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  1. The Ark, was the first animal rescue of it's kind, catering only to fantastical beasts. Whether it was dragons, unicorns, or familiars The Ark took them. The Ark itself called the small town of Dragonhale it's home, which rested about an hour outside of New Haven, the largest city in the country of the United Republic. The Ark itself was on a large farm which provided ample space for its larger beasts. A large building housed supplies, and smaller animals. This is where Artemis Reed mostly worked, but today he was at the adoption fair outside of a small pet supply store trying desperately to get some of these sometimes dangerous, but lovable animals adopted.

    Artemis was sweating in the hot summer heat, sweat dripping down from his dark crew cut hair. He tried to blink the sweat out of his hazel eyes. God, it's like fucking hell outside. He leaned back in his chair back as he sipped on his iced coffee. The fair hadn't even started and he was already burning up. God, this summer has been hot. He had only been sitting down a few minutes before he heard his name shouted.

    Normally, the crew could handle unloading the animals themselves, but today the manager Merlin Grove, decided to bring one of their five dragons. This dragon was the color of the sky as sunset, beautiful oranges, pinks and reds made up her scales. She was smaller than the others, being only a year old. Though, she was still the size of a horse, and she was hard to calm when afraid. She was still young that the only fire she could breathe was gasps of smoke which had started to fill the air.

    Artemis, stretched out his lean muscular frame before he sauntered over to the frightened dragon. Artemis, had a 'gift' which took form of animals trusting him. He couldn't talk with them, but he could project emotion onto them. His presence was normally enough to calm a frightened animal, though when they were so magical like dragons it took more effort. Artemis walked towards the dragon they affectionately named Adena, yet she was still fearful. Artemis pressed his hand against the thrashing and roaring dragon's scaly head. She calmed instantly letting out a soft cooing sound.

    Though the dragon was obviously calmed, Artemis was completely drained. He sat on the hard pavement of the parking lot, the sweat rolling down his olive skin faster than before. While his magic was inherent, it still took a incredible amount of effort to perform. Sometimes it felt like a cures, as being around so many animals drained him constantly. He wished he could be near people more often, though, he remembered how ill equipped he was for human interaction. He just understood animals much better than humans.
  2. GWEN (open)


    The Ark's summer adoption fair was just about to start and it was already scorching outside. The newest recruit of The Ark's volunteer crew was a young woman by the name of Gwendolyn Savro and she was already in the back of the truck, helping to unload the largest cage keeping Adena safe.

    Not more than three days ago, Gwen had applied to volunteer here and on her interview with the manager, had been hired pretty much on the spot. She overheard a little bit of why he had chosen her so quickly that day, and what he said still makes her curious. "She's just like Artemis."
    Who? At this point she's only memorized a few of the names of the other volunteers and crew members, but none of them went by Artemis. she hoped to find out today, her first day, just who this Artemis was and why she was like him/her.

    Right now though, even with many of the other crew members helping out, Gwendolyn was struggling to hold tight and get the squirming young dragon out of the truck. She was beautiful, but large and frightened, hard to manage as a mere yearling. Gwen's whole slim, athletic body had to be used for this effort and in this uniform (an Ark t-shirt and jeans) she was already beginning to sweat. It was going to be too hot out here to stay all day, especially for the poor creatures who had thick fur coats. Gwen's compassionate heart went out to them, to all of the magical beings with no home to call their own. She was an orphan herself, so she knew a little of what they were feeling, but she wouldn't pretend to be able to help. As much as she wanted to ease their pain and fear, she only knew of one person who could do it so well-- "Dr. Reed! Could you be of some assistance please?!" Mr. Grove yelled from near the front of Adena's cage. Gwen coughed, eyes watering with the smoke coming from up front. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep both hands tight on the cage, but she knew Dr. Reed could fix that. She had heard of his inherent gift to project emotions onto other species for it was rare and rumored, but she had never seen it first hand. So she shook her head, trying to clear away some smoke to see as best she could. And when she watched him, lips parted, place a hand inside the cage, she grew worried, but had faith. And right then, the smoke stopped coming so quickly and most of the violent movement inside the cage ceased. Wow...he's incredible. Gwen was almost envious of what he could do, but now that the others were moving, she had to keep focused on her task.

