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  1. Zailia



    Queen Tyona sat restlessly on her throne as she waited for her messenger to return with good news. She was hoping that they would find a new planet soon. She leaned forward in her white and blue chair as she propped her elbows up on her thighs. She then rested her chin on her locked fingers and sighed sadly. "Perhaps Claurisa.......died in combat......" The Queen, said softly to her eyes and gazed around her throne room. The waks were painted blue. On the ceiling hung beautiful crystal chandeliers. Lined along the walks were miniature rose pots lined all around the throne room. In the pots rested assortments of roses. The color of the roses and room brought out the color of the silken rug that trailed from her throne to the double doors.

    She had readied herself to believe that her messenger was dead until Claurisa burst through the doors. She ran pass the female warriors lined along the edges of the rug. " Lady Tyona, We have found a planet." The queen's eyes widen and she stood up out of her chair and caught Claurisa in her arms. They both drop to their knees and Claurisa breathed heavy."Catch your breath, Clarissa." The Queen said softly with a smile. She was curious of what planet had been found. Claurisa looked up at Tyona with a bright smile and tears."My lady, the planet of Trazeila is located North of our home planet. Their are even an immaculate amount of supplies we can use. Shall, I notify the others? " Claurisa asked, curiously. "

    Queen Tyona looked at Claurisa and stood up straight with her." Yes! Notify everyone at once!' Claurisa smiled and dashed out the door, and left down the hall, towards the loudspeaker room. When she came to the second door on the left she wasted no time in opening it and running towards the desk resting on the right side of the room. She pressed the red button on the machine.

    "ATTENTION, ALL LERION REPORT TO THE CASTLES COURTYARD! THE QUEEN HAS A MESSAGE!" Claurissa shouted, happily into the microphone.




    King Ryon sat in his chair, back propped against it firmly. He looked at his warriors lined along the walls and around his castle. The walls were painted white, whit gold linings as well as portraits of his ancestors lined the walls. It was a very important day for the Heilar. It had been a full year since King Ryon had sent his messenger and a group of warriors to search for a new planet to make their home. But, there was an issue. The messenger was running a day late. the king was worried now.

    King Ryon stood up from his throne then walked over to his left towards his giant glass window. He placed his hands behind his back and sighed sadly. His people were suffering and there was not hing he could do to protect or save them. With their lack of resources to make medicine, his people were becoming ill. The few Heilar with strong immune systems, tended to the weak. Each passing day seemed more like chaos for them. He gazed at his people from his window and tears began to build.

    He had slowly given up all hope of saving his people. King Ryon wiped his eyes. " I want to save my people and see them all smile. But, Felius has yet to return. I fear that something may have happened to him." The king dropped to his knees and his tears fell to the white, tiled floors, leaving mini puddles.

    As he stood back up and turned his attention towards his throne, Felius burst through the giant double doors and dashed upward towards the king. " YOUR MAJESTY!!!! I HAVE GREAT NEWS!!! WE HAVE FOUND A NEW PLANET!!!" Felius stopped on the kings steps in front of his throne, knelling down." Waste no time, Felius. Tell me, what is the name of this planet!?" Ryon's eyes lit up in excitement and he smiled widely, wanting to hear the good news.

    "King Ryon, the planet is located just south of our planet. It is called Trazeila." The king grabbed Felius by the shoulders, happily." Notify the others at once. Call for a meeting in the courtyard!" Felius stood up and bowed in respect. "Right away, my king." He turned away from the king, then dashed out the door and into the courtyard.



  2. It was a quiet day on Zailia, strangely peaceful for the women. Even though the resources were quickly disappearing and the women would soon be doomed, the warm sky was welcoming as if a sign of something good happening. Well, at least that was what Cricket thought. At the moment the petite woman was wandering through the city streets of Zailia, her pale yellow hair bounced cutely with each step she took. She fluttered through the crowds of taller, stronger and curvier women, almost like a tiny little finch flying amongst doves. Though it didn't show on her face, Cricket was a little jealous of the women and their looks. She was so short and petite that more often than not she was assumed to be 16...

    She was 20.

    However, being the optimistic girl that she was, she never thought about it too much. After all, she was one of the best, if not the best, healers in all of Zailia and still the only person able to heal the illness that caused her short stature in the first place. They came to her whenever they were not able to heal themselves and often times turned to her for other medical remedies! If she couldn't be a curvy warrior then she would be the tiny medic that kept the strong fit and was the only thing that kept them from dieing! Of course, she didn't let her skill go to her head, she always helped those in need, even if they could no afford for her treatment. With such hard times someone couldn't be picky about if they was paid money or not...Besides, everyone here was happy to pay in anyway they could, be it assistance or food or just kind words.

    Cricket continued on her way quietly, a small smile on her lips as her mind went to the thought of her current task at hand; finding Leona. That woman always seemed to be able to hide herself from the tiny woman, even though she was so much taller than her. Then again, she was an archer and archers needed to be sneaky if they wanted to survive! Before she could get much father in her search though the sound of an excited voice came over the intercom system that they had installed in their city for meeting purposes...


    A message? What could the queen have to say? Hopefully it wouldn't be bad news...Cricket hated bad news. Stopping her search for Leona, knowing that she'd probably be able to find her in the courtyard later on after the meeting was over. Trotting off into teh crowd once again, the tiny woman flowed with the rest of the women into the courtyard to hear their ruler speak.
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    Rain was trying to keep herself calm by doing girly things. All day, her thoughts had been nagging at her, insisting that something amazing was about to happen. It would probably be something somewhat good, since if things got any worse for everyone they'd all be dust by midnight, but it would probably mean change. Big change, at that. That was all well and good for people who liked it when some new, crazy thing was happening every day, but she had never been one of those people. Change made her nervous. Really, most things did. But she had always been good at pretending not to have emotions, so nobody really knew this.

