The Cute Crush

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  1. This is for Ciel and Roses to roleplay on. Don't post if you aren't us :3
    Or else we will sick the evil munchkins on you.
  2. Name: Erique
    Age: 13
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  3. Name:Rosa Flounders
    Age: 12, almost 13
  4. Setting: The moment when they know that they are neighbors in a cute two story duplex.

    Rosa sighed softly, she heard a car. She ran in her cute dress, which she was in her room. She looked up . She tensed. Her crush is living here, next to her... She blinked her eyes softly. She tilted her head, as her mother went to greet the Erique's parents, since her mother and father were their best friends, which worked out. She walked behind her mother, but stopped when her mother said, " go fetch the cookies. " Rosa scuffled her feet to get the plate of sugar cookies. She walked back out. She looked at Erique, " Want one?" She asked sweetly.
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  5. Erique steps out of the car carefully. He wasn't thrilled about moving but at least he'd have a neighbor around his age. He believed he'd met her before...What was her name? Rosa? Yes that was it.
    He turns slightly at a girls voice, blinking. It was her. He smiles slightly looking at the cookies, "Thanks but I'm ok. I really shouldn't be eating sweets much." He motions to his parents who are unpacking the car, "They might thought. I'm Erique by the way." holding his hand out to shake hers in formality.
  6. Rosa sighed softly. She looked over at her mother and father, as the boy started to talk to her. Se blinked, he was talking to her. She blinked softly, her father took the batch of cookies. She looked up at her father Her older brother was in his room, so he just stayed there, but Rosa would always go in his room to sleep with him, if she got scared... she wont do that to her parents cause she walked them in doing. some things. She glanced over at him, " Oh, they like sweets?" She asked. She paused, fixing her dress. " the cookies taste good, I made them myself." She then held out her own hand to shake his, " i'm Rosa... short for Rosaline." She smiled softly. She bit her lower lip, " So are you going to go to the same school as me?" She asked rocking on her toes, since she was getting nervous.
  7. He shakes her hand carefully before giving a small smile, "Yeah I think I might be. And I'm sorry I can't try one...I would but I can't." he sighs a bit, seeming genuinely disappointed.
  8. Rosa tilted her head, she then nodded. " Okay.. that's alright... " She looked down. She was a kid who had asthma and the disorder of glass bones. She smiled softly. She looked at him softly. She shrugged. " Does your parents need help, we can help. " She said softly.
  9. He shakes his head with a faint smile, "No it's fine. We dont have to move much but thank you for asking." some brown black hair hair blowing into his face from the faint fall breeze.
  10. Rosa smiled softly, she nodded. She put her hands on her waist. She looked around. She smiled softly. She said, " Well I am going to get inside it's a little chilly outside, okay?"
  11. He nods, "Sure. See you at school perhaps." He waves slightly before going to the back of the car with his parents starting to unload things, disappearing into his new house.
  12. Rosa went back inside. She ran to her brothers room, she opened the door after knofking and she sat onto the bed. She giggled. " hi bubba. ' she said. She looked up. " the neighbor kid is cute... " She blushed. She then looked at what he was doing, " I'll go now..." but then she was grabbed and tickled, which caused her laughter.
  13. Erique walks up the stairs of the house into his room with a box in his hands, setting it down on his bed. He stands up pushing hair out of his face as he looks around a bit. Well at least it was bigger then his last room.
  14. (( YOu think you can be the bigger brother s o my charry has a person to always talking to?)

    Rosa sighed softly, once he stopped ticklingh er. She went to run into her own room to start drawing. She giggled lightly. She didn't know what to do. She grinned and laid on her bed. Looking up at the cielling. She was happy.
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    Erique begins unpacking his boxes as it gets late, dinner time comes and goes into late night and he moves boxes from on top of his bed crawling into it shutting off his lamp, dozing off into slumber. Tomorrow would be a school day, and he honestly didn't want to be so tired he fell asleep as his desk
  16. Rosa sighed softly. She then looked down. She didn't know what else to say. She thought about it. When dinner came, they ate and then her older brother did his chore. When it was night time she ran to her brother, " bubba, can you please read me a book before I go to bed?" She asked. She smiled softly. She was curious about what tomorrow brings, after all it was school.. and she was nervous about if he would see how others treat her only because of her talent of dancing and drawing. She looked at her brother cutely.
  17. Her brother grins, "You sure? Girls your age don't really need that anymore." teasing her playfully and ruffling her hair slightly.
  18. Rosa gave him a snarl, " but bubba.. I like it... I am different then the rest of the girls.." She then looked down, " It's probably why I am made fun of alot.." She groaned. She gave him her favorite book. She then went to her bed, waiting. She loved her brother.
  19. He chuckles slightly, walking over as he sits down next to her bed opening the book, "Alright alright." he begins to read from it, keeping the lights dim, giving her a chance to doze off.
  20. Rosa laid back in her purple bed. She held onto the one of many cats in the house, since that one was her favorite and the cat liked her. She smiled lightly. She soon began to doze off as he read the book.