The Collision Mirror (IC)

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    This is the Collision.
    Day 1.
    The Guardian of Heaven and the Guardian of Hell stood in front of the
    small group of Half-walkers.
    "You know why you are gathered here?"
    They asked in union.
    Areiz glanced around at the group of assembled Half-Walkers. She sighed, crossing her arms. She knew why they where there, she was told by the mirror when she became the first. She glanced at her brother before looking back up at the Guardians, who looked grim.
    Vincent watched the Guardians, his focus unwavering. He knew what need to be done. The shards of the mirror would not find themselves, now would they? He had a job, and it was to help Areiz lead these half-walkers in their journey to save the world.
  2. Lilian stood there, shifting uneasily. She wondered what she had done to deserve this. She had become a half-walker, all because of human curiosity. Though most people would embrace this gift, she had trouble accepting that she would no longer be human. She had wings and power, but she couldn't be completely happy with it.

    Either way, she has become a half-walker, whether she accepted it or not. And the responsibility that came with it is now her burden. She was saddled, along with a few other half-walkers, with the responsibility of "saving the world". She looked around her and the other half-walker were an assortment of angels and demons, their obviously dominant half showing.
  3. Leaned up against something, sitting on the floor Makiro head hung down as he adjusted his eye patch so that it would stop bothering him. He let a long sigh go before he stood up from the floor looking over the so called guardians and smirking. He didn't even know why he was here in the first place, the damn pond maybe. Something about shards he wasn't really listening.

    He relaxed a bit as he adjusted the long blade that was on his back so that it fit better, Stretching a bit as he stepped into the crowd again.
  4. Raven, Life, and Death.

    Raven was looking at everything around her. she didnt have time for this. no now not ever. she need to get back to her life. but no she was stuck here. at some stupid meeting. which is her first time ever going to. "this is bull shit" she said to herself knowing everyone could hear that she didnt give a shit. "can we start already this is so stupid im geting bored looking at everyone. if its nothing Im leaving" with that she got up to leave just to be pulled down by her sisters.

    Life, and Death. they didnt have time for there sister to be pissed off not today. they both sighed when they pulled her down. "come on sis" said Death. Life finished "its not going to take long" they both looked at everyone and smiled. "we are sorre sister" they bopth said at the same time. It was funny how they are twins but there hair coler is not the same and they dont look alike
  5. The Guardian of Heaven was next.
    "You know your roles in this mission."
    The the Guardian of Hell.
    "You know you will be going against all powers of Demons and Angels."
    Then, the last words of union between Heaven and Hell.
    "Half-Walkers, follow your leaders unto victory."
    With that, the Guardians disappeared.
    Areiz sighed and stepped forwards, taking the Guardian of Hell's place. "I am Areiz, first half-walker, Dominant demon." She spread her black feathered wings, looking over the group. "Make one wrong move and I'll T-"
    Vincent interrupted. "I am the Second Half-Walker, Vincent. I am dominant Angel, and you better just watch your step." He glanced at Areiz to let her finish as he stepped into the Guardian of Heaven's place.
    "Okay. First, tell your names and your dominant side. No complaints, no nothing but name and angel or demon. Start with you." She pointed at Lilian.
  6. Lilian looked at the two guardians as they said their orders and dissipated. He then turned to the two Half-walkers. They obviously seemed to be in charge, giving them orders. She was surprised when they called upon her first.

    She flapped her wings nervously, mainly to test them out. "My name is Lily, um Lilian actually. Lilian Maran." She looked back at her wings; a dingy grey, as compared to the classic pure white. "I'm dominant angel I think." She felt less confident as the responsibility put on her was more and more apparent.
  7. He moved past her stumbling and stood infront of them and said " Makiro Haruno " His demonic like wings spread out as if they were angel wings but tucked back in to his body and he shuffled his shoulder " Dominant demon "

    He looked at Ariez and for some reason his heart jumped, his eye twitch and he turned away walking back towards the back of the crowd to sit down agaisnt the wall and the floor.
  8. IT 2 looked around at all the other that were there. She knew why she was there and she was happy that she could be useful again. She stood up and moved her sword a bit. She smiled at the guardians as they were talking. "I am It 2." She said as she sat down. "Angel." She said as she was listening to the others.
  9. Raven" she said with a hiss. "demon" she didnt want to say anymore she just crossed her arms and looked at everyone.

