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  1. T H E C I R C L E
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    "We build lives of magic because our real life is so tragic."

    P L O T

    People fear what they do not understand. If it is beyond their grasp, they lock it up, they push it away until it is not their problem. We avoid the unknown like the plague. That's why children fear the dark, that is why we fear outside of our comfort zone, that is why the entire existence of the human race feared after death. If it is unknown, it is fear. Often, understanding can lead to courage. But it is hard to obtain that understanding - that courage - when you are afraid to cross that line. To mortals, the pureblood, magic is one of those secrets that they are scared to discover. The line that they do not want to cross out of the fear they've built up on their own. Misunderstandings. Magic is both beauty and destruction, it can heal the sick and wounded with a wave of a hand, or it can burn down entire villages with the flick of a finger. Although magic is meant to serve man, not control them, it proves to be a difficult task to control. For magic is more power then most humans, most kings, will feel in their life time. That is why it is feared by purebloods, the great power, the strength, the unknown. Those who dare cross that line do not cross without a cost. The few mortals who sell their souls to wield this power, they must endure great inner battles to control it. Not only must they sell their souls, the newly granted power can tear them apart from the inside. Unless you carry the strongest mental capabilities, it will piece away at your sanity. Demons will slowly corrupt your mind until you are nothing but a shell, a puppet to those damned in The Fade.

    This is why it s feared as it is. Purebloods know of the danger, but they assume the worst in every case. Long ago, purebloods, mortals, they decided to make a militia, a force of strong men and women willing to fight these damned souls - whether they be actually damned or not. These men and women are called the Templars, and they hunt down mages, witches, all of those who dare use magic, who are no longer 'pure'. The mages of course, in turn, fight back, they do not want to be sent away for the rest of their lives. It's a game of cat and mouse, and unless you're hiding, someone is bound to meet their end. Not all magic users are abusers of their powers, but the purebloods do not care. They want nothing more than their society to be rid of these 'disgraces.'
    Will you succumb to the promise of power and risk your freedom, or will you be fighting to keep generations pure?

    P U R E B L O O D S
    Those who have sworn their lives away from magic and it's curses, and live mortal lives. Being pure blood means that you and your ancestors have not dared to mess with the unknown, you have stayed to your realm and your realm only. Purebloods are at the top of the social chain.

    T E M P L A R S

    Templars are the men and woman who have sworn to fight for all things pure. They do away with the cursed foresworn, locking them away. If things are too rough, if it is beyond their control, they will send them to The Fade. The Fade is the equivilant of hell, where the damned souls go once they cannot live in the mortal world anymore. It is an awful place, not that the templars would know. They are basically the holy knights of the mortals, and must be merciless, strong, and cunning. They are highly respected by everyone, and honored for their duties. They, and their ancestors, must all be of pure blood. They go through many years of training and hard work just to own their title.

    F O R E S W O R N
    This is the nickname given by the purebloods. Although at first 'foresworn' was given to those who had finally gone corrupt, it was eventually tagged onto every magic user as the fear grew on. This includes everything from mages to witches, to spirit healers to familiars. Any human entity tied with magic is a 'foresworn'. These beings have either sold their souls for their powers, or have genetically inherited their gifts, and curses, from ancestors before them who had made the risk of selling their souls. Being given powers at birth without the cost of your soul is exteremly rare, and their powers are often harder to control and are at higher risk of being corrupt.


    {"Classes" are often used to describe what type of magic is being dealt with. The term class is more of a term used by Templars, however it is thrown around by the Foresworn on occasion.}

    The most common class, novices often are only beginners in the field of magic. Their magic only reigns from small spurts of fire to being able to heal the smallest of wounds. Novices often still have most of their souls intact, and are able to pull back on the deal before their skill level gets any higher.

    Mages are fierce and bold, both in beauty and in strength. Their magic is mostly all around, and are able to heal, and destroy. Although most mages seek power from destruction magic (ex: fire), mages have also been known to help fight disease and sickness with their spirit healing. Mages are the purest of the foresworn that have no soul left.

    Witches often dabble in the darker magic. Witches are the ones that have perhaps, given magic such a dark name. They are closely tied with The Fade, and will have demons do their bidding if need be. They are daresay the most dangerous of the classes, since their spells are from the shadows. Witches can conjure familiars, demons in the form of animals, and place curses on people, whether it be a bad string of luck or a gruesome painful death. However, they have the greater chances of loosing grip on sanity.

    Perhaps the less harmful of the classes, tricksters are players of the mind. Their magic itself comes from their own wits and capabilities, and Templars are often wary of their tricks. They can make a man go insane from 'voices' inside their head, or make you see things that are often not there. They can make children laugh from behind a parent's back, because it all just mind games. Although their threat level is not too high, it all depends on the user.

