The best accent?

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  1. Inspired by the random babbling of chatbox.
    What accent do you find to be the best/
  2. u wot m8, gr8 b8, gib it an 8 outta 8, too l8 for your d8.

    I used to think that was satire. Then I met a an actual 'chav'.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Fem wise.
    Refined American accent. You don't hear it often because everyone settles for that slow-ish ay hey accent.

    Irish is tops.

    Random thread, by the way.
  5. I wrote a character like that not too long ago. He had no RP to call home. But he was basically a chav/russian in a track suit with a drinking problem.

    His plot candy was he was so drunk one night he dove into an icy river to save a woman who he saw jump in. Turns out she was some paranormal creature that wasn't determined. Alcohol kept him from dying of cold shock or something.

    Imagine that whispering in your ear for more, more, more.
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  6. The best accent ya' say?;)
    MINE!! Cause I am European living in Uk with an Americanish accent kind of lol xd
  7. The English accent in Britain that you can understand. I have a grandma who was raised in Liverpool- not sure if there's one accent in that general area but her accent is the best one out there! :3
  8. Australian, British, or Irish. Hands down. We call a friend Mr. Sexyvoice for a reason.....My favorite Australian.
  9. I just love accents. Any country, any region! O___O Anything that is distinct and I don't hear everyday. There's just something fun about listening to them.
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  10. You should hear me on Skype one time Diana xd. I bet I can make you laugh :))
  11. I really love Russian accents, it sounds so bubbly-ish and I find it attractive
    I don't like Brooklyn or Kentucky style accents. Particularly that redneck sounding accent (Even though mine is an offshoot of Texan orz). It doesn't sound pretty
  12. Yorkshire accent. You know that really posh-British, I love it!
  13. Mine! I'm Czech with no reason to speak in English whatsoever so it sucks in wildly surprising ways, but hey, at least it's funny :D
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  14. I was always fond of the grave, but maybe that's because I have an easier time lowering my pitch when speaking in Greek.

    ...What do you mean that's the wrong type of accent? Fine. British.
  15. The Aussie accent has always amused me. Second to that would be German then French. I suppose I've grown numb to the accents of mid-America, as I cannot distinguish most accents anymore, save for obvious foreign ones reigning from the general area of South-East Asia and the Middle Eastern to Euro-Asian areas. They stand out considerably. Otherwise, I've heard plenty of English accents before, only at the airport however. Jamaican on occasion and South of the border accents have a similar sound which sadly leads to the stereotype most people from Mexico or otherwise are, well, Mexican. Bah, rambling.
  16. Yep, a lot of people don't think Chavs exist.

    Unfortunately, they do.
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  17. *Is German*
    People think I'm yelling at them, but I'm just trying to converse D:

    Personally, I enjoy the Japanese accent, where they keep pronouncing l's as r's.
  18. My wife is Australian.

    And her voice is sexy.

    I love it when she goes down under on me.

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    Pfft, I joke. Listening to a Glasweigan speak is like having your ears threatened with a knife attack.

    Russian accents are pretty awesome, though. The way it all blends together and their way of rolling R's is fun.
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