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  1. [Plot Discussion:]

    Adelie inserted a blue, oversize straw into her cherry bubble tea, immediately taking a much desired sip of the pink beverage, resulting in draconian brain freeze. She giggled to herself and pressed her palms to her temples, stilling her thoughts until the acrimonious feeling had passed. It seemed she'd never learn, each bubble tea she'd ever ordered resulted in the same mind-numbing fervor.
    She set down her beverage on the purple-stained glass table and glanced around the Bubble Tea Cafe, taking in the brightly colored decor. Amidst the cheery color, dozens of people populated the cafe, swiveling daintily on stools, waiting anxiously in line for their bubble tea, even entering and exiting the restrooms. Adelie was surprised her friends hadn't arrived yet, it was their typical meeting spot, and it was fifteen minutes past the time they'd allotted via text message.
    She wiped her fingers on a napkin and retrieved her Blackberry from her pale cross-body purse. She'd received two messages stating:

    >Running Late!


    >Woke up late, c u in 30

    but no word from the others.
    Adelie chuckled, they never seemed to be on time! Adelie's tendency to be early often left her with time to think. Her thoughts were never especially stimulating, and it made her feel lonely and abandoned-- a feeling she recognized from her early childhood. Without the chirp of conversation, she often found herself singing quietly-- earning curious looks from strangers.
    Adelie's head snapped up as she heard the door swing open, perhaps someone had finally arrived to retrieve her from the pit of boredom that she was about to slip into.
  2. Ralph woke up. Or did he? Was this a dream? Negatory. If this was a dream he wouldn't be able to read his alarm clock. Wait. No. It's the other way around. He must be dreaming, right? Yes. Ralph was definitely dreaming. Now that Ralph is aware that he is dreaming he should be able to fly or summon a Tatzelwurm or do whatever he wants. Nope. Ralph cannot do whatever he wants therefore this is not a dream. That means he has to go to school. Ralph abhors school.

    Seeing as Ralph has already wasted 10 minutes trying to summon a Tatzelwurm he decides to get ready. Getting ready for school was like arming for a battle that was already lost. People hated this kid. He was loathed by people so much that he sometimes wonders if he wasn't a human. But Ralph was perfectly normal, right? Surely he would know if there was something wrong with him. Someone would have told him. He must be perfect, or at least superior compared to his peers. They where jealous of him, that was it. But of what? Ralph really isn't that good at anything. His parents left him at a young age. The kid's Aunt constantly reminded him he could not do anything right. Sure, His grades where pretty good, but his teachers always passed back his constant A's as if they where feeding a lion to prevent it from attacking them.

    Weird. He's already in the shower? The kid must be in a rush.
  3. Elvira Summers dashed downstairs, and whipped up a cereal bar from the kitchen counter as she picked up her bag and headed straight out the door. She had slept in, and she didn't even have time to fix her wayward brown hair since she was going to meet up with her girl mates. During the time when her best mate Zayn was away from home, she had to make more friends, and she now had a group of good mates.

    She straddled her red Vespa, and pulled her helmet on with a smile, before setting off to meet her friends at their local hangout cafe.


    When she finally pulled up outside the cafe she could see her friend Adelie. Elvira smiled and entered the cafe, tucking her helmet into her bag. "Hey Ads." The brunette flopped down beside her friend with a smile. "I slept in this morning, hence the reason my hair looks like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards." She laughed, "I was Skyping with Zayn til one this morning, which is why I am so tired still." Elvira yawned.
  4. Claudia woke up to the abrupt knocking on her bedroom door, she shot up quickly realizing that she had overslept. Her eyes swept her messy sleeping-quarters, different drawings were sprawled around everywhere along with filled notebooks and stubby pencils. To her left on a light purple wall, a large drawing of the Cataleya flower stood out as it was directly written on the wall.

    "Claudia Felis Beldeschmidt!" A female voice pierced through the wooden door, much to Claudia's distaste. With a loud sigh and a mumble of words she, still wearing the tanktop and shorty shorts she wore to sleep the platinum blonde-haired girl threw the door open, to find a older lady whose arms were crossed.

    "Jeez. Eva, I told you to never call me by my full name!" Claudia spat, clearly not giving a single fuck about the elder. Eva, backed up aghast by Claudia's sudden outburst.

    "Claudia! I am your mother now show me some respect! Now will you just get ready for our trip today? Remember? Down to the spa?" Eva shouted a stern look plastered across her olding face. Claudia rolled her eyes at the remark before slamming the door in her supposed "mother's" face.

