The Capture

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    Kain sat crouched down in his wolf form. He was a deep brown and black wolf with rich amber eyes. His ears were perked, waiting for a sound that would alert him to any one coming his way. The Alpha of his pack had informed him of the whereabouts of a small group of vampires that held some sort of gathering in the forest he was now in. The Alpha hadn't said what they were doing, but he knew not to disobey the Alpha's orders. So there he was, waiting for vampires who might not even come. He sighed in his wolf form, and laid down. Fairly certain no one was going to turn up. But after all, didn't vampires only come out at night? The sun had just set, so he was sure they may or may not come soon.

    Kain rested his eyes for a few minutes, and than he heard it. Soft, barely audible footsteps. They were fast approaching, and Kain had to stay quiet or they would surely know he was there.
    Soon they came by him, barely touching his nose, and they went on past. When Kain was sure they wouldn't notice him, he followed them. It was a medium sized group of about 6-7 vampires. They seem to have a female, and by the smell of it, a virgin. Kain could only guess where this was heading, and he quickly pawed after them. \

    They soon reached a clearing and dropped the intoxicated girl to the ground and began bickering back and forth. Kain just waited, listening to what they were saying. He couldn't make out much, but he knew they were going to do hqarm to the poor innocent girl. He had to step in. He inched forward until he was so close he could smell their rank scent. He then lunged forward, ripping through the Vampires and nosing the girl up onto his back, and he took off. He would have to wait to kill them.
  2. The wolf hadn't been the only one watching that group of vampires. Hiding in the shadows as he followed them, another vampire was on the hunt. He wasn't after the entire group, but listening to what they were planning to do with that human girl certainly made him want to kill them all. Before he could take any action, though, a wolf had sprung out and rescued the girl. Was that a werewolf? The vampire couldn't be sure. He'd never seen one before.

    He watched as the wolf ran off with the girl before he turned his attention to the other vampires. They were enraged, though some were too injured to pursue the wolf. That suited the watcher's needs just fine. He drew his scimitar and lunged from the shadows. The vampires had a moment of panic at the sight of him, considering their current state. It was a bad time to see a sword-wielding, olive-skinned vampire in black attire with a mask covering the lower half of his face. The whole packed screamed out one thing to them, and it wasn't good.

    "Assamite!" one of the vampires shouted, trying to flee. Not that the attacker let him. That scimitar found its mark with ease, cleaving the vampire's head clean off. The decapitated foe fell to the forest floor and started to slowly turn to ash. The others were trying to flee now, but the assassin was too fast. He sliced through another two of them before they decided it might be best to fight back. One sprouted long claws, attacking the black-clad vampire with them.

    The deadly claws raked the vampire across the chest, thankfully not too deed. The wounds still stung horribly, making him falter for a moment before going back on the attack. The clawed vampire wasn't letting up, and another scratch--this time to the vampire's arm--was delivered before he could cut the beastial vampire down.

    Another vampire had put on brass knuckles, and he nailed the injured assassin in the side of the head with them. It didn't knock the vampire out, but it staggered him for a few moments. He recovered quickly enough to dodge the next punch, and he brought his scimitar up to cut the vampire's arm off as he tried to punch the assassin again. From there it was easy to finish him off, leaving the assassin standing in the middle of several piles of ash. He was looking the worse for wear, though, and he sat down with a release of unnecessary breath. He didn't know if the wolf would be coming back, but he needed to get out of there before it did. He was in no state to fight a werewolf, and he'd been warned in the past that werewolves indescriminitely attack vampires. The opposite was usually true, as well. The races hated each other.
  3. Kain panted heavily as he laid the intoxicated girl on the forest floor. In the process of getting her out of the clutches of the vampires she had been knocked out. She had grown heavier as they traveled, and Kain knew, at least for now, that the vampires would be far enough for him to catch a quick breath. Kain's ears perked up and he was relieved to hear the familiar babbling of a brook not too far off. He once again nosed the girl onto his back and he managed to bring both himself and the girl to the water, and he lapped up the precious liquid until he was feeling his strength return. He needed to hunt soon, he had not eaten since two nights ago, and his body was wearing out. Kain panted softly and dipped his rather large paw into the cool water and forced it to splash in the girl's face.