    When she exited the back of the van, Gwen frowned, wishing she was back in the shade. She looked back, but instead of focusing on the other cages still in the vehicle, she saw the vet, Dr. Reed, sitting on the pavement, obviously feeling weak. Was he dehydrated?
    Making sure that the other crew members didn't really need her help now that Adena was calm, Gwendolyn let her sweaty palms slip from the handles on the cage so she could saunter back to where Dr. Reed was sitting, overheated and breathing hard. She kneeled down beside him with large, chocolate eyes showing obvious concern for the admirable man. "Dr. Reed? Are you alright? Do you need me to get you something? A water bottle, perhaps?" She swept her red sidebangs away from her fair-skinned face as she spoke, a bit nervous to be speaking to him on her first day, knowing neither of them knew each other's first name. The pavement was burning hot beneath her knees through her jeans and right now was one of those times when she wished her dark red curls would grow long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail instead of sticking to her neck, but unfortunately they only reached her chin and her bangs have to be swiped away every few minutes. Gwen extended her hand, offering to help him up if he was ready.

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  3. Artemis looked up at the girl giving her a small, but forced smile. His breathing was still hard, but relaxing a bit, though the sweat was still pouring down his child like face. He was young looking, especially to be called a 'doctor'. He took her hand and pulled his lean frame up, he was still shaky on his feet using the truck for support. "I would like some water," he was too preoccupied on his own tired body to introduce himself. Many would see this as rude, though the intricacies of humans were lost on Artemis. It wasn't really his fault, being so in tune with animals was bound to have its draw backs, every gift came with some sort of consequences. As his father always said, 'magic comes at a price".

    The rest of the adoption fair was shaping up nicely, the crew had brought out large fans to keep some of the furrier beasts cool. Water was consonantly given to the hot and rambunctious animals. The assortment of animals was the greatest they had ever had at the event. Unicorns, and winged horses were tied up chewing on hay. Three headed puppies were in a pen yapping at each other and playing with each other. Fox like animals who could spit fire sat lazily in cages, letting out yawns that made tiny fire balls come out of their mouth. Cats with various magical abilities napped in cages, some of them would disappear at random, others would change colors, and some even let out glows. Dogs yapped wildly, their powers as varied as their colors. Bunnies with horns and antlers hopped around in a hutch. There were other creatures, griffins, various magical birds including a phoenix, and interesting chimera's nobody could quite place were present. All were hoping for the same thing, adoption.

    Adoption was surprisingly hard for these animals, they required more effort than any other animals. They were often bought as a fad, or to improve ones magical gifts. They came to The Ark beaten, dying, and abused. Artemis was often the one to heal them, and to care for them. There were other vets, but Artemis was always given the most difficult cases. Whether it was amputating a dragon's wing, or calming a fire spitting fox, Artemis was always called. He loved his work but it always drained him at the end of a day. No day at The Ark would ever be considered 'easy' in his eyes.
  4. His smile seemed strained like his breathing and she sincerely hoped to remedy that as she helped him up. Though he looked young, maybe a little older than her, she could tell he must be very experienced to carry his title of doctor. He was important here, probably irreplaceable. How long would it take for her to get that way? She hoped it wouldn't be that long, for she was very dedicated to the business of adoption. She used to work at an animal shelter for nonmagical creatures and that's how she ended up with two adopted dogs in the house (one blind and one three legged), so she was definitely used to this kind of place and hoped to be of great use to The Ark. After taking up her offer of water, Gwen immediately nodded, making sure he was supported enough on the truck before heading to the cooler under the tent. She passed all of the beautiful species cooled by various fans and smiled, feeling glad that they were here, with a chance of adoption. She pulled out one of the bottles and grabbed a rag off the table for him to wipe away the sweat. Dipping that in the ice water in the cooler, she quickly returned to his side and gave him both items with a tentative smile. "Here."

