The Blood Pact: Order of the Gods Part 1 (closed)

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  1. (I would like active people who will make a cs and communicate with me. I know we all get busy I am included in this )

    This Is a Assassin esque Rp Yes. :)

    Background History
    Many a years ago in a Kingdom by the sea a group of 8 orders got together. They were known to help the world and rid them of their problems. They killed those that did harm unto others. They were known as the world's Guardians. the orders had sublets all over the world. They were known as The Guardian Orders. Each hailed from a different country. The 8 countries were, Russia, Ireland, Egypt, Rome, Greenland , Asia, India, and Greece. Each leader held the power of A amulet. The amulets had the power of the god they were named after. However the world seemed to no longer need these orders. So they went into the under ground order's and continued their work silently as Vigilantes. However all trace of them has been snuffed out and the world has grown dark. However before they went into hiding They made a blood packed they would return again when the earth was in great need.

    Many years later after the orders seemed to have gone silent 8 College age males and females. They are now forced to come together to work with one another to get the world back into order. The world was dark and grey and run down. The ones who had money before everything started to fall to Hell,made a place called Haven. The Middle class made a small place called Medium. The rest of the world was called hell. where the lower middle class and lower class fought and scavenged to survive.

    The 8 will be taken from where ever and must put the world right to bring back peace and balance to the world.

    List Of Characters:
    (ages 23-27 non all the same age)
    Female upper class @MotherOfCthulhu
    Female Middle class @Poisoned Rose
    Female Lower middle class @White -- Chocolate
    Female Lower class @Scorpio Queen

    Male Upper Class @Fae
    Male middle class @Andy
    Male Lower middle class @CaptainFaux
    Male Lower class @Kirito

    Order's (Russia, Ireland, Egypt, Rome, Greenland , Asia, India, and Greece):

    Order of Dis Pater ( Irish) symbol and amulet a Scorpion @Scorpio Queen
    Order of Odin (Nortic, Greenland )symbol and amulet Star @Fae
    Order of RA (Egypt ) symbol and amulet eye of RA @Andy
    Order of Neptune (Rome) symbol and amulet Sun @Poisoned Rose
    Order of Hades (Greece )
    symbol and amulet Dog @Kirito
    Order of Shiva ( India ) symbol and amulet elephant @White -- Chocolate
    Order of Nio (Asian ) symbol and amulet Tiger @MotherOfCthulhu
    Order of Savrog (Russian ) symbol and amulet snowflake @CaptainFaux

    Order of Dis Pater ( Irish) Death god death, shadows, and darkness
    Order of Odin (Nortic, Greenland ) king of the skys god so air and wind
    Order of RA (Egypt ) Sun god fire and more powerful in the day
    Order of Neptune (Rome) God of the sea, so water powers
    Order of Hades (Greece ) Death God shadows death and darkness
    Order of Shiva ( India ) God of Destruction Chaos and mayhem
    Order of Nio (Asian ) God of wrath a guardian and protector. So a lot with this one
    Order of Savrog (Russian ) Fire God so fire powers

    Thinks that's all please post interested below and do poll thank you. 4-8 for interest if I get four you must double as a male.

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  2. let me know in thread and poll
  3. I'd be up for middle/upper class Order of Nio :D
  4. male or female hun
  5. Female sorry XD
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  6. alrighty upper class it is
  7. Yay thank you :)
  8. tag those you think be interested and of course
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  9. I think i'd like this. Male middle class and..I think I'll go with the order of Ra
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  10. @B l u E s maybe you'd like this? I'm not sure. Just thought I'd invite you anyways haha
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  11. Female middle class, amulet of Neptune if I may?
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  12. Yes ma'am
  13. Awesome I shall try to work something out with her soon also pm me about the amulets and such so i can know more
  14. sure
  15. Godly Assassins?

    Assassins of the Gods?

    Order of the Gods?

    Return of the Assassins?

  16. Blood Packed: Order of The God's Part 1

    what you think?
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