    "Your not my mother! Your just a stupid bimbo who managed to seduce her way into my father's trust.." Claudia shouted, the last part of her sentence coming to a small inaudible mutter. Claudia strode across her room over to a old wooden closet, pulling out a wool hoodie that had fluffy balls of cottons hanging from its strings and a pair of skinny black jeans. She changed into them quickly.

    But instead of heading towards the door she approached the window, her hands pulled the cold metal still upwards, and a sturdy tree came into view, she put her left leg out of the window before muttering shit and pulling herself back inside. She grabbed her I-Phone, to text one of her best friends that she was running late. Claudia then grabbed her earphones, slipping them inside while she sang quietly to herself,

    Could you be looooove~

    Claudia stepped out onto the misty daylight, perched atop the branch carefully. She maneuvered agilely down the good old oak tree, clearly used to the situation. As she landed, she hurried to the front lawn, carefully avoiding the windows. As she hummed the tune to the familiar Bob Marley song that resonated through her earphones she hopped onto her white skateboard, eager to meet her friends at the normal hangout.

    It wasn't long before she finally reached the colorful abode she was ever so used too. She pushed through the door, finding only two of her friends sitting in the shop. Her hands signaled at the familiar waitress, and she mouthed "The usual" as she caught her attention. Claudia, watching the waitress disappear to the kitchen she sat down on the seat.

    "Eva has been so annoying lately.." Claudia grumbled, pulling her earphones out, happy to hear her friend's voices.
  5. Natalia had been up all night reading a book. It was a wonderful book, the classic tale of the hero rescuing the damsel in distress. She had fallen asleep with the book still in her hand. Her eyes fluttered open just as her father beat his knuckles down on her door, causing it to creak loudly on its old hinges. Her eyes snapped open and an irritated look appeared on her face.

    "Dad! Trying to sleep here!" she said, taking the pillow and stuffing it over her head. "It's time to get up, dear! No more sleeping! Did you stay up last night again?" her father's voice replied. Natalia rolled her eyes, shoving her pillow to the side and rolling out of her bed in a sleepy manner. Her father knocked loudly again, making her want to scream at the man.

    Sighing, she got dressed quickly, brushing her teeth and hair groggily. She flew down the steps and out the front door of her home, sprinting into her car and fumbling with the keys. She was majorly late. Sighing, she drove away, speeding slightly as she weaved her way to Bubble Tea Cafe. After fifteen minutes of agonizing morning traffic, the colorful cafe's sign came into view. She smiled, pulling into the parking lot and quickly making her way into the cafe.

    She stepped inside, glad to see that some of her friends had already arrived. She walked over. "Sorry, I'm late. Stayed up reading a book...again," she explained with a smile.
  6. With a relieved smile, Adelie scooted her purse off the chair next to her to make room for Elvira beside to her. She appeared tired and shaken, but her everlasting excitement over her boyfriend quickly clouded her eyes as she related a romantic tale.
    "I'm so glad you two have been able to keep in touch!" Adelie giggled, taking yet another over-indulgent sip of her bubble tea. After a short awkward silence, complete with waving of the hands and shaking of the head, the cringing feeling passed and Adelie continued her statement, "You two are so cute together!"

    Before Elvira could reply, Claudia sunk down onto a stool with an irate demeanor, muttering complaints about Eva again. Adelie chuckled, tipping her pink drink at Claudia.
    "What did she do this time?" She inquired with a wry grin.

    Natalia quietly interrupted, pulling a seat up in between Claudia and Elvira while apologizing for her lateness. Adelie shook her head with an understanding smile as if to say, 'Don't worry about it!'
    Just as it was typical for Adelie to be early, it was typical for Nat to be late, she was always getting absorbed into her books-- resulting in loosing track of time.
    Adelie sat back contentedly, bubble tea in hand, as her friends immersed themselves in avid conversation. These people were really something special.
  7. Ralph needs to make sure he gets a chance to go to the library today before school starts. Even thought Ralph's grades are good, his attendance is very bad. Ralph doesn't like to be hurt. The only reason Ralph even goes to school anymore is to see El.. El.. Elaina? Elanda? El Taco? What kind of boyfriend was Ralph? He doesn't even know her name! Well, Ralph is no boyfriend anyway, only in his mind. Maybe someday his personal ship will become a reality. El Amiguita has her own boyfriend.. he's in some band.