    She had always been a bit awkward and strange around humans, which is probably why she didn't have many friends of her own species. And..well, probably why she was never adopted as a kid herself. Though she tried when she wasn't around animals she loved dearly, her friendly efforts weren't always successful. "I--um, My name's Gwendolyn, but I well, I usually go by Gwen. But you don't have to call me that..if-if you don't want to. I--uh, it's my first day here, but I've heard of you."
    Oh what are you doing?! Freak.
    "I-I mean, your gift. I think it's really, well, amazing and um..that was really great how you helped Adena...uhm..I'm sorry..I just..I shouldgetbacktoworkshouldn't I?" Gwen stammered, growing redder with every sentence. Why is it that as soon as she has to talk about herself she gets all...annoying and rambly?! Gwen took a step back, glanced at the truck and swiped her bangs away from her anxious eyes. Here she is, trying to make a good impression on the guy she's basically worshiped for his incredible gift and failing. Badly.
  5. Artemis sipped the cold water, getting some of his depleted energy back. He only thanked her with a nod of his head, listening to her ramble on. He found it funny how nervous she seemed wit him, he was nothing special. He never saw himself as someone extremely gifted. He knew of people who had powers seen as more important, elemental abilities, the ability to read minds, and other 'rare' powers. He listened to her carefully, trying to suspend any judgement, she was awkward like him. It almost made him more comfortable.

    "Thanks, it's really nothing...I'm Artemis by the way, so you don't have to call me Dr. Reed. I've always kinda hated that...I'm too young to be called 'Doctor'. I'm gonna get some rest in the van..."He said awkwardly walking away from Gwen. His response could be seen as cold by many. He wasn't the most popular in the hospital because he was seen as so cold. But, those who knew him understood that he was just a bit awkward and shy. That his gift was a godsend, and they respected him greatly.
  6. She found it strange that he even listened to her for half of that. She's a weirdo and he's a vet for magical creatures. She wouldn't be surprised if he totally snubbed her. But...he said it was nothing. It's not nothing. It's really incredible. If she could choose a gift, she'd definitely choose that. She already felt like she was halfway there anyway, always having loved animals more than the human race in general.

    Wait. That's Artemis?!?!
    Her eyes widened and her lips parted while she made a mental note to never call him doctor again. Gwen never meant to offend him.
    "Y-yeah..good idea." She stammered tentatively and watched him walk away.
    Oh my gosh am I seriously the stupidest person in the world? Yes. absolutely. He probably thinks I'm a freak and wants to get away from me. ugh...So much for making new friends...when did that ever work out anyway?

    Gwen sighed and wondered how the heck Mr. Grove had seen any similarities between her and Artemis. Maybe he'd been talking about a different Artemis...well that's unlikely, but...seriously how had she ended up with this job? After making that bad of an impression on the most important vet, she should probably just go home. Getting these guys adopted required just as many people skills as animal skills. Ugh...wish me luck.. And with that she headed back to the tent to pull out one of the glowing kittens that meowed happily in her grasp. All of the volunteers pick one of the safer pets, interact with them and if anyone comes by to pet them, the volunteers talk about how great the pet is, that they're all vaccinated and stuff like that. And if one can't adopt, well there is a donation jar.

    Gwen let the kitten roam about on her shirt, eventually to end up at her shoulder, purring by her cheek.. Gwen smiled and used her index finger to give the sweet little girl a rub behind the ears. She might suck at the people aspect, but she loves this job.
  7. Artemis didn't exactly hate her, he just felt awkward when people celebrated him for something that came naturally. He knew it was bad, but he was planning on spending the rest of they day in the air conditioned van. This van was set up like a portable vet office, an examine table near the middle, cages on both walls, and instruments strapped to the ground. Artemis leaned back in one of the chairs, looking out one of the tinted windows to monitor the adoption fair. Tons of people were flooding into the parking lot, some just curious to look at the rare fantastical beasts, others looking to adopt, and even some to donate. Bringing Adena had brought in a crowd larger than normal. Artemis started to worry about the young dragon who was getting flocked with curious people. Artemis could see her become agitated and start blowing smoke rings out of her nose. It was time to act, unfortunately.