    These are the magic users who have genetically been passed the powers through their family. They are often stuck in the practice they've been given, whether it be a witch or a mage, or even a novice. They can always try to ignore their powers, but it will drive them mad.

    S E T T I N G

    This roleplay takes place in 'The Circle', a place where foresworn are thrown to keep from 'harming' the rest of humanity. Similar to a college almost, The Circle seems to be nothing more than a luxurious jail. Foresworn are crammed into bunks, divided by gender and threat level. (Ex: one floor for mages, one floor for witches, etc). It is heavily guarded by templars, and almost impossible to escape. Any use of unallowed magic can equal death, or even worse, being thrown into The Fade.

    R U L E S

    1. Please be active.
    2. Posting expecetation is atleast 3-5 sentences.
    3. Try and keep the balance of Templars/Purebloods and Foresworn equal. If there are too many foresworn/vise versa, a limit will be placed.
    5. No Mary Sues/Gary Sues.
    6. Follow the site rules. ^^
    7. You can have as many as three characters.
    8. Ask about any exceptions. (Ex: extra powers, different blood line, etc.) Seriously, feel free to ask. cx
    9. Again if you have any questions regarding the RP, ask!
    10. Have fun!

    C H A R A C T E R S H E E T S


    (Picture + Description. Both anime/real pictures accepted.)
    Feel free to add anything extra!


    (Corrupt? Sane?)
    (Picture + Description. Both anime/real pictures accepted.)
    Feel free to add anything extra!

  2. Looks interesting enough. Give me some time to A: finish reading it and B: decide on a character, and I'm up for it. Lovin that sig gif too.
  3. Thank you. ^^ And okay, take all the time you need. cx
  4. ((Should prolly post mine. .-. ))

    "Ugh, I hate my name."
    Ellison Ender.

    "Too young to be locked away, eh?"

    "Hoping that was obvious.. "

    "My sexuality is like a swing set. Goes both ways."

    "This doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I haven't done wrong.. "
    Bornblood Witch.

    "I think I'm pretty on my rocker. Did that even make sense?"
    Sane as of now.

    "Try not to stare."
    Ellison has pale skin and a thin build. He stands at 5 ft. 6, and is nothing short of below average. He has bright red hair that falls into his eyes, with light green eyes and light, faint freckles that dot his cheeks. He usually wears a black button up shirt and matching pants. Most times, he wears a light grey sweater.

    "I'm a charmer."
    Ellison is everything you think of when you think of the word 'sarcasm'. He has a quick wit, a short temper, and a knack for speaking out of line. Usually he responds in annoyed eye rolls and dramatic sighs, and always fights to get the last word in. Not much of a charmer is he, he'd rather call you out than build you back up. But he has the best intentions, he hides behind a shell of doubt and sarcasm to cover the fact that deep down, he's sensitive. Almost a protective shell.

    "Probably the same as any other witch in this place."
    Ellison was taken to The Circle at a young age, dragged with his mother, who had been the one to make him bloodborn. The Templars had captured him and his mother, he doesn't remember much, other than gripping tight to her arm as they were dragged through dark hallways and in and out of places in the darkest of night. He didn't understand what was happening, but all he understood was that his mother seemed scared, and therefor, so was he. When they arrived at The Circle, the Templars had thrown his mother into the fade. They had given him a chance, if he would show any signs of loosing sanity, he would be thrown in after her. He lives in fear, not wanting to meet the same fate as his mother, or all the other witches, for that matter.

  5. Name: Nathan Michaels
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Class: Born-Blood Trickster
    Status: Sane

    Nathan is a lithe young man standing at a solid 5'11", his build is similar to that of a swimmers though not as toned. He has pale skin that is practically littered with moles and beauty marks, especially on his face, neck, shoulders and back. He usually wears loosely fit clothes and darker colours.

    Personality: Nathan is a hyper active young man, constantly in a state of movement. He is often fidgeting or simply moving around. Nathan is also very intelligent and observant, noticing the little details that others might have missed or simply ignored as a figment of imagination. As a natural trickter whom accepted his abilities early on, Nathan has a bit of a cruel streak at times and is willing to use what ever means necessary to get what he wants even if it meant killing someone. He is manipulative and cunning when he wants to be and down right malicious if angered. He is also a firm believer in that the use of the Foresworns' abilities is something that will never be truly limited and as such no government has the power to do so.