    She sat at the sill of the window in her large, spacious room, arranging the lillies she'd dyed purple yesterday. She'd been growing them from the seeds she'd found in a box in Sonnika's old room. It hadn't exactly been easy, since water was being rationed to families and she was just one woman, but she was fine with a little thirst from time to time. On a whim, she pulled one of them from the vases and placed it in her aqua-hued hair-- maybe, if Sonnika could see somehow, she'd think her little apprentice looked pretty today. Had she still been alive, this would have been Sonnika's birthday. Rain lowered her eyes to her feet. How empty this day was. It occurred to the woman that for her, most days were pretty empty. She could go out and do things, she supposed. But why? What was the point, really, when making a friend was actually just gaining a person to lose? She probably would have wound up hiding away behind drawn blinds all day, mulling that question over, until the announcement rang out over her head.

    So instead of being a recluse, she pulled two gun holsters over her thighs beneath her loose, pale robes, placing the Dragon Slayers, her two favorite handguns, into them. Her lips folded into a frown. I do hope nothing odd is happening.... Robes swaying in the cool breeze that the evening produced, she made her way to the courtyard.
  4. Hasael sat on a thick branch high up on a tree. The warm breeze caressed his hair as he lay content. He was on the outskirts of town, though not far enough for the PA system to be out of earshot. His weapon of choice, his Goldenfyre, was the only gun-sword in town that he knew of. He crouched over and jumped from the tree, landing gracefully on his feet, the crunching of acorns underneath his feet pleased him. He was now getting started with the task given to him. Apparently, he was to collect logs for the local smith's firing pit. No time to waste. He pulled Goldenfyre, and drove his sword into the tree, and pulled on it to make sure it wouldn't budge. With that, holding the pommel of the sword, he pulled the sword around the tree with immense speed, cutting a notch around the tree.

    With every orbit around the tree, the notch became deeper until the tree fell over. before Hasael could cut the tree
    into smaller, lighter pieces, a voice came on over the intercom.


    Hasael sighed. he could finish later. He began to run towards the castle couryard. Been a while since the Queen herself has given the message. Normally its just her secretary. That made Hasael uneasy.

    Hasael had a feeling...
    Something was wrong.


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  5. Shallow cyan stained eyes averted themselves from the lavender plants toward the clear evening sky, she wondered if anyone looked at it the same way she did every evening. Her hand brushed by the plant, the petals tickling the tips of her fingers while she sat on the ground.Tearing her orbs away from the above she smiled warmly,and eyes fluttering shut to savor the moment just for a while.'Mother would be so proud of us now...Father too.' She pondered with a gentle smile covering her features. Her mother had not made it here due to the critical wounds she had, while on their journey here she took ill from those wounds, and only grew weaker. Before that, when she saw her mother fighting her father she could sense sadness and pain in them both, the tears that mingled with their blood and sweat signifying their love for one another.Torn souls. Even if it killed her mother Tomakie couldn't find it in herself to hate her father, but her older sister could. But she was blind to their father's true feelings, so Tomakie could understand why she held that hate. Even so, she wouldn't know what to say to her dad now if she had ever met him, on thing was for sure she would embrace him no matter his sins. A slight breeze had blown by swooping strands of brown hair through the air, transparent yet fragile shallow blue fabric danced to the winds current. As it blew by it caressed soft spots of skin that lay exposed to the gentle breeze, a most calming and relaxing time in the day. How oblivious she was to the announcement that had faded into the silence of her thoughts."Toma! Come on, Her Majesty has something important to say if we miss this we'll be fools! Now stop your day dreaming!" she chided, helping her younger sister up.

    Tomakie couldn't help but smile pleasantly at the older woman, she'd always taken to being so pushy when it came to things like this. If anything it was understandable, when the Queen had something to say it was hard to ignore. Tomakie's face almost played upon a frown as she ran a hand over the heated flesh of her shoulder."Well, let's hope it's some good news." The younger woman grunted as she was pulled roughly to her feet by the older,she looked so much more like their mother than Tomakie did, dark brown short hair and emerald green eyes. She even had their mom's most beautiful smile or at least she from what she remembered of the woman.

    "Yes it should, I saw her messenger come back this morning! The look that woman had on her face let me know that something good was going for us all today." The ever so excited but older sibling began to pull Tomakie along toward the castle's courtyard. "Calm down, Reki! You'll tear my arm off."Tomakie stammered after nearly taking a fall and feeling the strain on her arm,"Toma you should learn to dress more casual and possibly a bit more..conservative,your way too young to be dressing in such attire." In response she got a loud sigh."Ok, I'll leave the subject be miss warrior. You and your fellow kind should learn to lighten up on casual occasion though." Reki muttered. Already Tomakie just wanted her sister to understand it did not matter what she wore, at any time Tomakie could be called to arms as she had many times before,she was always prepared. Even to be so young she lay her life on the line for their survival.Was that so hard for her sister to grasp or was she still mad that she volunteered to do this? After three years she could hardly tell.Being towed to the Courtyard many women and children had already shown up, making note to each gossip about what the Queen had to say. Tomakie only hoped it would be a peace treaty with the men, however that seemed too highly doubtful.The Queen had too much pride for her own good in Toma's opinion, and too much pride was never a good thing to have. Surely this pedestaled pride would be the downfall of many,if it already hasn't that is. The many deaths that had taken place here was proof of it all. Would the Queen say that some women have died for our survival?If only the two genders would come to some agreement, mainly the King and Queen for the good of their people and their lives.Toma shook her head lightly at the very thought, her hair waving behind her as she had done so."Like
    bickering children..." She uttered softly to herself with a tinted frown placed over her lips."What was that Toma?" her sister asked in confusion,Tomakie reformed her smile and shook her head as if though it was nothing but deep down it was a lot more than what she lead on everyday. The spirits of the old must be weeping down at their kin, and letting the flutter of their tears vanish from the face of the earth as they go and hide from what they witness. With a hand held close to her heart, she felt the pull of sorrow colliding like waves against rock.A shame to unification.

