The Courtiers: Medieval Spy Game Roleplay

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  1. The setting is a medieval world ruled by cutthroat kings and queens, always vying for power and willing to do anything to gain the upper hand. Entire wars are fought over a single mine, a good trade route or a particularly fertile farmland. This dog-eat-dog mentality allowed the kingdoms to have relatively perfect homeostasis, each kingdom a match for the other. When one kingdom collapses, another quickly rises up to replace it. Because of this balance, the monarchs of this world are ever vigilant, some would say paranoid, about keeping this balance. The tiniest tremor could tip the scales and cause their kingdom to collapse.

    In order to keep their edge, monarchs employ many advisers to serve them at court. These courtiers include professions such as ladies-in-waiting, squires, mathematicians, occultists, diplomats and chaplains, among many others. Monarchs want only the best at their side. They also love to employ spies.

    Spies are a daily part of life. They act as a mercenary to a certain monarch, serving as a courtier to another kingdom as a sleeper agent. It is widely ackowledged that a talented spy is far more influential than a king can ever be. A spy can manipulate a kingdom and destroy it from the inside... they can serve as a double agent, triple agent, causing monarchs to tremble in fear before them. They assassinate, they send messages, they keep vast underground networks, they relay information... they do their best to hide from rival spies, as a courtier who is revealed to be a spy is almost certainly living on borrowed time.

    You would play as a Courtier, a spy in another king's court. The roleplay would be dymanic as you would compete against other players, or work with them, to advance the agenda of the monarch paying your salary. Think of it as a spin off of a war RP where you control a country, but in this case you are just playing the puppetmaster. In this world, a single action, be it assassination, betrayal or something else - can topple a kingdom. It is your job to stay alive in this cutthroat world and come out as top dog.
  2. This sounds very interesting. So, I'd play as a courtier spying for my kingdom?
  3. Yes. It'd be a mix of freeform and story. I would write the monarchs' actions, and you would try and play off those actions to both compete with the other spies (players) and help your own king, all while trying to keep yourself on top. In doing so, you would influence how events played out.
  4. I'm interested, but I would like to hear more about the setting first. I'd assume nonmagical from the tone of your post, but how high fantasy? How many countries? Will they all be monarchies? Stuff like that.
  5. Not sure how it'd be a mix but I'm interested anyways. I've always wanted to play a double agent as well, especially if they're a courtier. What are your posting expectations and the writing level? Is this a historical roleplay or is it a completely fictional monarch with a fictional country?
  6. I'm definetely interested ^.^
  7. This reminds me a bit of a table top game I ran a year or so ago. Sounds awesome! Count me interested
  8. Vansalon: I'd be flexible on creating the world, I haven't planned much out yet. I was thinking low fantasy with a bit of magic, but that could change. Countries would be generally why you could find in the Middle Ages: monarchy, merchant republics, tribal. It's possible a different form of govt could arise later.

    Alexa: It'd be in a total fictional world. Mix in that your actions will influence the story greatly, but it isn't just a daily life type RP. I was thinking a handful of countries, maybe five at the most where the players are spread out but still are able to affect each other directly.

    Writing level would be intermediate at least, excuse this post though; I'm on my phone.
  9. Just a statement, but low fantasy is where the magic and stuff is set in the primary world. If you're creating a completely fictional world with five kingdoms at the most, that'd be high fantasy. So, besides wanting to do a secondary world, what are your posting expectations and writing level?
  10. Low fantasy can include a fictional world, as long as that world is "rational". So, for example A Song of Ice and Fire. As I said writing level would be intermediate up, posting level... I'd say a few times a week at least. 3-4 sound fair?

    Also, since we'd obviously know the identities of the other spies, the competitiveness would be finding in-game evidence that a player is a spy. Ex: if they got sloppy assassinating someone and left a witness.
  11. I didn't see it at the time. Well, if you're hoping for three to four times a week, for me personally, I'm afraid I can't give that much out of a week considering I have school. I'll have to drop out because of that, but I do hope you can find people who fit your preferred posting expectations. (:
  12. I also have school, I understand time restrictions. Nothing is set in stone yet.
  13. Interested, but I'm afraid that 3-4 times a week may be a bit difficult for me seeing how finals are coming up.
  14. That was a rough guess. It can be shortened. Maybe 1-3, and I could post an signup Thursday?
  15. Sounds interesting; if it's still accepting I'll be glad to join, though my CS will probably be up tomorrow.
  16. Wanted to wait before I added background - how extensive do you want it?
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