    History: Nathan's Mother had sold her soul to become a trickster after his father had been accused of a the crime of being a murderer. She used her abilities to lead the authorities to the actual killer, a crooked and corrupted mage by the name of Altair. She had then abandoned the use of her abilities which slowly drew her into the madness. It was only a year later, after she had given birth to Nathan that the madness finally consumed her, resulting in her death. His father then moved them as far away from their old home as possible in order to create a new life, one free of the corruption of magic, or so he thought.
    It was at the tender age of six, the youngest anyone had heard of as of yet, that he had awakened to his powers. He started off small, just a little illusion here a voice or two there, before he realized what he was and what he was doing. He practiced privately after that, keeping away from one of his strongest abilities the projection of voices, to practice a much more difficult art; Shadow Manipulation. It was when his father accidentally caught him creating an illusion of the sea that he was sent to the circle for his "betrayal" toward his father for "selling his soul".
    Abilities: Illusions (Visual and Auditory), Fear inducement, Doubt inducement, and Shadow manipulation.
    Theme Song: Disturbed ~ "Down with the Sickness"
    Other: Nathan has a really bad Oral fixation, causing him to do random things with his mouth and play with things, especially straws at times.

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  6. Great! Accepted. cx
  7. I think I'ma make an insane character to liven things up, perhaps schizophrenic or MPD. not sure yet. I'll do it tomorrow since it's almost midnight and I ought to sleep soon.
  8. Hmm how about this: Would it be possible to have my character have 2 personalities - one that seems to be a pureblood and one that has novice magic powers, but both work as templars and switch over whenever they're checked for being a magic user? The pureblood will have no idea that the mage exists inside her, but the mage will be aware of the pureblood and will return control to the pureblood if another templar gets near. Since MPD in magical universes usually indicates multiple souls living in one body (explanation will come in bio), I think it'd work IE only the mage soul was sold to the demons.

    Also, do I detect a hint of Dragon Age in there? I'm pretty sure when I started Origins I was inside a big magician school ruled by anti-magic people called Templars and I had to walk through the Fade and kill a demon to get my magic license.. There were even bunk beds.
  9. That's a pretty good idea, go on ahead. c: Just keep in mind that the stronger the class, like if the novice soul was to turn witch, it'd probably be a lot harder for the pureblood soul to actually stay pure and not corrupt.

    And yep. Just started playing it yesterday. xD It's pretty based off Dragon Age. I haven't played the majority of the game yet though.
  10. Name: Pandora Chance
    Age: 17 years old
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Class: Witch
    Status: Sane
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Pandora stands at 5"6 with long straight black hair that ends an inch or two above her waist and extremely pale blue eyes. Pandora usually has on dark make up and clothes that give her a dangerous beauty. With smooth pale skin, Pandora has a petite yet curvy body that she's never been embarrassed of.
    Personality: Pandora is a mysterious girl who tends to be extremely sarcastic and carefree, she's never cared what people thought of her and usually goes out at night to have fun. Whether it be making trouble for others or drinking/smoking late at night at parties. She doesn't listen to anyone's rules and while she's extremely rebellious, Pandora is hard to understand with the way she handles things. While Pandora has plenty of friends, she needs no one and is proud to say it out loud. Keeping herself sane is hard as she constantly keeps her mental state in check whenever she feels as if she might be slipping. With a hard and slightly cold personality, Pandora hides her feelings and refuses to allow anyone to see them. Pandora has a large fear of going insane and ending up like her mother and father which is quite possibly the only reason why she's still sane, her fear has kept her in a state of a strong mentality.
    History: Born and raised in a family that was known for being witches who were extremely deep in dark magic, Pandora was named after Greek Goddess Pandora because she was to be raised like a witch as well. The only difference is that Pandora had a mind of her own while the rest of her family were drunk off of power. They enjoyed having demons come to them whenever they needed them to but demons were beings that Pandora knew better then to trust at all... well, besides her familiar who is also a big help of keeping Pandora sane. When she was 10 years old Pandora watched as her cold mother slowly began to go insane, about 5 months later her mother snuck into Pandora's room and tried to choke her in her sleep so the two could "escape" together. It was when she first summoned her demon familiar (Crow) who saved Pandora's life. It seemed as if her world was slowly falling apart as her family members began to go insane so Pandora kept her distance from them and instead worked with Crow on getting her mental strength stronger with the fear of becoming insane silently waiting in the background. She joined The Circle when she was 14 years old, guided there by Crow.
    [​IMG]Crow, her familiar
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  11. Accepted!
  12. Is this in a modern day setting or a medieval setting?

    Also, I am definitely interested in this but I would want to play the role of a familiar, if that is possible. :)
  13. This is a medieval setting. And sure you can. ^-^ If you want to wait for more witches go ahead, or you can be my familiar, I don't mind.
  14. Yeah tbh I never actually played past the starting tower. I was only playing it because it was distributed for free and i was waiting for a better game to finish installing.

    The Pureblood Soul:

    Name: (still thinking. Names are always the hardest part.)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: straight
    Rank: Templar (midrank. Not high ranking but not a footsoldier either.)

    X has a tall, slender figure, and a mature face. Her hair is smooth and silky. Unfortunately, she keeps this clad in her almost signature black armour.