    He did this a few more times, until the girl woke up, her eyes fluttering softly. Once she had opened them, she widened her azure orbs to see that a large wolf was sitting across from her. She screamed in terror and tried to hastily get up, but she clamped a hand to the side of her head and fell back to the forest floor. Kain padded forward and look into the girl's eyes with his rich amber hues.
    'Don't be afraid, Child. I will not harm you. Can you climb upon my back? I must return you home, safe.' Kain spoke to her from his mind, his thoughts intertwining with hers and she raised an inquisitive eyebrow. She did not speak, but she climbed upon his back and held on tightly as Kain lunged forward and off towards the town.
    'Is your home in this next town, child?' Kain asked as he slowed as they grew closer to the town of Warewitch. He could feel the girl nod and he bounded forward and soon came to the edge of the forest. The town was still alive and bustling even at this time of night. He let the girl climb off of his back and he nosed her forward. She wobbled slightly but managed to keep going into town. He grinned wolfishly and turned tail and began going back towards his home.

    'I didn't manage to kill those Vampires, but I did manage to safe a life. For that, I am proud.' Kain thought softly and he sniffed around as he trotted through the underbrush of the forest. He hoped he would find some sort of food. Whether it be a small vole or a buck. But he wasn't so sure he could take down a full grown buck with his strength. Kain sighed and put his nose to the ground.

    He was on the trail of a rabbit, when a peculiar scent crossed his nostrils. Vampire! Kain abandoned his search for food and started to follow the scent of the vampire. It was getting stronger and stronger, when he heard movement in the trees beyond. He let out a low guttural growl, and snarled as he stalked forward.
    'Come out Vampire!' He hissed in his thoughts, and waited for more movement.
  4. The vampire hadn't gotten far from the ash-filled site of the attack. His pace was slowed from his wounds, the pain of them posing a major distraction to him. He kept his scimitar unsheathed, though the tip was dragging along the ground occasionally as his arm refused to keep it lifted. It was quite the sorry state he was in, and he knew he wouldn't be healing too quickly from these wounds. Those claws were nasty weapons, and wounds made by them took days to heal completely.

    He froze when he heard a voice in his mind. Oddly enough, this wasn't the first time he'd been on the receiving end of a telepathic message. One of his elders had such a talent, and it was something the vampire himself was trying to work toward. But the voice in his mind was feral, and he realized immediately that it was the werewolf that had attacked the other vampires. Not good...

    The vampire didn't come out. He just stayed right where he was, lifting his scimitar to a ready position. The fight would be short and would undoubtedly lead to his demise, but he couldn't just do nothing. He needed to at least try to defend himself, but it was such a waste of his life to meet his Final Death like this.
  5. Kain stopped growling. He took a deep whiff of the air, and smelled blood. Why blood? Kain sat where he was and spoke in his thoughts again.
    'Why do I smell blood, Vampire? What happened?' Kain's over all compassion towards any creature, overwhelmed him. Why would this vampire be hurt. He didn't have the same scent as the ones that he had attacked. So the blood wasn't from wounds caused by Kain himself. Kain padded forward, more into the stream of moonlight so the vampire could see him.
    'I shall not do you any harm Vampire. You are hurt. It is against my morals and beliefs to harm any creature that is wounded.'

    Kain wasn't sure what else to say to the vampire that was hiding, so he waited for the vampire to speak aloud or in his thoughts. Kain sighed and laid down on the floor, making sure the vampire knew that he meant no harm. Many things were running through Kain's head. What should he do with this Vampire? he couldn't just leave him there to be hurt, or to heal and than possibly kill people? Kain shook his wolf-en head. He whined softly and in that moment he decided. But, he would wait for the Vampire to speak, first.
  6. The vampire really didn't know what to make of that. He could only assume the werewolf was lying, but with the way the wolf was acting... It was very strange, to say the least. He didn't know what he should do. No doubt other vampires would attack the werewolf on principle, considering the fact that werewolves and vampires didn't get along. They both tried to kill the other when the opportunity arose, even though vampires had a clear disadvantage. But if this werewolf was being truthful, it wouldn't feel right to kill it. Not like this.