    Artemis jumped up and ran to the fearful dragon, "Hey if everyone can just back up, you're stressing her out by crowding her, make a single file line if you would like to meet her,"Artemis called out to the now scared people. He placed a gentle hand on Adena helping calm her enough so one at a time people could place their hand on her warm snout. Artemis smiled at each one as he saw the fear, and wonder as they pat the dragon. Dragons are rare, and commonly keep to themselves. Seeing one in real life is a once and a life time experience, even if it is just a small dragon.
  8. Standing with the adorable kitten, Gwen began to wonder why Artemis was like her...was it his youth? Probably not. It wasn't his looks, not that Mr. Grove would hire her because of that, struck her that she didn't really know all that much about Artemis besides the fact that he's a vet and has an amazing gift. Even if she could have figured it out, Gwendolyn didn't have much time to think about it because people really started to come over. she was a little nervous, but after a bit, it was easy to just tell those interested about the kittens and what it takes to adopt them. But then, she felt a surge of nervousness and fear and she turned and realized a chunk of the crowd was hanging around Adena which definitely concerned her. She didn't know why, but her hands were shaking and she had to put back the kitten to go to the terrified dragon. But by the time she approached the crowd, Artemis, who must have left the van, was already forming a single file line for the curious folk to meet the yearling. And Gwen wasn't so randomly scared anymore when she saw him give Adena that look..of..of understanding. It was so beautiful the way he used his powers...

    While the public was taking turns touching the rare and wonderful creature, Gwen quietly moved to stand by the doctor. "So...I take it you're feeling better now?" She whispered, watching with him as a little girl giggled and gently stroked Adena's snout. She smiled sweetly...this might be one of the best reasons she loves this job.
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  9. Artemis watched Gwen's approach a bit nervous to start a conversation again. When he was standing there he just had to smile at the excited people lined up. Though, with the volunteers he was expected to actually speak. He let out a deep breath trying to calm himself. He gave her a forced smile trying not to look so stiff and awkward. It would be easier if he wasn't so tired, but unfortunately he was drained from keeping Adena calm.

    "A bit, I'm still tired but a bit better the air conditioning does wonders...ya, umm...did you get any animals...adopted?"Aretmis said trying to make some sort of idle talk between the two. Maybe find something in common between the two, well besides animals. God, maybe he wouldn't be so awkward if she wasn't so cute.
  10. This time around, Gwen wasn't so sure that he was actually shy or awkward. He was stiff and gave her forced smiles, which kind of made her think her disliked her for some reason. Though since they had just met she wasn't sure what he could possibly hold against her. Does she smell bad? It would make sense in this heat, but nothing that bad really stuck out, at least to her. Did she make that much of a fool of herself? Did he think she was annoying? She was probably being annoying..

    But then he striked up a little conversation that didn't imply he wanted her to go away.. Though he stammered a bit, she didn't get the impression that he disliked her from his words. She fidgeted with her hands in front of her. "Me? Uh no..not yet. we haven't been here all that long, but you should check the board. Maybe some of..the others got some adopted.. I um..I think that maybe I might have possibly gotten that mother and daughter i-interested in Ginger, one of the kittens. But I dunno.. "
    People are so much more complex and intimidating than animals. How could anyone be scared by these guys and not by the worst monsters of all? People.
    Now would you stop stuttering like an idiot and answer him nicely without avoiding eye contact every few seconds. Geez. Hm..maybe it would be easier if he wasn't so handsome.
  11. Artemis smiled at her, this time it was a bit more genuine. He leaned against the large beast as he felt himself becoming tired again, he let out a bit of a sigh wishing to go home. "Well, good luck,"he said with another warmish smile. It was obvious he wasn't in any mood to talk, probably because of his draining energy. He wished he could be a bit more social, but he could see she was having similar issues. She seemed less threatening to him than other people to him, maybe they could be friends.