    Their people were dying from separation,one cannot live without the other.No matter how much foundation was laid down for them to live there was just no true way of survival without the men.No matter the depleting resources or how many people died would they not see this? This was a disoriented dream that had become fear stricken reality for everyone, no matter how many places they went this would always be the result. People losing their lives to monsters and resources becoming scarce.As fr as anyone else knew they had figured the men were struggling as well,if they knew this...then where is the common sense? All smashed into one person's that she was thinking about it..did it make her a hypocrite? Possibly..all Tomakie had was her dreams.Truthfully, Tomakie dreamed of a world of pure beauty and peace.A glade that held many trees and shrubs laid on it's land scape, though the larger trees were like giant guardians, their bark shined like ambers and their leaves like bright emerald jewels glittering in the sun.Some of their branches twisted together forming an arch, after the arch you could see a large lake.Crystal blue fresh water,organisms swimming around in happiness. The glade was filled with flowers that varied in color she smelled the aroma that flew from them and into their air she breathed. Feeling the soft tickle of health grass under her feet, the vast beauty filling her with joy as she watched men ,woman, and children dancing and basking in the love and nature..Of course that was all wishful thinking on her part.But can't a girl dream sometimes? To dream of a glorious tomorrow, then to eventually have those dreams become reality? She would go against many people in the process...even her own sister and the Queen to make them realize.To make them choose their own fate. And not one for everyone else.Of course there are those who hate the men out of personal reasons or because of a foolish rumor, but there was always a time to forgive and let go of the past to look to a better future...would they every see that? A breath fled from her soft lips, as her eyes had become glossy due to the misery her race and other races where struggling with.'Someone has to make them understand and forget..'All her thoughts had piled to be a heavy weight on her shoulders,for a long time it had been so.How much more would pile before she couldn't bare it any more? How many more people have to die a premature death,without living to see another grow?

    'Please...let there be some sense to this announcement.'
    She had given her sister a whole hearted smile, she returned that with one of her own before going back to wait for the Queen's appearance.

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    Out of all the trees in Zalia, this was definitely her favorite. And what reason would it not be? It had a beauty to it; a certain... finesse. Some trees in the planet were full of dazzling stripes, patterns, and even had the boldest of colors. If one would be around them enough, one would even think that the people of Zalia had hand painted them themselves. But of course, that was still the beauty of Zalia and her nature. There was a magic that reached deep into the core of the planet, giving it life, nurturing its creatures, and sprouting mosaics of beautiful nature, such as the tree Leona was gazing up at. It was truly a wonderous sight in her eyes, even thought she was supposed to be doing something else. At least doing something productive.

    Like maybe looking for Cricket.

    Leona looked up brightened sky of Zalia for a sense of time. She had no idea how long it had been since she slipped away from the young girl's grasp, but surely it had been quite a long time ago? Even though Cricket could be clingy at times, Leona still wanted to know that she was in good spirits and health. With all of the tension in Zalia going on about the lack of supplies, it was hard to remain close to the girl. Leona, of course, brought it upon herself to find some of the necessary items that were needed, but she wasn't a miracle worker. One woman could only do so much, and Zalia didn't have the power required to gather those items on their own. Ever since the spit...Leona shook a strand of brown and silver hair down above her eye, tucking it back behind her ear. The Queen had enough on her plate already and she probably needed as much help as she could possibly get, and Leona was one of her most determined fighters. But every so often, she needed a break.

    The tree next to her was the perfect resting stop for her. During the time where she slipped away from Cricket, Leona had went off into the woods to practice her archery. It was all she could do with what she had. Now that she thought about it, rubbing the bark of her magnificent tree, Leona only had her skills and Cricket in this world to look forward. Her silent nature never allowed her to go out and explore the gossiping or conversations of the other women of Zalia. There was so much going on that keeping up with all of it would prove nearly impossible. Instead, she stuck to herself and the time she had with the nature of the planet. Either that, or she was forced to travel with Cricket during the days.

    Leona let her slender fingers slide down the smooth bark of the multicolored tree. It was as soft as the finest silken robes of the Queen's palace and with the most dazzling colors Leona had ever laid eyes on. Compared to her natural attire of white, black, and blue, this tree brought out the beauty inside her as well. With a light inhale, she closed her eyes and tried to feel the pulse of magic that pulsed through the tree. It was the same magic that pulsed through her veins and most likely the rest of Zalia. To lose that power...


    Leona was slow to open her eyes at the message that reached all edges of the planet. Once the voice was done ringing through her ears, Leona let out a reliving sigh. It was finally time for her to actually do something productive, other than searching for Cricket. Hopefully, the girl had heard the message as well. Taking one last look at the splendid twist of beauty before her, Lenona bent her head, uttered a tiny message, and turned quickly on her heel, making her way to the palace as fast as her archery feet would take her, which was actually pretty fast.​
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    Dawn approached the angst filled holy men as they sat in their chairs with crosses adorning their every thread. The temple was painted white, slim trails of golden aligned the walls as a eery silence filled the usually peaceful place. No one dared to move--it wasn't because of respect or prayer at this point, this time something was wrong. Some of the trainees joked about the weirdness of our home, it resembled a cult if anything. For all I knew, it was a cult--the mother of all occult and rejects of society. No one person at the establishment was at their right state of mind, everyone had a secret, everyone had a dreaded past that they longed to forget--or better yet, bury. The mist covered most of the horizon, only a few buildings of the city could be seen at the far away scenery. We could see them; they couldn't see us--and that's exactly how the holy men wanted.

    "Your excellence," I called for as I awaited my orders, "I do hope you have slept peacefully tonight...the ceremony was carefully prepared just for you".

    The man made a distasteful grunt as he waved his bony hand at my direction, signaling of my presence not being needed--or wanted for that matter. I couldn't make out his true intentions at that point, the man was a old loon, nobody took him seriously. From the distance I saw him pace anxiously as he rubbed his almost hollow temples and sighed. The man was wide open for any attacks... it was so easy... a swing to the neck, a stab to the chest--a worthwhile kill. It wasn't like anybody would miss him, the establishment had been planning his disappearance--I mean 'retirement'--for months now, so I would only be fastening their work. Closing into the distant, I hovered beneath a old wooden table as the man rested his head.