    X is quiet and defensive a lot of the time. She is suspicious of everyone and tends to get along better with the magicians that the members of her own group. Her only friends among the templars are those under her command. On the other hand, X is a very good leader and often plays quite a key role in smaller battles. Because of the presence of the mage soul, she boasts a ridiculously high resistance to magic which has earned her the nickname Stalwart. She has been seen quite literally catching and dispelling fireballs, for which she has gained quite a reputation among the lower ranks and higher ranks alike. She has begun to act as a kind of Templar mascot, and the optimistic outlook she causes her squadmates to have is envied throughout the army.

    She hates being questioned about personal matters, and will blush and attempt to avoid those questions in an incredibly obvious manner, which people say they find cute. Which only makes her do it more. There's no chance she'd have signed up by her own will, though few people beyond her squadmates know why she actually joined.


    X's childhood was rather meaningless and mundane. She grew up to a poor family of ex-retainers of the emperor, who were removed from their seat after one of the aunts of the retainer lord was discovered to be a forsworn. At the age of 16, her family home was burned to the ground, though fortunately, no one was harmed. To earn the money to rebuild the home, every member of the household able to work was set to do so. X's older brother had died when she was 2, so her family pretty much forced her into the role of that older brother, teaching her combat skills and how to generally be a knight. She took the family's armour, singed black in the fire, and became a mercenary.

    2 years into her escapades as a freelance Bandit Butcherer, she took a job with a Mysterious Merchant Man who had a fondness for Accidental Alliteration. Her job was simple. She was to venture into a cave in the mountains they used as their trade route and slay whatever foul beasties had been attacking their caravans. However, when she got there, she found that these foul beasties already dead. What was in their place instead was a flickering green light. She had heard tales of these, but had never thought them to be real. A Fade Rift. A doorway to the fade. She knew she had no power to destroy it, so contacted the Templars. Little did she know, that as she was leaving, a demon had hijacked her body and was trying to occupy it.

    After this event, the Templars eventually arrived. When they appeared, the fade rift went berserk. It began to fire out bolts of a green acid-like substance that instantly began eating away at anything it touched. X was struck by one of these bolts, a glancing blow but solid none the less, however, it never began the melting process. The Templar captain, upon everyone escaping from the cave, used explosive charges to block the cave entrance, before speaking to X. He gave her an option. Join the Templars, or have her license to sell her sword revoked.

    It has been said by the higher ups many times that X would be promoted to a very high rank if she wasn't related to a Forsworn, and other than the old fashioned and incredibly prejudiced members, who usually tend to be unskilled and thus never promoted, most Templars respect her as such.

    The Forsworn Soul:

    Name: Again, still thinking.
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Unknown (assumes female because of host)
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Class: Novice (previously trickster, so magic focuses around that)
    Kind of in the middle, originally quite corrupt but being surrounded by Templars means she has to keep her wits about her and can't run out of control.
    See above. There is no visible change in aesthetics when the mage soul is in control.

    Y is very clever and moderately evil. On the other hand, she's also highly perceptive. She knows she can't just do as she wants, and is also very appreciative of her host for allowing her to reside there. She can remember little of her past life, and most of her memories begin with occupying her current host. She has an agenda, which is to use the cover of the Templar host to convince the Templars to release the mages, though she can't remember why she wanted to do that.

    Y was a high powered Trickster in her time, almost 200 years ago, and she very nearly succeeded in destroying the Templar organisation. Unfortunately, she was caught and executed before she could finish the job. Despite being a trickster, she had a great talent for typical defensive magics, which she now uses passively to boost her host's resistance both to physical and magical harm. These spells meant that on the chopping block, the execution could not be carried out, so she was banished to the fade instead. She thinks this might be why the Templars now default to using the fade instead of the normal means of execution.

    Y lived in the fade for a very long time, using her spells in the high-magic zone to disguise herself as one of the demons. It was at this time that she encountered another trickster who had disguised themselves as a mouse and who was playing the role of food-catcher for a demon lord in the area so that they didn't end up as food themselves. She decided to do something similar, however in her travels finding an appropriately sympathetic and lazy demon, she encountered a strange green glowing thing, something she had only seen once before at the time of her banishment. She hesitantly stepped through it, and found herself wrestling with a second soul for the possession of a body. After defending the body from the rift bolt, the second soul seemed to calm down and allowed Y to reside in there too.
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  15. I'm okay either way, if other witches don't sign up I can totally be your character's familiar. :D

    If anyone is interested in having me as their familiar feel free to PM me :)
  16. Accepted!
  17. Neat. Still haven't thought of a name though and I've been trying on and off all day :D

    There's a site I go to get names if I can't think of any. But they're real names, not really fantasy-ish.