    The day passed quickly, and was one of their best adoption events of the year. Many of their animals went to loving homes, and tons of money was donated. The hot day had worn on Artemis though, he felt himself completely exhausted. After they had packed away all the animals, and arrived back at the shelter the crew was ready to go out. It was a tradition after adoption fairs that the crew went out for drinks. It was a tradition that Artemis hardly tolerated, but he always went to just make an appearance.
  12. Gwen smiled a little too, but it was more nervous than happy, even though she liked the sight of Adena being so calm around a man leaning on her. He sighed and Gwen guessed he still wasn't totally better, but he wished her good luck and she took that as a dismissal. So with a small "Thanks." and a nod, she went back to her post, wondering if he ever really wanted to be friendly with her in the first place. Though that notion made her anxious, she eventually got back into the swing of things, for around animals, her emotions had to be positive and they were. She likes spending time with them in a nice way so that other see just how sweet these creatures can be and how badly they need a home.

    Gwen herself only got about 3 animals adopted, but with the rest of the staff, the van left with a considerably small amount of animals than it came in with and Gwen was so glad to be a part of that. When they all got back though and all the animals were fed and ready for bed, the crew wanted to go out for drinks. Apparently it's a tradition that she hadn't heard about before now and she wasn't sure she should go. When everyone started to head out, Gwen headed for the door, figuring that most of them didn't even know her name and she wasn't really invited, but Mr. Grove stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. "Hey where ya going? Don't you wanna join us for some drinks? C'mon, it'll be fun."

    "Uh..I dogs are waiting for me at home and--"
    Mr. Grove just laughed before she could say that the crew probably didn't want the newbie tagging along. "Don't worry, Gwen dear. Just come and see how you like it, okay?"

    "Okay.." She nodded anxiously but ended up going with them anyway.
  13. The crew headed out to their favorite bar, Fish&Chips Pub, it was a cheery Irish themed bar that sold all sorts of pub food, and beer. Artemis didn't hate going there, but he was so tired he found it hard to even remotely enjoy it. The other crew members and volunteers were loudly talking, and having a great time. Artemis as always, felt himself disappear in the background. It wasn't that people didn't like him, they just found him impossible to approach. Artemis didn't blame them, he wasn't the friendliest person in the world.

    He walked up to the bar and ordered a Irish coffee, hopefully something with a little caffeine would wake him up. He scanned the now crowded bar smiling a bit at all the excited faces. He was glad there were so many people out there to care for animals, he only wished he could be like them. That he could turn off the 'caring' once and awhile, and be normal. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate the gift, no he cherished it. Just sometimes, being different was harder than expected. Maybe that's why Gwen was strange, possibly she was different also, maybe they had more in common than he originally thought.
  14. Gwen followed the crew to the pub, but she was still nervous about socializing. Without animals around, she felt alone and out of it. Trying to think of topics to talk about that didn't have to do with other creatures was actually difficult for her and she wondered if that was pathetic.

    On her way in, behind all the others, Gwen hung back a little.Just like at most gatherings, she faded and turned into a wallflower. She didn't try to include herself in conversation and when she listened, most of it was about people she didn't know. Gwen slinked over to the bar, but she didn't order anything. She'd never been drunk a day in her life and she wasn't about to start tonight.
  15. Feeling a bit more confident, and awake Artemis moved his way over to Gwen. She was the only other person hanging out by the bar. Everyone else was scattered around, playing darts, or pool, or dancing to oldies on the jukebox. Artemis smiled at her, this time it wasn't as forced, but it was still a bit shy, if not awkward. "So, I know you've been calling me Dr. Reed, but you can just call me Artemis, if....I mean if you're okay with that,"he said awkwardly. He looked down as his shoes, trying to hide from her reaction.