    "My Rylor, what have you become? Sweet heavens, have mercy upon my worlds! Grant our city power, strength and intelligence! We must win--we must do it to surviv--" but the man did not finish.
    A swing to the neck, a stab to the chest. The man was dead.

    I had caught all the information I had needed on that day; the sacrifice was a worthy one, may the man rest blissfully in the afterlife. This is where my story starts, a darkened cranny at the inner city, preparing to hear a so-called important speech. This is how it all began.

  8. Yiang breathed in deeply as the dusk air swept by his face. His bright, ice blue eyes had closed minutes before and as he now slowly opened them he gazed up at a neon twilight sky. As he merely stared for moments another type of breeze rustled and he glanced towards the city, expecting something. But nothing happened and Yiang began to wonder if his senses had been teased. Glancing back to the pool of water in front of him he then slowly turned his gaze back to the stars which had begun to twinkle through the blue's and purple's the sky had begun to show. As the stars shined the tiny lights reflected back in his eyes, the bright colors shining off his glassy gaze.
    The side of his lips upturned and a tiny smirk swept his face. Then he merely stood staring up at the sky again.

    Snow_palace__by_heise.jpg twilight.png
    Yiang had left the barber shop hours ago he realized, and as he slowly reached up sliding his fingers through his hair he sighed, knowing it would be dawn by the time his hair was almost long enough to tie up.
    As he slowly closed his eyes again another sweep of strange breeze swept over him. 'What could be so weird today?' He kept his head down and his eyes closed merely listening to the slow sounds of the tiny waterfall that fell into the small pool of water in front of him. It had that soft tinkling kind of sound. Not like that of water against rock in a cave, and not even a constant flow. Just a small trickle that could ease the soul. This was his type of lazy day.

    Seeing as his hands had been slid in his pockets most of the day he carefully drug one out and studied it, caressing the ring on his pinky with his thumb and turning it in circles around his finger. He then subconsciously reached for his neck and fiddled with the choker there. Why did he get the feeling he had a reason for doing this today? Why was this day any different than the one before when he would caress his mothers things trying to remember, remember anything. What had she looked like, what had seen acted like?

    Was she kind and gentle? For seem reason he remembered her enough to know she was no tyrant. Nor was she a fighter. She was a healer, and a good one.
    But was she still alive? Was his father even still alive.

    He shook his head to clear his thoughts. Of course he was. One thing Yiang was probably sure of was that if anything ever happened to his father, he would know.
    Whether by the fact that he would feel a lifting off his soul where the chain to honor him had been. Or a letter from the king stating that his father had served the kingdom well blah blah blah.
    Yiang rather not care and merely pondered how he would ever find his mother if his father were to die. The only thing Yiang remembered of that day, the day his father took him, was receiving the jewelry and his father saying it was for the best. That he and her wouldn't have made it for long together anyways.

    Yiang despised his father for that statement. At least he could have kept it to himself. Why torture Yiang's mother more by telling her that he wouldn't have stayed with her anyways. She was already losing her only son without a choice. Of course it had been an arranged marriage. But perhaps, if things had been different. If his father had left by his own will and not having the right, the absolute power to take Yiang with him. Perhaps things would have never been the same.

    Course if he continued to think like that all he'd ever accomplish is pointless day dreaming.
    Yiang blinked once more. Course now days there wasn't much else to do.

    Yiang's mind began to wonder, wonder what his life would have been like on the home world, growing up with his mothers love and comfort, instead of growing up in a dorm with so many other unwanted and young boys. Being sent away to train for the rest of their lives. Yiang had to admit it was probably better than growing up with his father alone. But it was far from comforting completely. As Yiang slowly began to slide off into day dreaming, the stars becoming brighter and beginning to shine off the pool's surface, a strong wind blew from the direction of the city and as his white jacket ruffled over his lips a noise came from the speaker on the building next to him. As he brought his mind out from his body he heard the announcement.

    Opening his eyes wide he stood up straight pulling himself off of the building's side he was leaning on.
    "So my king, what have you got planned for us this time? What will you have us do now? To please your every pointless need."
    If Yiang sounded bitter, it was all the better.

  9. Yume smiled softly as she laid back in the grass, Okeli slowly easing himself down next to her and nuzzled his nose under her arm, lifting it over his head to rest on his neck.
    Yume had just returned from a month long trip with a group of healers searching for new herbs to use. Though many trips had been made before, nothing had come of them. And nothing had come of this either. But Yume gladly tagged along with payment. To watch out for and protect from the beasts and wild things that would endanger the simple herb hunters. Not that their jobs weren't needed, Yume would never think that. There were plenty of times that Yume needed the kind and gentle hands of a healer. But most of them hated fighting, so she was there for their simple survival needs.
    As she slowly breathed in the chilled breeze of the mountain air she rolled over to stare at Okeli, who mere rumbled under his breath and nuzzled her soft cheek with his nose. As she giggled softly she whispered, Daydreaming_by_Cierseruwal.jpg
    "So Okeli, after our long and difficult trip," She giggled softly again, "What would you like to do on your months vacation?"
    She softly stroked his muzzle rolling back over onto her back and staring up at the brilliant sky through the dark trees that waved through the soft breeze. She sighed again and glanced over as Okeli made a 'harrumph'
    noise and curled into a little ball rustling some of the fallen leaves around with his nose and paw. As he stopped and glanced over at her keeping his head still half buried under the leaves she couldn't help but burst into a short giggle. Sitting up she ruffled the fur on his back and he playfully snapped at her fingers.

