The Circle City Chronicles-THe banishing League O.A.T.

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  1. The morning dew was fresh and crisp in the late summer air. The fields fo waving grass all around Circle city blew in mile long arcs under the pristine sapphire sky of early morning. The sun had barely skimmed across the top of the watery ocean.
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    It had been a simple matter really. This outpost only five miles from the border of <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Circle</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">City</st1:PlaceType></st1:place> was owned and operated By the energy hunters of the Amaranth corporation. Amaranth had sought, in a new era of strange supernatural occurrences, to stem energy from the unyielding power of spirits. Ghosts formed by nature itself out of nothing more than a whim. These whims were becoming more constant by the day, And the hunters and witches of the Amaranth corporation had a lot of orders to fill.
    Today was such a day as members from three separate divisions of the corporations energy hunters were to meet here at station six.
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    From the revered subterranean unit, to the novice, but equally important amphibious unit, the team members present were picked and choosed for their individual talents. Three hunters, and one Witch, that was how the group would start. A choice unit of amaranths finest…
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    Overseeign the project was a startlingly venomous looking ma. A hunter who had been with amaranth for thirty years now. Senior officer Zorin Bliith was a fearsome man with half his face a metal plate with a demonic eye, and the other half so pristine and perfect.. most people swore he was an angel of hell brought to earth to fight his fellow demons.
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    Today as the dawn came, A mechanical horse burst across the waves of grass towards The outpost. He arrived there a day after the rest of the team, who had already had time to greet each other. Their Witch, A young girl who kept to herself most of the time, was a novice on the field, fresh out of the academy, but with an enormous amount of talent in spiritcraft.
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    Zorin entered the main foyer, and cracked his neck, his face unchanging as he knocked on every door, yelling loudly to anyone who wasn’t awake.
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    “Herald the morning, and wake your arses up!” he yelled trompling down the hallway.
    “Ye have fifteen minutes to make yourselves presentable to me in the meeting room. MOVE!” he yelled louder this time… every soul in the outpost was awakened, whether they liked it or not.
  2. Sato sat in full lotus with Blood Fang resting on his knees in the sparring room of the outpost, when the booming voice of the commanding officer rang about the halls like the evil screech of a banshee but with a drasticlly lower tone. He stood up, sheathed his trusty sword,took the towl that was hanging on a rack and wipped the sweat from his body.

    I still had another thirty minutes of meditation. Oh well, Command calls better go I shall make up the time some how. Sato thought to himself.

    He grab his shirt and coat from the same rack as the towel. He fit his arms through the sleeves of the button down white shirt without buttoning it up and threw his coat over his left shoulder. The low-level hunter finally opened the door, walk through, closed it, and walked down the hall to the meeting room.

    When Sato walked into the meeting room he looked at the commander. Wonder what he hides under the mask. He stood erect and saluted to the ranking officer in the room and in a normal volume but with a firm voice said "Good morning, sir. I am hoping your ride was pleasent and without incident."
  3. "the Barrens never change.." he said, not turning around. he saw the guys outfit, physique and sword on his hip and cocked an eyebrow

    "You must be Sato... the novice who channels his weapon through a physical sword... how quaint..." he said simply, it didn't sound like an insult, which was strange because the words were full of enough poison.. maybe that was just how he talked though...
  4. "Sato of Team One- Island Unit reporting for duty. The idea of the weapon is based upon the definition it is placed with for my sword is not my only weapon of merit or of name. I am able to describe my other qualifications of battle, if you request, Sir." Sato replied to his commanding officer. " And on further note, if I may or rather if it need be noted, novice is another general term. Novice as in I am new to the procedure and norms of the Amaranth corporation is true, on the other hand novice in the sense that i am little acquainted with battle and strategy has no basis, Sir."

    Sato still stood erect waiting for permission to stand at ease from his commander. He was rather willing to rattle off his qualifications and other weapon of merit and of name, if so ask. He was willing to wait as long as needed even if that meant never, for he had nothing to prove to anyone but himself. His motto was "the only thing that mattered in life is to prove your own worth to your own self" and he would live by that motto until his dieing day which may come at any time.
  5. "How nice... no need for trivialities. sit down and shut up untilt he others arrive." he said simply, turning around to the window and looking out at the waves fo grass beyond. The sunlight began to penetrate the landscape in hues of gold.
  6. Sato saluted, and walk away from the entrance to the meeting room. He threw his coat over the back of the nearest seat and sat down slowly.