    Enough of that. Ralph has to get to the library. There it is! Just as the sign says A-L-P-I-N-E-Spacebar-P-U-B-L-I-K-Spacebar-L-I-B-R-A-R.... That is peculiar. The Y is missing. Why would the Y be missing? Maintenance? Cleaning? Magical Mischief? Nonsense. Ralph has no time for nonsense. He has to find this book. All right here we are. A...B...C.........M! we are looking for M!.... M! here we go Macbeth? No. Mac n' Cheese Recipes? Gross. Man's Guide to Surviving High school. Could be useful but that is too far down. Here we are! Magician's Magical Maternal Manga Musical Magazine. Wait.. No. That's not it either! Stupid Ralph! Why can't you find anything? Oh. Here we are. The Magician's Masterbook.

    Ralph rubbed his sweaty hands across the cold dusty surface of this beautiful artifact. He could not wait to turn the pages and unlock it's secrets. Sure, the kids will still call Ralph creepy weirdo. They'll still call Ralph by that dreaded nickname...Alien. Ralph would enjoy being called that, in fact he often felt that he was one himself. But they used it in such a derogatory way, in such a whining little imitation of his own voice. They won't be able to call him Alien anymore. Not when he can seal their mouths shut... Or have them be chased by demons... or have them eaten by a giant worm. Ralph licked his chapped lips, his hands shaking at this though. His pupil dilating in preperation for when his balmy fingers opened the first page.

    Then he thought of the El Amiquita.

    Ralph decided to learn a love spell first. Emotions are easy enough to change without magic, Ralph had learned from his constant harassment, with magic shouldn't be a problem, right?

    * * *

    Ralph had spent all day and all night reading that thing. Another absence from school couldn't hurt him. Once he finally became a master magician he could go to school all the time. It's time to test out his first spell. El Amiquita! He didn't need to use a seeing spell to find out where she was. Ralph liked to watch her walk to school and such, he knew every inch of her daily routine. She would be at the Bubble Tea Cafe. Ralph could not wait until she was his.

    * * *

    The boy made a mad dash to the Cafe, he didn't want to miss her. Ralph peeked through the window. Ah! There she is.. just sitting down. His hands started to sweat and shake again. Why are you so nervous Ralph? You have magic now, no fear. Breathe in. Breathe out. Just like the Physical Therapy teacher taught you. Breathe in.. GO! Ralph burst through the door..
  8. A stringy, blond boy busted through the glass doors of the Bubble Tea Cafe; Adelie immediately recognized him as Ralph Tsoukalos, more commonly known as 'Alien'. Adelie had never called him by this slanderous nickname, nor would she ever, but her friends typically referred to him thusly-- and she couldn't bear to divide herself from her group, like her parents had done with her. She wasn't proud of it, but she never had the courage to stand up for him.

    The girls gabbed on, debating Reggae Vs. Pop. Personally, Adelie cared for neither- she was a fan of soft country, what with the heart-wrenching clear voices that seemed much too strong to break, the lyrics telling a another tale... She didn't insert her opinion, mostly because her friends could become defensive over their favorite artists, and Adelie didn't want to provoke them

    She remained silent and diverted her eyes, once again they landed on the awkward Junior, Ralph. She nonchalantly finished off her bubble tea, watching the boy as he stared lovingly at Elvira. His face fell as she once again gushed about Zayn, and Adelie's heart went out to him. The poor boy was hopelessly in love with Elvira, who quite possibly couldn't care less about him! His chin crumpled and he stuffed his face behind a book bound in leather, clearly holding back a flood of tears.

    Don't cry, Ad. She thought to herself. The mere sight of tears often caused her blue eyes to well, regardless of her nearly perpetual happiness. She shook her red curls and blinked back to her oversized watch, 7:38 AM.

    "We better get going, school starts in five minutes!" Adelie said over the vigorous conversation, screeching her stool back under the glass table while simultaneously throwing her cup in the garbage. A flustered craze surged through the group as the gathered their belongings and raced out the door.
  9. Elvira blushed when her friend made the comment about her and Zayn being cute together, and she shook her head quickly in response, "No way! Ads, we're both just good mates. We've known each other since we were toddlers, and besides, I'm just Ellie-Belle to Zayn." She smiled though at the thought of her tall, dark, and admittedly extremely handsome best friend. "And he has a new girlfriend anyway." She murmured softly to herself, and bit her lip.