    Now looking out into the forest her gaze darkened as thoughts slowly crept into her head. Why were they here? Not her and Okeli in particular, but they as in the Lerion. Her people, her kind. Herself. Why had they come here unprepared, unready to know if they could survive. And now almost half if not more than half their population had died due to the fact that they no longer had the supplies they needed. This was not a race worth fighting for if they were only going to spend their lives fighting. There were rumors that the Heilar had started everything, then there were rumors that the Lerion had. It mattered not. If both could not admit that neither could survive without the other than they were both at fault.
    Had the queen and king not thought of this? And what about the lives and families who had no problems with each other, who one day lived in peace and the next were ripped apart by blood, fighting and famine. What of those families? That had no wish to be separated. Yume, yes, was young when this occurred. But if she now, at her young age could somehow realize this, how far off could she be from the truth. And why had her father, her brother and her best friend been taken. When she herself knew they all loved each other as a family. This thought made Yume's thoughts pull to a halt and she glanced over at Okeli, wondering what her life would be like if she had grown to be closer to Xan, Xanthis the friend she had known before the planet had separated. The only Heilar of two she remembers. The other being her father.
    For some reason she doesn't remember her brother, he was the oldest, so never around much which is probably why she never really knew him. And when the men were taken from the families, her brother had fought as long as he could. She knew she had a brother, and knew she looked alot like him thanks to the few pictures her mother had hidden. But she never remembered what he was really like.
    Yume brought her thoughts back to Xan, they were merely children when she last saw him, but as she smiled deeply and played with the long pieces of Okeli's fur she wondered how he was doing. And hoped it was well. As she stood and began walking back to the small cabin the radio she kept in her satchel began to buzz, letting her know a message had been broadcast. As she ran to the side of the house where the bag had been thrown on their return home, she quickly unhooked it's latch and dragged the small radio onto the ground.
    As she crouched down clicking the replay broadcast button she frowned when the loud reply was sent across.
    "Well Okeli, looks like we'll be spending the first couple days in town. Time to head down there," she quickly placed the radio back into the bag and leaned towards the building grabbing Iaurlin and pushing it into the holster on her back. She then hopped onto Okeli's back and twisted her fingers into his fur for a grasp, "And better make it fast." Okeli then jumped down the first hill and booked for the mountain road.

  10. The air was silent safe for the sound of cascading water and the chirping of the birds. Xanthus sat upon a rock in the center of the end of the waterfall, the area around him covered with a fine mist of water that rose up from the base of the fall. The man had his head bowed, the soles of his feet placed against each other and his hands on each knee. Within his head, there were no thoughts - Pure serenity. Xanthus' chest rose and fell with every breath that he took, the voice of nature being the only sound that was inside his head. He could hear his own heart beat its rhythm, and he counted, slowly. One, two.


    He pushed himself to his feet using only his legs and he stood upon the slippery rock, managing to maintain his balance with ease. He drew back the both of his palms, raising up his right knee before he stepped forward with it, thrusting both of his palms out. With his eyes still closed Xanthus drew back his palms and spun around to face the opposite direction, using the momentum gathered by the spin to throw a double fisted punch - One fist went at head-level, and the other in the approximate area of an average-height man's solar plexus. His body moved in a deadly dance that was both powerful and peaceful - Every motion looked as if it had been practiced at least a thousand times, which they had been. There were no flaws in each of his motions and they were smooth as silk, every transition like flowing water.

    Xanthus' bare chest glistened with the mixture of sweat and water that had gathered upon him during his exercise. After about ten minutes of constant drills and strikes against an invisible opponent Xanthus drew back to his original standing position; his feet slightly apart, both fists clenched at his sides. Within the space of a second Xanthus summoned the Spirit of Nirvana, having moved his hands and his head to the position required to utilize this power right after he returned to his original stance. The translucent figure also had its eyes closed and it looked more at peace than Xanthus - And then it opened it's arms. Instead of a thousand, only a hundred of these arms opened up around the spirit's projection.

    With motions that slowly gained speed, Xanthus directed the actions of the manifestation of his power, sending groups of ten, twenty, thirty arms flying about in a lethal barrage, striking against the water around him and bringing up gouts of the liquid, only to rain back down upon his body and settle into the pond.

    Just as he finished his drill, the horn that called for all Heliar to go to the castle sounded, and Xanthus looked up. Could it be? Had they found a new planet?

    Xanthus calmly leapt off his rock and landed on the grass, kicking into his hand a towel to which he proceeded to wipe himself dry quickly. He quickly put on his clothes and with another two swift kicks his metal-lined fan and the gnarled wooden cane that he walked around with appeared in his hand.

    By the time he arrived at the courtyard of the castle, Xanthus could see the group of people that had gathered. He definitely wasn't going to join them. He could tell from some of their appearances that they were dressed for combat, swords, armour and such. Xanthus despised such people, people that lived to fight and saw fighting not as a last resort but as a way for what they think is a quick and simple resolution.

    "Ah. This should do."

    Xanthus said it to himself as he arrived at the edge of the courtyard and he moved to stand in the shadow of a pillar, leaning against it and facing the opposite direction as the others. He just needed to listen to what the King had to say and that was all. There was no need to mingle with the others.

  11. [​IMG]

    Acorns were quite underestimated.
    The power one little oak nut had was hidden so well beyond that outer covering, as if it was waiting to unleash everything it had inside to the world. Feeding so many different creatures, it was helpful in aiding nature, helping it survive in some ways. It would have to separate from it's brothers and sisters hanging from the mama tree, prepare for the great fall and tumble that would lead to another stage in life. In the end, the little acorn could become lucky enough to dig into the ground, and transform over time into that of a giant oak tree. It honestly was a very inspiring tale for those who were small themselves, and felt there was nothing left to hope for along their paths.
    Gillian felt that acorns were just fascinating.

    Positioned beneath one of his most favored spots in all of Rylor, the young man was enjoying his moment of tranquility this evening. It was surely a treat to have this time alone, to lean back against the experienced, strong bark that could tell stories, if only it could speak. If it could, Gillian would listen attentively, and actually show honest interest as well. Legs outstretched in front of him, sandals at his side as his bare feet wiggled toes against the air. Some might turn up their noses at him for letting his limbs hang out as so, but he was very clean, and didn't smell rotten, so he wouldn't have cared. Folding his arms, palms entangling against the soft, blonde tresses of hair that fell out from his hat, yes, Gillian was very content.