    I guess all there is to do now is just sit and wait and think. Sato thought. I have this sinking feeling this is going to be a instresting and odd mission. There is definantly a heavy, unreadable aura hanging in the air about this whole situation. And what is with the commander, something tells me he is not what he seems to be at face value there is definatly something deeper. Meh, whatever, not my concern at the moment; i have no right to judge and who knows he is probably the best guy for this job otherwise why would they send him.
  7. Nero woke with a start, someone had yelled.
    Not wanting to be caught off guard by a higher up he quickly dressed, putting on his light sweatshirt without sleeves last he exited his room within 3 minutes of waking up. Finely honed reflexes from years of hunting spirits will do that to anyone

    Opening his door silently, Nero peered around the hall and spotted the new guy walking towards the meeting room. Stomach rumbling a bit, Nero snuck towards the small kitchen area at the opposite end of the hall. Quiet as a spirit powering a cellphone, he snuck in and ate half a loaf of bread in another 3 minutes. Considering it only a light snack Nero finally left the small kitchen and walked leisurely down towards the meeting room as if he had just left his room. This walk took another 2 minutes.

    Walking into the meeting room he saw the new guy sitting on a chair not to far from him, with a newcomer who was obviously a higher up looking out a window.
    Nero said snapping to attention with a salute, red tattoos sticking out like a sore thumb on his arms.
    Nero stood there, still at salute waiting for the man to acknowledge his presence.
  8. "State yoru name and title." The man said, not turnign around yet. His figure exuded a sense of wrath and malice.. like walkign into a room with a chained demon, but the resonance from his soul was that of a mortal.

    Meanwhile, In the Kitchen.... A sneaky woman crept around the corner right as Nero left and took the other half a loaf of bread, putting soem cheese from a small paper sack on it, and made a quick cheese sandwich to enjoy. once she was finished, she made her way to her room to change out of her pajamas. Persepphone was a mid-heght girl with scraggly red hair, a voluptuous build, and a girlish charm. she wore A black hoodie when she exited her room that had two red stripes ont eh left shoulder. Amaranth coorporation logo clothing was all seh really had save a few pairs of ratty jeans. But after workgin for amaranth for a year and a half, she was beginning to be able to save money up for soem new clothes here and there.

    Persephone walked slowly down the hall, fiddlign with spells in her head. the only witch there at teh moment, she was a novice fresh tot eh field, but had shown a drastically superior ability as a vessel witch rather than the mroe aggressive 'hunter witch', or 'battle vessel' as some hunters called them. However, t was rare to find someone with exceptional skill in dealgin with demons, AND dealgin with spirits at once. Persephoen was near useless in a fight, but when it came to spirits.. she was the expert handler.
  9. Sato observed the man who had just entered into the meeting. He had only seen him the day before and had not gotten around to introducing himself as of yet. I must admit I am a bit excited to be working with another hunter. The last year with the corporation i have been working with two young girls who could not be more than twenty years of age at most, and though I am young too, being around two young girls for that long is a bit taxing. It is a definite upgrade to work with another "warrior;" maybe we will have the chance to train with and learn from one another. That would be good. Sato closed his eyes yet again, trying to make up a little lost meditation time.
  10. "State your name and title." The man said, not turning around yet.

    Staying at attention, Nero said with a dash of caution and an unworthy hint of pride in his voice, "Nero Demyan, Leones Unit Sir!". True, the Leones unit could hold it's own, but was not noteworthy compared to some of the other units out there. However Nero was proud of it nonetheless, with an almost clean record being the almost notable achievement for the Leones in it's recent history. The caution however was put there by a sense of general mistrust of, not knowing what to expect, and with Nero being the one who liked to give surprises it was enough to put him on edge.
  11. "Leones eh.. not my first pick of the crop, but not the last by far." he said sceptically. "Where are the rest of my laz-abouts." he asked the room swiftly after he was doen addressing Nero.
    "I'd like to start this meeting as soon as possible. You weren't debriefed about the situation, and the urgency of the matter you will be attending becomes more important by the day."

    At that, a hiccup from the hallway heralded the entrance of their resident witch she entered, stretching her arms tot eh sky, her hood up over her red hair and her form seductively boyish.
  12. "Well for one i think that the girl that just entered is our which." Sato stated knowing that it was an obvious statement. "And I do not remember seeing anyone else enter the outpost besides us two hunters, but i may be wrong."
  13. "Well, im certainly not a brutish slayer, now am I?" She answered, starign with a littel maliciousness at Sato.

