The Brilliance of Life <3

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    The Brilliance of Life​

    Article is from here :P Credit where its due :)​

    The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you. The more you help others, the more they will want to help you." ~ Brian Tracy

    Are you entertained by your life? Does it seem to be a puzzle you can solve? Have you seen the full picture? Do you remember solving jigsaw picture puzzles as a youngster? It was very important in the solving to have a picture of the whole puzzle, so that you could refer to it as you turned up the various pieces.

    Life truly is like one of those giant jigsaw puzzles. And we've been given a wonderful gift in the solving of life's lessons. You might not trust or believe this, but "others" is the gift I'm talking aobut.

    In our striving to become successful, we have all worked diligently to unfold self-sufficiency. We want to become all that we can become, and we think we have to do it ourselves. We sometimes neglect to focus on the fact that "others" are in our life as a gift."

    Others in our personal and business lives are the very thing we need to accelerate our own successes. This does not step on the toes of our being self-sufficient and becoming all we can become. It compliments our self-sufficiency, and in that complimenting, it also compliments the other who is helping us.

    Every one of us has pockets of brilliance.

    - If you permit the others in your life to contribute their brilliance and insight, will it make your life's goals closer ?

    - Why not ask them for their input for your current goals?

    - What would their ideas do for your life?

    - How could their brilliance make your own brilliance more brilliant?

    Saku did not write this, she just mixed it up a bit xD See credit top right :)​
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  2. Name: Reia Illia Va’Les
    Age: 15
    Appearance: (open)
    Reia is the adorable ‘innocent’ young princess of the Vales Kingdom. She has long ass length silver hair, big orange eyes, silky pale skin, and a near perpetual smile. Her breasts are currently D cups, and judging by her mother she will probably not stop growing until she’s reached the EE’s. She is a virgin, though lacks her hymen thanks to masturbation.

    Clothing wise…well its clear Reia is obsessed with cats. She wears a black cat hoodie complete with cute cat faced and eared hood and a long cat tail. She has like twenty of them literally owning no other cloths so wears them to everything from important balls to everyday relaxation wear. Reia also wears no bras, a pair of cute white panties which have a cat face on it, and a pair of cat eared black stockings. The only thing she wears that isn’t cat themed is her black boots.

    In the game the goddess decided to turn the cat obsessed Reia into a Neko and Reia could not be happier. She has long ass length black hair, a pair of adorable black ears, a long black tail, pink eyes, and silky sun touched skin. Just like her actual body Reia’s in game body has D cups and just like her real body they won’t stop growing either since the model is perfectly linked to her real body. This also means that while she’s a virgin in this form she lacks a hymen thanks to real life masturbation.

    Clothing wise Reia dresses abit more fancy than she does in real life. She wears a third eye headgear which she’s enchanted to grant her far sight, a cute choker, some arm bangles, a top that shows off her breasts and stomach, some rings on her tail, and a loose white skirt.

    Bio: (open)
    Reia’s father was one of the worst kings the Vales Kingdom has ever seen. He chose to spend all his points on boosting his sexual abilities and forcing the hottest women to be his wives, even spending points so that their breast sizes wouldn’t cause them issues. So the kingdom was slowly broken down by other kingdoms claiming lands or sending plagues. He cared little for any of this however and by the time he died he had fifteen wives and thirty-seven children. Very few question how he died, very few care how he died, though most know he was assassinated. There was one good thing that came from him however, his ‘real life’ boons carried over into his children. Higher sex drive, nearly unending stamina, and in the case of his daughters a back that can handle their massive melons.

    Reia is the twenty-fifth in line for the throne, and because of this fact she is extremely playful. She chooses to spend a lot of her time playing games or dancing, or doing anything fun. Her eldest brother is current king, though since he is only four years older than her he spent most of his rule with their mothers ruling for him. But he has spent a lot of their points fixing their kingdom and sponsoring people in the game in order to try and make points back.

    Out of all of the siblings Reia was the first (and thus far the only) member of her family (except their mothers since some were in the game when they were younger but now just sponsor others) to enter the game. She begged her brother for lots of points before eagerly rushing off to meet the goddess face to face, a rare thing. The thirteen year old girl was granted audience partially because of the unique nature of her actually going to the goddesses home. Near instantly the first thing Reia said was how pretty the goddess was.
    She asked the goddess for the best character model ever, something cute, that she can have lots of fun with. Presenting all the points she was able to get (which was probably more points than the goddess ever received on a character) Reia worried that it wasn’t enough also offered to give the pretty goddess a kiss. So Reia’s first (and currently only) kiss was with her worlds goddess, who did not really hold anything back either.

    Perhaps it was the kiss…it more than likely was the points, but Reia’s character is unique within the game because of two reasons. First the fact that its linked to her real body, so as she grows taller or bigger breasts her character model will also grow taller or bigger breasts. Second most of the nobles start with a character level 5 and a bonus that makes them even better so generally it takes a ‘normal persons’ character level 7 or 8 just to fight them in a fair fight. Reia’s character started at level 5 with enough bonuses and stat boosts that in order for a ‘normal person’ to fight her fair that person has to be level 15.