    The sun was shimmering out against his eyes, staring upwards to the sky with a lazy gaze. Adjusting the glasses in front of his view, he wouldn't allow the rays to blind him for much longer than a minute. It was beginning to fade outside anyways, the sun was quitting soon enough for the day. Gathering together the blades of his shoulders, creating a thick, deep line up his back, a grunt protruded from the trapped throat, a sign of successful stretching. Leaning forward to his knees, the lock hanging from his neck graces against his skin, swaying a little bit from the force of motion. Gillian did not flinch, even with the spikes against his skin tightening a bit, ever so gently from the pull of gravity on the lock. A Berserker was not weak, nor did the wince. That was not saying he was all high and tough, mighty mister man over here. He just was use to having thick skin, literally.

    True, his physical looks were that of a broad shouldered, towering build of muscle. Inside, however, the heart and soul of a scrawny, peaceful boy of nature thrived. Tilting his head back, Gillian twitched a little to the sound of a loud, booming voice. A smirk took to his lips, followed by the shake of his head.
    "Oh, Felius. As annoying as ever."
    With a warm chuckle, his joints cracked gently, springing up to his feet in a swift single motion. Placing his hands on his lower back, he arched his back, raising his chest to the setting sky. It was finally time to go back to the city, to civilization and actual beings, other than animal and plant life. Too bad it couldn't have waited for a few more hours, such a bothersome announcement.

    Slipping his large feet back into the thongs of his sandals, Gillian reached over to his weapon, strapping it once again to his back. The rope crossed along his front, and after a swig from his jug of water, it was time to head out. Making way along the forest, near a lovely little pond, it was a good thing that he left when he did. The Berserker just could not resist the acorns that sprinkled along his path. Stopping every other one he took into focus, his hand would reach out as he bent at the hip, gathering as many as he could stuff into his pockets. Beauty in nature was too much to pass up. It went by unnoticed by most on this planet, which was an extreme pity to the man.

    The soft thuds of acorns rattling against each other inside his short's pockets sounded out into the wind. Gillian entered the city finally, staring around at the bodies that rushed about in a certain direction. Figuring they were all headed towards the place of meeting for that sudden call, he chose to follow along at his own pace, slowly admiring the way the streets were laid out. Noticing a child chasing another before him, a smile crinkled at his cheeks. He did wish to be young like that again, in body at least. He never really took the time to grow up, even though it was expected of him as an 'adult'. Innocence was too precious to give away to a matter of aging, what was the point? Gillian stopped once he found a crowd waiting the result of that one announcement, shifting onto one leg for support as a yawn opened and closed his mouth. Perhaps this would take only a moment, a short one, hopefully. Then he could move on to his work, seeing as his employer was probably in need of him by now. The other option was to ditch out on work and find some flowers in the field across from the city to make a crown out of.
    Clearly, Gillian would lean towards the latter choice, if it becomes available to him.


  12. Romeo looked up at the dawning sky as he sat against the trunk of an oak tree next to the crystal blue river. The day was beautiful and calm. After long day of training his magic and swords skills, he could used the relaxation. He thought about the women and how they were fairing. Romeo looked at the river as his his eyes slanted. I hope they are all doing alright. I really wish, that I could have prevent this all from happening. We were all so happy together. Romeo closed his eyes and held his hands together , then prayed. "Goddess, please watch over the Lerion and keep them safe. I pray that they are fairing well." Romeo opened his eyes then looked over at the flower bed to his right,

    The garden brought life to the decaying land. It was one of the many things that Romeo had enjoyed looking at whenever he came to visit the river. Romeo often found himself crying, even when he saw beauty. Knowing that his home and friends withered away with each day brought pain to his heart and almost depression. He stood up slowly, placing his left hand flatly against the trunk of the tree and hoisted himself up. His sword, which was resting on his left waist tied to his belt, shook slightly.

    Romeo walked slowly over to the garden and knelled down on his right knee, removing his sword from his belt and resting it on the ground, left of him. He reached out and picked a red white and blue rose from the garden with his right hand, then stood up. He gazed down at the roses as he made his way towards the lake and placed the roses gently on the clear water surface. "Please be save, all of you." Romeo said, softly. Everyday, during the Mid-Evening, he would visit the spot where the garden was and pick three roses. He would then release them on the lakes surface in hopes that the Lerion and Heliar would one day reunite.

    He turned away from the lake and smiled a little as he walked over to his sword and bent over, then grabbed the center of the sheathe in his right hand. When he stood up he looked at the birds that flew high in the sky. That was a symbol that he had to return to his post at the courtyard. Romeo strapped his sword back on his belt then took a left, down the gravel path in the direction of the castle.


    The voice rang out as Romeo closed in on the castle. He was fully aware of who it was. "It seems Felius has finally returned. I'm glad that he is safe and in good health. I also wonder what it is that King Ryon has to tell us." Romeo said, in a happy, but curious voice. He walked passed the other men and made his way next to a soldier, on his right side, dressed in white armor standing on the left side of the balcony below the King's throne room. He looked up at the balcony, waiting for Ryon's arrival.

    "I only hope that it will be good news." Romeo said, lowly to himself.


  13. ranger_by_k_atrina-d2ye50h.jpg
    As the sun slowly set, liting the sky on fire, adding to the beauty of Zaila and enhancing the soft mix of colours that made up the beautiful city and its tall intricately shaped buildings, the flowers that bloomed everywhere almost gained an etheral glow in the dimmed light of the evening sun. Faye stood still as a statue at the end of an archery range facing a handful of targets placed at varius distances, only her long dark hair moved, billowing gently in a vague breeze, her eyes fixed on the targets and a holding a bow in a glowed hand. In a smooth motion she pulled an arrow from the quiver strapped to a belt around her hips and took aim for a target standing closer to the back and let the arrow fly.

    Shielding her eyes with one hand Faye squinted to see her arrow sit firmly in the target close to the middle, her brow furrowed, one ring from the center was not good enough in her eyes. Notching another arrow she aimed carefully and let loose, the arrow leaving the bow string with a low hiss, digging deep into the center circle in the target, earning a smile from the woman. Continuing to let her arrows fly Faye kept practicing, moving her hazel eyes to the next target as her arrows filled the center rings on the one she'd started with. Once her arms started feeling heavy and her concentration dropped Faye lowered her bow and walked over to the targets, her dark green half skirt flowing behind her.