    Several tense moments passed before he sheathed his scimitar. He'd been having trouble holding it up, anyway. It really had been futile of him to even pretend he could fight back. His wounds had leaked much blood, making the vampire weak and barely even able to remain standing.

    "Why spare me?" he asked, his words flavored with a light accent that was Middle-Eastern in origin. "Vampires and werewolves have been mortal enemies for centuries. Why not kill me, as others of your kind would?" He couldn't accept that it was because he was wounded. If anything, that should make the werewolf want to attack him more. It meant an easier kill.
  7. Kain didn't wait to reply to the Vampire. He lunged forward and pin pointed where the Vampire was and nosed him up and onto his back. He pounded on, his legs working hard and fast.
    'Hold on tight, please. I will not kill you, but if you give me a reason, I won't hesitate. Just hold on, and we will be arriving to my home shortly. If you decide to run than I will not kill you, I will let you die in the forest and let your wounds leak. If you stay quiet and hold onto my fur, I will get you the medicine for your wounds.' Kain grew quiet than, waiting for some movement of the vampires, but it seemed as if he would stay. So Kain continued on his path to his tree home. Luckily, he lived far apart from his pack, and they rarely ever called upon him to do things. He was a lone wolf in many aspects although he belonged to the Keyteril Pack.

    Kain was growing tired and weak from lack of food, but he continued on. They would be at his house in a matter of minutes. He could tend to the Vampire's wounds and talk more with him. Soon Kain saw the small lantern hanging outside of the door that was carved into the tree. He slowed down and made the Vampire roll off his back. He changed back into his human form and quickly grabbed his Capri's and tugged them on hopefully before the Vampire saw his naked but muscular body. He sighed and lifted the vampire off of the ground and opened the door in the tree. He closed it and locked it behind him and sat the vampire down on the love seat, he turned to the weak Vampire and spoke.
    "Welcome to my humble abode. I do not know what Vampires use to clean and heal their wounds, so please tell me what I need to get for you." Kain's voice was a deep and rugged voice that had a slight accent of the native american in which he was descended from.
  8. The vampire cooperated until they had reached the werewolf's home. It was shelter, at least, which the vampire would be grateful for if he was stuck here until daybreak. He didn't fancy the idea of burning to death in the morning sunlight. That was a horrible fate, often used to punish traitors. No, he definitely didn't want to die that way.

    "No medicine," he said, shaking his head. "I only need time and blood." The latter was a huge factor in this. Without adequate blood in his body, the wounds wouldn't heal. He needed to feed, and he hadn't been able to do so before hunting those other vampires tonight. Not that he'd ever suggest feeding from a werewolf. Somehow that didn't sound appetizing. He'd never heard of a vampire feeding off a werewolf before, but that didn't mean much. The topic of werewolves had only come up once between him and his sire. He'd been warned to keep far away from them.
  9. Kain licked his lips. Something about the thought of blood made his heart beat a little faster, and his mouth water a little more than it should. Although, unlike Vampires, he didn't just drink/eat the blood, he ate the entire body. Organs and all. But that was just in his nature, he devoured every morsel, and didn't leave any trace that there was something dead there.

    Kain paced back and forth a few times, many thoughts swirling about in his head. He mindlessly scratched at his tanned skin and ran his long tapered fingers through his thick course black hair. He licked his lips again and spoke.
    "Well, I..I don't know. I wouldn't mind you feeding off of me, as long as you don't kill me. I mean, if it means it will potentially save a persons life. Than go ahead. But that's up to you. I don't know how you feed, if you feed off of a female..or..anything but me." Kain chuckled darkly and sat across from the vampire and bite his lower lip softly.