    Her thoughts were suddenly broken when Adelie suddenly exclaimed that they were going to be late, and she grabbed her bag as she stood up, hurrying out after her friends. She got onto her Vespa, and slid her helmet on, cursing to herself. If she was late, Madame de La M. would give her a demerit or a detention, neither of which she wanted to get. Elvira was one of the top students, and if she got any sort of demerit like that, she would ruin any chance of getting into university next year.


    Soon she pulled up outside the school, and parked her red scooter. Elvira glanced around for her friends, and caught sight of them across the pavement. She tucked her helmet into her bag and rushed to catch them up. "Close call huh?" She grinned as they just managed to get into the building a second before the bell rang.
  10. Reggae is so better, Claudia thought in her mind as she rolled her eyes during her and Elvaira's little "professional" modern music culture discussion. It was often they had done this, after all they were both extremely dedicated to the each of their respective favorite genres so Claudia gave a laugh every so often. She knew that Elvaira would never give up pop and she knew that she would never let go of her reggae and indie music so Claudia took it casually.

    She managed to get some slurps of her favorite tea there, The pink-lemon one before they realized just how soon classes would start, everyone had got up abruptly due to the lacking of time for unimportant things. However Claudia wasn't planning on attending classes today, after all Eva had already called in for her step-daughters abscene so why waste it? She did make her way towards the big ol' highschool of hers along with her friends. As they broke into the crowded halls, she was about to take a turn that would cause her to leave her friends for now.

    "Guys, I'm going to cut today, I'll be hiding up on the rooftop. Just text me when you guys are out~" Claudia told them as she halted their strides to their respective classrooms. After getting their nod of approval she took a left that led her to a locked roof-access door. She dug through her Adventure Time Jake bag until pulling out a key that she had managed to pickpocket a week ago. As the door clicked to the key, she disappeared behind it.
  11. Adelie smiled meekly as Claudia jogged off in the opposite direction, making her way up the stairwell to the rooftop. She'd never understood the allure of causing trouble-- maybe you had to be as sly and cunning as Claudia to understand.
    Hiking up her satchel, Adelie waved goodbye to the rest of her friends, she wanted to make it to English a couple minutes early to get a head start on the classwork. Adelie's dyslexia forced her to work harder then everyone else in the class.

    She sat down in her seat, Ms. Ryan smiling at her from across the room.

    "Good morning, Addie." She said warmly, pulling a small stack of papers off her desk.
    "Good morning, Ms. R!" Adelie chirped, placing her ballerina pink pencil pouch on the honey-colored desk. She unzipped it and pulled out her favorite pencil with a small, white puff on the end. She grazed it across her cheek with a giggle.
    "We're starting our vocabulary packets today," Ms. R gently placed the papers in front of Adelie, her forehead wrinkling in concern.
    "Oh." Adelie said, flipping through the pages of foreign writing with growing disappointment. "Well, I'm sure I can handle it!" She laughed, trying not to let her fear show.
    "Adelie, if this is to much for you to handle.. we can switch you to a lower level class." She whispered, despite the fact that the classroom was empty. Adelie blinked hard down at her paper, the letters swam about with glee. She grazed through the pages again, hardly any words were legible.

    "That's okay, Ms. R. I'll do fine!" She smiled, slowly printing her name at the top of her packet, A-d-e-l-e-i. She erased the last to letters with a blush and switched them around. Adelie.
  12. Cel slipped into her seat next to Adelie. "Sorry I missed you this morning. I missed my bus." Cel lived on the outskirts of town.
    "Celeste, if you are finished talking, you can kindly join the class by taking out your vocabulary package." Ms. Ryan smiled in false sweetness.
    "Absolutely," Celeste replied, equally false. She took out her binder and pen. Glancing over to Addie's desk, she saw the telltale sign of distress, the girl was chewing her pencil. She leaned over and looked at Addie's paper.
    "Number 2 is 'stymie'. To thwart." Cel whispered when Ms. R's back was turned.

    Celeste stared out the window when she was done her packet. Nick had caused her to miss the bus that morning. He was only 5 minutes younger than her, but clearly those few minutes made a big difference. The bell rang and Ms. Ryan shouted over top of the immediate discussion that there would be a vocabulary quiz next class. Cel gathered up her binder and slung her bag over her shoulder.
  13. Adelie shot Celeste a gracious smile, quickly filling in the answer with her plumed pencil. She spent the remainder of the period staring down at the paper with a faux look of concentration on her face. She answered as many questions as she could, leaving her with a grand total of three. She groaned inwardly as the period ticked by, maybe Cel would help her study later, or perhaps her tutor could assist her later this evening.
    On the front page of her packet, Adelie sketched a photo-realistic daisy. She'd gotten pretty skilled at drawing flowers, but she'd never be up to par with Claudia, who could draw anything halfheartedly and still have it look flawless on paper.
    Adelie's sighed as Ms. Ryan announced the vocabulary test, she barely had time to study. Well, just because her grade point average wasn't the best, it didn't mean she was stupid. Right?