    Pulling out the arrows Faye put back the ones that could still be used in her quiver and discarded a few that had ben bent as they penetrated the targets, allowing herself some credit for having hit almost only the center rings. Her training done for the day Faye turned and headed towards the city center and her home, seeing the beauty around her as she walked through Zaila, but that also reminded her that the planet was dying and so eventually would the lerion if they continued being seperated from the heliar. Faye, as many igf not all other Lerion whished the scout Claurisa would soon return, hopefully with news of a new home that could suit as a new home for them.


    Lost in thought as she was Faye jumped slightly as the call rang out through every street, her hand clenched around her bow in reflex and surprise, the weapon being just as much comfort as protection. So this would mean Claurisa had returned then, or was there something else the Queen wanted? Faye made a quick turn down another street and follwed the flow of women and children that were all heading for the courtyard, all hoping for the best but also fearing the worst.

  14. On The Planet Of Zailia.....
    The Queen stood in her throne room next to her throne, facing the doors. She was very happy at the news and continued to smile. Her heart was filled with joy and she could not control the happiness that bubbled inside her, there was hope for her people and it gave her strength. She walked towards her window to her left and peered down at the Lerion. It was such a joyous occasion.

    Queen Tyona turned away from her window and headed right, then walked up the stairs towards her glass double doors. She opened the doors and walked out to the balcony. Queen Tyona looked down at the Lerion, as they all gossiped, waiting for her to speak. She cleared her throat and spoke softly.

    "Attention all Lerion! I have wonderful news! We have found a new planet! It is called Trazeila and it is located just North of our home planet. This is the start of new beginnings. We can start over and rebuild our shattered lives. No longer will you have to cry or live in fear! No longer will you have to struggle to survive!
    Now, is the time to rejoice and stand up! The Lerion will be saved!

    "We will begin our journey at Mid-Evening tomorrow. But, as for tonight, we celebrate and then rest for our journey!

    LONG LIVE THE LERION!!" Queen Tyona shouted, proudly, as she turned and headed back into her castle.

    On The Planet of Rylor........
    King Ryon sat back in his chair for a second. In a few moments he was about to make a huge speech. He took a few breathes, before standing up. Now, was the time to give the message to the Heilar. He could here his courtyard fill and he smiled. It seemed that they were all curious. He could not contain the happiness his heart was feeling. For so long his people had suffered, and this news was like a breathe of life. The King walked down his steps, then down the silk rug, past his royal guards. He made his way towards the double doors at the head of his castle.

    He could hear the voices grow louder as he pushed open the wooden double door. The rays of the sun hit his face, and he closed his eyes for a few seconds. Afterwards, he opened his eyes and walked to the center of the courtyard, then spoke in a loud, happy voice.

    "Attenion all Heilar! For A while now, we have all suffered. Many of our people have died and we lose one more each day. But, those cold days are over. You will no longer live with the fear of dying! We have found a new planet to make our home! It is a planet called Trazelia, located jsut south of our planet. We will live on as a strong and proud race! We will break these shackles that bind us! The Heilar will survive!

    "LONG LIVE THE HEILAR!!!!!!!" King Ryon shouted, happily, then turned away and headed back inside his castle.


  15. Cricket entered the courtyard with many of the other women, seeming to be confused as to why their queen was making such a sudden annoucement. Could something else be going wrong? Were more women getting hurt? Well, whatever was going on, the women were quick to start gossiping, coming up with their own ideas on what could possibly be going on with their precious queen. Cricket on the other hand stayed silent. She did not wish to gossip and also she did not know many of the other women. It was at times like this she wished that Leona was near, at least then she wouldn't be standing alone.

    She thought about going to look for her much taller firend but it seemed that the queen was about to make her anncouncement to all of the women. Her eyes looked up towards the balcony where their strong queen stood, surpisingly smiling wide at them. This must have meant it was good news. The crowds went silent and the gossiping stopped as she cleared her throat, everyone waiting for their queen to pass on the news.

    "Attention all Lerion! I have wonderful news! We have found a new planet! It is called Trazeila and it is located just North of our home planet. This is the start of new beginnings. We can start over and rebuild our shattered lives. No longer will you have to cry or live in fear! No longer will you have to struggle to survive! Now, is the time to rejoice and stand up! The Lerion will be saved! We will begin our journey at Mid-Evening tomorrow. But, as for tonight, we celebrate and then rest for our journey! LONG LIVE THE LERION!!"

    Oh what great news! They found a new planet! Cricket was smiling so wide that her face might split in half. It seemed that the other women were as happy as she was as they all started to cheer and chant out the last words of their queen, groups quickly conversing on what to take, who to stay with and also what it might be like. With this news, a feeling of determination came over the short girl and she quickly started to wiggle through the crowd, hoping to find her friend and gather her assistance on packing up all her items. She planned on bringing everything she could, even if she had to find a way to carry it on her own!
  16. Leona squeezed through the crowd of women. Not rudely, of course, but just enough so that she may get a good view of the Queen and her current state. Leona had something for the Queen; some kind of deep respect. A woman can only be strong...taking care of and looking out for an entire planet of woman. Unfortunately, some of the woman had long since left to other planets, but the Lerion she had now was all she had. In fact, it was all Leona had as well. If fighting, bleeding, and crying was needed to insure the good health of her people, Queen Tyona would never hesitate to do so. Now, that was a woman.

    Leona slipped past another cluster of women who were gossiping to one another. Leona did not catch what they were saying, but didn't have a want to as well. As soon as she squeezed past the group, the Queen's voice blared throughout the courtyard. It was no mistake that all eyes were to her and all mouths had finally come to a close. Leona looked up to the woman from the spot she was at. Surprisingly, the Queen was joyous in her speech, and for good reason! The news was a relief, so much that Leona actually cracked a smile of her own. Those were a rarity to her in the days, merely because there was not much to be happy about.

