The Battle for Kirkwall

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Victoria sat in her usual seat at the Blooming Rose. She wasn't there to be "attended", but she enjoyed the rather upbeat melody of the music that only played there. Also, she liked to catch her friends entering, and they'd pay her a silver or two for her to keep her mouth shut.

Occasionally, someone would pass by and pay her a few sovereigns, and then would be pissed off that she wasn't one of the whores. Victoria never gave the money back to any of the pervs.

At nine, she decided tp retire to the Lowtown streets, and hope that'd she'd be able to smite off a couple of gaurd pretenders, or rarely, robbers.

Robbers were rare simply because no one had anything worth stealing. It was always just some torn trousers, a silver or two, and that was if you were lucky.

She sighed, and leaned against the wall next to the entrance to Hightown. She wished something fun would happen for a change.
The sudden excitement, came in the form of a bulky male, running towards her. Cerulean Lightheart was wearing nothing but a ragged pair of trousers. His demeanor was frightened and drunk. It isn't often he gets this out of balance, but when he does chaos ensues.

Not far behind are a bunch of ruffians, carrying cheaply made weapons. They yell and chant colorfully. Most of it is babble, because they are as drunk as Cerulean is.

He stops to catch his breath, a few feet away from Victoria. The young man barely looks up to see her.

" ah burry beautifilllll."

Cerulean passes out in front of her.
"Fuck!", Victoria exclaimed wildly, looking at the oncoming mob of babbling drunks.

She reached down and grabbed the man -that had passed out in front of her- by his wrists, and struggled to pull him out of the way, into a side alley. He smelled of mead and whiskey.

With him now propped up on the alley wall, she slapped in the face. "Wake UP!", she insisted.
Cerulean was just sober enough to open his eyes. His vision was in serious need of a jump start. Then the pain registered on his face.

"ooooooowwwwwwWWWWWWWWWWie! What was that for? Did I touch you inappropriately? If I did, I am sorry, I promise it's the mead....and whiskey.....and the goats blood....I think."

He shakes his head into some kind of sober-ish state. Seeing the mob go by, he keeps his hand over his mouth.

"What...I think I seen you are still stunning btw." Cerulean giggles and bulches, softly.

The legs were growing weak, so leaning became the prime option.
"I doubt it", she replied bitterly. "I remember everyone that pays me to sleep with them....and everyone that demands their money back when I don't."

Victoria sighed, and began to walk away. This was not a problem she needed on her hands.
The young man's eyes widened, as he tried to talk.

"Wait, if you can get me to my house, I will pay you." He barely got out of his recovering brain pan.

He stumble slowly turned into a walk. Cerulean almost reached out to touch her, but he thought better of it. A woman like that, could surely give him a good beating.

"It will be worth you while, I promise."
"How much?", she asked, stopping.

And it better not be in, she added in her head.
​"Obviously, you caught me at a bad time. So I can't prove what I am about to say. I am a black smith, and a damn good one. If you can get me home, you can get first pick of my stock tomorrow. My house is in Lowtown. "

Cerulean tried his best to look honest. His nerves were reawakened at the sound of the mob coming back. They couldn't see him but they got antsy.

"Please, we must hurry! I am a good man, please help me."
Victoria considered it. "If you're lying, you're a dead man", she decided.

She turned to face the man, and said, "Where do you live?"
Cerulean nods firmly, dusting himself off.

"I know the stakes with someone like you, and I don't intend to see your bad side. C'mon then."

The young man stumbles left and gets up right. He really was surprised how well he was doing.

"I live about 3 houses from Gamlin. Do you know him?"
"Yeah, I know the old perv", she replied bitterly. Boy, did she know him well.

"You need any help there?"

Cerulean half scoff, caused stirring and the mob came around the corner. He signed and nodded to his temporary employee.

"Yes, I might need help." He said shyly, still stumbling.

"Okay, but watch your hands. Don't let them wander..", Victoria replied, grabbing his arm and putting it over her shoulder.
"Feel free to get over yourself. You are sexy, but damn it I can control myself!" He cried

The mob was closing in on the shambling couple. You can hear their shouted cusses.

"This is the last time I try to out sing a bard." Cerulean whispered.
"You...what?", Victoria laughed. "did you actually try to out-sing a bard? A dumbass coulda told you that wasn't going to end well."

She quickly pulled him, as well as herself, aside, behind a set of stairs leading to Gamlen's apartment.
" Hey hey hey, I did very well. For your information, I am able to sing as well as anyone...before I am drunk. It gets better, though, we get into my house. We are almost there. I will tell you more."

The mob seemed to have taken a wrong turn somewhere, because they were nowhere to be seen.

"Drunken bastards..." He said with a laugh.

Cerulean was truly starting to sober up. The young man was able to stand up straight, on his own. A few more steps and he reach his destination.


He just stood there, practically naked.
((@_@ where in the "walking home" did he lose his clothes!? xD))

"So......", Victoria said, feeling out-of-place.
(("The sudden excitement, came in the form of a bulky male, running towards her. Cerulean Lightheart was wearing nothing but a ragged pair of trousers. His demeanor was frightened and drunk. It isn't often he gets this out of balance, but when he does chaos ensues." <<there =D))

Cerulean motions for her for follow him in.

"Come in, the least I could do for you. I have food. Do you like food?" He asks sarcastically.

He inches his way in, wondering if she will follow.


Victoria slowly walked in, a little uneasy. "No, thanks. I already ate", she lied.
((.....yyyeess? haha))

Cerulean scoffed.

"I am not stupid, you know. You may not trust be the but least you can do is not believe me to be some form of evil."

He comes out of his bedroom with a shirt on.

"What do you think?" He asked, with his arms raised.

The house was rather nice for Lowtown. It was freshly cleaned, with no problems with the woodwork. The fireplace was going in front of some chairs and a couch. The kitchen towards the back, looked well-stocked. There was a cherry desk in the SE corner, with paper all over it. There was a chest with a shield on top of it.