    The soft bell had rung, signaling the end of class. She bashfully smiled at Celeste as they gathered their belongings; she knew she had seen her struggling.
    "Tough period," She laughed at herself as they exited the classroom. "I'll get the hang of it soon!" Adelie winked, giving her blond-haired friend a tight squeeze. "See you at lunch!" She said, charging off to her baby-blue locker.

    After two more periods, (Graphic Design and Weight Training/Conditioning) it was finally time for lunch.
  14. Claudia spent the majority of the morning's classes on the rooftop, while her feet dangled dangerously over the edge, the girl kept on listening to different indie and reggae artists alike. During those times where she would find herself bored she doodled on her already colorfully decorate sketch pad, through the hours she managed to draw some face-portraits of her best friends, they were all beautiful and they seemed to grace the paper elegantly ensuing a smile to find Claudia's face.

    After finishing her portraits, she pulled out a small couch pillow that had been stuck in her bag, she placed it on the corner of the building's edge (However a little bar kept her from falling) and laid on it casually, with her head resting on her hands and her feet propped on a metal box of sorts that was conveniently close to the care-free teenager. Claudia felt the button piercing that she had gotten recently and a thought came into her mind,

    "Whoa. I should totally get spider-bites. Or maybe another tattoo or something.." Claudia spoke aloud, sure that there was no one around her, but her piercing ordeal was interrupted by her I-Phone ringing a small part of the song "Cough Syrup" signifying a text message. She slipped it out of her skinny jean pockets, assuming that her friends got out early due to the fact that it was only around nine-ish. However, the hope drained as the big letters appeared on the screen.


    Claudia Felis Beldeschmidt! How dare you skip out on the spa trip again! Your father will surely hear of this, don't expect to be getting out through your window any more! That tree is getting cut down today so that you will finally do what your told. You brought this upon yourself!

    "Dumme Schlampe..Das ist mir furzegal! Zicke.." Claudia spat at the phone albeit that fact that no one could hear. But if anyone were to hear, and to understand her fluent German she would probably be considered quite the trash mouth. Even her father wouldn't talk like that. She shoved her phone into the adorable bag she carried and pouted.

    I'll just flipping put the ladder there or something, Claudia thought coldly. Her mind was consumed in thoughts on how to get Eva back but it was interuppted as the loud bell ring that honestly hurt her ears. Whoa. It was already time for lunch?

    Claudia got up quickly, grabbing all of her sprawled out belongings into the now overfilled bag. As she ran down the stairs she wondered what would happen this lunch.
  15. Ok... so the last try didn't go so well. But this time should work flawlessly.. right? Ralph would just sneak into the school during lunchtime.

    There she was. Her hair was flowing and her eyes where glowing like two tractor beams. She was talking with a few of her friends, he wished he could be as happy as they where. Ralph took out his apple. You can do this. After a few deep breaths Ralph hurled all 2 pounds of his upper arm strength at her head. Soon. Wait. No. No. It didn't hit her. It hit. It hit. Oh jeez. Please don't hit me. I wasn't aiming for you. No. Please. Stop. Please. No. Do I know any defense spells? No time. Did they just hear that? Did I just break 3rd person narration. No. That's enough punches for one day, right? Now you are kicking. My flesh drips red. Especianto Ex Deus Nomanostrum... fuck what is the use?


    No one at this school has ever heard me talk more than a whisper. They are all staring at me. The whole school is staring at me. And now they are laughing at me. Starting with Elvira and her friends. They are all laughing at me. I run. Out of those cruel prison doors.. I run. I'll never come back again to be tarred and feathered. This is the last time. I will run where NO ONE will find me. No more.

    * * *

    It just occurred to me that I left the book in the lunch room. Hopefully no one finds it.
  16. Adelie casually ate her sushi, once again giving half an ear to the conversation. Claudia and Elvira were still head-locked in their typical genre war, leaving Adelie with nothing to add. She whispered to herself, quietly debating whether turtles without shells were snakes with legs or not. She chuckled, imagining a head-heavy snake marching around on fat legs. She looked up as she noticed everyone else laughing. Had she been speaking that loudly? Upon glancing around, she noticed what they were really laughing at.