    He didn't know whether this was right. What if the Vampire just took it as a chance to kill him? What if he drained all the blood out of his body? Kain shook his head and blinked once, than twice. He would just have to trust him, even if it meant him dying. It would save a life in the process. In some ways it wasn't really saving a life, but Kain didn't care. The Vampire leaked blood, and that was enough proof to say that he had a life force. Kain cracked his neck and leaned forward.
    "I'm ready, if you are." He gulped and waited.
  10. The vampire was shocked at the werewolf's offer. This wolf was really offering for a vampire to drink his blood? This wolf was far too trusting. Or maybe he was just a good judge of character. There could be plenty of other reasons for his offer, but the vampire wasn't going to think of them now. He just had to decide what he was going to do about this. Would he even be able to drink this werewolf's blood?

    "I can feed from men or women," he said. "Gender doesn't matter." Species, on the other hand, did matter. Not for all vampires, but for those of this one's clan. It was unfortunate, but it shouldn't affect him now. This werewolf, obviously, wasn't a vampire.

    He swallowed thickly out of his own nervousness before shifting closer to the werewolf. His movements were somewhat unsteady from weakness and nerves, but he pushed through it and brought his lips to the werewolf's neck. Fangs grew into his mouth, and he sank them into the warm skin presented to him. The initial bite would sting a little, but the feelings following that initial penetration of fang would be very different. There was a reason vampires were such amazing predators. Once feeding started, it was almost impossible for the victim to resist. The feeding assaulted both the vampire and the victim with intense pleasure. Extremely intense. Most vampires saw feeding as an acceptable substitute for sex. The pleasure was easily comparable.

    The taste of the werewolf's blood came as a shock to the vampire. It almost had a spicy flavor to it, and it tingled on his tongue. That tingling continued down his throat when he swallowed, and he felt a surge of energy that he wasn't accustomed to feeling when he fed. It was more than a feeling of gradually becoming full. It was...kind of like downing a great deal of caffeine and sugar in one go. He'd done that a few times while human, and what he felt now was very close to that.
  11. Kain waited for the moment where he would scream in pain from the teeth in his neck, but it just felt like a shot. A very quick prick, and than..bliss. Kain almost moaned from the pleasure of it. He kept quiet though and he dived head first into the feeling. Kain was completely wrapped up in the pleasure of not only the Vampire's lips on his neck, but the feeling of it. He couldn't quite explain it, but it was the best thing in the world. Kain swallowed for a moment, and he could hear snippets of thoughts, swirling around in his brain. He raised an eyebrow, but he wouldn't question it just yet.

    Kain wasn't sure why he felt so good, he had read that it felt amazing to be bitten by a vampire, but he didn't know it would feel this good. Kain sighed and began to feel a little dizzy. Although he was a strong and full grown man, he had not eaten since two nights ago at least. He was feeling far more drained than he should have. He chuckled a bit inwardly at the pun. Kain grew dizzier and he tried to form words, but all he could do was open and close his mouth like a fish.
    'Stop, please. I need to eat.' He thought forcefully, just so the Vampire would know that he needed to stop, for now.
  12. The vampire had been quite caught up in his own bliss, but the mental plea from the werewolf caused him to draw back. There was blood on his lips, staining them a bright red. The werewolf's neck was still bleeding, and the vampire quickly sealed the wound shut with a lick. No evidence of the feeding was left behind, which certainly helped vampires keep their existence secret from humans.

    His wounds had stopped leaking blood, but they were still very present. The vampire would be going nowhere tonight. Not on his own, at any rate. He was stuck here at least for a couple nights. Broken bones healed almost instantly. Bullet wounds were gone in minutes. But those claws had been special, and therefore the wounds would take far longer than typical run-of-the-mill injuries.
  13. Kain panted softly and wiped the remaining blood off of his neck. He was seeing stars in his vision, but he managed to give a smile to the Vampire.
    "I must hunt now. I have not eaten anything since two nights ago. Please excuse me, make yourself as comfortable as you want, I have one request though. Tell me your name when I get back. It will only be a few minutes or so, it is summer, so the prey should be out and about, even at this time of night. I'm Kain by the way." He smiled wolfishly and stepped out of the Vampire's line of sight and took of his capri's and changed into his wolf form. He trotted out into the living room and whined softly at the Vampire.
    'If anyone knocks on the door, do not answer it. I can open the door without help so I will not knock. I shall be back soon.'