    The smile left as quickly as it came when Leona saw a familiar curl of pail yellow a small ways in front of her. That little mouse. Through the jeering faces and cheers of the other Lerion, Leona managed to push passed them kindly, until she was in arms reach of the miniature lady before her. Eyes dropping in a glare, Leona grabbed the bouncy tuft of hair and yanked it once.

    "And where have you been, miss?"she asked, leaning on one hip in an authoritative pose, waiting, just waiting, to hear the elaborate excuse Cricket had in mind for her.
  17. As the announcement faded away with the wind, Gillian could hear some mumblings, some talk rippling along the crowds around him. A lot of men seemed estatic about the new opportunity for land, and some seemed kind of doubtful. For the most part, the over-confident and loud ways of their kind overode the softer toned voices. Adjusting the front brim of his hat, Gillian cleared his throat as he noticed a burly figure standing beside him at attention. This was his chance to try and blend in, make it seem like he was one of the guys. Bringing his chest up and out a bit more, he smoothed back some hair from his eyes, his chin raised higher. Yeah. Yeah, this was some serious man action.

    Lifting an arm, the Berserker nudged the man next to him, offering a sly smirk of a smile. Giving a slight nod, his brows raised and lowered, his facial expression cool and collected.
    "So, how about that, eh? A new planet. Maybe it'll have some chicks in hiding, ya know? That'd be.. uh... awesome, am I right, man?"
    Nudge nudge nudge went Gillian's arm again. Almost like a puppy with a mind of it's own, always bothering, always wanting approval and attention.
    See, with this mention of taking over a new space, Gillian wasn't sure if it would have the beauty and abundance in floral detail as their home had now. If this was true, he may have to give in to the popular personalities and ways of most men. He may have to stop being the extremely genle soul he was on the inside. If this was true, he'd rather practice now. He actually felt like he was being pretty convincing, acting all tough. Maybe it was working!
    Maybe dirt could talk and fly in the sky too.

    The man next to him simply gave a look and stared back foreward.
    Ignored. Completely, utterly, very much ignored.
    ". . . Haha. Heeey, man. Alright! Catch you later!"
    Gillian turned on the heels of his sandals, walking quick around the many bodies before him. Nope. This would just not do. Inside, he hoped dearly this new planet would have loads of vegetation and plant life all around. If it did, he could escape in his mind, spirit, and in body. Perhaps he would be able to build a home near a large, beautiful sakura tree.. if they had them, at least.
    Oh, how strongly he hoped all of this.
  18. Rain stood speechless in the crowd of women. A new planet? That was amazing! She was so delighted that she allowed herself a smile. If I can be of use in exploring this new planet, then maybe I'll be able to.... Her train of thought slowed down. Be able to....what, exactly? Was she maybe hoping to finally introduce herself to the women she'd known for almost a year? To become friends with them? Maybe it wasn't too late...after all, she had never been unkind to any of them... The smile vanished from her face, and she shook her head. Storm clouds rolled back in on the sunny day that had been rising inside her. No, she thought sadly. No more friends. I don't need another Sonnika.

    After a little while, she allowed the smile to creep back onto her face. There was no need to be upset, no matter what the reason, on a day like this. This day could be the start of a new chapter in history, and she couldn't allow herself to be the only one on the planet feeling down. No. Today was going to mark a turning point for Rain. Things wouldn't be the same after this.....She closed her eyes and let herself dream of the new planet..of her new hope. This is a new day. And I have to embrace everything that comes with it. She nodded her head, feeling pleased with herself for thinking of something so dramatic. To mark her resolve, she went into the crowd of women rather then standing off in the back, as she had at first. Many of them didn't recognize her. The woman realized how far she'd distanced herself from her own people. I mustn't do the same on the new planet. She smiled at a few of them nervously, and was suprised to see them smile back at her.

    Maybe she'd been wrong about people. Anything gained could be lost, but did that really mean that she had to avoid everything?
  19. Faye made her through the crowd in the courtyard to get a better view, it was packed full and women everywhere speculated about what the Queen wanted to say, every lerion must have made it to the Queen's announcement. Queen Tyona seemed happy and relieved as she stepped out on the balcony to speak, maybe this would be good news after all then, Faye thought, optimism lacing into her thoughts. She was not disappointed as the Queen announced the discovery of a new planet.

    Trazeila. Maybe this would actually be the real deal, the real chance to gather their strength and save what was left of their race on a safe planet. Her head started filling with pictures of what this planet could look like, would it be as serene and beautiful as Zailia, would it be wilder or perhaps a perfect palce, if such a place existed. Feeling exitment bubbling up inside over the uncertain future Faye pushed it back for the night, now it was a time for celebration and joy, nervousness and eagerness could wait until the next day when they were ment to move out and travel to Trazeila.

    As women started to talk and move about Faye started to follow the rest and leave the courtyard she spotted a girl, or perhaps young woman, with pale blue hair nearby, seemingly alone and not someone Faye recognized. "Good news right," Faye said with a smile at the pale haired girl. "This seems to be our chance, right?" Faye continued.

  20. Cricket was smiling and giggling happy as she continued to think about what she would bring. She would need to bring all of her medicine making equipment and that alone could fill one truck of luggage alone. She'd have to make sure to organize everything down to the very inch so that she could get as much as possible into the one truck. If she was good enough, she might be able to get away with just two trunks for herself, medical supplies and clothing and everything else he considered to be important. Oh and she also had to plan on a tent. She would probably need one until proper housing was built and put together. Oh what else, what else could would she need? Oh! She'd have to pack her weapons and her books for cooking and medicines and her herb seeds and her-

    "OWWW~" Cried the petite woman, gathering the attention of some of the women as she was grabbed harshly by her little tuft of hair that curled up when standing.

    She turned instantly at the sound of an oh so familiar voice and smiled nervously at the look she was getting. Oh dear, Leona was not happy with Cricket...

    "H-Hi Leona... I was just looking for you before the announcement! Really I was, but I couldn't find you in the archers field or the market or anywhere. S-so I just went here for the announcement...PLEASE DONE BE MAD~" She said in a small whining voice as she tried to pull her hair out of the taller womans much stronger grip.