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The Coliseum is a roleplay that takes place within a vast, self-contained artificial environment constructed by mysterious, enigmatic beings called 'the Overseers'. Having been abducted from modern-day earth, characters awaken inside the Coliseum to discover that they have been injected with the Special Enhancement Serum, which promotes the development of seemingly superhuman abilities. Left only with the knowledge that they are expected to compete against others for precious resources and the favor of their unseen controllers, characters must struggle with both the environment and the unstable powers granted to them by the Overseers.

Relevant Links:

The Rules.
Setting Information.
The Character Sheet

Personal Commentary:

The Coliseum is a roleplaying forum that I've had in the planning stage for a few months. With all the basic details now in place, I'm ready to begin inducting members. As a veteran of D&D games hosted on roll20 as well as other roleplaying projects, I have fairly high writing standards. New players ought to be able to write a fairly detailed and realistic character biography before being approved, and I strongly encourage cooperation between writers.

Any interested parties can contact me either on the forums or over Skype (forever.sunrise01). In the latter case, please include 'The Coliseum' somewhere in your contact request. Any and all constructive critique is welcome!
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