    Kain pressed a button on the floor that was by the door and it slid open to let in a soft evening breeze. Kain padded out of his house, and hoped that the Vampire wouldn't destroy his things while he was gone. The wooden door slid shut behind him and he ventured out into the forest.

    The night was cool, and there was scents of prey all around him. He wasn't sure exactly what to eat, so he decided to pick the easiest thing to catch, first, and if he was still hungry he would go for something bigger.
    It was only a few minutes of following the scent of a rabbit, when he heard the sounds of it foraging through plant life. He crawled forward on his belly and waited for the right moment to attack. Luckily he was downwind of the rabbit and he pounced upon it and snapped it's neck with his teeth, with no effort at all. He ravenously devoured the rabbit, leaving only the bones there to be cleaned off by insects. Kain licked his muzzle and continued on his hunt for food.

    Not too long after he had caught the rabbit he was on the trail of a female deer. It seemed to have been traveling with a herd of deer, and he knew this would be the excitement of hunting for the night. He followed the scent up until he caught movement in the trees. There they were. He licked his muzzle and lunged forward, targeting the youngest and weakest of the herd. They traveled far, but soon he caught up to a decently sized fawn and he snapped at it's leg making it trip and fall right into Kain. He sliced the side of it and than when it was paralyzed he snapped it's neck. Soon after he devoured the carcass.

    Kain was full and he was ready to see what the Vampire was doing alone at his house. He sighed and thought about how it was with him on his neck. Kain shivered with pleasure and shook off the thoughts. He soon came upon the same lantern and tree and he entered the house.
  14. The vampire did not do much while the werewolf was out. He had, however, taken out his phone and sent a text to his elders. He didn't want them to worry about his location. Not that he thought they'd look for him so soon, but he did need them to know he was all right and wouldn't be able to come back to the haven tonight. He also let them know that the contract had been completed. They could pick up the reward without him.

    He spent the rest of the time until the werewolf returned just resting on the love seat. He'd taken off his scimitar belt and black trench coat, leaving him in his black pants, boots, and sleeveless black shirt. The shirt was torn from the claws of that other vampire, and his wounds were quite visible without the coat on. That would need to be replaced as well once he recovered. It was a shame. He loved that coat.
  15. Kain whined softly at the Vampire, and went into the back room to change into his capri's When he came out he smiled at the Vampire happy to see that at least his wounds stopped leaking. Although, he did not like how ripped his clothes were. He bit his lip.
    "Would you like some clothes?" He asked, just trying to be as helpful as he could. For that was how Kain was brought up. Even if his company was suppose to be the creature his kind hated for eons, he knew he should be well mannered and help in any way he could if someone was hurt.

    Kain looked upon the male, gazing at his body and slightly wishing that it was wrapped in his sheets. Kain shook his head and shrugged inwardly. He chuckled slightly and went to grab some capri's and a large ruffled shirt with sleeves.
    "You can wear these if you'd like. I'm sure you might have to stay here a bit, to let your wounds heal. I'd be more than glad to have you as a guest. But, I don't have an extra bedroom, so you'll have to sleep on the love seat.." Kain bit his lip, going back to his thought about his own bed sheets. he shook his head and smiled and shrugged.

    "Well, I'd like to know your name, stranger. It's the least you can do, I think." He chuckled softly and sat on the chair across from him. His home was cozy and rustic. Yet it was modern too. He had a computer in the far corner, as well as he had a television in his bedroom. He had a fully working kitchen, and a bathroom of course. All in a tree. Nature Magic.
    "So, are you feeling better? Are you still hungry?" Kain said the last question a little to eagerly, he scolded himself for it.
  16. The werewolf had been kind enough to give the vampire his name before--which the vampire had found to be quite the strange coincidence for reasons he wouldn't discuss with the werewolf--and so it was high time for the vampire to give his own name. Especially since Kain had so willingly offered to share his home with the vampire. For now. He wasn't sure if the werewolf would still be so generous after the vampire recovered.

    "Reza," he said. "Reza Khan." The name confirmed that the vampire was from the Middle East, if everything else about him hadn't already done so. Specifically, Reza was from Iran. Not that he'd been there recently. In fact, he hadn't been home since he became a vampire. He'd spent a decent amount of time in Turkey following his Embrace, and from there he'd done a great deal of traveling.