    Reia spent the first two years in the game simply playing and having fun. Any quests she did she chose to earn extra points rather than get living equipment, any of the random living equipment drops she chose not to collect and instead turn into points, and she did no tournaments which would earn her a living equipment. Why?
    Well Living equipment take a portion of the points you earn. Essentially if you are sponsored 20% of your points go to your sponsor, fair since that sponsor has given you a lot of boons. From that the remaining points is split between you and your living equipment. Most living equipment take between 1% and 10% of your points, the stronger the equipment the more points it takes. You can have a maximum of ten living equipment. Two weapons, head, chest, two arm, hand, two leg, feet. So if you have ten 10% equipment you earn zero points. You are also not allowed to just not use a living weapon, if you have it it becomes auto equipped and can only be gotten rid of by it being destroyed or you using points to ask the goddess to send it back into the ‘loot pool’
    Why not get a weaker equipment? Reia didn’t want to share any points. Every single point she earned she then turned around and gave to the goddess to help her brother try and rebuild their kingdom. So she wanted every single point.

    What are Living Equipment? Living equipment are those too poor to afford a character model. They enter the game and are forced to choose to be a weapon or armor. They are then made into quest rewards, generally the lowest tier living equipment as they rarely go higher than 4%. Loot drops, random quality though generally never higher than 7%. Then finally tournament rewards which are generally the highest tier as they are rarely lower than 7%.

    Today is Reia’s fifteenth birthday and she’s decided to finally enter a tournament and get a living equipment. Why now? She no longer needs to save all her points. Her kingdom is finally back to its old size and the people are healthy. So now she can start sharing points with someone who needs it, plus it will let her go off and on lots of difficult adventures, not to mention there are some zones that you can’t enter unless you have a living equipment of some kind.

    Level - 17
    Boons- All boons gained from either parents or first interaction with goddess. At current level, normal character boon count 0-3, Noble character boon count 3-8, Reia boon count 11, including boons that most have to specifically request.
    Cat-like Reflexes (Improved reflexes)
    Higher Jump Height
    No Fall Damage
    Goddess Sight (Able to see the boons other players have) (Very rare and generally unheard of boon) (Real life and Game boon)
    Physical Resistance (Able to resist damage from physical sources)
    Magical Resistance (Able to resist damage from magical sources)
    Weapon Master (Able to wield any weapon at any time)
    Mystic (Able to use any magic after seeing it used once)
    Bottomless Stamina (Greatly improved stamina which never seems to deplete) (Real life and Game boon)
    Improved Sex Life (Practically always ready for sex, unable to get sore or raw, unable to get std) (Real life and Game boon)
    Strong Back (Breast size causes no problems to health or posture, able to lift heavier items with no problems) (Real life and Game boon)
  3. I think what Saku means, is that to be successful in life and accomplish your goals, you need to strengthen your relationships with other people! Being self sufficient is good, but humans are social creatures, so our bonds with other human beings makes us feel more fulfilled than if we were to go through life on our own.

    So you might not NEED other people's input, ideas, advice, help, etc, but having people involved in those processes enhances the experience of it and gives other insight.

    The questions are meant to make you think "Am I allowing people in to my life or keeping them away?"

    ...and to answer those questions myself...! I've always accepted and asked input from other people about events and decisions in my life. It makes me feel better to hear the opinions and experience of other people before I make choices myself. I also like to offer people my OWN opinions and advice. (Sometimes to the point of meddling and being bossy. XD ) Having good relationships with people in this give-take way is really important for me, and thanks to it, I've been able to get through a lot of tough moments that I would have never been able to deal with had I kept it all to myself.

    I like that article and the questions presented. Good for self reflection. >:3
  4. Thank you Danana-chan :)
    Anyone else gonna go do a little self-reflecting ? :P
  5. Hmm...The more I think about it, the more I've come to realize.
    Without my friends, I might not be here. I was weak at one point, and was contemplating, well....Need I go any further?
    I am quite the social creature. I rely on my friends, I love to help them, to be remembered, to be involved. I always try to help in any way I can, and when they aren't around, I do get rather confused. I've been called naive, a title that I gladly accept. I always like to see the good in people, because it's so much harder to do...There are quite a few people who clash with me because of that. The ones who think that friends aren't worth having, because they'll stab you in the back. I disagree completely... I think life...Mmmm...Friends make your life, and as a friend, you play the same role in people's lives. Never forget that.
  6. An inspiring analysis. I'm sure many people will agree :)
  7. I love everyone in my life and I try to involve and not hide anything from any of them.

    As such, I have people to go to when I have problems, and people to talk to when I'm happy. Life IS awesome! I don't always make the right choices, and I may not do everything correctly, but at least I can say that I never hope for any bad negative things for anyone.
  8. Well I for one can say that I'm probably going to be the complete opposite of this topic.

    I'm personally the kind of person who keeps to himself, and for all intents and purposes... "exists" with a really small carbon footprint. I've actually had people either forget I was still around, or even think that I'd died at one point because of my reclusive nature.

    I don't mind people's ideas or input, but I don't go out of my way to ask for them. Kinda how the majority of the people around me don't ask for mine and such. No harm, no foul. It's partly due to how my life's unfolded, but everyone's got some scrapes here and there on their soul, body, and minds, right?

    Made my share of mistakes, and done my share of things I shouldn't have. I'm definitely no saint, but I kinda think of my life now as a weird chance to atone. Sure it's lonely, and I've been at some really dark forks in the road, but I'm not dead yet. There's one for the home team. : )

    Now to contradict myself. When people do approach me, I warm up to them eventually, and I always go out of my way to make someone's life better. Even if the only way is at the expense of my own. I've always had this notion that I could stand quite a bit of the bad if it'll spread as much good.

    So that answers the question of friends, and all that jazz. I've got them, but I can count them on one hand with a finger left over, and even with them being considered "friends" I still view them as outsiders.

    I guess I'm just funny like that.

    : (