The Blue Bird Apartment Murder

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  1. IC Thread
    Thursday, January 21 2014 at 12:09 AM​

    Today a woman was murdered in her home during a temporary black out at the Blue Bird Apartment complex. The woman, Ms. Jamie May was found collapsed in chair with a knife in her chest along with thirteen stab wounds.

    No one was found at the scene of the crime, but there are many suspects, as all of the tenants of the building were home at the time. The police is at the scene and are now investigating and interrogating all of the tenant and apartment staff.

    So this is a kind of Who Done It? role play and it'll be fun, I promise.

    Here's how it'll work. People will apply and provide a meager amount of information on their character. Then I will put all of the names of the characters in a hat, shake it up, and the first name I pull will be the murderer!

    But no one will know! (Except for me)

    The role play will end when the someone guesses who the murderer is. But it shan't be easy! The tenants and apt. staff (except for whoever the murderer is) will have to post their investigation and who their top suspect is. Then they shall pm me! And if they get it wrong THEY DIE. There will be a scene when the lights go out again and there will be a scream (or a thump or a bump) and then someone or all the tenants will find the body of the dead person, as well as a clue! But if they get it right, then the game ends and the murderer goes to jail.

    Then the game restarts, but in a different setting. :3

    Clues will be found after every black out. If the clue applies to your character the police will investigate you! You must then give a reason as to why the clue was there.

    No godmodding!
    PM me with who you think the murderer is.
    The Murderer does not need to pm me.
    Murderer please don't tell anyone who you are.
    All posts must include the name of your character.
    All posts must be at least a paragraph. (5-8 sentences)
    Rules may be added at any time.
    The first post will be of the police interrogating you.
    The police/law enforcement are played by me.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: [No anime pictures]
    Status: (Tenant of Staff)
    Likes: [Most must be tangible items; Items are non living things.]
    Dislikes: [Most must be tangible items; Items are non living things.]
    [Do not include a bio!]

    Ava Hazelton

    David "Davie" Casters

    Matt Grady

    Sonya Thomas Beech


    Mimi d'Angelo

    Police Investigators
    (Solely played by GM)

    Neil Barker

    Meghan Rhodes
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  2. (Hmm... Sounds a bit like that game; murder at masquerade manor o-o I shall join! Could we include appearance?)

    Name: Ava Hazelton
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Allergies: None
    Status: Tenant
    Likes: Flowers, Music boxes, Violins, Books
    Dislikes: Knives, Guns, Creepy dolls
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  3. Accepted and yes! Please include an appearance (non anime).

    Thanks for reminding me! I always forget at least one thing in a character sheet. xD

    Also congrats for being the first to join! Hopefully more will take interest. :3
  4. Alright X3 can't wait o-o
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  5. Name: David "Davie" Casters
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: hughes.jpg
    Allergies: Cats
    Status: Tenant
    Likes: Fountain Pens, Clocks, Potato Chips, Water
    Dislikes: Sunglasses, Cameras, Insects
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  6. XD Dat face, I can't quite describe the look on his face in my point of view (Perhaps... Derpy?), but it makes me burst out laughing for some odd reason o-o
  7. Haha... Exactly the reason why I chose the picture. Such an interesting face :P

    BTW where is your siggie from York?
  8. Accepted! And oh my gosh when I clicked the alert it went straight to this picture and scared the crap out of me.
  9. Name: Matt Grady
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Allergies: None
    Status: Tenant
    Likes: video games, computer programming, dogs, and sarcasm
    Dislikes: cats, roaches, Brussels sprouts
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  10. Accepted! Although sarcasm isn't really an item. ^^

    So hopefully if we get like two or more people we can begin!
  11. @Cahill I found my signature at random o-o tumblr I think XD
  12. Thanks for accepting me. :)
  13. Well if I owned a giant sign that said sarcasm and I called the sign sarcasm that would work
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  14. Name: Sonya
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Allergies: gluten (she's celiac)
    Status: tenant
    Likes: books, fish, modern furniture
    Dislikes: church, public transport, children
  15. @The Red Tazelwurm
    RED SRSLY you are a bottomless pool of ideas! How-h-how do you!


    Pretty please let me join? I'll post a sheet if I know you're not tired of rp-ing with me.
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  16. @Lorchenne

    I could never be tired of you! :D And ohmigawsh Lottie! I luff her O.O.


    Accepted! And wow she doesn't like children? xD [We have something in common!]


    When Lorchenne posts her character, we shall start.

    Also I've added something to the character sheet about the items. Not tryna be rude or anything, I just added that last bit, to clarify things.

    I also changed the top three suspect thing to just one.

    Also here is the brief and very vague sheet for the two cops that shall be grilling and interrogating you. :D

    Name: Neil Barker [Chief of Police]
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Role: Bad Cop
    Traits; Gruff, has no soul, incapable of being nice to anyone other than Meghan.

    Name: Meghan Rhodes [Rookie]
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Role: Good Cop
    Traits: Clumsy, bit nervous, incapable of being mean.
  17. @freyy

    I need a last name for Sonya. :3
  18. Oh hey, the cops are hot.
    And yeah, I sooo love Lotti almost as much as I love Elsa. XD

    So here:

    Name: Mimi d'Angelo
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female


    Allergies: Nuts
    Status: Staff- Security
    Likes: high heeled pumps, weapons, cupcakes, handcuffs, alice bow, men's scents
    Dislikes: peanut butter, touchscreen phones, littered trash, unflattering clothes
  19. @Lorchenne

    Accepted! And yay, finally a staff member! Whoot!
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  20. @york

    Okay so I'm putting all the names in a hat! And by hat I mean this.

    I'll pm the chosen one and then post the IC :D

    And the voting ended in 'No' to the posting order.
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