    Her eyes connected Ralph Tsoukalos'. His chin crumpled in the way that was quickly becoming familiar to Adelie. She began to frown as she saw a red-faced kid named Derrek making his way towards Ralph Tsoukalos, his fists balled and expression contorted in rage. Adelie let out a cry of despair as the first punch met his fragile face. She covered her eyes and ran to the bathroom, unable to witness the bloody violence that had nearly commenced before her.
  17. Cel chased after Adelie. "Addie?" She said, pushing the bathroom door open. The incident in the cafeteria was certainly not unusual, but this time Ralph had spoken. "Addie, it's alright." Adelie was leaning against the paper towel dispenser, her face covering her hands.

    "You should have seen him. He stood up for himself." Addie shivered, and Cel said, "Come on back when you're ready, okay?" Then she left her friend and walked back down the hall. Cel didn't understand guys like Ralph who always got themselves into trouble. There was just something strangely different about him that she couldn't put her finger on. She entered the lunch room and Claudia gave a questioning look, mouthing "Where's Adelie?". Celeste mouthed "coming" and then started walking over. She saw a few drops of blood on the floor where the fight had taken place and grimaced. Then she noticed something else, under one of the tables. It was large and brown and as she bent over, she saw that it was a book. Cel crouched down and reached under the table, pulling out the thick, leather-bound book. It was heavy and had nothing on the cover except a circle with a strange design inside. She flipped the cover open and saw, written inside in loopy calligraphy "To Ralph Tsoukalos - With love"
  18. Elvira was left on her own, watching with horror as that Ralph boy was pummelled to a bloody mess. She couldn't speak, and she was unable to move either. She wasn't usually like this - usually being the one to break up a fight using her own fists - but she didn't know what to do this time. Her mind whirled, and suddenly she broke into action, standing up.

    She grabbed Derrek, and yanked him off the other kid who she vaguely knew. "Listen; leave him alone or I will pound your face in like you have just done to him, only I will do it ten times harder." She sweetly said, and let him go. Elvira then ran out of the room after Ralph and caught his elbow. "Lets get you to the nurses room."

    Quickly wrapping her arm around his shoulders, she led him down the hall to the nurse's room, muttering under her breath, "Stupid bullies. Absolutely no cause to do that. No need to hurt someone who is completely innocent." She scowled, still thinking about the other kid that they had left in the lunch room. Elvira glanced at Ralph and bit her lip as they entered the small, cramped room which belonged to Mrs McGuigan, the elderly school nurse. "Are you ok? Your cuts look really bad, and I'm afraid you'll most likely have bruises, but hopefully we can get those sorted out." She smiled slightly to make him feel even a little bit better. "I'm Elvira by the way. Is your name Ralph?"
  19. Before she had a chance to get over to Claudia and Natalia who were sitting in the lunch room (she didn't know where Elvira had disappeared off to), the bell rang. Cel looked down at the book in her hands and shoved it into her backpack, crumpling her English packet. Then she pulled out her phone as a sea of students pushed passed her.

    Meet me right after school at the cafe. Urgent.
    She texted Addie, Claudia, Natalia and Elvira. Then she quickly tucked her phone back in her pocket and ran off to Math. All through math the book burned in the back of her mind and her eyes stayed glued to her half opened back pack. Celeste didn't know what it was about it, but this book was incredibly intriguing, and she hadn't even looked past the first page. As soon as the bell rang she would bolt down the street to the bubble tea cafe and then wait for everyone to arrive before opening it. Hopefully it would't take too long because Cel had jazz at 4:30.

    "Cel?" Her teacher looked concerned.
    "Sorry. What question?" Cel sighed. This was not the time to be distracted.
  20. Natalia watched the scene unfold with a shake of her head. Stupid boys, she thought. She left the lunchroom as soon as the bell rang, just to feel her phone vibrate in her pocket. She checked it quickly and scrunched her eyebrows together in slight confusion. What was so urgent? The question rattled her mind all through the class, along with the telltale scenarios that flashed across her mind. They were all part of a secret mission and they had to kill the bad guy before he took over the world. Her dog had died. Their parents had been murdered by a serial killer and they were next. Her friend had been abducted.

    Wow, she was reading waaaaaay too many books.