The Cursed Lands

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  1. there is this place that the humans never go. this place is called "The Cursed Lands". where all supernatural creatures are known to live. all it takes is one human to ignore the false rumors and tales to go there and explore.

    Hello everyone and welcome to a creature roleplay that I have been thinking of making and done. I would like to get as many of people to join in on the fun of this.

    people say that when humanity started there were no "Cursed Ones" on earth. there were only humans and animals. they say that one day a lady had a child that was different,forein,and alien to the rest of us all.

    this world is now forever divided into two sections. one section holds all the humans and the other section holds the "Cursed Ones". no one dares to enter the "cursed Lands" but that goes the same for the "Cursed Ones". will that one human pass the line that keeps these two kinds apart? it always starts with one but also ends in many.
  2. hello everyone! QueenOfDarkness here! I just want to let you know to reach 250 posts in total or more on this. and lets try to make this as fun as possible. please don't give up on this and if you decide to stop posting just let me know! post your bio and jump in! that's all ive got to say.

    Bio Example.

    Name: Joy Grace
    Species: Dark Angel
    Info: the name is Joy, but don't get fooled by the name. I am a imprisoned angel on the "humans" side of the sections, but that is my fault....
    as a child I was always curious and one day I decided to cross that "line" between our sections. now I am in the humans side sitting in a cage every day outside of the Town Hall. I stay where I sit and only move to eat. humans pass me by all the time and point, stare, laugh, and poke or yell at me. little kids and adults alike insult me. the day I am saved and brought home is the day the humans except us "Cursed Ones" everywhere we go. but that is a false hope and the only thing to keep me going.

    please don't us my example please. this example is also my bio.

    enjoy the RP!:)
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Zale
    Age: 16
    Race: Unknown he believes merman/mermaid type that somehow can keep the same appearance above land
    Short History:
    Not may are sure what actual creature he his. Zale had determined a merman or well something similar. He can breath in the water. His name he only learned by those he grew up around. His mother was human his father mus had been where he got his genetic aquatic life from however he never met his farther because his farther was murdered by his mother's parents. She had returned him to where she had heard of the cursed one's lived and never returned to the place she left her son.

    (If allowed I may make a second character to have as well later on)
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