 'Alexandre', he could not resists a final barb. "Yes, you wouldn't want to do anything you would regret, would you? Regret is an awful thing, especially when you wanted so much for something to happen, but it couldn't."

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  19. Alexandre fired a warning shot with his eyes as Matthias took a jibe at him. To him, it sounded like he wanted him to do something rash. Pretending to ignore him, he turned his attention back to Mae. "I can't ever forget about you, Mae, I love you too much. I only wish i could have known you longer than I have." He grits his teeth for a moment before continuing, "That werewolf is very lucky if he can win your love."Taking her hand, he leaned close to her, as if about to kiss her. Mae's eyes fly wide, her mind whirling with, How can he think this a good idea? Just as their lips are about to connect, Mae's hand reared back, and swiftly connected with Alexandre's cheek with a resounding crack.

    He pulls away, surprise and hurt in his eyes. "M-Mae," he stutters, his hand flying to his cheek, feeling the spot where she had struck him.

    "J-just leave," Mae says, blinking back tears. "I...I can't let you do that anymore. I'm sorry."

    It isn't long before Alexandre takes his leave, letting the front door hang wide open, leaving nothing but unsettled shadows in his wake. Mae watches the doors for a moment before wiping away the rest of her tears. Thankfully, before she has to say anything, her father steps in, saying, "I am truly sorry about that...What were you going to say?"
  20. Matthias was shocked to say the least. In the span of a few seconds, he had watched Alexandre nearly kiss Lachrimae, watched her slap him quite hard, and then had watched the man leave. All in all, whatever Matthias had thought this day would be, he never had imagined it would be this eventful. the door still open, Matthias walked over in silence, and shut it gently, turning to look at the father, and Lachrimae.

    He did feel for her to a certain extent. She seemed to care for the man, however disgusting he smelled, and how awful he looked. No self respecting female in his brood would even give the man the time of day. But then again, cross species breeding, or even cross species relationships were frowned upon, and reserved only for this one binding of the two species. Matthias had rarely heard of it working out, and in every book he had read, and wolf he had spoken too were highly against it except for this one instance. The Werewolf race was spread too thin, the clans too far apart to afford another war. Especially with the humans expanding again. That's why years ago, Matthias had decided he would need to bend the rules a bit. Then, he had figured out how to have his cake and eat it too.

    His mind returning to the present, Matthias remembered his behavior with the ankou, and winced inwardly. Walking over to Lachrimae and her father, he cocked his head a bit, and spoke. "I feel I must apologize for how I acted. It was not...becoming of a man in my position. especially in your den."