    Artemis always wanted to be good with people, it just never really happened for him. At his age, he hadn't even got his first kiss yet. Females were interested in him for a few days, till the found out he was terribly awkward. He even came off as cold and heartless to many, he was popular for his talent, not his personality. Truly, he had very few friends, well very few friends that were human. Every fantastical beast was his friend, who wouldn't want to be with a friend who made you feel so good?
  16. Gwendolyn blinked and bit her lip a bit when Artemis moved over to her. Every time she saw his eyes she wondered why Mr. Grove thought she was anything like him. They were the only two at the bar though, if that made any difference. She gulped, but relaxed a little when he smiled at her, seemingly with less difficulty than before. She only stared curiously, somewhat nervously before he spoke. He seemed just as awkward as her, if maybe even a little more and she smiled just a little bit watching him struggle to really relate to people all that well. She understood that for sure. Getting close to other species seems to come naturally, while her own kind is too complex to be comfortable to be around. It was odd, but maybe he understood too.

    "If you prefer your first name, I-I like it better than Dr. Reed." She mumbled, dusting her own cheeks a little pink with embarrassment. She hadn't quite meant to say that exactly, some things just come out and she doesn't know why. Her filterlessness and general awkwardness around people was probably the main reason she was never adopted when in the orphanage. And her oddness might have been why she was given up at the age of 4. Or at least that's what she thinks. The real reason will remain a mystery if it's not her own suspicion, but she'd rather not dwell on such things. Her friends care for her. And she appreciated that. Even if they can't really speak to her the way humans can.
  17. ((Hey I'm so sorry for the wait, I just moved into a new apartment, and got back to school))

    "Are you new to town?"he asked trying to sound more confident, and trying to strike up some sort of small talk. Small talk was hard for Artemis, just like any social interaction. Artemis' twin brother Apollo, was much more capable with humans than he was. Even his gift, which was projecting emotions onto humans was seen as 'better'. Apollo flourished in life, where Artemis floundered. It wasn't that Artemis wasn't smart, or just as gifted. No, it was more like Apollo just made everyone like.

    Artemis shook the thought from his head, his insane jealously over his brother needed to stop. Though, he doubted it was anything he'd get over soon. No, life never really worked like that. It would be something that he would always feel, and that Apollo would know he felt. It was safe to say the two brothers enver got along very well. Seeing each other rarely despite their close proximity
  18. Artemis sounded more confident now, even making small talk. Which further reassured Gwen that he didn't dislike her, thank goodness. But he started to ask abut her, which made her more nervous because talking about herself makes her awkward. It just doesn't happen often since she doesn't really have human friends or family. Gwen gulped and considered her answer a moment. "Umm..yeah. I moved into an apartment around here a-about two months ago."
    She mumbled back. She felt really weird and out of practice making conversation like this, but she knew she had to change the subject to him now. She was actually curious about him and hoped to get to know him while working at The Ark so why not start now while taking attention away from herself?

    "What about you? U-uh I mean...have you lived here your whole life or...?" She wondered.
  19. "Yeah, umm pretty much. I lived in the city most of it, but yeah, I've lived around here,"Artemis said getting nervous again. This small talk stuff is hard, he just felt like he was going nowhere. "So, um do you have like animals at home?"Everyone loved animals right? Maybe that's the way to make this easier. They both could just talk about their love for animals right? He took a breath, trying to calm himself. He took another sip of his spiked coffee. He wanted to get to know her, but he just didn't know how.
  20. He lived in the city? Hm what must that have been like? She had obviously been in a city before but Gwen couldn't picture herself living there. It was so crowded with so many people...she'd feel very awkward and closed in. Or at least that's how she imagined she'd be. Did he like it? Or did it make him as nervous as he seems to be now? Small talk is difficult to him as well it seems... but when he switched the topic to animals, it felt easier to answer.

    "Yeah...Actually I can't imagine any of the crew members here not having a pet. It's kind of impossible when you work at a shelter, I guess. Mine are nonmagical dogs. Ginger is blind and Cece has three legs. But that's never seemed to hinder them all that much.." She laughed just a little, picturing her hyper girls at home, awaiting her arrival. "I assume you have pets too?"
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