    "Thats enough Ms. Persephone. Stay in your place and we'll have no problems. Well, before it gets much later int eh day, I need to inform you boys whats goign on. You 2 will be joined later by at least one other slayer and witch. though I'm not sure WHEN... Your mission is to take on spirits that we have appearing n increasingly mroe frequently horrible places... like the powerplant east of town..." he sighed and stared at the witch with contempt. she retreated a few steps and hid behind Sato.

    "Grouch..." she retorted, he sneered at her and pulled out his bio-tool. a pure energy wave fo black crystals tainted with strange lights throughout. a demon infected blade.

    "Remember your increasingly dangerous position,criminal... your kind are not to be trusted!" he said, curseing at her. He began to leave, throwing a large stack of letters on the table.
    "Read them... study them, know well that the future of amaranth lies in your hands... or we will hire someone new before yoru corpses hit the ground.": he bellowed, leavign ina huff.

    Persephone laughed as he left and stretched her back as her luscious curves showed off for a moment. she spun around and then put her hands behind her back.
    "So i Ate a few souls At the academy...So what, peopel die everyday tryign to master their bio-weapon before their ready...Big deal..." she smiled.

    "So.. yeah, I'm persephone. If i had friends, they wodul have given me a nickname by now," she added, turnign around and leangin ove the table to get one of the papers Blith had left behind. she was wearign bright green underwear and didn't seem to much care it was showing off.

    (and so the methodical Torture begins. ^_^)
  14. Finishing off his salute Nero turned around crisply and moved to sit down in one of the chairs on the far side of the room.
    Staying silent he waited to see what the new witch would do and what the reaction from the man would be.
  15. Sato could not stop himself fast enough before saying, "Ill be your friend Ms. Persephone. Here are the nicknames I have come up with Brash, Judgmental, and Unrefined." He was a tad bit shocked to say the least, and he did not know what to do so he just continued speaking, "And along the lines of me being 'Brutish' I will have to say that statement is completely untrue. I treat every battle and conflict with finesse and poise."

    Finally Sato leaned over and took a letter. How unlike me to speak without thinking, he thought as he began to read, I wonder what others will be joining us.
  16. "mm how funny you think you need to retort."she said without looking at him. "still i guess its better than trying to get in my pants at first sight like half the idiots at teh academy..." she was genuinely unenthusiastic about this mission.

    "Man, how did i get stuck doign the cleanup job.. actually, how did ANY of us get stuck doing this..." she moaned.

    "Looks liek the papers say our first mission is at an abandoned oil refinery off the coast." she said, viewing the paper.
  17. "I must apologize to you Persephone, my retort was uncalled for and poisonious." Sato said sincerly, "I just thought that I got put on here because I was one of the newest, but I am really starting to doubt that. I think that our involvement was at request. Well I say let us get to the oil refinery."

    Sato immediatly stood ofter his statement and began to button up his shirt. He turned away from the other so as to unbelt his pants and tuck the recently buttoned shirt in.

    He grabbed his coat, threw it on, belted Blood Fang and began to walk out the dorr while he equipped his hands with his gloves.
  18. Nero simply sat there, listening to everything that was said.
    When the man had left the room he quietly stood up, and walked over to the stack of letters almost oblivious to the witch and hunter behind him...

    Hiaril fully alert and dressed in her armor had been walking to the meeting room when a young man who wasn't paying much attention to where he was going appeared in the doorway to the meeting room. Deciding to shuffle past him quickly instead of stopping and waiting for him to pass the threshold Hiaril bumped into his shoulders and muttered
    "Watch where your walking hunter." before moving on into the room...
  19. Persephone went through soem more data and took out a sketchpad, jottign down info, reported numbers of demons, of spirits, etc. she logged everythgin she could as quickly as possible.

    "Hey, sato,is it?... can you get teh transport truck ready for us? We can get to thsi place before dark if we leave int eh next twenty minutes." she yelled at him as Hiarii burst past.

    "Oh, thank god... less testosterone to deal with." she giggled.
  20. "Watch where you are going Bitch." Sato said not caring anymore. This is the reason he didn't like being around two witches; one is bad enough. "And like there has been much testosterone actions or talk around here. You all got twenty minutes; I'm leaving at exactly twenty minutes and whoever is on the truck is on and whoever is not is not." Sato turned back around and it seemed more like he glided than walked to the transport truck and started it up. He turned on the radio to the equivalent of NPR,and began listening to local and world news. He looked at the truck clock and started his timing of twenty minutes.