    Life," said the girl with blue hair she giggled and hugged her sister. "and Death." the other one said with a smirk and let her sister hug her from behind. she did make sure that her sister wouldnt hurt her wings. "Angel" they both said at the same time with dark smiles.
  10. So I do have a purpose... Ember thought.
    She had stayed silent and mostly indifferent through the lecture, but simply to get her introduction out of the way, she stood and mumbled, "I'm Ember. Dominant Demon."
    The others seemed interesting and she was hoping to know more about what she had turned into.
  11. Shadow couldn't remember why she was here or why she had even come at all. Saving the world sounded hard and meaninglessly complex, she didn't want to fight Angels or Demons. Why did she have to care about this fight? What were they even fighting for? Hardly anyone here looked strong enough to win anything. She reflected back on the Guardians with a type of eager admiration. They were definitely strong. So why didn't they fight?
  12. Areiz nodded silently at all of them.

    Vincent clapped quietly. "Thank, We must sort you in two different groups, scouts, and main. Areiz is the head of the scout group..." he looked around. "Makiro, Shadow, you are with her. Along with you, Lily. The rest of you are with me, got it?"
  13. Makiro stood up " Me? A scout...huh...rediculous " he said ruffling his shoulders. Adjusting the strap to his long blade, he ran a hand through his hair looking at the rest of the people who i guess seemed much more fit for battle.
  14. Areiz looked at Makiro. "You do not want to be a scout?" She asked, smiling a little, but her eyes where daggers. "I believe scouting is great. Not only are you the first to fight, but it's more dangerous, as you will be the first to create paths through dangerous terrain.." she sighed. "But alas, if you do not wish to be on the scouting team, then I suppose we could switch you with..Life and Death." She said, glancing at Vincent.

    Vincent shrugged. "I suppose that is Makiro's choice." He said, turning his attention to the young man Areiz was mentally messing with.
  15. He mumbled under his breath and then spoke up " much different idea of scout, then then what ive learned. But if that is what a scout is then why not put me there " he said shaking his head " ...i apologize "
  16. Areiz rolled her eyes, stretching her wings a little and nodding at his decision. She loved scouting. That's how she was such a great marksman. She smiled, her pointed teeth showing.

    Vincent nodded. "Areiz, you see, he is fine.." He turned to face her. "Stop that."

    Areiz stopped. "Whatever."

    Vincent turned back around and sighed. He was clearly the mature one of the two. "Now, is there any questions or anything?" He asked, his voice clear and calm, yet inviting, angelic.

    Areiz looked around the group again, curious on their strengths and weaknesses.
  17. "Can I go home now?" Shadow volunteered in a quiet voice. Her red eyes looked void of emotion as she gazed at the two 'firsts'. She decided she didn't care about the mission. Why exactly did this mission exist, again? She couldn't remember. It must have been unimportant. It wasn't that she was arrogant, or even against group projects, she just couldn't find a reason to stay here.
  18. Vincent sighed, his eyes downcast as Shadow spoke. "Shadow.." He started, looking up. "There is no home." He flicked his wrist and a window opened in the middle of the air, showing the wreckage of Earth at the moment. The wreckage of the Holy Warzone. Demons where invisible, only puffs of black smoke, Angels flashes of light. He closed his fist and the window disappeared. "This is why we must find the shards. Replace the mirror, and you can return to your human can all go home then. Now..well.."

    Areiz stepped forwards. "Oh come on. Don't be so arrogant people! You where brought here to save the universe from collapsing in on itself and you have nothing to go to as of yet. Why now help? Or are you going to go out there and fi-"

    "Areiz I said stop." Vincent said cooly, grabbing her wrist and forcing her to sit.

    Areiz crossed her arms. Clearly, she was the one who would be the violent type.
  19. " What a load to take on my shoulders...take care of the world that denies me....or leave the ones who don't care " He brought his hands up as if to balance them between the weight. " They are very lucky that i do not hold grudges " He pulled his sword out of the sheath and slammed it into the ground " Then what are we waiting for?! im ready to be praised as a savior! " He said shouting.
  20. "What's in it for us?" Shadow muttered, "If the world really is a wreck, why should we be bother to fix it? I think it looks better this way, anyway. Now I don't have to go to school any more." Truthfully, she did believe it was, at least, a little more interesting this way. Constant war between the forces of light and dark until the day the universe could no longer sustain sounded much more exciting than watching the world slowly rot in it's own human filth.