    He considered the question carefully, then answered, "I'm fine for now. You don't need to give me anymore blood." Even though Reza had greatly enjoyed the taste of Kain's blood.
  17. Kain nodded his head softly at his name and smiled slightly. He licked his lips and briefly nodded his head at Reza's last statement. Kain got up and drew him a coke from the fully stocked fridge in the kitchen. He laughed a little and winked at Reza.
    "You probably wouldn't want any of this, huh?" Kain chuckled and opened it with a click and took a long sip of it, and set it down on the coffee table. He took a deep breath and looked around the room, searching for things to talk about.
    "So, Reza, what were you doing to get those claw marks? They look like something a Vampire would do. Fighting your own kind? What's up with that? If I may ask of course?"

    Kain was about to say something more when there was a sharp knock at the door. Kain hissed softly and glanced at Reza and quickly threw a blanket over him.
    "Get down." He muttered and went to the door and pressed the button to open it. He only did so, slightly, so the person at the door wouldn't see the oddly misshaped blanket. He looked outside and noticed his Alpha hiding in the shadows. He raised an eyebrow.
    "Sir, why are you hiding?" He asked curiously, and the Alpha stepped forward into the light of the lantern. Kain gasped in horror, his arm was completely ripped off. The Alpha had cleaned up the wound, but he had no arm. Kain gulped, and the Alpha spoke.

    "The virus has gotten worse, Kain. The werewolves that have contracted the disease have begun changing into their war form and destroying anything they see. I happened to be in the way of Katilera's path.." The Alpha gulped and a soft tear rolled down his cheek. Kain knitted his brows together sadly.
    "We had to kill her." Kain gulped and shook his head. The Alpha began speaking again.
    "We need more of your blood to test. We need to find a cure, as soon as possible, Kain. I can't have my pack dying out, because of this unknown virus." Kain nodded and shut the door. He gulped and sat down on the chair across from the love seat.
    "You can come out now, Reza." His voice was shaky.
  18. Reza had been about to answer the werewolf's question when he was told to get down. He did so hastily, seeking to hide from whoever was at the door. Kain handled the visitor easily enough, and Reza listened carefully to their conversation. Something about a virus. That concerned Reza, though not because Reza had consumed the werewolf's blood. Viruses really didn't do much of anything to vampires. If the werewolf went crazy, that would be a huge problem for Reza.

    Once the werewolf was back, Reza asked, "Are you going to be all right?" He came out from his hiding spot, eyeing Kain with concern. "I could take some of your blood to have an acquaintance look into it..." He didn't know how knowledgable werewolves were about biology. Reza himself knew precious little of it, but he had connections. He could find someone who would know this virus.
  19. Kain bit his lip and shrugged. Many thoughts were swirling around his head. But he had no mind to explain his pack and probably other pack's problems to Reza. Not yet anyway.
    "I'll be fine. But, maybe. I'll have to think about that. I don't want you vampires learning the secrets of my pack." He winked and sighed heavily. He slumped down in his chair and sighed once more. What could he do? Well, he didn't like the needles they used to extract the blood that was directly coming from his heart, but he seemed to be the only person in the pack that had resisted the virus. What if his family contracted the virus? He would never forgive himself. But then again, they did share the same blood, didn't they? Kain sighed and looked up from his thoughts too Reza.
    "I don't know what to do. My whole pack will die from this virus if we don't find a cure, soon enough." He bit his lip and furrowed his brows.
  20. "I would help," Reza said hesitantly, "but I'd only want to help you. I'm sure the others in your pack would gladly kill me if they saw me. You're different, it would seem." He appreciated that difference. It was keeping Reza alive right now.

    He changed the subject then, deciding to answer the werewolf's question from earlier. "I was clawed by another vampire, yes. I'm sure you've seen the ones that can manifest such claws before. I killed the vampires you injured before when you saved that human." It might sound strange for a vampire to kill others of its kind like that, so Reza explained, "I'm a vampire-specific assassin. One of those vampires had been my target."